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114 years old
Earls Court, London
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September 12 2019

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Characters: The Master
Verses: Doctor Who
Playbys: John Simm
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Science Fiction,
Member Since:November 23, 2016

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About me:

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❝The drumming, the drums ...coming closer, and closer.❞

❝See this face. Take a good, long look at it. This is the face that didn't listen to a word you just said.❞


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Alex Smith

Apr 8th 2019 09:08

You hugged me once before anyway, so I know you definitely love them.
Alex Smith

Apr 8th 2019 08:59

The universe won't end if you hug someone, you know.
Alex Smith

Mar 16th 2019 12:05

How to freak the Master out in less than 5 seconds:

*walks up to him, gives his biggest time tot smile and holds his arms out*

Soufflé Girl

Dec 20th 2018 01:56

Alex Smith

Oct 1st 2018 04:23

Happy Birthday, Uncle Minger Masty! Hope you find a cool planet to blow up today. Miss annoying you!
Alex Smith

Sep 11th 2018 05:27

Miss you, Uncle Masty.

You're still a massive minger though.

Alex Smith

Jul 6th 2018 18:12

"Okay... thank you, Master." He picked up the diary, took a look at it and shoved it in his pocket. He couldn't wait to be rid of the damn thing, after all the upset it had caused for him.
Alex Smith

Jul 6th 2018 18:08

Alex was even more surprised when the Master hugged him back, but didn't say anything. Sure, it was weird because the Master was never known to show any sort of affection to anyone or anything. After a few seconds, he broke the hug. "I guess I should go find out now, right?"
Alex Smith

Jul 6th 2018 17:58

Alex didn't make any effort to shrug the Master off when he put his hands on his shoulders. He just looked up at him. "Suffered from the consequences? What do you mean? Did something else happen?" As the Master told him what to do, he nodded. "Return the diary. Hope he didn't see it was missing." All of a sudden, he hugged the Master. "I really hope he didn't notice... if he has, I'm stuffed."
Alex Smith

Jul 6th 2018 17:48

Tears sprang to Alex's eyes as it finally hit him. His father, the man he loved more than anything else in the entire universe, had actually killed someone. And not just someone... a small child. And the way he'd brought down the rock on his head and smashed like a grape... such viciousness and such violence. "He did it... he actually did it. What do I do? He's gonna notice the diary is gone and that I took it."
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