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24 years old
Madison, Alabama
United States

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January 02 2020

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General Girls that like girls, nice boobs, romantic novels, thunderstorms, the rainforest, hot guys, fantasy’s, polar bears, kitty’s, puppy’s, make up, alcohol, Netflix, poetry, shopping, video games, the color pink, purses, making Keto desserts, romance movies, farm charm, chickens, dolphins, memes.
MusicI like anything that makes me feel alive.
MoviesRomantic movies, comedy movies

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Orientation: Bi
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Member Since:July 31, 2017

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About me:
Aka Kyler Kanaday. I get on here when I'm bored, don't we all?
Who I'd like to meet:
Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which they never shows to anybody. Show me your dark side.

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baylor scout

Sep 23rd 2019 12:14

Yes! I used to play it all the time in middle school and then I discovered WoW lol
baylor scout

Sep 21st 2019 22:11

Hey! Right now the two main games I've been playing are World of Warcraft Classic and The Sims 4.
Silvan Warren

Aug 25th 2019 05:16

Maybe one day I’ll watch it but not promising anything because there’s so many shows I need to catch up on. YES. I loved the movie they made and I still need to watch the new season but I love how twisted the episodes can be.
Silvan Warren

Aug 24th 2019 13:13

I've noticed that, I always say I'd probably actually watch it if it wasn't set up like a Novela, because I hate the narration to it. lol.
Yes, I watched all the Marvel ones and then quite a few of the Netflix originals. I recently just finsihed iZomibe
Silvan Warren

Aug 24th 2019 12:36

No I haven't personally, I've seen bits and pieces when my gf has seen it. Hasn't really caught my intrest though. 
Silvan Warren

Aug 22nd 2019 19:42

Hahaha thank you. We’re definitely lame like that.
Kendi Aerie

Jul 30th 2019 18:51

hey im kendi :-)
Lena Scott

Jul 29th 2019 17:36

Awe you have!!! Yes same here actually and I literally made ben's new profile HAHA so whoever comments it prob will never get a comment back bc he will never go on it. I change the pics on there too. Thank you! Senior year starts Sept 3 for me so I have a month or so but I am so excited and I have been thinking of colleges I wanna apply to. Ben goes to Boston College and I wanna go there and we talked about living together which scares me but like we've been dating for 4 years now our multiple breaks don't count hehehe. I started to search for prom dresses and everything I feel like its so soon but before you know it it'll be May so I wanna make sure I get a nice one. How are things with you?
Lena Scott

Jul 13th 2019 15:47

Hi sweets!! I am sorry for the late reply I have just been not myself for like several months. But so far things are going well. Ben & I made it all work out together back over Christmas and New Years we went to NYC like we planned. So I start my senior year of high school in August and I am so excited for that. I'm finally 17 lol!!!!! I know i felt so young on this place and I still am but it's ok! ;) How are things with you?

Feb 14th 2019 03:18

haha do you mean my picture? 
cause we ogs 8)
it's nice to know someone else has been around as long as I have.
sorry for the super late reply.
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