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About me:

My birth name is Kate but I go by the nickname The Dark Huntsman lately and I like it that way really. You want to know my story? Well then I warn you it is not a happy one

I was born in a small village in the Northern lands and we had a good life. My mother was a healer and my father was a woodsman and a hunter. Mother would show me how she used her herbs to heal people and when I had time my father would teach me how to use the bow to hunt when he couldn't.

Everyone had a part to play in the village and we all did what we could to have the peaceful life we wanted but then when I turned 10 I heard noises coming from outside and my parents told me to hide and so I did just that.

I heard people yelling and I tried to hide but when I heard my mother's begging to not kill my father I went outside and ran to her but the soldiers killed her in front of me and my father as well but before she died my mother touched my hand and whispered something that I would only understand years later.

The warriors put us in carts and took us all to the Ice Queen's castle and that is when we were all lined up and she gave us the speach about love making us weak and all that though all I could think of was hiding the medallion my father had given me before he died.

When they sent us out to become fighters is when I met Eric and Sara and we became secret friends always sneaking out when we had the chance in hopes that her owls were never around.

We trained to be the best at what we did and all of us became her unstoppable army. I was always best with the swords where Sara was good with the bow and Eric had his axes.

When we got older I could see the feelings that Eric and Sara shared and I helped them sneak out when I got the chance to do so and I loved seeing them happy though I never showed it on my face so that no one would ever know of their love.

When Freya found out about them through that daft owl of her's she had us all fight them but of course I never gave it my all even though it seemed like I had and when the ice wall came up I tried to help them but I was knocked out.

Sara and I were both put in the dungeons and whipped every day to try and get us to understand what our queen was teaching us but I never let it change me though I did see it change Sara as specially because she trusted the lies the ice wall had shown her that Eric had left her behind even though I knew that couldn't be and tried to tell her but she wasn't having it.

when we were finally let out Sara had changed and I pretended to be and so we went out to kill more men for our queen and came back with their blood on our hands every bloody time.

when Sara was sent to seek out Eric and trick him to get the mirror I snuck out and followed her and that is when my power started to show it's self but only Eric had seen me use it and said nothing about it.

when the Goblins attacked us Eric and Sara ran one way and I ran the other and when I was stuck with no place to go I looked at the shadows around me and some how they listened to my thoughts grabbing the Goblins into the darkness in the shape of hands as if I were pullung them myself and Eric had seen that because he came back for me.

We ran off together in silence and that is when Eric broke the bridge and Sara saved his life with the arrow as always, she never misses and that was a fact we all knew all too well.

when Freya came to take the mirror both Sara and I left with her and Sara pretended to shoot Eric to death knowing she would hit what he had around his neck and thus it would save his life.

Once Revanna was let out of that damned mirror I knew things wouldn't end well, but I had no idea how it would all turn out. Ravenna then attacked the other Huntsman and me as well, though I used the shadows to protect myself and made it look like her Dark Fey spikes had hit me when in fact they hadn't because the shadows acted like a sheild and armor keeping me safe from harm.

When it was all over and both sisters had apparetly killed each other we were all free and I thought of the words my mother had told me looking at the medallion my father had given me and finally understood what she meant.

Both my parents were secret magic users and that magic had gone into me as well passed on through them and my family line. I parted ways from Sara and Eric and made my own way after that, though I trained myself both in the arts of combat and learned to control my ability as well.

Years went by after that, but for me nothing had changed because I had made myself cloths out of the shadows that were black and I liked it that way. One day I heard a voice from the shadows and walked into the darkness becoming one with it.

I have seen many centuries come and go since that moment and many different realms as well and I learn all that I can when doing so. Mankind has come far since my day and age and even though I still look like I am only 31 the truth is I am much older than that but bonding with the shadows made me trully immortal.

From the moment I bonded with the shadows around me I got more powers and abilities and started to call myself the Dark Huntsman and no one dared to mess with me in my time,but now I am in the modern world and things have changed much, though I have a feeling that my skills as a Huntsman may yet come in handy one day.

Now you know all that you need to, oh yes one last thing I needed to mention is that when I use my shadow powers my eyes become pure black and my hands glow black as well. That is all I have to say so come and get to know me if you can.

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Pirate Royalty™

Sep 15th 2018 21:02

Elizabeth had read some books, but they were the  normal fairytale's that had stood the test of time, Ones like Snow White's Tale, Cinderella's tale all the other ones such as that, She couldn't recall ever reading Kate's, That was until She had read it in Henry's book. She felt bad for Kate though knowing what she had gone through, She herself having gone through quite a bit but not as bad as her new friend had.

Elizabeth smiled as she looked at her "Who is to say we hadn't crossed path's back in my original time, back when I was a pirate queen." She stated with a shrug as she looked at her "I do not know if there is a movie concerning your life but I doubt it is true to your story." She said shaking her head from side to side.

She smiled as she looked at her "It is good that you trust me, I Find trust is a very important thing, and as a Pirate I fear not many people trust that I do things for the good of the people, but I do think between you and I we can change that." She smiled, She was quite pleased that the two could trust so easily.

Jafar knew who he could sway and who he could not, that had been apparent from the start, He knew that Regina and Zelena had gone to the side of the heros now and that had made him sad, but there were others, ones he could use and that had been where he had gone to retrieve them, but he had also hoped that perhaps Kate herself would let her darkness shine through.
Gracious Queen

Sep 4th 2018 17:46

Regina watched her closely, not sure what to think about her, as she spoke to her. She had no idea what to think or believe. Regina didn't expect the woman to show up in her town, especially given that she had no idea who she was or why she was there. She was worried that the woman would try to hurt innocent people in town or what not, which she refused to allow. No matter what. As Regina was a good person at that moment. She was a good and caring person for quite a while now, that was for sure. Besides, they all went through a lot as it was and Regina didn't want more added to the trouble that they had do far, that was for sure, there was no doubt there. Some of those troubles we're caused by Regina herself, who felt remorse for all the bad that she had done, due to the fact that her adopted son, Henry showed her the right way to redemtired and away to a better life. Which he was right, Regina definitely could tell.

She spoke and then listened to the person closely and sighed. "They tend to be, yes.  What's new so? And portals are very tricky. Unless you can control them or more or less control them, then it is very different situation all together," Regina said to her simply. She looked down and back at her as she spoke again and then listened to her once more. "Nice to meet you, Kate. I am Regina! I am the mayor of this town," Regina said to her. She looked around and back at her, still confused that she was there in her town without knowing why or anything like that. Regina still didn't trust her but gave her a chance just the same, as she saw no reason not giving her a chance.

She watched her as she spoke again and then listened to her once again. "Earth. Storybrooke, Maine! Pretty much, believe it or not," Regina said to her. She looked around herself, once more and then she looked back at Kate. Regina watched her as she spoke and nodded kindly to her. "Like wise, Kate," she said to her. "It sure is," Regina pointed out. She looked down for a bit and then back at her. "Is it possible that you were brought here because your parents live here by any chance? Unless you met them back home or such, then it is completely different,"  Regina said to her over sudden as she really did believe what she told her. Given that it was rather possible. At least as far as Regina was concerned it was.

She watched Kate for a while, as she was curious about her. One thing for sure was that Regina had no idea who Kate was or what, so she had no reason to trust her but part of her did trust her, even if not completely. Regina was different and hadn't hurt people in a while, nor did she want yo and she hoped that Kate never did. She hoped that Kate was good or she would deal with her herself. For the time being Regina thought of other things than that, as she watched Kate closely, with curiousity as she was truly curious about her. 
Pirate Royalty™

Sep 4th 2018 03:45

Elizabeth had known due to the books she had read, mostly in this realm, that Kate's story had been a long one, Maybe even longer then her own, though she did know Piracy had been around a great many years, She also knew that with in her life time Kate probably had known some of her Pirating friends, At least this had been the assumption she made as she looked at her now.

Elizabeth nodded as she spoke "My Story was more or less Just a movie, but it was based on some facts, There were Pirates through out History, Perhaps You even knew some, but they Made us Heroes, Our Story I suppose in a lot of ways Had been truth, though they did not know it when they wrote the books." She said as she smiled.

She grinned as she looked towards Kate once more "I am thankful that you are trusting of me, Of the rest of the Pirate's with in this town,we do trust you as well, Maybe more so then we trust some of the other People within this realm." She stated as she sighed.

Jafar had no idea She knew what he was planning, that she was too much of a "Hero" To be swayed, but he of course would try, He would take as many villains or former villains as he could, They truly all would take over this town.
Georgia Peach™

Aug 27th 2018 21:26

Shelby , though she knew Kate had come from a different place and time, Had long ago surmised that She and her were quite a bit a like, They both had lead horrible lives, things that had made them who they were today, Trying to not lose themselves in their anger or hatred, perhaps that was why both were good friends.

Yes the whole team had been through quite a bit, the most recent being Henry losing his sister, Alex and her pregnancy, the fear of what may happen to Isabella and the man she had loved, She could not know he would end up dead and that She would adopt Isabella, that would happen in a much later time, Now they were dealing with a mad man who was killing family members and taking people other's cared about "She's always been there for me and vice versa, I have to admit I'm glad I met her up at Quantico that day" She said smiling.

Shelby had listened but had also noticed how quiet Kate had been, She had assumed it was because she didn't know the team very well, She however would learn more about them with time, for now She knew she had just been listening and taking in any information of their latest case.

Shelby then looked at Owen as she spoke "Okay so whats our plan of action? and how can we bring in Kate to all of this?" She asked looking at Kate and speaking on her behalf, She wasn't sure how they would save Maizie but she knew they all would and She would be rescued alive.
Georgia Peach™

Aug 19th 2018 21:29

Shelby's own life had not truly been a happy one, Sure it had been at first but that had all changed when she was 16 and her parent's had faked their death's, She had been sent to her grandmother's who had died not to long after, then had been sent to foster care, Some people had been mean to her, abusive even, but through all that It was when she realized she wanted to be in Law Enforcement, She had somehow surmised that Kate's background had perhaps made her in to who she was as well, though she could not know for sure.

Seeing so much in her life, both in her job but also with certain friendships she had decided to keep, Shelby had known that keeping secrets' from Alex had been imperative, it was important to her to keep her safe, She knew if Alex had known the truth somehow Alex's life would be in danger, and friend or not Shelby wasn't going to risk that, so Kate nor Alex would ever need to worry.

Shelby nodded back as she looked at Kate "I agree, That is why I've decided to go be with her, Poor thing has been through so much" She stated, not telling Kate about the loss of Alex's baby or the cases they had recently that had caused the loss of her child. She nodded as Kate spoke to her "No , Thank you, I truly do appreciate it and I do know you will be watching as you stated" She said kindly.

Owen looked at his team as he spoke, He could see a sulking  Henry Doyle sitting off to the corner, He bit his lip as he spoke "As you know there is a human trafficking ring floating around here, well that ring  has just gotten personal" Henry looked around at his friends with anger as he added "Bastard's took My Sister… Bastard's took Maisie!!" Owen touched him lightly as he added "Our mission is to take these men down and save these girl's Including Maisie Doyle"
Lady Rosaline P.

Aug 19th 2018 09:41

Rosaline nods and smirked, "There will be more than just victory in this war. Justice will be served for the many crimes Camelot and its rulers had done on the people of magic and to my mother and I." Rosaline was tired of playing the good guy and getting hurt in the process. Her mother was right to trust no one and now Rosaline pays the price emotionally by trusting people in Camelot. Knights come riding up to Rosaline and Lance spoke, "Mi'Lady. The Queen requests you in the throne room, right away." Rose looked at Kate, "I will see you around. I have a job to do." She goes to Lance and gets on his horse with him and the knights speed off to the Castle.
Pirate Royalty™

Aug 19th 2018 04:14

Elizabeth had not known much of Kate's story, She had heard tales of other version's of Snow White's  Stories, other Evil Queen's and the like, that had been back when she was a small child living in Europe, She knew the tale's had been written by like's of Han's Christian Anderson, The Brother's Grimm and more recently Walt Disney (though the latter she had just recently discovered) but at the time she did not know they were real, It would take coming to this land, this town by way of the Enchanted Forest to figure this all out, With time she was certain she would learn more of Kate's life, just as Kate would learn of hers.

Elizabeth nodded "I think that there are some stories they do base on some remnant's of fact, take mine for instance, We do know now that us Pirate's existed many year's prior to now so this was why they created these stories, However for the most part you are right, They don't realize the stories they are writing are actually based on truth" Shen then nodded as she smiled "I do remember this my friend and I trust you, I Hope you trust me as well" She had sighed as she listened to Kate's word's "In my war, that of Pirate's it was out of my hand's it was good Pirates against the Bad one's sometimes and it was those bad one's that killed the citizen's we did not, if that makes sense" She offered.

Jafar had been shocked by Kate's action's but in his mind it had only proved the fact that he already knew, that He could sway her to his side, That with him on the side of the Villain's they could win, Of Course he could not know that it would never happen because Kate would always be a Hero and she had many Hero friend's but for now He had attempted to further devise his plan's.
Lady Rosaline P.

Aug 17th 2018 21:14

Rosaline looked at Kate and sighs, "I am fine. Yes a lot has happened to me but it is nothing I cannot handle on my own." Her voice was cold and heartless. This wasnt the Rosaline she had met so long ago. This is all Morgana's doing, this was how powerful her influence is over Rosaline. The bond of mother and child was very strong..even if the child knew what her mother was doing was wrong.

She looked at her now finished defenses and then returned her look to Kate. "This will work just perfectly for what we need here. The kingdom needs to be protected, the people need to be protected from the evil people that want to hurt us for who we are." She sighs, "There is a place for Magic here.. we see more and more druids retreat to safety behind our walls from the wrath of the Camelot people. "
Lady Rosaline P.

Aug 16th 2018 19:11

The next day Rosaline wakes up at her mother's side and smiles to herself. She loved the soft side of her mother, lately she had been showing her more and more her love for her and this made Rosaline happy. Her mother wakes up and smiled at her child, "Good morning my dearest. Lets get you ready for the day, I have some meetings this morning after we eat. Care to join? After all these are your people as well." Rosaline nods and gets up picking out her outfit for the day and changing. She sits down in a chair as her mother does her hair, two small braids that connect in the back of her head. Rosaline does her own make up and helps her mother with her hair, doing her mother's signature look. 

The pair walk out side by side to the dinning hall and sit to eat together. Rosaline told her everything and right away the pair start talking revenge for it. After breakfast and meetings Rosaline was free to walk the kingdom to do her tasks. She does so in her royal dress, and hood with her family crest on it. She goes to the farmers first in the outskirts and helps triple their crop amount and farm animals. She then goes to the craftsmen and help repair tools and upgrading them as well. Repairing buildings, healing people, helping bring up the economy of the kingdom while only using magic. The tax was increased as well to help fund to have the upkeep.

Someone from outside this realm taught Rosaline very powerful magic. Rosaline creates thick trees, wide rivers, walls, gates all around the kingdom. She was going to make it very hard for anyone to invade her kingdom. This protection will help them when it comes to training their now fast growing army. It will still be a few years before they pass Camelot in wealth and size of army but one thing Arthur doesnt have is magic..and a lot of it.
Lady Rosaline P.

Aug 15th 2018 08:42

osaline built up love and trust from the people, using her powers for the good of the people. Morgana watched as the people bow down to her not realizing they are only loyal because of the deeds her daughter was doing. It took months to get the kingdom up to half of what Camelot is. 

It has been a long time since she left the kingdom so without her mother knowing she leaves the city late at night and heads to Camelot. The people that once liked her before they knew who she was now feared her. Sir Lance, her boyfriend guards her as they walk the city together. People were yelling and starting to get violent. Lance gets Rosaline to the castle where the knights help fight back the now crowd of angry villagers. 

The crowd wakes up Merlin, Gauis, Arthur and Gwen with how loud they are. Screaming she needs to be hanged for her crimes which she already did her time, but the people want her dead for what her mother did and keeps doing. Merlin sees his daughter and goes to her, "What are you doing here? Did something happen to your mother?" Rosaline smirked, she knew he would always love her mother. "No she is fine, she does not know I am here. I could not stand being there any longer. I missed the people here..but I guess since they know who I am I cannot be here no longer." Gauis looked at Rosaline, "Your mother has harden their hearts, You are her child and share her looks." 

Rosaline sighs, "But I am also Merlin's daughter..but they don't know that do they? With all the good I did here I am still a villian for who my parents are." Arthur was about to speak when the council comes inside and to them in the throne room. "Sire, we need to do something. They want her dead, now. If nothing is done you will loose the trust of the people." Gwen looked at Arthur, "You are the king Arthur, I understand you do not wish her harm. She is your niece, she has Merlin's kind heart, she is my old friend's daughter. I do not wish harm upon her either." 

In front of the city on the balcony Arthur stands proud with Qwen at his side. Merlin, Gauis, the knights and Rosaline down on the ground with the crowd around them. Merlin stood next to his Daughter ready to protect her. Arthur takes a deep breath and looked at everyone. "Born in greed and hate, Princess Rosaline; Daughter of Queen Morgana has been judged by the people as an enemy. She has been coming to this kingdom since she was a child, doing nothing but good for the people here yet the moment you learn who her mother is you all turn your back. You are asking for death on a young girl because of her mother, I will not kill someone who is innocent." The people start chanting 'She is not one of us!' "Rosaline you are exiled from these lands. For your own protection, not because you did something wrong. If you enter these lands it will be a sign of war. I am sorry." Merlin was angry for the ruling of his daughter but Rosaline stopped him from fighting it.

"I am her daughter, like the people said...I will never be one of you." Rosaline said before whistling. A dragon's roar is heard and the people back up and some even run. The knights stand guard as a black dragon appears and lands near Rosaline. Merlin looked at her shocked, "Another dragon?! How?" Rosaline smirked, "It was a gift when I was born. She is mine." Arthur looked down and knew he would regret doing this. He lost his only chance of peace, and the loyalty of a knight. Lance goes to Rosaline and takes her hands, "Ask your mother if she needs a new knight. Meet me in 4 days at your border with an answer." Rosaline nods and climbs on the dragon. Morgana's white dragon who looks a lot healthier circles the castle as the black dragon takes flight. The two dragons and Rosaline disappear now leaving a trail of fire around the kingdom.

Her dragon spoke, "She warned you not to trust anyone. See what happens." Rosaline rolled her eyes, "I know that. They will regret this day. Camelot will be in ashes and my mother will rule. I wont be nice anymore to these people, they lost that." Her dragon laughs, "Do not forget your destiny young goddess. Bring balance between the good and bad side of magic. Your mother rules it with evil and your father with good. You are to be neutral." They arrive back home and Rosaline gets off her dragon. "Peace can come once Camelot falls, I will never loose sight of my role ever again." Rosaline turned and goes inside and to her mother's chambers. The noise wakes her mother up, scaring her she tried to use magic on Rosaline but Rosaline deflects it easy. "Dearest daughter, you scared me." Rosaline goes to her mother and joins her in bed and cuddles next to her. "What happened Dearest Daughter?" Morgana asks. "I lost sight of our vision.. Do not worry though. I will not ever let that slip ever again. Camelot will fall to us." Morgana holds her daughter and smirked, "Yes my dear, it will. I will get what is rightfully mine. Now rest, you look tired." 

Rosaline falls asleep at her mother's side, her good heart slowly turning cold just like her mother's. Camelot will regret their choice, she will make sure of it.
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