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32 years old
Attitude City, Florida
United States

Last Login:
October 13 2019

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    N.B.+H.Q.= Infinite Perpetual Love's Interests
GeneralHarley <3, my friends, being a ninja, making music and comedy and vids for the channel, science, mathematics, werewolf stuff, etc.
MusicNSP and SB, DUH!
MoviesToo many to count; bit of an amature movie-buff.
TelevisionEh,... does YouTube count?
BooksToo many to count.
Heroes George Carlin, Harold Ramis, Gene Wilder, Robin Williams, and Tim Conway.

     N.B.+H.Q.= Infinite Perpetual Love's Details
Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Attitude City
Body type:Athletic
Education:Post grad
Occupation:Band member and YouTube gamer
Characters: Ninja Brian
Verses: Anything really.
Playbys: Ninja Brian
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Band, Comedy, Crossover, Heroes/Villains, Supernatural, Video Game,
Status: Married
Member Since:March 27, 2017

-Puts a playlist of songs together for Harley to listen to whenever he's away; Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton, Close To You and Top Of The World by The Carpenters, Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, Synthesize Her by TWRP, She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals, I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness, I Melt With You by Modern English, The Night Begins To Shine by B.E.R. and I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler-

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   N.B.+H.Q.= Infinite Perpetual Love's Blurbs
About me:
Ninja Brian's the co-founder of the bands Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb along side his good friends Danny Sexbang and Egoraptor, all three gents are also members of Egoraptor's YouTube Channel as well; Game Grumps along side his wife Suzy, and all of their mutual friends; Barry, Ross, Vern, Matt and Ryan, and their associates and other friendly YouTubers (or honorary Grumps) such as Holly, Mark, Jack, and so on. Before focusing upon his music, Brian worked as a theoretical physics professor! He's also a lycan, adding to how lethal he is. Brian's happily married to an AU version of Harley Quinn too; so come between them at your own peril.
Who I'd like to meet:
TupperWare Remix Party, Steel Panther, The Manticore, Rhinoceratops and Super Puma, The Kraken, Samurai Abstinence Patrol, other YouTubers, Weird Al, fans,... future Cool Patrol members? ... Future Starlight Brigade pilots?

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N.B.+H.Q.= Infinite Perpetual Love's Friends Comments
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H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 30th 2019 22:06

Works for me funbun!! See ya then b. ^^
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 30th 2019 03:42

LMBO Kinky?? Ya silly ninja, how about Wednesday b?! Will that work?? :D
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 26th 2019 20:46

Definitely not mister, we would be like conjoined twins. ❤
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 16:17

Ok b, ^^ I love you have a awesome rest of the day!! I'll reply later to your message and comment lovebunny. ❤
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 15:23

Aw my sweet tenderhearted B. ❤ I dont trust anybody but you, I've had people get a real good interesting story going then for no reason at all they delete me or just stop replying all together even though I see them online talking to other people. :c I dont get it b, but maybe this place really is just a suck and f*** (excuse the language!) site now. Basically if your not here to just smut then your the odd one now. I've tried to make friends but theres so much pettiness, jealousy and drama people just cant write and have a good time anymore. You being the exception lovebunny. Without you here I would quit for good. Your the reason I came back and without you there is no me. ❤ Your my foundation Brian, I wish you wouldnt get so upset with people's behavior on here, they dont care if your the sweetest man alive or even if your the meanest. Their here for one thing and one thing only and it's not to make friends or have long term relationships and connections. Yeah you may find ONE someday b, I hope you do because I know how much it means to you b. Just remember you have me, I'll always comfort you and do my best to cheer you up. I love you b.
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 14:46

Just about everybody on search looks lame or just plain ol pathetic attention seeking smutty. I dont even bother with adding people anymore! :/ they get so disappointed when ya ask to talk about a storyline like IM the weirdo for asking!! Rp has turned on its head b. 😔
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 13:48

I dont even believe thays a possibility lovebunny, anyone making me leave you or you leaving me. We've been though so much b you've ruined me for anybody else but I say that with pride!!!! ❤😁 I'll make ya forget your troubles while your with me b, I promise. You darn sure make me forget the world and have I told ya how amazing and incredible you are lately?? 😍😍😍😍
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 13:25

Mmmh enjoys every second of breeding with her love, he knows how to get her howling. ❤ Oh singing to?? Aw Brian. :,) Ya know me so well! I'm ok b, just looking forward to seeing you today. ^^ How are you cuppycake?
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 23rd 2019 07:17

Hi b!! ^^ I'll be here a hour later than normal at noon so that will be 1:00 for you. I hope to see ya lovebunny ^^
H.Q+N.B.= Infinite Perpetual Love❤

Sep 21st 2019 00:43

Lovebunny I just popped in to send your new character a list of names he asked for. ^^ I'll reply to our regular messages later, I love you b, sweet dreams hubby. *pulls you to bed but not to sleep* :o 💋💕
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