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RENEGADE Character tagline here

NAME: Grey Allen Wylde
NICKNAMES: Renegade, Walker's Bane, Lone Rider, Lone Wolf, Dead Marksman
ALIASES: Input info
DATE OF BIRTH: July 14, 1977
PLACE OF BIRTH: Austin, Texas

HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
EYE COLOR: Blue with gold/yellow rims
HEIGHT: 5ft 11 inches

High School Input Info
College Input Info
Major Input Info
Degree Input Info

OCCUPATION: Outside pack member of the SOA biker gang
JOB DESCRIPTION: SOA biker and cross-bow instructor.
SKILLSET: Expert Hunter and Tracker, excellent hand-to-hand combat skills, also expertly skilled with his cross-bow and arrows.

MOTHER: Deceased
FATHER: Deceased
BROTHER(S): Deceased
Other Family: SOA biker gang, Former OutBreak Group of Survivors that had been his first real family for the longest time.

CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): Single and simply not giving a sh*t anymore..........
PAST RELATIONSHIP(S):Nothing worth remembering, except maybe that one time Merle set me up on that date with a hooker when I was 17, though I didn't know at the time that she was.

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Traits: Cautious, somewhat paranoid and suspicious around others. Hard to gain his trust, but once someone does he is as loyal and good of a friend as anyone could have.
Disorders: Only sleeps for a few hours at a time, is use to sleeping on hard surfaces, spends most of his time outside.
Addictions: Uses smoking as a vise to forget all the terrible things he endured in his life.
Likes: Hunting Walkers and deer, riding his motorcycle with his gang and just taking a joy ride every now and then.
Dislikes: Prick ass-holes who think they are better then everyone else, dishonest and evil people.
Quirks: Input Info

Header 2 Header 5 OOC:Just in case anyone gets confused by this here, Grey is my own original version of Daryl Dixon, aside from a few creative changes of my own. Hope this clears up any confusion some of you may have lmao!

My name is Grey, Grey Allen Wylde, and I was one member of a large former group of survivors during the worst virus outbreak in history. Zombies, or Walkers as we called them, were the results of a genetic mutation caused by a deadly government virus meant to incapacitate the enemy completely without actually killing them all together. Needless to say, something went wrong and the virus was released into the air, killing millions upon impact, or so we thought until they all started coming back as something else. Reanimated bodies that fed on the flesh of the living, on us, and soon the entire world had become overrun by these "Walkers". I had lost my parents many years before the outbreak, and it had just been me and my older brother for quite a long time. Ironically enough though, I was the one to put an arrow through my brother's eye after he had been turned. I then met up with a group of people who seemed to have their heads on straight, and I decided to join them for a time, pretty much taking up the job of tracking and hunting for our food, as well as helping to kill walkers. We became something of a "Family", a word I had all but forgotten the meaning of a long time before that. We spent several years working and surviving together, though we lost many people along the way. And then finally the day came were we was able to find the answer, the end to all the hell and madness that had become our new world. Finally the fight was over, and we could all start rebuilding again, make our world ours again.

Present Day

I finally found myself straying away from the group, going off on my own more and more until one day I just couldn't take being reminded of the ones we lost anymore, especially special ones like Beth, no matter how hard I tried to push through. So I hopped on my bike and took off for good, saying goodbye to the only true family I had really ever known. It wasn't long after that I found a group of bikers that had gone through all the same things I had, that had never known what family was like before and that were use to just doing things on their own. They had already started to make a name for themselves before the outbreak had finally ended, and they were quickly gaining popularity as they went along. They called themselves the "Sons Of Anarchy", a family dedicated to owning the open roads of the world, following their own creed and rules as they saw fit. They all had lived so long without any form of government other then their own and they saw no reason to change that just because the world had finally started to all make sense again. The federal government had branded us as outlaws, though the people see things differently. We take odd jobs here and there, doing for those that can't do for themselves, doing what we can to help take back our home that had been stripped away from us for so long. We go where the wind and the road takes us, we live on the seat of our bikes........ I have since settled in our group's home base of Atlanta, Georgia and in my own place, though I am also the official marksman and hand-to-hand combat trainer for the SOA now as well......

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.
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Maggie Rhea Greene, strong southern fighting gal who has lost more then most, and someone I consider to be one hell of a true friend as well. She came and found where I had gone to give me the most shocking news of my life, now only time will tell what happens next.........

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Oct 9th 2019 21:58


San Francisco's crime rates are on the rise as the population continues to grow at a semi-alarming rate. Members of law enforcement are growing tired as they are understaffed, overworked and underpaid. There's only so much that they can do when the people won't help themselves and stop playing the victims. Some citizens have chosen to take the law into their own hands, acting as vigilantes or even choosing to shoot first and ask questions later. Then there are the citizens who believe that if they sweep the problems of their city under the rug long enough that it will all just go away. People have been urged to lock their doors and to defend themselves if necessary. When the whole city is falling apart what side will you be on?

    Alcatraz Bay is a brand new San Francisco based RPG that mixes the city verse and crime verses together. We want an authentic experience where some neighbors have never stepped a toe out of line and others should be rotting in jail. This is a create your own character group so we encourage you to take a look around and see if there’s something you like. Feel free to step out of your comfort zone and explore the darker sides of your muse or try to turn those around you into the people you know they can be. Keep in mind this group is not just one or the other so you can pick and choose the kinds of storylines you want to write.



Mar 10th 2018 14:08

She knew it was best to rip the band-aid right off—there was no way in hell she could have kindly broken the news to Grey. She knew him— knew that he was not a man of many words and knew he did not display his emotions for the world to see. He was an introvert—a loner in some sense. He made it obvious that he could survive on his own and he would have too if he had not crossed paths with Glenn and Rick and them. When the glass shattered, the woman jolted in her seat a bit. Her eyes widened and her mouth was left agape. His words hit her one by one—each causing her internal dismay.

Her eyes rolled away from the man. She attempted her best to maintain her composure. Her mouth was shut tight and her inner cheek was bitten. Her skin grew hot and the sensation of pins and needles was felt throughout on her cheeks. When he grew silent she glanced over at the man. A somber look rested on her features. She debated on resting a hand on his shoulder to comfort the man but decided against it. Her hold on her necklace was loosened; she rested her hand on her lap and in-took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry.” She said softly. Her tone was barely above a whisper. She anticipated he’d be upset but did not think he’d be so angry with her. When Grey came to it he apologized. It shocked her, really. He was right. She had no right to search for him—to assume he would drop the new life he built for himself to return to Alexandria where so much pain and loss occurred. She pursed her lips together and nodded her head slowly. She reached across the table and rested her hand over his and squeezed firmly. “You don’t have to be sorry.” She said sincerely. “You’re right. I had no right.” She offered him a genuine smile as she pulled back her hand.

Her arm was propped up on the table as he spoke. Her cheek was rested against the palm of her hand. She displayed on her features the joy she felt for the man although he made it clear that he would remain in Virginia after their trip back up south. She nodded slowly—although she would not admit it, it saddened her a bit, but she understood. She chuckled at the thought of relocating to Atlanta along with Rick and the other’s, but knew that would never happen….At least she knew deep down in her heart she could not leave Glenn’s unmarked grave behind. She’d rooted herself at the Hilltop—helped it grow. “Me and Aaron will stay for a few days, but I don’t think I can leave my life in Virginia behind.” She nodded at her own words. It was when he mentioned food that it occurred to the woman that she’d been running on fumes. “Let’s do lunch.” The corners of her mouth stretched a smile across her face. Her mention of Aaron caused the man to appear out of nowhere. “Grey,” He greeted the man. His hand rested at the top of his shoulder and squeezed firmly. “I figured you found him.” He said matter of factly. He took a seat beside the brunette as a waitress appeared with menus for the two. After she thanked the woman, she allowed her eyes to travel down along the list of food options.


Mar 7th 2018 17:01

If it had not been for the fact that the woman hadn’t seen the man beside her for a little over a year, she would have been taken aback by their embrace. Once more the events that led to his departure came flooding back into her memory. The angst and her inability to want to fight against the old world consumed her; she had to remind herself why she stood there in that moment within his arms. When they parted, she settled herself into the seat once more.

She wrinkled her nose a bit as he spoke. A hearty laugh escaped the brunette as she continued to heed his words. She allowed the shock of her sudden appearance to subside. She nodded slowly and bit down on her inner cheek as she observed the man carefully. In truth, Grey had not changed much"he was exactly as she remembered him last, but less on the gruff side. It overwhelmed her really, his questions. Before their days were numbered, at any moment their tickets could be punched. At any given moment if you didn’t look over your shoulder at the right time you could be bitten, marked for death. 

A failed attempt at a genuine smile caused her to strain her features a bit. Time, they had time now…and for some uncanny reason beyond her comprehension it actually dawned on her. “I…” Her attempt to speak was caught off when he spoke once more. He made a comment that made her lose her train of taught"what really caught her off guard was the hint of crimson that redden his cheeks. She huffed a light laugh and allowed her hues to drop for a moment. Her lips were pursed together, she nodded her head then cleared her throat as she rose her sight once more.

“Beth’s alive.” She said almost breathlessly. The corners of her mouth stretched a luminous smile across her face. She allowed the news to set in for a moment. The bob of her head backed up her words. “I know it sounds crazy…” She added, now finally beginning to explain herself. “But she survived the gunshot…a little after we left Atlanta she came to it. Luck by her side led her to a group of survivors who took her in.” Her lower lip was bitten. She adjusted her weight in her seat and now looked out the window. Her eyes rested on the hospital before them. She allowed silence to settled around them.

Amidst the good, there was also the bad. Maggie had come to the conclusion months ago that it was just a part of the natural order of things. In taking a deep breath the woman attempted to find the right words to break the news to Grey about the months that proceeded his departure. A hand rested on her collarbone and tugged at the necklace that hid beneath her sweatshirt. Her fingers reached for something in particular without her realizing. “Rick…” She said softly, “Is fine. Alive…Happy. I think…considering…” Her words trailed off. A lump formed at the back of her throat. She hadn’t thought about the dark days that loomed over her and her people in months. She hadn’t thought about that one fateful night or the war. The object that symbolized her union with her former husband was revealed for a moment then grasped tightly by her hand. “Carl’s dead.” She said blatantly. “Glenn, Abraham, Sasha…” If she could name them all she would, but she couldn’t. “I-it…just happened.” She admitted truthfully.  

She could sense that the energy between them changed. A somber smile tucked at the corner of her mouth. “I…me and Aaron came to take you back home.” She sniffled slightly. She turned a bit and allowed her eyes to rest on Grey. She nodded slowly. That’s what this had been all about; filling the hole he’d left within them all. 


Mar 4th 2018 18:50

Time - it took time. As the days turned into weeks the woman found that the hole that was left in her chest began to heal. The tears that dampened her cheeks subsided. Her tough exterior softened. Beth had died, sacrificed really, for the young boy named Noah. He'd apologized countless times, but she never fully granted him forgiveness although she held no resentment in her heart. Maggie knew deep down inside she would have done the same thing for the boy. The Safe Zone, Alexandriaappearedto be a turning point for herself and the rest of the group. Their guns were given in, but their senses were heighted. With time the woman learned to live without her revolver. There was no reason for her to rely on a gun for protection inside the walls of Alexandria. Alexandria proved to be as it was made out to be - a safe haven; a place where lives and society could be rebuilt.

The day Grey left old feelings resurfaced for the woman. Although time healed the brunette, it was evident she would never fully recover from the loss of her sister. The absence of the man's presence was felt throughout the community, but the woman didn't fault him for leaving. When the decision was made to leave Georgia, Maggie was one of the few individuals that didn't protest against the idea. Too much bad had occurred within a short manner of time in the state. She couldn't take it any longer - she needed a change, and Virginia granted her that. With the bygone days, the woman found the strength to face the teenage boy she made peace with Noah and something within her changed. She wouldn't carry the death of her father and sister around anymore. She would live in the present and focus on building a future.

The days that turned into weeks brought upon a new year and with it countless miracles. Her sister, whom she'd mourned a little over a year ago, made her way the safe zone. She couldn't believe her eyes when Aaron arrived with the blonde girl. Somehow she'd survived the gunshot wound and was lucky enough to be found by other survivors. They'd taken care of the girl as though she were their own blood and helped her make a recovery. It was then that the blonde set out to find her. Her world which had once been so bleak became clearer. Her talks with Beth made it apparent that the Safe Zone lacked somethingGrey.

As the weeks progressed the woman planned a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Aaron, who was a voyager, volunteered to accompany the woman across the states. As they journeyed down south they observed the repairs of the new world. The dead that once roamed the earth returned to the ground where they belonged. Maggie couldn't believe how much things had changed since Grey had left. She wondered if he would remember her, or if he would return to Alexandria.

Her emerald hues in took the sight of the hospital building that rested in front of her. Her lips pursed together as her mind wandered back to the previous year. The images of Beth's 'lifeless' body in Grey's arms flooded her mind. Her cheeks reddened at the thoughtshe didn't know why, but she somehow felt a magnetic pull towards the hospital. She shut her eyes for a moment and shook her head. Once she was sure she'd regathered her composure the woman made her way inside the hospital. Aaron who had driven her to Grady Memorial decided to wait in the car with the engine running in case her gut feeling was wrong.

Her steps led her out the elevator. She found herself in the common and busiest space of the hospitalthe caf. Her arms crossed over her chest and her bottom lip was chewed over. Now that she was in the room it dawned on her how crazy the entire situation was. Was she really expecting to bump into Grey at the hospital? Out of all the places in the world why would the man be there? Pushing the thoughts aside, the brunette walked deeper into the caf. Murmurs and laughter sounded all around her. Her eyes scanned the room carefully in an attempt to locate the man. Amidst it all, it was when her hues rested on the far wall that her feet rooted onto the ground. In the distance sat a man who faced the Oceanside windows and peered out into the world. Her heart skipped a beat.Grey?cautiously, the woman crossed the room. As she neared the man she confirmed her thoughts. How would he react? Would he be angry with her for looking for him? She pulled the high chair beside the man and lowered herself into the seat without looking at him. "You thought you could get away, huh?" She turned her head slightly and allowed her eyes to glance over at the man. A faint smile tugged at the corner of her lips. "Howdy stranger. It's been years." She said jokingly.


Mar 6th 2017 01:48

Southern Songbird

Feb 26th 2017 20:35

They say when you die there is a warm welcoming light and then you are greeted by your loved ones that you have lost, Beth had felt that sensation and even came face to face with her mother and father. "Daddy...you are here," she clung to him like a dying man to a life vest and he held her close stroking her long blonde hair. "It's me baby girl but you are not done yet...you still have unfinished business back there so for now you need to sleep," she wanted to protest she wanted to join him and the others she had lost but his words were lulling her off into a state of oblivion, her eyes grew heavier and heavier and then nothing but darkness and sleep.

While Beth slept the world around her had changed, the walkers were eradicated by a refreshed Army and towns were coming back to life, survivors were coming back to their homes and they were trying to restore some normalcy to it all. Even there at Grady where she slept new doctors and nurses arrived and then patients, and things were busy again. That was the thing that frightened Beth the most that days her heavy lids had slowly opened and she could hear the intercoms, people brushing quickly by her door, where was she? Snatching the IV out of her arm she walked to the window and stared out in disbelief at a new Atlanta, car and buses filled the roads and people crowded the sidewalks, shaking her head she knew it had to be a dream, where were the walkers and the blood? Where was the nightmare she had been living in when she had fallen asleep?

Of course she was immediately assigned a therapist to help her adjust to the changes, yet every time he asked about family she shook her head, where was her sister? Was she even alive? Glenn, Rick, Carl, baby Judith.....Daryl could they have survived if so where were they did they not look for her? Her therapist had gotten her new clothes since the ones she had been wearing when she arrived had been destroyed and it felt funny to have clean jeans, boots and top, her hair smelled good and felt like silk with the real shampoo she had been given and when she looked in the mirror she hardly recognized the woman staring back, it was the same face the scars were barely noticeable but it was a grown up Beth.

Today the doctor had suggested she leave the hospital, take a walk it was a beautiful day and he wanted her to try and experience the outsides, she needed to know that the fight was over, "But why Doc I mean I don't have anyone out there anymore...I don't care about what's out there now." Beth paced his office wearing a spot out in his carpet before he stood from behind his desk and walked over to her, "You have to at least try Beth, I will take you as far as the door but then you must promise to step out them and check out the scenery." Beth knew unless she did this she would never hear the end of it from the Doctor and in her own mind she knew that she needed to try and fit back into the world, old or new.

As promised the Doctor did escort her downstairs and through the shiny lobby to the doors to the outside world...the new world, she just had to take the steps on her own out into it. Taking a deep breath she stood up and put on her bravest face as she grasped the handle and stepped outside. It was a beautiful day and people hurried along the sidewalks talking to each other, cars zipped by and she smiled as she started toward the crosswalk, pressing the button she waited for the traffic to stop when she heard the roar of a motorcycle engine and her heart started to race, it wasn't possible no way it could be 'him', the one she had been snatched away from in the night so very many months ago.

Aug 17th 2016 11:32

She quickly pocketed the card and took hold of the things he'd gotten for her. "Phone?" She blinked a few times, "Don't have one at home so I'll have to go to that town." She shrugged, "But okay." It was getting late, the sun was starting to go down, she had to get back. "Thank you." She mumbled as she turned her back to him and started back into the forest she'd once come from, vanishing into the trees. She figured she'd end up seeing him again at some point.

Aug 12th 2016 19:43

Cassandra just stared at him for a moment, not really feeling sorry for going off on him. It was how she was, she didn't like being told to do something in any shape or form. She was her own person and could decide things on her own.

When the food got there she ate her salad in silence, happy for it finally.

Once finished she looked up at him once more, then at the waitress who'd asked if they wanted dessert, she hadn't so she just let it be. "Are we going back now?" She asked as her blue hues stared holes in him. She believed he was up to something, no one was this nice. Sure she'd been raised by her best friend's father, but he took her in out of duty and because of Dylann not because he was being nice. Though now he'd say she was a daughter, even if she wasn't blood.

People didn't do things out of generosity, in any world view. People were monsters, cattle to the slaughter, and sad creatures that followed past history into the gutter. It was what caused any wrongs that had come up to destroy the world to begin with.

It wasn't something she was about to forget.

Aug 8th 2016 21:39

Cassandra glared at him, she didn't like him questioning her one bit. "I said a salad. It is real food. Salad and water is all I need." She heard him all right, she just wasn't listening. She was far to busy thinking through things. She didn't trust him and wasn't going to just because he got her food and a shopping list of things. There people who saved her life that she didn't trust.

Cass could tell things about people, she he may not kill her. May not break his word, but it took a lot more then that to trust someone. "Trust is earned, stop trying to force it." She growled. She didn't care if everything was over, if life was going back to normal. Her and her people were fine the way they were and she wasn't about to change for anything.

"If your going to keep pushing it just take me back to where you found me, because your right I do have my weapons and can kill you at any point in time but I sure as hell don't need those to do it. And your none stop talking, I have beat people for less." She glared at him, he eyes were icy cold as she stared at him.


Aug 8th 2016 17:08

When they got to the dinner she got off the bike as quickly as possible before following him inside, still on her guard. Never letting it down. When they sat down in the booth she took the side that was pointed towards the door so as to be able to see anyone that came in, it was something that was mashed into her brain as she grew up.

She was looking over the menu, not really paying it much attention as she looked around without really moving her head. "Salad." She mumbled, "Water." She mumbled again as she put the menu down. She wouldn't feel safe till back home.
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