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Characters: Gul'dan
Verses: Warcraft, Fantasy, Supernatural
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About me:
Gul'dan of the Stormreaver Clan was a former orcish shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan from Draenor, who became the first orcish warlock as well as the founder of the Orcish Horde.

Abandoning the ways of shamanism and betraying both his people and his mentor to the demon-lord Kil'jaeden for personal gain and power, Gul'dan was directly responsible for the orcs' fall to demonic enslavement as well as for the Horde's invasion of Azeroth.

Tutored by the lord of the Burning Legion, he became the founder and master of the Shadow Council as well as the creator of the necromantic terrors known as Death-Knights. Gul'dan is considered by many to have been the most cunning and powerful mortal warlock to ever have existed. He often referred to himself as "Darkness Incarnate" and "The Destroyer of Dreams".

He disbanded the clan of Raiders in the First War. Thrall, son of Durotan, trained grunts to ride to battle on wolves, however, and a few more Raiders came into the Horde.
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The Lady Arwen™~FOS~

Jul 8th 2018 11:16

Thank you!!!!!

May 10th 2017 13:57

He calls me the devil.
I make him wanna sin.
Greetings, and thank you for the much appreciated add.
Now that we're in each other's friend lists, let's get
something going, yeah? I'd be more than happy to dis-
cuss a storyline with you If you are interested in writing
do send me a message so I know we can start plotting.
- Mia xx
The Joker

Jan 1st 2017 08:56

Greetings and salutations
I am Sylvana Windrunner
I am sure you know who I am
would you care to rp
discuss a sl?

Dec 27th 2016 11:33

OOC: Hello there. You may call me Lupa and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Please do not be afraid to talk to me any time and I hope we will be able to get a roleplay started soon. I'm always ready.
But a part from that - how are you today?
Ice Queen Freya

Sep 17th 2016 23:53

Freya had been through a lot in her life and all of that had made her harder for it as well. Freya knew that her sister was dead at least for now any way and that allowed her to take over the kingdoms of the north without anyone getting in her way. She didn't take children anymore because she had enough army of her own and her Huntsman by her side as well.

Like always love was forbidden in her kingdoms and she would see to it that no one ever went over that rule. Freya herself wasn't good or evil really it just depended on the mood she was in and who she was talking to. Freya was now in her lands walking along the frozen forest and smiled to herself feeling the extra power in her and how much it had changed her as well.

Freya now was a lot more powerful than she had been before and she liked that feeling really finally understanding why Ravenna told her that with power one can do anything. She was feared in her lands and she liked it that way because that meant they respected her as well, Her Hutsman were on the look out to keep their queen safe and that made her smile, though she had her other guards with her as well.

Freya's dress was the usual icy blue and silver color, it was fit for a queen and she liked it and also it made slight noises as she moved on the snow with another smile. Freya had become some what of a warrior in the time she had been revived and she liked it that way really, though no one but her men knew that fact for she didn't go out to war with them if she didn't have to.

Freya walked along the forest once more knowing her men were keeping an eye out for danger and that made her smile mostly because she could freeze anyone that dared come her way or do many other things to them as well now that her power had grown. She didn't really remember how she had been revived but it didn't matter to her and the moment of her death was a blur as well hence she was still so cold hearted and had no trouble with being so.

Freya then looked around when she sensed someone was coming near even though her Hutsman and guards hadn't felt it just yet. She then sighed and looked around with her blue eyes waiting to see who it was who dares come into her kingdom and what they wanted of her if anything at all really.
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