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About me:

My birth name is Kate but I go by the nickname The Dark Huntsman lately and I like it that way really. You want to know my story? Well then I warn you it is not a happy one

I was born in a small village in the Northern lands and we had a good life. My mother was a healer and my father was a woodsman and a hunter. Mother would show me how she used her herbs to heal people and when I had time my father would teach me how to use the bow to hunt when he couldn't.

Everyone had a part to play in the village and we all did what we could to have the peaceful life we wanted but then when I turned 10 I heard noises coming from outside and my parents told me to hide and so I did just that.

I heard people yelling and I tried to hide but when I heard my mother's begging to not kill my father I went outside and ran to her but the soldiers killed her in front of me and my father as well but before she died my mother touched my hand and whispered something that I would only understand years later.

The warriors put us in carts and took us all to the Ice Queen's castle and that is when we were all lined up and she gave us the speach about love making us weak and all that though all I could think of was hiding the medallion my father had given me before he died.

When they sent us out to become fighters is when I met Eric and Sara and we became secret friends always sneaking out when we had the chance in hopes that her owls were never around.

We trained to be the best at what we did and all of us became her unstoppable army. I was always best with the swords where Sara was good with the bow and Eric had his axes.

When we got older I could see the feelings that Eric and Sara shared and I helped them sneak out when I got the chance to do so and I loved seeing them happy though I never showed it on my face so that no one would ever know of their love.

When Freya found out about them through that daft owl of her's she had us all fight them but of course I never gave it my all even though it seemed like I had and when the ice wall came up I tried to help them but I was knocked out.

Sara and I were both put in the dungeons and whipped every day to try and get us to understand what our queen was teaching us but I never let it change me though I did see it change Sara as specially because she trusted the lies the ice wall had shown her that Eric had left her behind even though I knew that couldn't be and tried to tell her but she wasn't having it.

when we were finally let out Sara had changed and I pretended to be and so we went out to kill more men for our queen and came back with their blood on our hands every bloody time.

when Sara was sent to seek out Eric and trick him to get the mirror I snuck out and followed her and that is when my power started to show it's self but only Eric had seen me use it and said nothing about it.

when the Goblins attacked us Eric and Sara ran one way and I ran the other and when I was stuck with no place to go I looked at the shadows around me and some how they listened to my thoughts grabbing the Goblins into the darkness in the shape of hands as if I were pullung them myself and Eric had seen that because he came back for me.

We ran off together in silence and that is when Eric broke the bridge and Sara saved his life with the arrow as always, she never misses and that was a fact we all knew all too well.

when Freya came to take the mirror both Sara and I left with her and Sara pretended to shoot Eric to death knowing she would hit what he had around his neck and thus it would save his life.

Once Revanna was let out of that damned mirror I knew things wouldn't end well, but I had no idea how it would all turn out. Ravenna then attacked the other Huntsman and me as well, though I used the shadows to protect myself and made it look like her Dark Fey spikes had hit me when in fact they hadn't because the shadows acted like a sheild and armor keeping me safe from harm.

When it was all over and both sisters had apparetly killed each other we were all free and I thought of the words my mother had told me looking at the medallion my father had given me and finally understood what she meant.

Both my parents were secret magic users and that magic had gone into me as well passed on through them and my family line. I parted ways from Sara and Eric and made my own way after that, though I trained myself both in the arts of combat and learned to control my ability as well.

Years went by after that, but for me nothing had changed because I had made myself cloths out of the shadows that were black and I liked it that way. One day I heard a voice from the shadows and walked into the darkness becoming one with it.

I have seen many centuries come and go since that moment and many different realms as well and I learn all that I can when doing so. Mankind has come far since my day and age and even though I still look like I am only 31 the truth is I am much older than that but bonding with the shadows made me trully immortal.

From the moment I bonded with the shadows around me I got more powers and abilities and started to call myself the Dark Huntsman and no one dared to mess with me in my time,but now I am in the modern world and things have changed much, though I have a feeling that my skills as a Huntsman may yet come in handy one day.

Now you know all that you need to, oh yes one last thing I needed to mention is that when I use my shadow powers my eyes become pure black and my hands glow black as well. That is all I have to say so come and get to know me if you can.

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Georgia Peach™

Jan 13th 2019 03:13

Shelby would never tell anyone just how much she'd gone through, sure her friend's knew, Caleb knew but other then those friends she knew because of her chosen profession Her other family could never know, there for she doubted Kate would understand the emotions she had felt, sure she knew Kate had probably gone through worse, but somehow she knew the two could someday bond over this.

Harry nodded, as much as he knew Maizie would grow angrier and more then likely lash out, he would lead her to the van, it was well secluded and looked quite ordinary, Their perps would not know to look in it for the agents or Maizie for that matter "Do not worry, I do have this under control" He stated.

Conner nodded as he spoke "Conner Devlin" He mentioned, He of course owned not only this town but the Irish town of Dublin as well, He was careful to an extent but with this lady well, he didn't' realize just how much danger he  put himself in to "It's a pleasure Kate, Care for a drink?" He asked her with a sly smile.

He raised an eyebrow as the woman spoke, there was something about her, something almost dangerous, he liked it "Try me, I've been around, I probably know more then you" He stated, indicating his life was far from innocent and implicating himself in to the crime as they spoke.

Pirate Royalty™

Jan 12th 2019 20:51

Elizabeth did do things to keep those she loved safe, that was a part of what being a pirate had been about, however she did have to admit that there had been a few she had killed just for her sick, twisted amusement, perhaps that had made  her no different then most villains in some people's eyes.

She shook her head as she spoke "I Suppose we would become some sort of freak show, so to speak, something to where they would use us to make examples and to expose the truth" She surmised, She had been around long enough to know that some type of "Monsters" were real and they were no different then them. She nodded again as she spoke "I gather that is precisely the reason" She agreed.

Elizabeth smiled back as she spoke "I gather you came here for the same reason I am here, to help the hero's defeat Jafar and the other villains" Of course she could not know this for certain but she had to assume that had in fact been the reason.

Jafar twisted his beard with his finger as he spoke "We must find Kate's weakness and use it against her, I am sure whatever it is will cause her to join our side, we will kill all the Hero's here and this town will become ours" He said proudly.
Pirate Royalty™

Dec 16th 2018 02:52

The things that Liz had done to some would be dark.. even to some in their town, in this present day and age, perhaps that had been why some did not trust her, it seemed odd to her because they had trusted Captain Hook.. Who in the fairy tale had been an actual villain, but they did not trust her,  perhaps this had been why she and Kate had gotten along.

Liz nodded as she spoke "I hear tales of a attraction in the state of California that makes light of us, has many rides and such, I fear if they knew this town existed they would do the same with it" She of course had no real clue what Disneyland (or DisneyWorld in Florida) Had been because she had never been there but she had to assume that perhaps at one   point in time it was filled with people like them, believers if you will that knew fairy tale's were real, She had no idea just how  wrong she had been.

"I do appreciate that" She began as she looked at her once again "Us Pirates are heros as well and we need all the help we can get" Of course she knew some that were less then Heros but she didn't want to scare Kate off in this manner. She smiled as she spoke "I do thank you for your kind words" She stated.

Jafar knew he had ways of turning  people away from the side of the good, He once used his staff to control a Sultan, of course in the end that did not end well for him due to blasted Aladdin and Jasmine, still he knew perhaps he would find some way to make Kate join his cause.
Georgia Peach™

Dec 15th 2018 20:34

Shelby had seen so much in her life, not only did she deal with her Parent's fake death's, but she had dealt with everything that Alex had gone through, and then of course there had been her own Kidnapping, She had known due to all of this she was a good agent, She also knew that Kate was the same, she had been through quite a bit and due to what she would been through she was a Hero protecting others, Just as the rest of the team.

Harry  nodded as he looked at Kate "As long as You try and keep her safe, Knowing My sister she will try to help, want to avenge what happened to her recently , and due to that may get herself in to danger, but I trust you." He admitted, Perhaps he had trusted her as much as Shelby had, Maybe more so then the other Agents.

Harry had done what Kate had asked of him, Needless to say Maizie had looked at him in Anger "I want to help Harry, Why do you always insist on treating me like a child!!" It was Shelby who had answered her "It's not that Maiz, It's the fact that these people know you, they know what you look like they will know what we are up to because of that, They don't know Kate." She offered.  Connor looked at Kate as he shook his head "No, It's a friend's bar" He made her a beer and handed it to her.

Connor spoke as he looked at her "I see ye are Irish as well. I am from Dublin" He grinned, He could use this woman, not sure how yet but she could prove to be an excellent advisory "I see ye don't care for authority either, Here is my address perhaps we can speak further in private" He suggested.
Georgia Peach™

Nov 25th 2018 20:40

Shelby didn't have the exact life that Kate had, of course she couldn't know this at the time, She just assumed she was some sort of agent such as her self, but She knew her life had to have been difficult, as had been her own, She saw quite a bit, both as an Agent and having lead the life she lead with her  parents so long ago.

Harry nodded as he looked at the team "She's right, we need to get in to position now, I still don't like using Maizie as bait, not after everything she's gone through but if it catches these guys then I'm willing to sacrifice" He stated, Shelby shook her head as she spoke to him "She's not so much bait as Kate is and at any rate Kate will look after her right?" She said turning to her questioningly.

Connor had seen Kate walk in and have the fight with Owen, He did not pay attention to the other young lady who had walked in, and for Maizie and Harry that had been a good thing, Maizie walked back out as she stated "He's going for Kate, I don't need to be involved." Connor walked towards Kate and smiled "Can I get you a drink?" He asked.
Pirate Royalty™

Nov 25th 2018 03:33

Liz too had seen a great many things even before her Piracy  had begun, perhaps that had been why she had become one, She had seen them hung even though she knew not all of them were bad, sure their had been a few that were, but for the most part they were more like Robin Hood's fighting for great injustices, they saved most women and children, they did not deserve to die, To this day despite her great love for her father, knowing some Pirate's died due to him had made her angry.

When she herself had become a Pirate she strived to be the best, She had decided she would not kill women or children, to not kill innocence, Her war had been with the royalty of England, People who at one point of time had been like a family to her, She fought because all the money went to the rich, She fought for the poor.

She nodded as she spoke "I Fear you may be right my friend, They wouldn't believe us if we told them the truth, They wouldn't even believe us if we told them we were actual fairy tale characters, I Fear the world outside of Storybrooke will just have to go on believing what they read and see in movies is the truth, despite us knowing that it is not." She offered with a shrug.

Elizabeth nodded as she spoke "I Have noticed this town does not take well to new comers, but they will win you over with time, especially if they see you with me and some of the others." She said shrugging. She laughed as Kate spoke and said pointedly "that is true I am not the only Pirate, but Most do  not trust Jack so knowing I am betrothed to him, they do not trust me." She stated.

Jafar had no way of knowing what Kate was, what she had gone through, all he did know was He feared her and he needed her on his side, the side of all the villains, he had just been quite unaware of how he should go about doing so, He knew that he may need to speak to his friends….. the other villains for the mere fact that they would know exactly what to do.

Richard Kimble

Nov 24th 2018 09:31

Richard walked into Granny's as soon as he made it into town. As always his bag was close to him, despite the fact that it was rather small, and not huge. Richard difndi want to lose anything inside, as they were important to him. Also, he tried not to think of that, as he tried to be careful in general, just in case.  As always. Richard was also careful not to be caught by cops or even recognized and told about to cops. As he had no time or patience for that, nor will or such. Especially, since Richard was innocent and wanted to clear his own nane, and that would destroy that Chance's which  wasn't an option. Also, he tried not yo think of that as he walked in.

Richard looked around for a place to seat. Until he eventually found it by someone. He looked around once more before he walked  over towards the empty seat by the person. Richard smiled kindly at the person but it was rather easy to to tell that he was reserved and such but then again he didn't try to hide it anyway, as he saw no point to it. "Hello there, is that seat taken?" 
Georgia Peach™

Nov 5th 2018 01:12

Sure all of the other agent's had lives and pasts of their own, It was to be suspected in their line of work, but for some reason Shelby had felt as though she was closest to Kate, the two had been more inseparable and more alike, in a lot of ways the two had been like her and Alex, perhaps that was why she had been close to her.

Harry nodded as he looked at Kate "I appreciate it" He began, He and Maizie had been from London but they didn't trust many people, for some reason he found  himself trusting Shelby's new friend. Shelby smiled as she spoke "See it will all work out Harry." She said. She had also known that Kate had connections and would easily find Maizie as well as whoever else had been involved in what they had been pressing.
Pirate Royalty™

Nov 4th 2018 21:33

Elizabeth hadn't so much been in different realms as she had been different aspects of her Pirating world, She had been born in London, Moved to Port Royal, been to Shanghai, the World's end and many other places, all in the name of Piracy, She had assumed that this  had been why her and Kate had been so much alike.

She  nodded as she spoke "I Do believe you are speaking the truth, They don't know what had truly happened in our lives so it was for this reason the  had to change the story, perhaps some day we can tell them the real one." She admitted with a shrug.

She shook her head as she spoke "I think with you they are just fearful because they know who you are, who taught you, what you are capable of, With me, it's just well they do not trust my Piracy." She said with a shrug.

Jafar was not frightened of most of the people in the town who had come to help, Not even frightened of Aladdin and Jasmine, He was however frightened of Kate, this had been why it was certain he knew she needed to be on his side.
Georgia Peach™

Oct 15th 2018 04:13

Shelby had a good life up until her teen years, up until 9/11 when she had been told her parents had been killed, She was shipped off to her grandmothers home and had been raised by her, due to her grandmothers old age however she had fended for herself, She had not known that she had been lied to that her parents had not been dead, until that fateful day up at Quantico however and perhaps that had been when her world had changed.

Shelby had assumed due to not having family here, not having friends that were close to one another, not truly knowing this group of friends, Kate would be the wild card so to speak, She would be the one that could catch their killer. They had just needed to figure out how. she listened as Kate spoke "I agree and  to be honest I truly would be lost without her." She said.

Shelby had listened to everyone speak, She knew they were all scared but she could tell Harry had been the most scared, this was his sister's life on the line, Maybe having Kate there would prove useful and they could use her to gain Maizie's safety. She had thought.

Owen looked at Shelby and her friend and nodded "I think the only way for this to work is if we put Kate on the inside, She is not known here, Her life is not in danger as much as if it were any of us, She can go in undercover and save Maize, That is if she wants to." He said as he looked at Kate once again.
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