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27 years old
Quahog, Rhode Island
United States

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May 19 2020

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About me:
Hi, I'm Forrest Woods. Trust me. I'm not worth it.
Who I'd like to meet:
Someone who will treat me like sh*t, then d*ck me down good every blue moon.

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Forrest Woods's Friends Comments
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Camryn Solaris

May 11th 2020 12:17

Hey! What's up?
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 7th 2020 03:06

I feel like it’s not the same OG’s but like a new age... cause when I came back last time I saw how the popularity changed and I was like this would have never f***ing flown back then but whatever forever I guess!
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 7th 2020 02:58

girl no you are GOOD. I remember the trend. Veronika Gizmo... that name that name brings back memories. I didn’t know her personally but I tried being her friend and if you didn’t have certain people in your tops she wouldn’t be friends with you. So f*** her. But that doesn’t surprise me bc “fame” doesn’t last long here at all and when it does it normally comes crashing down lol. Ok I got a good one. I used to be in a family with this girl who wanted to be popular so f***ing bad that she made our last name Relevant.... she also created drama with my best friend and I bc she kept sending secrets to my best friends gf that we we’re screwing behind her back which wasn’t true. Man 2012 was WILDIN
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 7th 2020 00:25

I could tell you some stories about how crazy my old days were and my tame p0rnstar self now would be like damn. Hahhaha psycho family. Mind if I ask what family?
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 6th 2020 04:08

yeah like imagine ur mom buying that content, I don’t need that in my life. f*** I’m glad there isn’t as much drama. I do however miss some of the people that I lost touch with cause I was a sh*tty friend. I promise I’ll be the best p0rnstar you ever did see and all the content for free 😂😂😂
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 6th 2020 03:52

most of the people that I have seen use twitter but like too many locals follow me and I don’t need my mom yelling at me for all that. Lol same. I used to only get on when I was bored and look to see if the people I still hated were still hateable??? But like now I’m gonna come on and try and make friends so now you gotta be my friend
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 6th 2020 03:44

Blessed. I wanna give that vibe. Maybe I’ll start an onlyfans exclusively for internet friends lol. Gotta make money somehow in these times. Anyway I feel that hence why I’m back here trying to make pals so I don’t shoot myself in the foot
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 6th 2020 02:14

you don’t think it’s too p0rn starry???? hehe but how are u
Cosmic Lambton

Apr 6th 2020 01:49

ur name is everything omg

Jul 25th 2019 02:16

Hi There Im Juliet how are you?
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