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Jan 15th 2017 18:45

Olivia Benson's whole life was a struggle, she fought tooth and nail to get where she is today. Many tried to hold her down, say she should've been a statistic of people who were born out of rapes becoming horrible members of society, but Olivia Benson fought through everyone trying to hold her down, clawed her way up NYPD's ranks until she got to Special Victims and no one was going to rip her back down.

William Lewis came damn close, however.

Knowing Anton was his brother, half or not didn't matter, still left a bad taste in the Lieutenant's mouth. What does Anton know about them four days Lewis had Olivia captive? Or what does he know about Lewis' final days, him kidnapping that little girl to lure Olivia into that construction site which eventually ended up with Lewis losing the game of Russian Roulette. Had Anton did what he did to get Benson's attention to get justice for his brother? Or, had he not known exactly who Olivia Benson was before she started tracking him?

"Lieu, did you hear what he said to you when the elevator doors shut?" Olivia, after having her small panic attack due to Anton letting her know he was Lewis' brother, had no sooner walked through the door from the stairs as Carisi was right in her face asking. The anger and annoyance on his face proved it wasn't good, her just raising her eyebrow before shaking her head no. "Said it was good to know you had a son. I think he was threatening Noah" Olivia felt her hands start to shake, her balling them up in fists before moving her neck in a clockwise motion. She wanted to go in there and bash his skull in, him even speaking about Noah made her want to kill him. Instead, she took a deep breath and walked with Carisi to the interrogation room. "He had nothing illegal on him either, Lieu, and his ID was valid, even though he wouldn't give me his name. Knowing what I know about him, I heard part of you two talking, I can go in for you.." "No, he wants me to be scared, I can't show any emotion for this" she truthfully spoke, looking at Carisi before she nodded her head, turning the doorknob to go in. 

"So.." she spoke, walking into the room as she shut the door behind her. "...don't wanna give your name when you know everyone knows it? Being a little rebel trying to be your brother?" Sliding her jacket off her shoulders, she would grip it with her hand before tossing it onto the table in front of Anton. "Tell me, you going to be like him and get a hard-on for me, too? Or are you going to try to bring up every little detail about how pathetic your brother truly was? Or, you could give me the information I need and I can shorten your sentence. Choice is yours, prick. Think long and hard, don't wanna be six feet under like Lewis, do you?"
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