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My life is a story I haven't read cover to cover yet. -Ex Friends List-

44 years old
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

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September 10 2017

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Characters: Milena Silva
Verses: Socialite
Playbys: Alessandra Ambrosio
Length: Multi Para, Para
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About me:
Biography is in the works, just know Milena or 'Lena' as she is often referred to is a former supermodel from the 90s, currently working as a freelance escort. An escort is more than a prostitute, (There is an element of that yes) an escort is paid for companionship, paid to be a listening ear, a dinner date, an arm piece. A common misconception is that sex is expected, quite untrue; it is an additional service. Milena is from the magnificent city of Rio De Janiero in Brazil, born to an upper class family, raised to be a scholar; a supermodel in her prime in the 90s; hired by various companies to escort clients on various evenings.
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Jul 18th 2017 12:27

"I thought I was headed in the right d i r e c t i o n, but if I was so sure where I was going, how did I get so l o s t?"

Hello there, I am Arya. I am here to discuss a connection! In order to save some of the back and forth that usually happens, I am going to send my short bio and I request you do the same in return so we can discuss more quickly! Thank you in advance.†

Also, if you would like to chat, I would be cool with that, but I prefer that in messages! Also, I have AIM and Line if you would like it feel free to ask or just send yours over! :) Okay, so bio time! :)

Growing up it was just Arya and her father, her mother died when she was giving birth to Her. From a young age, her father knew she was different that she wasnít like everyone else. Her father was a prosecutor, so they werenít rich but they always had money. Due to her fathers position, money, and the fact she was considered beautiful, it was natural that she was part of the Ďití crowd. But she found it hard to fit in, she didnít feel things as the others did, didnít understand their ways, but she was good at pretending to fit in. Being part of the Ďití crowd, it gave her information on people, and a desire to know more, which is why she became a journalist. Arya always knew there was a monster deep inside her, and her prosecutor father noticed it as well. Starting from a young age he tried to help her understand it, to live with it, but he knew one day she would kill. He did his best to prepare her for that day, he taught her how to cover it up, how to never get caught. He did his best to teach her a code to live by, one that would keep her safe and keep people from finding out what she was The day her father was killed by a murder that her father had put in jail twenty years prior, she snapped. Hunting him down, she killed the man. Feeding into her need to kill, it became a hunger she could never sustain. Trying to follow her fathers code, she only kills those who she feels deserves it; other murders like herself.

- Arya Davenport
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