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I was born out of darkness and soon I will cover the world in flames

29 years old
Bunbury, Western Australia

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February 21 2019

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About me:
I was once like you then I died now I'm reborn with vengeance in my heart
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Oct 25th 2018 17:07

Related image
HEY xD ... Name is Stella  I know  other Nikki Bella Role-player ...
I Promise to be Fun ... 
Anyway I'm just trying to bring this page back to life . With a New face So with that said I'd Love to get a connection going with you  ..

Hope to hear from you soon  

Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Sep 4th 2018 20:11

Everything is fine baby
Little Tinkerbell

Aug 18th 2018 07:03

We should definitely so that. I'm so sorry it's taken me forever to send anything or reply. As I mentioned I can play Alexa as both face or heel to suit whichever storyline that we end up doing. 
Little Tinkerbell

Aug 18th 2018 06:56

Hello, I will try and keep this short but, first of all I'd like to thank you for requesting me or accepting my friendship.
Now onto the possibly long bit, I feel I don't need to introduce myself as I am the only Goddess in the WWE and everyone knows my name.
.I play Alexa both as a heel and face depending on the storyline we work out.�
I normally write para and up, I always try to match whatever length is sent to me, as that gives a good length story.
I love how I said this wouldn't be long and its ended up being massively long.
I hope to hear from you soon! Don't be scared I won't be mean, I'm a sweetie out of rp.
Alexa ♥
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Jul 16th 2018 12:36

Maybe I do baby she giggles smiling 
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Jul 16th 2018 12:17

What’s that baby 
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Jul 16th 2018 11:57

She kisses him smiling 
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Apr 29th 2018 21:12

Omg baby it’s beautiful she sees the necklace smiling at him 
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Apr 29th 2018 20:24

Aww thank you baby she kisses him 
Phenomenal Queen M&L Aj

Apr 29th 2018 20:05

I know I do baby she holds her belly smiling at him 
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