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About me:

My birth name is Kate but I go by the nickname The Dark Huntsman lately and I like it that way really. You want to know my story? Well then I warn you it is not a happy one

I was born in a small village in the Northern lands and we had a good life. My mother was a healer and my father was a woodsman and a hunter. Mother would show me how she used her herbs to heal people and when I had time my father would teach me how to use the bow to hunt when he couldn't.

Everyone had a part to play in the village and we all did what we could to have the peaceful life we wanted but then when I turned 10 I heard noises coming from outside and my parents told me to hide and so I did just that.

I heard people yelling and I tried to hide but when I heard my mother's begging to not kill my father I went outside and ran to her but the soldiers killed her in front of me and my father as well but before she died my mother touched my hand and whispered something that I would only understand years later.

The warriors put us in carts and took us all to the Ice Queen's castle and that is when we were all lined up and she gave us the speach about love making us weak and all that though all I could think of was hiding the medallion my father had given me before he died.

When they sent us out to become fighters is when I met Eric and Sara and we became secret friends always sneaking out when we had the chance in hopes that her owls were never around.

We trained to be the best at what we did and all of us became her unstoppable army. I was always best with the swords where Sara was good with the bow and Eric had his axes.

When we got older I could see the feelings that Eric and Sara shared and I helped them sneak out when I got the chance to do so and I loved seeing them happy though I never showed it on my face so that no one would ever know of their love.

When Freya found out about them through that daft owl of her's she had us all fight them but of course I never gave it my all even though it seemed like I had and when the ice wall came up I tried to help them but I was knocked out.

Sara and I were both put in the dungeons and whipped every day to try and get us to understand what our queen was teaching us but I never let it change me though I did see it change Sara as specially because she trusted the lies the ice wall had shown her that Eric had left her behind even though I knew that couldn't be and tried to tell her but she wasn't having it.

when we were finally let out Sara had changed and I pretended to be and so we went out to kill more men for our queen and came back with their blood on our hands every bloody time.

when Sara was sent to seek out Eric and trick him to get the mirror I snuck out and followed her and that is when my power started to show it's self but only Eric had seen me use it and said nothing about it.

when the Goblins attacked us Eric and Sara ran one way and I ran the other and when I was stuck with no place to go I looked at the shadows around me and some how they listened to my thoughts grabbing the Goblins into the darkness in the shape of hands as if I were pullung them myself and Eric had seen that because he came back for me.

We ran off together in silence and that is when Eric broke the bridge and Sara saved his life with the arrow as always, she never misses and that was a fact we all knew all too well.

when Freya came to take the mirror both Sara and I left with her and Sara pretended to shoot Eric to death knowing she would hit what he had around his neck and thus it would save his life.

Once Revanna was let out of that damned mirror I knew things wouldn't end well, but I had no idea how it would all turn out. Ravenna then attacked the other Huntsman and me as well, though I used the shadows to protect myself and made it look like her Dark Fey spikes had hit me when in fact they hadn't because the shadows acted like a sheild and armor keeping me safe from harm.

When it was all over and both sisters had apparetly killed each other we were all free and I thought of the words my mother had told me looking at the medallion my father had given me and finally understood what she meant.

Both my parents were secret magic users and that magic had gone into me as well passed on through them and my family line. I parted ways from Sara and Eric and made my own way after that, though I trained myself both in the arts of combat and learned to control my ability as well.

Years went by after that, but for me nothing had changed because I had made myself cloths out of the shadows that were black and I liked it that way. One day I heard a voice from the shadows and walked into the darkness becoming one with it.

I have seen many centuries come and go since that moment and many different realms as well and I learn all that I can when doing so. Mankind has come far since my day and age and even though I still look like I am only 31 the truth is I am much older than that but bonding with the shadows made me trully immortal.

From the moment I bonded with the shadows around me I got more powers and abilities and started to call myself the Dark Huntsman and no one dared to mess with me in my time,but now I am in the modern world and things have changed much, though I have a feeling that my skills as a Huntsman may yet come in handy one day.

Now you know all that you need to, oh yes one last thing I needed to mention is that when I use my shadow powers my eyes become pure black and my hands glow black as well. That is all I have to say so come and get to know me if you can.

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Pirate Royalty

May 20th 2018 21:19

It wasn't so much that Elizabeth wanted to kill, for her it was more about revenge, she killed certain Pirates, certain British higher ups that had wronged her, that had aided in the deaths of those she held dear to her, of course to some extent she killed simply because she was a Pirate but she had tried not to kill innocent people because she felt that if she were in those shoes (Hell in the past she had been) She could not handle that in the least.

Elizabeth shook her head as she spoke to her "Oh I didn't think You were thinking that… I didn't mean to imply…  I just… well many do believe he is a bad man so My point is no matter what others think they are in fact wrong" She answered once again. Sure her and Jack had been known to do bad things in the past but they were still Heroes and that would not change in this town at all.

Elizabeth smiled as she looked at Kate "I will do so soon, as soon as we have a moment after all these new threats are gone, I am guessing due to the fact that I am in this town, my story is in the book now as well, feel free to read it to learn more of myself" She stated.

Jasmine knew deep down that Kate would help, She was much like herself, like the other citizens' and this pleased her, the more people who were willing to fight the latest threat, the better chance at winning it.
Pirate Royalty

May 13th 2018 03:18

Elizabeth would soon discover that Kate had not been much different  then she herself had been, She had killed many, she said it was to protect others, to take from the rich and give to the poor, but even she knew deep down that had not  be entirely the truth, She was a Pirate first and foremost and because of that she had sometimes taken innocent lives, She however would not know that Kate had a similar past.

Elizabeth shook her head as she answered honestly "believe it or not, and say what you wish about Jack, I do know he has an image to uphold, but truthfully he is a good man, We do what we do for the good of the people we steal from people we feel do not deserve it and we try not to keep any for ourselves" Though truthfully as a Pirate she knew that there were occasions where She and Jack… Hell even the girls had taken some of the treasures and baubles for themselves.

She nodded as she spoke "Yes I agree, it is interesting indeed" Her own English accent still prevalent even after all these years, though she had doubted that one could ever really lose the accident one had acquired from long ago as a child.

Jasmine as well as all the other friends had in fact wanted everyone safe, they were all friends and family here, Jasmine had considered the Charming's family and if Kate were to help them in anyway well then she would be like Family as well, truthfully that had just been how this town had been.
Georgia Peach

May 12th 2018 21:17

Shelby had trouble making friends, She had issues, she could be a bit of well a Bitch sometimes but She had found good friends in the people she worked with and a Best Friend in Alex, that had been the start of her changing, Now she was growing close to Kate and she knew it was because of the fact that she was not that much different then she herself or her friends.

Up until she had met a few of her friends Shelby did not believe in Magic or Fairytales, sure she had when she had been young but not after she had grown up, How could she in a world without magic, However once she had seen Magic thrown in front of her quite literally, she had begun to believe and she knew due to this any one person or thing really was capable of quite a lot, this had been why she had relied on Kate.

Shelby knew that Kate was not only protecting herself and her friends but she had been protecting the world as well, Sure she had protected the United States, perhaps some of it's allies but She was not protecting the world, Not like Kate was, and due to the things Kate had done, Shelby had truly looked up to her.

Shelby laughed as she looked at Alex then at Kate "Yeah, I mean she believes you now but if we told her all this with her sober I doubt she will and if she did she'd be blabbing it to all the world, knowing she won't remember later is keeping you safe" She said , Alex shook her head as she took another sip of her drink "Power is a very unique gift to have" She said winking
Georgia Peach

Apr 29th 2018 03:20

Shelby couldn't imagine being in the same shoes so to speak as Kate, she couldn't imagine being immortal, making many friends through the years but then watching many of them die, it was bad enough she found it hard to even fathom Alex's death, she couldn't imagine what it would feel like to see everyone in her life time die, she had truly felt for Kate.

Shelby didn't know the Superheroes or "Magic" that Kate had known and seen, she believed in it all yes, but she did not know them , she had only known the ones she had known through Chloe, she wasn't even sure if Kate had known them though she had truly doubted that She would.

Shelby also had known that the world was in constant danger, that it would be up to people such as herself, Kate, Alex and  the rest of their friends to keep it safe, it would be a  long road ahead but they always knew they could do it, and for now Shelby had known due to Kate's brave actions they were in fact safe for now.

Alex nodded as she listened "That's still very cool, I mean not many people can do all the things you can do" Shelby had noticed that Alex was so unbelievably plastered she wondered if she'd even remember this conversation in the morning. She shook her head and looked at Kate again "She might even forget all this tomorrow Kate, that's how drunk she is" She offered.
Pirate Royalty

Apr 15th 2018 04:03

Elizabeth had not truly known Kate yet, She didn't know the things she had done in her past but truthfully if she had it would not matter in the least to her because she knew that she would still be friends with her, after all truth had been she herself had done so much worse and If Kate knew that Elizabeth feared they would not be close anymore.

Elizabeth smiled as Kate spoke to her, it was odd to her that this person had been kind, understood the reason she had to do the things she had done, did not deem her a "Pirate" as everyone else had. She continued to smile as she spoke to her "It was a bit of both actually, they had it coming and it was during a battle, such is the way of a Pirate, though I suppose to some we are Heroes" She spoke with honesty.

She listened as Kate spoke "I gather the Sea and the Forest are the same, just a slight difference in the location but they are both peaceful and tranquil, and it suits us on our own different ways" She said, She truly believed her words to have been true.

Jasmine shook her head as she looked at Kate "Dear friend, we have all done things in the past, things that we regret, but that does not mean we are bad human beings, it just means we are stronger and we must protect those we care about" She said with kindness.
Georgia Peach

Apr 14th 2018 21:06

Shel too had killed, though it wasn't due to being bad, it been due to being first an FBI agent, then a CIA and now a private operative, she had killed the bad to keep the world safe from harm, she never regretted what she did and she had assumed that if Kate had been in her shoes she would feel the same way.

Shel had kept certain secrets to herself, she had to, It was a part of the promise she had made, One in particular had been a good friend by the name of Chloe, someone who had known and had relations with Superman, She had no choice to believe her because She had saved her life in a rather Super hero type way, Just as Kate had done for her.

Of course Shel knew that the dangers wouldn't be completely gone, there was always danger, always someone out to get them, it was just how it was when you were friends with Alex Parrish, but for now she knew after O'Roarke's death things would be somewhat quiet at least for the time being.

Alex nodded as she listened "I know, but like I told Shelby, Witches was the first thing I thought of" She shook her brown haired locks, Shel couldn't help but giggle a bit as she turns to Kate "don't mind her , She gets a little well Loose when she's drunk" The same could be said about herself but she had not been drunk yet.
Pirate Royalty

Apr 1st 2018 03:48

Elizabeth had lead a life of luxury, she had to be as the Governor's daughter but like most women of that age, she had demons of her own, She had seen awful things, first her mother had been killed in London, this had been why her father had packed her up at the age of 8 to the town of Port Royal, Then years later she had watched many of her house maids be killed in front of her due to some very evil Pirates, then finally Her father had been killed by people he was supposed to have trusted, all this had lead to great weights on her shoulder's and she doubted she could  not get through them short of not having Jack in her life.

She shook her head and laughed a bit as she spoke, however with seriousness in her voice "No, I am not really joking, I Have killed before, but mainly as a Pirate, I've had to kill the People against us, good or bad, I Suppose in some ways I am a villain, or I may be perceived as one" She spoke with a sigh.

She nodded as she spoke again "The Reason's for me had been because of the fact that through out my life I have seen quite a bit, Due to this it pains me to say I had to go the path of a Pirate, but in other ways I do like being a Pirate, More freedom and adventure" She stated.

Jasmine shook her head as she spoke to her "You may not see yourself as a Hero, but my dear friend you are, You are willing to fight for the good, Most other  people, the Villains most especially, would not do that"
Georgia Peach

Mar 31st 2018 21:11

Shelby did not know Kate's past but being one to never judge, especially since well It was a part of her job to not judge a person, because anyone could do bad or in this case good, She knew she wouldn't care, Hell if she had found out Kate had murdered many in the past, She wouldn't care because she knew Kate had changed since that time frame.

Shelby had seen a lot in her lifetime, In part due to her job as well as knowing Alex Parrish, but also in part because oddly enough she had befriended many super natural beings, Kate was not the first and she had definitely not been the last, Shelby would always trust her as much as she had all the others.

Shelby had watched and waited for O'Rourke's death On the tv day in and day out, She knew it wouldn't be by Kate's hand, it would be by his own or his workers, but she knew it was coming and because of that Shelby  had known they won the fight.

Shelby chuckled as she looked at her best friend Pointedly "Not everyone with Magic is a Witch Alexandra Parrish" She teased as she looked at Kate once more "Right Kate?" She stated questioningly, Alex chuckled back as she shook her head "I Know that Shel but it was the first thing that popped in to my mind, either way it is cool" She took her glass and clinked it with the other two women "To Magic!!" She stated clearly already on her way to being drunk
Georgia Peach

Mar 19th 2018 04:02

Shelby had trusted Kate, She had known she did things for her own reasons, but it didn't matter to her, because for whatever reason was truly behind it, In her own way Kate was keeping the world safe, even if she herself was not aware of it.

Shelby Wyatt-Haas was no dumby, She knew, She could tell when  people were up to something , lying or Just plain saving someone in some way, Not that Kate wasn't trust worthy that had been the complete opposite, and though they never truly talked about it, Shel knew instantly it was Kate who had rid the world of it's Terrorists as of late.

Shelby had also known if the President hadn't killed himself, His own workers, those on his side, would do it for him, they would learn things, they would stop trusting him, and she knew some day they would find him dead, lying in a pool of his own blood, she could not wait for that way to come as horrible as that may sound.

Alex chuckled at her words as she shook her head "that's besides the Point, I just meant i'd believe you" As Kate spoke further she smiled "So magic as in a Witch? You have Magic, that's cool if you ask me and it would explain a lot" Shelby smiled pleased to know that two of her friends had gotten along so well.
Pirate Royalty

Mar 18th 2018 21:09

Before living in this town, hell even before Jack and her family, Elizabeth didn't have any friends, She had kept to herself mainly in her home, reading her books, dreaming of adventures and far off places, Sure she had a friendship with Will at one point in time but even he didn't like her need for adventure, feeling as though No one truly understood her She remained secluded, thankfully that had all changed when she had met Jack.

Elizabeth simply nodded as she looked at her "another way You and I are alike, I am not one to get offended easily, if someone upsets me I simply kill them" She said half jokingly, She didn't kill often, but she did have to at times especially as a Pirate simply trying to keep her family safe from harm.

Elizabeth shook her head as she spoke once more "It is okay, really my friend, It hurts yes, but honestly it has made me a much better  person, I am there for my friends, especially ones that have lead lives much  worse then I myself had" She simply stated.

Jasmine nodded as she spoke "Yes, I fear that is true, hopefully we can defeat it quite quickly, after all is that not what Heroes do?" She said looking at her, sure she knew that Kate was not entirely a Hero but She did want to help them and that had been all that Jasmine needed.
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