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Characters: Rowan
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Christmas Wish List

-a female friendly RP site
-more space stories
-more Tarots
-more obscure/minor characters
-less headaches

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Christmas Starr

Nov 21st 2018 23:39

Happy Thanksgiving!

Martian Grinch

Oct 31st 2018 10:45


Oct 22nd 2018 23:14


Was it their same colored hair? Their same perfect frame? Their same playful attitude? Or their attachment to their Pumpkin King that always kept Ivy coming back to Ruby? Was it something more? Their paths had always crossed, yet for one reason or another, their story was never given the opportunity that it deserved. Pamela felt the increase in her heart rate when Ruby would simply look in her direction. She was captivated by the magical Witch.
Ghost of Christmas Future

Oct 22nd 2018 22:57


Ruby deals as heavily into the supernatural and the occult as Vincent does, the two occasionally teaming up to stop the newest dark threat from making it to the light.
Marvin the Martian

Jul 17th 2018 17:14


Jul 1st 2018 10:13

*Her booty jiggles as it was smacked*
Good morning!
🏹Lara Cr�ft~T�mb Ra�dєr�

Feb 28th 2018 22:30

The deserts of Egypt were not a forgiving place for the likes of man. With its parch terrain and lack of shade or water made even the most bravest and strongest of men weak. Consumed with fear of death due to heat and sand.

Long ago legend told of an American who went to the city of the dead and accidentally raised a deadly creature. Who was once a man known as Imhotep and a great battle occurred. That made it's way all the way to Cairo in fact. Then returned back to Hamanaptra where the evil wizard was defeated and the day was saved along with the British girl.

Though that was 1923 and a myth this was 2017 and reality as only one beautiful woman also from Britain knew and dismissed it as American propoganda her name was Lady Lara Croft which some referred to as the Tomb Raider. Who by skill not by luck had acquired and ancient map detailing a hidden chamber in one of the larger pyramids in Giza. Where Imhotep had hidden a third book that controlled spirits not life or death and this was just the type of expedition she needed.

It was early morning and the heat was just starting to come up with the morning light as Lara prepared herself by doing light aerobics. Then quickly getting her equipment ready from her grappling hooks to her dual Walther P.99 pistols plus extra clips and last but not least was checking her ponytail and putting on her signature glasses. Though as she was ready to proceed something or more appropriate someone caught her eye.

She wondered who they were and why they were here as she muttered to herself."Bloody Hell hopefully my uninvited visitor will not be one of those ghastly Americans I have had the unfortunate pleasure of working with on more than one occasion." Though as the person got closer Lara didn't even try to flex a smile. Because every second delay kept her from obtaining the treasure she had so sought for at quite a dangerous cost....:
wιnтer ѕolѕтιce

Feb 14th 2018 17:48


Feb 14th 2018 12:01


Feb 14th 2018 10:53

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