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Discord: Spidey#1507

Oops, cat's out of the bag!

Full Name Peter Benjamin Parker. Nickname/Alias Underoos, Spidey, The Spider. Meaning Peter is derived, via Latin "petra", from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock". Origin According to the New Testament, Jesus gave Saint Peter (whose given name was Simon) the name Kephas or Cephas meaning "stone" in Aramaic. Title None. Pet Name His close friends like to call him Petey. Signature Peter's handwriting is quite sloppy, but his signature is neat. Gender Male. Gender Role Peter is generally masculine but has feminine qualities. Orientation Homosexual: relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward the same sex. Real Age 19 years old. Age Appearance Peter appears to be 16. Birthday August 1. Status Multi LI.
Personality Peter, despite his heroic attributes, is incredibly rebellious. He doesn't follow rules well, especially when they restrict him from his full potential. This has gotten him in trouble several times with his mentor, Tony Stark. This attribute to jump into action headfirst without strategies has gotten many people hurt on several occasions, and nearly costed catastrophes along the way. However, Peter is still a loving person and can generate positive feelings with most people he comes into contact with. This helps him get a long faster with most of the Avengers after the events of Civil War. Still, his powers have given him an ego much bigger than his abilities as the Spiderman.
Birthplace Queens, New York City Zodiac Sign Leo - As a Leo born on August 1st, you are characterized by your highly extroverted nature. You are energized by new people and use your warm personality to be quite charming. Species Human. Ethnicity Caucasian - American of European decent. Blood Type Classified. Preferred Hand He is right-handed. Facial Type He has a square-shaped face. Eye Color Hazel. Hair Color Brown. Build Peter is slender with a toned swimmer's build. Height 5 ft 8 in. Weight 141 lbs. Birthmarks/scars He has no visible birthmarks or scars. Distinguishing Features Peter looks much younger than his actual age Allergies All of Peter's allergies were cured when he became Spiderman. Occupation College student and professional photographer. Education Peter is currently studying Biophysics. He wants to get a doctorate in biochemistry.

�Just a typical Homecoming on the outside of an invisible jet, fighting my boyfriend's dad.�

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Orientation: Gay
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Characters: Peter Parker, Spiderman
Verses: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Playbys: Tom Holland
Length: Multi Para, Para
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With great power, comes great responsibility.

Peter Benjamin Parker

"Hope you were watching, Uncle Ben. 'Cause I did that for you."

"We're not just our failures. As much as they hurt, we learn from them."

While attending a public exhibition demonstrating the safe handling of nuclear laboratory waste materials, sponsored by the General Techtronics Corporation, the 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten on the hand by a spider that had been irradiated by a particle accelerator used in the demonstration. Making his way home afterwards, Peter was almost hit by a car; when Peter jumped out of the way, Peter discovered he had somehow gained incredible strength, agility, and the ability to cling to walls, spider-like traits that he immediately associated with the spider bite. Encountering an ad offering a cash prize for staying in the ring for three minutes with professional wrestler Joseph "Crusher" Hogan, Peter decided this would be a good way to test his powers. Wearing a mask to avoid potential embarrassment in case he lost the match, Peter easily defeated his opponent. TV producer Maxwell Shiffman observed his performance and convinced him to go on television with his 'act.' Designing a full costume and fabricating a fluid similar to a spider's web and wrist-mounted web-shooters, Peter called himself Spider-Man, becoming an immediate sensation. Following his first TV appearance, Peter failed to act to stop an escaping thief, claiming that it was not his responsibility to do so. Peter forgot the incident as his fame rose, but days later he returned home at night to find his Uncle Ben had been murdered. Learning the police had the burglar responsible holed up in a warehouse, Peter changed to Spider-Man and easily captured him only to discover he was the same thief he had allowed to escape earlier. Filled with remorse, he realized that when someone has power, he has an obligation to use it responsibly, so he decided to become a superhero.

Broken Shield

"The last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing."

Storm God

"I would rather be a good man than a great king."



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Broken Shield

Dec 14th 2018 11:12


Sep 25th 2018 19:43



"Oh wait, I know you. You're that spider guy that flies
around my neighborhoods. Pretty neat if you ask me."

Thank you kindly for making this opportunity of 
friendship possible. I would love nothing more than
to discuss a potential plot with you while I settle in
here. In the meantime do excuse the nakedness of
my profile while I set up. Until then my friend :)

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ѕтorм god

Sep 8th 2018 21:42

The brother

 What a perfect place for someone like Thor Odinson to be raised. He remembered standing upon the tall cliffs looking out among the oceans, above him were stars that never ended. He loved running through the forests when it got cold, he loved playing with his brothers, Baldur and Loki. He always knew that Loki had a problem with Baldur, but he never knew he would take his hatred so far.

Frigga did everything to protect her son Baldur, she made a deal so that nothing could kill him, but one day Loki got it out of Frigga that she skipped one thing, a Mistletoe, Loki used that to his advantage. One day a blind God who was slow ended up accidently killing Baldur with a mistletoe, everyone on Asgard mourned, then Loki was killed, Thor was heartbroken.

When Loki returned he came back with a vengeance and nothing could stay in his way. But Asgard was a distant memory and those wars were so long ago, Thor was 1500 years old now, and still trying to work things out with his brother. He would think on Baldur, Frigga, and Odin, they were now standing tall on the Mountain of the Gods and Thor wished he could be there with them.

Asgard was safe, and Thor was living on Midgard as Dr. Donald Blake. He was working at a hospital in New York City and working with both the Avengers with Tony Stark, and the Defenders with Dr. Stephen Strange. The late nights were taking their toll on him and he was losing sleep over his brother. Where was he? What was he planning? He wondered what happened to him.

Present Day NEW YORK:

The giant spider was making it’s way through the city, but Peter, Hulk, and Thor took care of most of the small monsters. As he watched Peter fight he could not help but find how attractive he really was, he knew that he must be thinking about winning this battle and not how he looked in that outfit. He shook his head and laughed then threw a bolt of lightning at a large group of smaller monster blowing them to pieces.

Then he nodded to Peter as he said calmly “I will not allow Loki to get into my head if he is behind this.” He followed Peter and Eleven as he felt his hand in his. His hand was so small as he squeezed it and nodded. “We will do this together” He said with a smile on his face as they entered the heart of the city with the young girl.

That was where the giant spider was and right under it was his brother. “Loki! Stop this madness now brother” Thor said as he held his weapon close to him. Lightning and thunder in the air, it was dancing around him as he saw that grin on his brother’s face. “I thought you were dead, I mourned you brother” Loki just laughed.

“Please, you must stop this” He was getting inside his head. He looked over to Peter with a look on his face of help. If not then he would stall this and Loki would get the upper hand, he hoped he would have help with this, because it was near to impossible to kill Loki for Thor. 

ѕтorм god

Aug 29th 2018 14:24

What a team!

Death is a new beginning……..

What happens when one dies? And what is death exactly? Death is not always physical, it is mental and emotional as well. You can only take so much tragedy at one moment before your mind shuts down. Thor was shut down at the beginning of the war, it was the end that really got him, for the first time in a long time and in his 1500 years of existence Thor lost.

That is what his father used to tell him. He stood proudly next to Odin as he held his hand and looked up proudly to his Allfather. Loki was always on the other side. He thought he would grow old ruling Asgard next to Loki, but that was not so. His brother grew up with hate in his heart, and every time he tried to mend the pieces of his heart back together after Loki broke it, he would just do it again.

It first happened when he was sent to Midgard to learn a lesson in humility. Loki tried to kill him, and this war for power brought Loki to New York City with an alien army. Thor always thought he would have to kill his brother first, but the God of Mischief turned the tables in Sakaar. They fought together just like old times.


This world was chaos as he thought about Loki, why was he thinking about Loki right now. He had to get rid of these monsters as he blasted lightning after lightning to every single one of them. The sky was grey, humans were running, and the small monsters were still attacking these humans. He knew they had to do something drastic to win.

As Peter grabbed a massive amount of monsters with a web he grinned. Blowing them up with his electricity and his webs he said with excitement. “I like this! This is a good idea let’s get some more” HE said realizing no other Avenger’s were showing up, so now he hoped they were still alive, but he had no time to worry about them.

When the helicopter arrived Thor grinned. “What did you stop by for drive thru” He said quoting Stark with a smirk. Peter’s reaction was adorable, there was something so cute about that boy, he now realized he needed to focus. He then saw the young girl behind them hearing Peter say she was the key to get rid of them he then looked confused. “Eleven what kind of name is that?”

This girl seemed so strange and he agreed with Peter on this one, but he needed to trust Stark. When he said he needed a path clear he looked to Peter and grinned. “So more monsters to take care of let’s get this little girl a clear path” He saw Hulk was already busy as he told Peter calmly “You and I let’s take the East side, continue doing what we are doing, and I hope this girl is everything Stark thinks she is” He then went off knowing Peter was following him. 

ѕтorм god

Aug 23rd 2018 17:31

The battle 

The world was a dark place now. Thor knew that it would not be easy with what has been going on. War was inevitable and he was not sure he would ever win this fight. Darkness had come and he could not get rid of it. Life was not easy anymore. He would often think of his childhood when this happened, he would wish he could go back to Asgard and have no worries.

Once upon a time there were two brothers and they loved each other very much. One was born to be a king and one was entitled to become a king, but not on Asgard. Odin knew all of this, but he still raised them both as Asgardians. Odin never told Loki who or what he was, Thor only assumed he was his flesh and blood brother.

They would play war upon the fields of Asgard, even once Loki turned into a snake, Thor picked it up wanting to play with it, but his brother then turned into himself and stabbed him eight times. This was only the beginning of a war between these two brothers for many years to come. Myths and legends about their ends were all over the mythologies that humans loved to read.

Thor remembered one time he came upon Utgarda Castle, he assumed his brother was with him the whole time, but that is when he met a giant that urged him into several different games. He lost every single one of the games that the giant asked him to play, each game pointing out a strength that Thor was known for, but this was all a trick by his brother, and in the end he was left with nothing.


As he stood there staring at the beast before him he could tell that Peter was trying to figure out what it was. “This dimension they are from, I have never seen anything like it, they are hard to kill, but the small ones we can take for now. I have yet to figure out how to kill the large one” It was coming at them, but it was slow moving, the smaller ones were faster and he had to get rid of them, humans had no chance against them.

 “This hideout is well hidden, so there’s only one path to New York. We should block it off and take on as many of this things as we can to buy time." He heard Peter say as he grinned. “Thank you Peter I would be happy to” He took of towards the hideout as he began to blast lightning bolts at it closing it off for the others.

He was happy that Peter was with him too. “I have missed you friend” HE said in between blasts at the HYDRA hideout and the tunnel that led the smaller creatures out. It was chaos and he agreed he hoped it would get better so he could catch up with Peter. “I seems so long” He said to him as he smiled at him. “Since we have talked so we must catch up” He said as he then saw from another area a huge group of the smaller creatures coming at them. “I think we pissed them off” he turned around to fight them all knowing this would be a good battle. Thor was excited for this, but he wondered where the others were. They did need them. 

ѕтorм god

Aug 11th 2018 18:03

stranger things

Thor, the God of Thunder, is a loyal and honorable warrior, the ideal toward which the average human warrior aspired. He’s the indefatigable defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard, from the encroachments of the giants, who are usually the enemies of the gods. Thor very rarely ever lost against a Giant. He stood on the cliffs as he stared out among the vast ocean in front of him, his enemy had always been Loki, but he had strived that perhaps one day his brother would be his friend.

His courage and sense of duty are unshakeable, and his physical strength is virtually unmatched. He even owns an unnamed belt of strength that makes his power doubly formidable when he wears the belt. His most famous possession, however, is his hammer, Mjöllnir. Only rarely does he go anywhere without it. For the heathen Scandinavians, just as thunder was the embodiment of Thor, lightning was the embodiment of his hammer slaying giants as he rode across the sky in his goat-drawn chariot.

Thor’s hammer could be used to hallow as readily as it could be used to destroy – and, in effect, these two properties were one and the same, since any purification necessarily involves the banishing of hostile forces or elements. This only meant that Thor never left his hammer, and never lost it, only once had that happened and he had to dress as a woman to get his Mighty Mjolnir back.

As a child Loki was a loner, he never really stepped out to play with Thor. He had begged his brother to play with him, but the other Gods and Goddesses of Asgard didn’t like him. Thor never understood why until later in his life when the incident with Baldur happened, he knew what his brother was that day, and he knew that he would have to fight him until his dying day.


Thor stood there staring at the beast. Did Loki have anything to do with this? He thought of Baldur, he tricked everyone in regards to his brother. But this was something unknown, from a place that was unknown to even the 1500 year old Asgardian. As he looked behind him he saw Peter Parker show up, he smiled.

“Peter Parker what a surprise” He said as he expected the others to show, but maybe it was just going to be them. “So this is what HYDRA is working on now huh” Thor said as he threw a blast of lightning at it and it did nothing. “We need a plan” Thor said as he wished Stark was there or someone else that usually comes up with the plans.

“if not then we are going to attack this thing and nothing happens. Parker right now we need to focus on the smaller monsters and get these humans out of there okay? We can deal with big guy later” He hoped the others would come but right now it was just Parker and Thor, he smiled at the kid. “Hey nice to see you buddy” He nodded. 

ѕтorм god

Jun 3rd 2018 17:48


Life was complex now. Thor was not sure what to do. When he was on Asgard and when he was younger life was so much easier. There were only dreams of winning wars with frost giants, little did he know his brother had frost giant in him, he had no clue the hatred Loki had for his own kind, was that because of him?

Odin it felt to Thor never helped anything, but Thor would never imagine that Loki would become Odin, he never would imagine that Hela would attack Asgard, and that Loki would fight along side him to end her, but all of this was in vain, he soon learned that Loki did this for his own gain, why could he not see this?

When Thor left Loki in Hell it was because he was so angry with him, he never wanted to deal with him again. He regretted the day he left his brother there to be tortured, he wished he could take it back, but it was too late, and now Loki was back from Hell and wanted to get revenge on all of those that wronged him Thor was on that list.

When Thor fought against the Hulk he was not sure he was going to win that war. He had never been so happy when the hulk decided to join his team against Hela, he knew that he would eventually win his fellow Avenger on his side, but that was a war that was still going on.

The Infinity Stones were a key. He knew that Thanos once upon a time held the Infinity Gauntlet, he knew that he wanted them back, he also knew that his brother wanted them, even used Thor to try to get them. He knew that if Loki did get all of the Infinity Stones he would only get himself killed, along with Earth.

Only certain beings of the Universe are able to hold the powers of the Infinity Stones and Thanos being an elder of the universe was one of them. He knew that Loki would not win the war against Thanos, and he had no clue why Loki was even using him in the first place!!!

There was one thing that Loki wanted and that was power of everything, what better way to get that amount of power than to help Thanos? If he did betray him Thanos would know and Thor knew that would be the end of his brother forever, he had to save him, but why? Why did he always want to save him?

Loki had betrayed him so many times why did Thor still care? So many of his fellow Avengers asked him this. Thor could only answer with one line. He is my brother. He would never stop being his brother, so until he died or if Thor killed him he would try to save him.


It all started with HYDRA. They had captured the monsters from the Upside Down. This was a dark universe that Thor had never heard from, but this was a dark universe that was beyond him, an alternate reality of Earth, but with monsters he had never seen before. Thor had been keeping his eyes on the HYDRA facility for days now. 

When the monsters escaped the alarms went haywire that night. Thor knew that New York City didn't stand a chance against these monsters. He had sent a mass text to the Avengers *monsters escaped HYDRA facility outside of New York City. I need your help* He sent it as he stood there his bright blue eyes upon the giant spiderlike creature that was heading to the city. He needed help, but he needed to stop this now, will anyone come to help him?
Teched-Out Spidey

May 15th 2018 18:45

Zhane awoke with a groan his chest ached and he quietly made his way to the restroom where he coughed in a rough and ragged manner.” His balled up fist pressing to his mouth as he gripped at the sink, droplets of blood smearing on the smooth surface as he hastily washed it down, not wanting Peter to see him in this condition. “Telsa how long will the symptoms last?” “Approximately one day.” Zhane slowly reopened the bathroom door. He knew he couldn’t hide this so he went to Peter’s bedside and lightly tussled his head. “Morning...there is something we must discuss.” He said as he thought how to best work it. “I am not well..though only for today, it is complicated. The fight put my body under stress, when this occurs my body gives me my cancer symptoms, but that is all they are.”
Brat of Steel

Apr 29th 2018 22:26

Teched-Out Spidey

Mar 14th 2018 17:39

Zhane webbed to the ceiling and yawned as he settled in for a nap. "Right now I just need to catch some z's." He said as he took off his mask "Stop beating yourself up you're a great teacher, it's just the symbiote is designed to entice you it is a formidable opponent." 

The young blonde sighed "Ypu realize Karen recorded this encounter. Tony will find out about it sooner or later. He will see our fight and ask questions. I could have Telsa try and bypass Karen's security protocols, though I fear this will only look more suspicious." 

The young man nodded towards the pillows "Lay down, get some rest you are almost...as tired...as I am." He said with a half hearted chuckle.
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