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Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It's not the time that matters, it's the person.

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Currently traveling in the TARDIS with Alex Tyler, his son.

Thats what I am: just a traveler. Imagine it: no tax, no bills, no boss. Just the open sky.


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Alex Smith

Jun 16th 2019 18:28

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Forever proud to be your son, and you're the best dad in the whole of the universe. You'll deny that, of course, but it's true.

Thank you for being there.
Alex Smith

Dec 21st 2018 16:50

At some point, probably on a dark and lonely night when the Doctor would be slowly pacing around the TARDIS console, looking for anything that needed fixing to occupy his lonely mind, a Kerblam man would appear in the doorway to the console room. Its blue glowing eyes fixed on the Doctor as it held the decorated parcel out to him. "Delivery for the Doctor!" it would say until the Doctor took the parcel and it disappeared again.

Inside was a hefty book.

And accompanying it a note:

"Dear Dad. Merry Christmas; hopefully this reaches you in time for the festive season, but you know how slow Kerblam can be. Just thought you might want this considering you threw the original into a black hole. Might tell you stuff you've forgotten about. Love you and miss you like crazy! Hope you're okay. Alex x"
Soufflé Girl

Dec 20th 2018 01:57

Alex Smith

Sep 11th 2018 05:26

Love and miss you, Dad. You might not be around but I've still got the best birthday present ever; being your son! Come home soon...

Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 14:52

Alex's eyes filled with tears when the Doctor said that being sorry wasn't enough. "I guess not... I still am though," he said, trying to keep his voice from cracking. "I promise I won't go looking for that diary again... I hate that thing and what it showed me. I not only saw everything; I felt it too, and it was excruciating. The anger, and the fear... it really scared me, Dad."
Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 14:35

Alex stepped toward his father, clearly wanting some sort of comfort. "I can't be protected all the time, Dad... you know that as well as I do. I'm sorry that I stole your diary and I'm sorry that I stuck my nose in where it wasn't supposed to be. I may not have liked what I saw... but that doesn't mean we can move past it. It's the past and nothing can change it now. I just don't want you to be that angry at me again... not like you were with the Weeping Angels... and definitely not when the Master messed with you."
Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 14:23

"I'm not trying to guilt trip you." Alex sighed, shaking his head. "Dad... after everything I've been through. The Time War, Adrian, Davros, regeneration... you turning evil... I think I could handle hearing about this. It's just a massive shock, that's all. I know you've killed people before, but only when there's been no other choice." Alex studied the Doctor... he was clearly getting madder and madder the more Alex kept probing. "You won't get mad and hurt me again, will you? I said I was sorry... please don't go back there again."
Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 13:49

Alex looked up, obviously seeing the anger in his father's eyes. "But you know the thing that shocked me most? Is that you never told anybody. You just burnt his body and swore the Master to never tell anyone about it. So that boy's family had to live with the fact that his body would never be found... that their child would never have a proper funeral. Why didn't you tell me about this, Dad? I thought we could tell each other anything."
Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 13:37

Alex looked down at the floor, trying to disguise the fact that he was on the verge of crying. Losing his father's trust hurt like a knife in both of his hearts. "I don't blame you, really." He looked up again. "There are other ways to get someone to stop hurting you besides killing them, you know. I suffered Adrian's abuse for so many years, and I wanted him to stop hurting me, but I didn't kill him., as much as I wanted to."
Alex Smith

Jul 9th 2018 13:26

Alex didn't flinch when the Doctor grabbed the diary from him. He was in trouble and he knew it. "I know. I disobeyed you and I'm sorry." He looked at him. "Yes, I tried to read it. Saw some stuff I knew before... and I also saw what happened with Torvic. Dad... why did you do it? You didn't have to kill him. You could have just walked away."
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