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Characters: Henry Daniel Mills
Verses: Once Upon A Time
Playbys: Jared S Gilmore
Length: Para
Member Since:January 01, 2017


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Henry Mills

- helping hand.

god of мischief

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The Dark Author E&L Jaz's Friends Comments
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Jaz ~E&L Henry~

Jul 15th 2018 23:01

I miss you my husband.
Jaz ~E&L Henry~

May 15th 2018 22:02

We miss and love you baby.
Wicked Archer

Feb 18th 2018 13:48

Thank you Henry, I need to know that. I try asking mom about dad but she didn't know much. When I ask aunt Regina about dad she get teary eye. I know she was in love with him but Hades took him away from her. Mom also killed Hades thought she love him as well. So sorry to hear what Rumple did to you and I'm willing to help you fine out you not to be the dark one any longer.
Wicked Archer

Feb 16th 2018 00:02

Hello Henry, it's nice to meet you. Glad to hear that we are family. I didn't get to know my dad *pouts* maybe you can tell me about him.
Wicked Archer

Feb 15th 2018 23:19

Hello there, thank you for accepting my request.
I'm Robin daughter to Zelena and Robin and half sister to Roland.
Don't be a stranger. Hope to hear from you soon.

тнe drυιd

Nov 20th 2017 15:23

Hi there happy to have you on my friends list.
Name's Druantia Connors, but you can call me
Dru. I do hope that we can start chatting and come
up with a fun plot or even just chat it up.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Jaz ~E&L Henry~

Oct 17th 2017 01:28

You don't have to accept this, you can delete it, but I made us an Album.
Jaz ~E&L Henry~

Oct 16th 2017 16:17

Hello there, I am Lunabelle Starla Skylark, also Princess Jasmine. I play cursed world Jasmine and Princess Jasmine. My playby is not the show version of Jasmine, she is not a teacher. I made this Jasmine a Bartender and her father is a Jeweler. She can be from any of the realms, Storybrook, or Hyperion Heights. All depends on your character and what you want the setting to be.

I do have a little bit of a bio up at the bottom of my page for the OUAT verse. I'm still working on it, but it's a start. :)

Hope to talk soon and create a connection or storyline.

-Jasmine/ Lulu

ѕweeт creaтυre

Apr 27th 2017 23:38

Hello there,

The name is Grace Mills-Colter.
Daughter of Regina Mills and Daniel Colter.
Thanks for the add/request.
If you're up for it I'd be happy to set up a storyline.
I will be fun to get a friendship going.
Hope to chat soon.
𝓣rue 𝓑eauty

Mar 22nd 2017 03:24

Posted a status all your own. ♥
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