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"Fallen Angel Destined to Fly, Maybe Broken and Crazy but will not Cry"

30 years old
Nimbasa, California
United States

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April 15 2020

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Orientation: Straight
Hometown:Never had one
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Education:In college
Status: Single
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About me:
[Full Birth Name]: Riku Hyuuga // Chrono Valentine

[Years of Age]: Over 7 Millennium (looks 27)

[Gender]: Male

[Species]: Hybrid Arch Angel Arch Demon Mix

[Hair Color]: Frosted Gray // Blood Red

[Eye Color]: Frosted Blue Gray // Blood Red

[Orientation]: Straight

[Status]: Single

[By whom]: N/A

[Origin of Birth]: Paradisio The place of Light and Angels

[Mother]-Mystearica Queen of Paradisio
[Father]-Killed for raping the Queen of Paridisio

The Guardian; Angel Soul.
Riku Hyuuga is a valiant person and caring. He is known to be calm and collected as well as powerful and can hold his own. He will protect those he cares for and those who are in need with out and waver and is not afraid to fight a losing battle to save a life. Distinguished by his frosted blue gray eyes and matching hair, he is one to keep and call ally.

The Reaper; The Demon Soul.
Chrono Valentine can be cannibalistic and very dangerous though he is rarely seen. He will not stop hunting a target and will do whatever it takes to kill them. His demeanor changes often and most mistake him to be caring. His blood red eyes and hair is what differs him from Riku, though both men look exactly alike. In battle he is known for his ferocity, and has the ability to find ever possibly tactic to win. He is one you do not want to anger.

The Angel & The Demon
After their fall from Grace they have been hunted by their Mother and the ruler of The Inferno. Both men share the same body and most will meet only Riku. It is rare, yet sometimes both men can be present at the same time. Each carry abilities that are only known to the imagination and both can wield any close combat weapon and firearm with ease. Both men however are known to always carry a sword with them that appears when needed.
Who I'd like to meet:

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