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29 years old
Melbourne, Victoria

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June 04 2020

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Characters: Allie Novak
Verses: Wentworth, OITNB.
Playbys: Kate Jenkinson
Length: Para, Semi
Genre: Casual, Crime, Crossover, Drama, Romance,
Member Since:March 23, 2017

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About me:
Allie was once a drug addicted street prostitute who suffered abuse by her clients and her pimp failed to protect her. Kaz Proctor found her and insisted on taking her under her wing. Fiercely independent, Allie had no interest in being saved by anyone but she was interested in the violent retribution the Red Right Hand was enacting. As a gay woman, Allie found solace being with women and emotional respite from a lifestyle she couldnt escape.
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Jun 28th 2019 16:01

Marie sat down beside Allie she always knew when something was wrong with her. ''There is something wrong and i want you to tell me.'' She spoke as she kept her eyes on Allie not going to give up till she told her what was wrong or what was going on. Hearing Allie's word Marie raised her eyebrow. ''Okay what was that about? And don't say nothing'' 

Jun 21st 2019 17:54

After getting Allie and going down to Kaz, She could tell something was wrong with Allie but she wasn't sure what it was. She was going to find out what it was though. Talking through things with Kaz and sorting stuff out. Seeing Allie excuse herself now made Marie think there is definitely something wrong with her. After finishing talking with Kaz she left heading back to the unit to found Allie, Seeing her laying on the sofa she walked over to her. ''Allie? What's wrong? and don't say nothing because i know there is.''

Jun 20th 2019 18:49

''I don't love anything more then i love you but the drugs help me Allie help me cope, If you know another way that can help me cope then let me know.'' Marie smiled slightly looking into Allie's eyes. ''I will come and get you when i go to speak to Kaz.'' She nodded watching Allie walk off and go inside. Sitting outside for a little longer enjoying the fresh air before she went and spoke to Kaz after getting Allie first. 

Jun 19th 2019 20:10

''I mean it i'm not going to lose you again i lost you once before and i don't want that happening again.'' Marie replied having hold of Allie's hand as they sat in the yard. Looking back at Allie she smiled reaching out her free hand and placing Allie's hair behind her ear. Looking around for a moment seeing a new guard she just shrugged and looked at Allie again. ''I promise i will talk to her today.'' 

Jun 13th 2019 00:06

I’m not going to leave you like that again. I love you to much Allie to do that. Things were pretty messed up back then, But you always have had a place in my heart. I’ll talk to Kaz but only for you 

Jun 12th 2019 15:07

Tell Kaz that then she’s the one that is causing all of this. I’m just trying to get on and be happy with you, But Kaz seems to want to start something and out to get me.

Jun 5th 2019 18:35

You have obviously got none. And i'm not trying to get at Kaz she's the one that's out to get me so if she wants a fight then she has one. All i care about is you Allie no matter what. 

Jun 5th 2019 13:56

Of course I’m not just saying it. I really do mean it I know I wasn’t always the best when we were together but I have always loved you even when we wasn’t together and things got bad I still did. 

Jun 5th 2019 12:48

I do yes Allie so much.

Jun 4th 2019 20:22

I'm doing okay. I miss you Allie.
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