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вroтнerѕ ĸeeper

Feb 16th 2018 16:35

Dean was still living with Sam inside of the bunker. Nothing had changed and it probably never would. Hopefully it never would. The eldest brother was very protective of his younger brother and it was easier for him to keep an eye on Sam knowing that he was alright if he was living together with him. He was making himself some breakfast in the morning and of course Sammy wasn't at home, because he was always up an hour or two before him to start running outside doing some exercise.

He had tried sometimes when his younger brother wasn't there to try and do some himself, but he ended it fast, because he wasnt into it. He decided to wake up and take a quick shower before he took on some clean clothes and made sure that he was looking as great as ever like usual having the self confidence he always had. At least on the outside. Then he went to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He made himself some brunch and saved some for his brother for his return home.

After he finished eating and drinking he was looking at his younger brother's laptop trying to look for a case he and his brother could do as soon as he got home. He was looking for about 15 minutes before he finally found out that something was happening in a town not so far away from where he lived. He waited a bit more for his brother to come home, but since he didn't return he decided to leave very soon. He started packing some of his clothes along with a few weapons from the bunker he took with him out into his baby. He then went to the library inside of there to try and check his father's journal. Afterwards he was checking his brother's laptop.

As his brother didn't return he decided to leave the bunker on his own. He packed some of his things and before leaving the bunker behind leaving his brother a note. As soon as he got into town he saw a man he recognized, and he got a very bad feeling since he wasn't a big fan of Lucifer. He went out of the car looking over at him while holding an angel blade even though he knew that only an archangel blade could kill him for good. "Why are ya here and how did you get back from the portal?" He was looking curiously at him glaring at him not wanting him to hurt other people.

bow down.

Jan 10th 2017 18:02

-smirks- youre already dead
bow down.

Dec 20th 2016 07:22

No i know you want this
bow down.

Nov 29th 2016 16:25

You know it
bow down.

Nov 25th 2016 18:10

Everyone loves me
bow down.

Nov 24th 2016 02:31

Yessdh especially your gayass
bow down.

Nov 21st 2016 03:58

My body is not eww and you know youd fo me xD
bow down.

Nov 19th 2016 02:09

Eeww your vessel
bow down.

Nov 18th 2016 07:59

Your face is ewwww

Nov 16th 2016 22:17

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