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About me:

My birth name is Kate but I go by the nickname The Dark Huntsman lately and I like it that way really. You want to know my story? Well then I warn you it is not a happy one

I was born in a small village in the Northern lands and we had a good life. My mother was a healer and my father was a woodsman and a hunter. Mother would show me how she used her herbs to heal people and when I had time my father would teach me how to use the bow to hunt when he couldn't.

Everyone had a part to play in the village and we all did what we could to have the peaceful life we wanted but then when I turned 10 I heard noises coming from outside and my parents told me to hide and so I did just that.

I heard people yelling and I tried to hide but when I heard my mother's begging to not kill my father I went outside and ran to her but the soldiers killed her in front of me and my father as well but before she died my mother touched my hand and whispered something that I would only understand years later.

The warriors put us in carts and took us all to the Ice Queen's castle and that is when we were all lined up and she gave us the speach about love making us weak and all that though all I could think of was hiding the medallion my father had given me before he died.

When they sent us out to become fighters is when I met Eric and Sara and we became secret friends always sneaking out when we had the chance in hopes that her owls were never around.

We trained to be the best at what we did and all of us became her unstoppable army. I was always best with the swords where Sara was good with the bow and Eric had his axes.

When we got older I could see the feelings that Eric and Sara shared and I helped them sneak out when I got the chance to do so and I loved seeing them happy though I never showed it on my face so that no one would ever know of their love.

When Freya found out about them through that daft owl of her's she had us all fight them but of course I never gave it my all even though it seemed like I had and when the ice wall came up I tried to help them but I was knocked out.

Sara and I were both put in the dungeons and whipped every day to try and get us to understand what our queen was teaching us but I never let it change me though I did see it change Sara as specially because she trusted the lies the ice wall had shown her that Eric had left her behind even though I knew that couldn't be and tried to tell her but she wasn't having it.

when we were finally let out Sara had changed and I pretended to be and so we went out to kill more men for our queen and came back with their blood on our hands every bloody time.

when Sara was sent to seek out Eric and trick him to get the mirror I snuck out and followed her and that is when my power started to show it's self but only Eric had seen me use it and said nothing about it.

when the Goblins attacked us Eric and Sara ran one way and I ran the other and when I was stuck with no place to go I looked at the shadows around me and some how they listened to my thoughts grabbing the Goblins into the darkness in the shape of hands as if I were pullung them myself and Eric had seen that because he came back for me.

We ran off together in silence and that is when Eric broke the bridge and Sara saved his life with the arrow as always, she never misses and that was a fact we all knew all too well.

when Freya came to take the mirror both Sara and I left with her and Sara pretended to shoot Eric to death knowing she would hit what he had around his neck and thus it would save his life.

Once Revanna was let out of that damned mirror I knew things wouldn't end well, but I had no idea how it would all turn out. Ravenna then attacked the other Huntsman and me as well, though I used the shadows to protect myself and made it look like her Dark Fey spikes had hit me when in fact they hadn't because the shadows acted like a sheild and armor keeping me safe from harm.

When it was all over and both sisters had apparetly killed each other we were all free and I thought of the words my mother had told me looking at the medallion my father had given me and finally understood what she meant.

Both my parents were secret magic users and that magic had gone into me as well passed on through them and my family line. I parted ways from Sara and Eric and made my own way after that, though I trained myself both in the arts of combat and learned to control my ability as well.

Years went by after that, but for me nothing had changed because I had made myself cloths out of the shadows that were black and I liked it that way. One day I heard a voice from the shadows and walked into the darkness becoming one with it.

I have seen many centuries come and go since that moment and many different realms as well and I learn all that I can when doing so. Mankind has come far since my day and age and even though I still look like I am only 31 the truth is I am much older than that but bonding with the shadows made me trully immortal.

From the moment I bonded with the shadows around me I got more powers and abilities and started to call myself the Dark Huntsman and no one dared to mess with me in my time,but now I am in the modern world and things have changed much, though I have a feeling that my skills as a Huntsman may yet come in handy one day.

Now you know all that you need to, oh yes one last thing I needed to mention is that when I use my shadow powers my eyes become pure black and my hands glow black as well. That is all I have to say so come and get to know me if you can.

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Rosaline Pendragon

Aug 7th 2018 20:56

Rosaline goes to the castle where the knights and guards of her mother greeted her very loud and welcoming. A smile grows on her face as she enters the throne room where her mother and the kingdom's councilmen await her. "Come Rosaline, You must attend these meetings for you are to be princess tomorrow." Morgana told her daughter. 

The look on the council's faces when they met with the daughter of Morgana was one of fear. It was a myth that two magical forces, one good and one evil will come together and create something the world is to respect and fear. That something was truely a someone.. and that someone was Rosaline. No longer blocking her magic everyone in the room but her mother who is used to her daughter's strength look to her in fear and bow their heads instantly. A proud smirk grows on Morgana's face, their people fear her. Gaining the loyalty seems easy now.. but Morgana has no idea how hard ruling was.

The meeting was long and to Rosaline was boring. The next day the people gather to see the crowning of Rosaline, their new Princess. After the crowining she walks the city with Kida, The city was in poor shape. Rosaline talked to the people and asked what they wanted for the future of the kingdom. To met with every single person and anything she could handle now she did. Repaired homes, shops, cleaned up streets, helped make land fertile for the farmers. The people learned that unlike her mother she truly was wanting the love and respect from the people in an honest manner. 

The problems that were more about laws she reported to her mother to manage. She helped rally new men for the army and new knights. Training them all herself, if they had magic then she would teach them that side of them as well. Everyone was to respect those with magic just like everyone else. Morgana did not know the extent her daughter went to get the people to bow willingly to her and her mother. The world finds out fast the type of ruler her mother was, and the princess her daughter was. All this while still courting with an enemy... a knight of Camelot.
Pirate Royalty

Aug 5th 2018 20:39

Elizabeth had only known what she had read in the book, She did not know that it wasn't the full story, but then again She had doubted that Kate had known her true story as well, Elizabeth's story  had spanned  many decades, Sure some was embellished quite a bit in the Pirate Movies, She deemed Highly in accurate, but There was more then that, Much longer from the time she was a young child, to her time as  a Pirate out at sea with Jack, even to now, She assumed that with time Kate would become aware of this, just as she herself would become aware of Kate's true nature and life.

She nodded and listened as Kate spoke "I can understand that, dear friend, You see the Movies of my life, are not the truth, I have lived quite a bit longer, Seen quite a bit more and clearly I am not married to Will Turner" She had said laughing a bit as she spoke "I never killed families or Children either but sometimes in the act of war innocent people do get killed" She frowned thinking of her father and some of her dear friends who lost their lives due to her actions. She then added "this is why You and I get along so well, we have seen similar things" She offered sighing.

Jafar had nodded as Kate spoke "Oh My Dear friend, who said I was threatening you, and You are right, Your new friends are far from innocent, I am planning on using that notion against them, I do not fear you, Your empty threats do not frighten me either" He said, He then shook his head as he spoke "For now I will make my leave, Not due to fear but because I have  a much bigger plan" With that Jafar had disappeared in a cloud of dust.
Rosaline Pendragon

Aug 2nd 2018 18:00

Rosaline looked at kate and sighs, "I am well aware that no matter what she is going to what the throne of Camelot. But for now this throne can be her focus. Think of it as a practice run of being a queen. She isnt used to that title and all that comes with it so this is going to be a great way for her to learn how to do it and to gain the trust, love and loyalty of the people here. I will do my part to help aid her in this task while still being who I am ment to be."

She looked around then back at her, "She will be crowining me princess of this land so that I have claim. While at the same time annoucing to the world who I am. No one truely knows yet and this will be how they learn. While I am nothing like my mother, or even my father.. but their blood runs through me and help shape the person that I am. My dark side is just like hers, I can do far worst things if I wish. I just dont for that it to much energy wasted on hating people for things they did not do to myself."

It showed that she has learned a lot from what all has happened then what she lets on. "She does love me, she does not show it well but she does. She is learning on how to interact with me, her kinder self comes out more than it used to because she has seen the damage her hate has done on me. Who knows what the future holds, I do not write destines.. But I do know mine."
Georgia Peach

Jul 29th 2018 20:55

Shelby had long surmised that Her and Kate had been quite a bit a like, but the more time she had spent with her she had realized that the reality was Kate was  actually a bit more like Alex, both had lost loved ones, in knowing those both had become that much stronger, they fought to save more people, fought to stop the hurt they felt from happening to others, perhaps that had been why Shelby had felt a bond with Kate, She had reminded her of her very best friend in more ways then one.

Shelby knew that Alex would long forget the things they had seen, She would probably never forget Kate but, She would forget the things she had shown them, She knew that in her own way Kate was keeping Alex save, even if Alex never knew it, perhaps that had been why she had been grateful.

Shelby nodded as she looked at her "I know, You're right, I might stay with her over night, I'm sure Caleb will be just fine with the kids, He knows how much Alex needs me right now" She smiled at the thought of Caleb and their two beautiful daughters "Thanks for all your help though Kate" She offered kindly.

Owen had made the the new office full proof, after all they had lost the other one due to people out to get them, He was injured but he thankfully survived. Now they had found a new rather large safe house and he had been ready to tell the team the new mission, one that would prove to be quite difficult.
Pirate Royalty

Jul 29th 2018 03:47

Elizabeth had not known too much about Kate, just what she herself had told her and a few snippets of her part of the book here and there, She did not know that Kate had killed innocent people in the past, though perhaps she had known this seeing who she was related to, Who had trained her, Still She had likened herself to Kate for the mere fact that they killed and had not been completely innocent in their own lives.

She shook her head as she heard Kate speak and then had spoken back herself "I'm sure some enemies of mine, some of the crown, will tell you I killed innocent people, I Suppose it depends on who you  may talk to, but You are right our situations may be different but I still believe in some ways they are similar" She said simply. Elizabeth sighed as she spoke "I assure you I am by far not a Hero"

Jafar had chuckled his mighty evil laugh as he listened to Kate speak "and you, a Hero trying to protect the town? I know you are no  hero my dear, Perhaps I should in fact enlighten your new friends" He smirked a bit, He knew the real Kate and what she had done in the past, it was clear his friends did not.
Rosaline Pendragon

Jul 25th 2018 20:39

It has been a while since everyone has seens Rosaline. It was like she disappeared from the earth, but in reality she was locked away. The day of the war when they won half the land that Arthur ruled his men captured her. They locked her away in a cell used to block out magic. A cell her father made for people who used magic for evil. It was still in that moment that no one knew she was the daughter of Merlin and Morgana, only that she was Morgana's aid in the war. The guards hurt her, tried to get info from her without the king and Merlin knowing.

It wasnt until The king and Merlin get a chance to finally visit their visitor that they saw the condition she was in. Beaten and bruised up Merlin rushes the cell and opens the door and uncuffs his daughter. Rosaline crys and falls into her father's hold. Arthur looked at Merlin confused, "What are you doing? She was seen with Morgana, using magic for evil." Merlin turns to Arthur with tears in his eyes, "She is my daughter." Merlin chants some magic and heals his daughter. Arthur goes over to them and gets a good look at Rosaline, "She looks like Morgana..." It takes him a moment but he puts the pieces together. "Oh my god, you two...that means she is my neice." Merlin holds his daughter close, "I did not know of her til last year sire. She has been under her power for 16 years, but she has a good heart. She is why Morgana stopped the war and took Cenreds lands, her heart is pure and nothing like her mother. Let her go."

Later that day the coucil was summoned and Rosaline brought in. Rosaline was allowed to bathe and get a fresh change of clothes, This making her look more like her mother. Arthur looked at Gwen then at Merlin who's eyes were glued to his daughter's. Arthur sighs and looked at his niece, "I have learned you have been coming to this city since you were eight is that correct?" Rosaline nods, remaining silent. Arthur walks closer to her and puts his hand on her shoulder knowing she is scared, he also knew if he was to do something rash his sister would be coming ten fold and he would loose the trust of Merlin. "Tell me what is your purpose here in Camelot." He asked her. Rosaline looked up at Arthur, "Twas to do tasks my mother wished then return home. Her tasks were simple so I always finished early, I would walk the city and meet the people. Mother did not want me to have friends so I kept that hidden. I helped out when I could, trained with your knights, I was just as much as a citizen of Camelot as anyone else. I fell in love with your knight Lance, I finally met my father, I learned your side of my mother's stories. She says I have my father's heart but her face which tis true. I am all she has sire, while she will always crave this throne she has cenred's lands now to gain control and loyality from. Twas my idea, I wanted peace for all that carry magic, for I have more power than anyone could ever have and yet I choose to use it wisely." Arthur smirks and hugs his niece causing the guards and knights to be in shock. Sir Lance sighs in relief seeing this action. Arthur spoke, "You are free to come and go my niece. You keep her under control okay?" Rosaline laughs and nods, "Yes Sire...I mean Uncle." Merlin goes and hugs his daughter as Qwen comes over to Rosaline and smiled, "You say you have his heart, but your nature reminds me so much of how your mother once was." Rosaline smiled, "Thank you all. Now I should be going before she comes to kill you all for taking me."

Like that a flash of light and Rosaline disappears and arrives in Cenred's lands where she was greeted by people she hadnt seen in weeks. "We have some catching up to do." Before anything can be said Morgana rides up, Kida running along side of her mother with some guards following. Morgana jumps off her horse and goes to her daughter and pulls her into a hug. "Thank goodness you are alright my dearest daughter." Rosaline smiled and hugs her mother, "I will be home in a moment. I want to talk to them first." Morgana nods, "Alright, Hurry home. We must talk." Rosaline nods as her mother and her men leave. Rosaline turns back around, "Now how in the world am I to tell her I was in a cell in Camelot for a 3 weeks..."
Rosaline Pendragon

Jul 10th 2018 21:30

With a smirk she looked at Kate, "Its more fun to toy with them. Watch them panic, scream, beg for help." The words rolled off her tongue with little to no emotion, it was showing how much her mother has gotten to her. She had the same cold tone and lack for people's well beinging that her mother now has. The longer her mother has an influence over her the more and more she becomes just like her mother. "This is nothing to what I am about to do anyways. This is just the start of the war to bring my mother back into power."
Pirate Royalty

Jul 8th 2018 21:22

Yes Elizabeth had indeed been a great deal like Kate, She had been the Governor's daughter and had Killed many in his name, Especially after Lord Cutler Beckett and his men had killed Him, She had joined forces with many pirates, some evil some not, but the one thing she did know was they had never killed the innocent, they killed those who were against Piracy or had stolen from the crown, She had likened herself and the other Pirates she knew to Robin Hood and she had surmised that Kate had been the exact same way.

She nodded as she spoke, smiling a bit "I Killed because Some very Evil Men had killed my father, I had killed due in part to Vengeance, To honor My father's name, but I had also killed because well… Pirate after all, So I am like you, Perhaps  neither of us are true Hero's but I assure you that other's may say otherwise" She had spoken with true honesty.

Jasmine had known that the others were coming, as had Elizabeth known this, They knew that the Evil being's could not know what to expect because well No one knew just how powerful Kate had been, It had been Elizabeth that had smiled and spoken to her "I Have faith in  you, these enemies will be defeated" She offered.

Jasmine had felt a great deal of pride for Kate, She had liked the fact that this young warrior had shown no fear, She had partially wished she could feel the same, However she knew  having seen so much and lost so many in her young life, Fear had simply always been a part of her.
Georgia Peach

Jul 8th 2018 03:57

Shelby had assumed that there must have been other's like Kate, people who had killed but as an act of vengeance or to safe a nation, as well as their friends, As an FBI Agent She knew that this was something she was supposed to stand against, She would have had to arrest her but now She was not an FBI Agent, She was a Rogue Agent who had been a  Hero to those without their own voices, and due to this she knew Kate could help.

Being who she had been, and what she and her friends had done for a living Shelby would know how to keep  not only the team safe but Kate as well, If Kate's enemies would come seek them out They would see their own deaths, Not the other way around, after all Shelby's team had been good at what they had done, Though Kate could defend herself Shelby's team had seen Her as an asset and due to that they would do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Shelby had nodded, She had worried about Alex, she had been through quite a bit, but She had known her best friend was strong and Kate had been right, It would be safer if Alex had been at her own place "I will go check on her later" She simply offered as she looked at Kate. She sighed and nodded again at Kate's words, She knew that her words had been quite truthful so she simply agreed "Okay, I will do just that, but You be careful to okay Kate" She said kindly.
Rosaline Pendragon

Jul 3rd 2018 08:40

Since the day she met up with Kate, Rosaline has done nothing but train and get stronger. Training with the last of the dragons in the realm, learning their knowledge and power gaining much from them. She continued to go into Camelot planting small enchantments around the towns. The outlining villages she set fire to their resources knowing they would come running to the city. With the City now over run with people from a safe distance she sets off her enchantments one by one, Causing mass chaos and the people turning against each other. Her mother was long gone doing business elsewhere and had no idea what her daughter was doing. There had been no sightings of Morgana so everyone thought there was a different person behind all this, a forth of the people have died from lack of resources or harm to each other. Satisfied with her outcome of this little test she halts on all other destruction. Happy to know that she can do this unwatched and still walk the streets to see it unfold.
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