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But really and truly, you should f*** off, now! I am NOT interested in a romantic relationship. So if you look for a love interest, go on looking.

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We all need love and we all need nurture. There's too much death and destruction. But friends who love you should warm you like the sun. Make you feel good about yourself. Not freeze you in their contempt and in their hate. Anger corrodes our belief that anything good can happen to us. Paul's been destroyed by his anger, his rage. And you, you hurt a friend, to impress him. But he doesn't care. He doesn't even know you exist.

Legal & Physical
Name:Stella Elaine Gibson
Date Of Birth: 8/9/1970
Place Of Birth: London,England
Current Residence: New York City
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'2
Weight: 116
Birthmarks/Scars: Burn mark in the shape of an "H" on stomach, bite mark on the shoulder
Family & Relationships
Mother: Ruth Gibson
Father: Thomas Gibson
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Married
Current Relationship: Jim Burns
Past Relationship: Griffith Holms
Children: Zoe Gibson-Holmes, Alizah Beth Gibson, Hannah Gibson
Education & Employment
High School Diploma
College Graduate with honors
Major Anthropology/Psychology
Degree Masters in both Majors
Occupation: Detective
Rank: Detective Superintendent
Employer: New York City Police Department
Professional Development: Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS), Law Enforcement Instructor School (LEIS), instructor at Quantico
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Tip: If your name is long, go to About Me and search for H1 in General Text. Alter the font-size or letter-spacing to make the font smaller. Stella Gibson discord: StellaG#2713

The life of Detective Superintendend Stella Gibson couldn't have been better, well maybe just a bit... 25 years ago, Stella was a mother of a 4 year old girl named Zoe. She was happily married to Griffith. They were about to move into a bigger house. All boxes were packed, Stella just had to get some days off.

When Zoe was 4 years old, a series of murders had happened, leaving Stella in charge to catch this rapist and killer on the loose. Yet, Stella and her team had not found a single lead to who he was.
One evening after Stella and Zoe came home from swimming a the local pool, the life of the blonde woman was about to change forever.
After Zoe was tucked into bed, someone had knocked on the door, Stellas psychologist Doctor Peter Hillstrad. When Stella opened the door the doctor pushed her inside and drugged her.
When she woke up, she was tied to the bed, naked. She found her husband laying injured on the floor. Immediately Stella fought to get away, to protect her child... But she failed. Hillstead watched her fighting against the hand cuffs. But what the blonde woman didn't realize, were the burn marks on her stomach, the knife cuts on her jaw..... When a high pitched scream filled the room.... Zoe was yelling for her mother. "Mommy?!"
The Killers head turned to the door and he smiled devilish. "Don't touch her!"

But the man was already walking towards Zoes room. The adrenalin running through Stellas blood made her snap the wooden strips of the bed. In a heartbeat she got her spare gun out of the night stand and followed the man. When she entered the kids' room the man was holding Zoe up, the second Stella pulled the trigger the man used Zoe as a shield against the bullet. "Moooo....."
The last words Stella ever heard coming out of her daughters sweet mouth. Zoe was dead..... killed by her own mother, just like Hillstead had planned it.

In a total break down Stella continued to shoot... Again, again and again. Every bullet hit the mans body, head, chest....

She didn't realize someone else entered the apartment. Jim Burns had stood in the hallway and waited until he didn't hear the sound of shooting, he entered the room and pulled the gun from Stellas shaking hand. "He's dead, Stella..."

“The basic human form is female. Maleness is a kind of birth defect.”
Second Chances

After Zoe died Stella had to spend weeks in the hospital. Her wounds healed slowly. But her heart and soul were broken. Stellas husband Griffith tried hard to be there for his wife, so they could grief together, but deep inside Griffith' love for Stella died with their daughter. The young father looked at Stella and had to think of their dead child. One day he didn't came back to the hospital. He left without saying goodbye. Chief Jim Burns informed his detective that the apartment she lived in with husband and daughter was empty. Jim had found a letter on the kitchen table.
"Dear Stella, I'm not as strong as you are. I can't live with you anymore. You killed my reason to live. I don't want to feel this way but I do. Maybe one day I will be able to forgive you. I'm so sorry. Griffith." It was the last time Stella ever heard of her husband. A month later she got the divorce papers witch she signed immediately.

Only month after her daughters death Stella had moved back to London, her hometown. Ruth and Thomas Gibson owned a house there before they died in a car crash when Stella was 12 years old. The cozy little house was Stellas place of heart. Her space of peace. One day a familiar knock woke the blonde. Her former boss Jim Burns was standing in front of the door. He stayed for 3 weeks. They acted like any other couple, went out for dinner, spent the evenings in front of the fireplace. But Jim had to leave again, going back to his family. Stella insited to. 4 Weeks after Jim had left, Stella found out she was pregnant. Shocked to the bones she decided to keep a secret. For the sake of Jims marriage and his two sons, Aaron and Levi. Stellas God Sons. She didn't want to be the reason these two boys have to go through a dirty divorce. 7 month later Stella gave brith to a little girl, Alizah Beth. Named after Jims grandmother Elizabeth.

Alizah Beth
Alizah Beth Gibson

Alizah Beth was born on September 25th in London. The moment Stella set eyes on the new born it was love. Pure love like she never thought would be able to feel again after she had lost Zoe. Stellas first born was always on her mind. Every time she breastfed the tiny brunette baby Stella saw Zoe. Both girls had their eyes from Stella. Shining bright blue hues. Two weeks after the birth the new mother wasn't able to take care of her daughter anymore. It was a blockade in her head, her heart told her she was cheating on Zoe to love someone like Zoe. Before Alizah was born Stella had met a lovely young couple who wasn't able to have kids. They have loved the baby from the first moment on. So Stella and the Achers arranged the adoption. On her 18th birthday Alizah should get all information about her birth mother and should decide if she wanted to meet Stella.

But really and truly, you should f*** off.

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Here for:Friends,
Orientation: Bi
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Detective Superintendent
Characters: Stella Gibson
Verses: The Fall
Playbys: Gillian Anderson
Length: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Crossover, Drama, Medical, Psychological, Romance,
Status: Married
Member Since:April 29, 2016

" And I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place, bored to death with my life, bored to death with myself. "

A Lady with a deadly secret.


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Mar 1st 2020 16:25

                                              Image result for fox mulder gif

Agent Fox Mulder = X-File Verse = Multi-Para and more, much more if the Sl calls for it. 

RP in comments, Messages to discuss, hmm what else?  Rules to be looked over.

Oh yeah my manors Thanks for the add and hope to hear from you soon, if not well sh*t..

                                           Image result for fox mulder gif

Jan 10th 2020 02:05

image host

‘What is your darkest secret, do you hide in the dark waiting for the perfect victim? Or, do you prey on the innocent hoping to find a mouse?’

Shadow Malone, twenty-seven years of ago. An abandoned soul waiting to be heard, how could she be heard when she cannot speak? Hmm, that’s a good question. One she cannot answer herself, but she will definitely try. Life isn’t as easy as it seems, and Shadow isn’t here to be at the light at the end of the tunnel. Do you dare go down the rabbit hole?

Please message for a storyline, and or reach out through discord {$killz&Drillz#4399}

On behalf of the writer behind Shadow, I thank you for taking the time to read this.

Dec 6th 2019 16:59

It says it isn't right. 
So I will give you mine. 
SpookyScully #4252

Dec 6th 2019 16:37

It's funny that you bring that up because I just made one. I will add you for sure. :) 

Dec 5th 2019 22:22

Glad all is well. :) Great! Do you have anything in mind? 
If not we can always do some brainstorming. I feel it won't be to hard to come up with something. 


Dec 5th 2019 01:26

Hello and welcome, how are you doing today? I do hope you are well. 
I do thank you so much for accepting my add, truly it means a lot. 
Would you like to discuss a storyline with me? :) 


Jul 4th 2019 09:41

" Down N’ Dirty" http://www.roleplayer.me/1521885 Proud to be from San Antonio, TX.

Deep in the heart of Texas lies San Antonio, the second most populated city in the state. We’re all sure you’ve heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas and that’s exactly what keeps happening. The secrets, the lies, those things that you hide in the dark? They’re growing and ‘Vindicated’ is threatening to expose every last one of those dirty moments.

People from all around fall in love with our city for all sorts of reasons. We may be a large city, but with tight knit communities the south will rise again. No Texan is gonna go down without a fight, especially one who’s got something worth hiding. With the eyes of the world on us through a strange new app called ‘Vindicated’ San Antonio must learn to stand on it’s own. The threats started out small, causing a few small-time moonshiners to be caught, but the ones behind this app have become mad with power. It only took a few short weeks before ‘Vindicated’ was on every last phone in the country without any trace as to where it came from.

 Friendships will be ruined, reputations torn to shreds and politicians will be made to answer for their sins according to the updates. Not even the military base is marked as safe, so how do you fight back against the unknown when nobody knows how the application was downloaded in the first place? Will you deal in secrets and lies to protect your own or will your life be ruined too?
" You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas." Texas, where we believe in white trash etiquette.

Russian Doll.

Apr 18th 2019 05:57

HI!!!! god I love Gillian Anderson. Awesome playby btw. Hope you are doing well. my Name is Veronika, you can call me V in short. let me know if you are interested in establishing a storyline or we could chit chat. I am pretty fine with both. Hear from you soon love - blow a kiss-

Mar 7th 2019 01:31

The brunette looked at June as she got closer to her. She was getting a unsettled by the way she looked at her.. like she could see right through her. Putting out her hand she shook June’s softly and looked into her eyes after she had spoken. “Tea or coffee is fine” she said not wanted to give them facts.. she would sip her shoes off onto a rug by the door and then make way to follow them into the living room. There she would see the little blonde. Alizah believed that Hannah looked exactly like Stella.. no one would say she wasn’t her daughter. Watching the interaction hurt her lightly. Seeing the hugs and kisses... seeing her father pick up the girl to take her up the stairs. It was like Alizah was a ghost watching what could have been. Snapping back to reality she would somewhat uncomfortably sit in a single chair across from the couch that Stella was planted on. She wondered what they would ask. She hoped not if she was the murderer they were after. She didn’t want to loose the moment just yet. Looking back at Stella, Alizah pulled her lips up into a smile.. she couldn’t believe she was face to face with the blonde already, again. She gulped and laid her hands in her lap to rest. 

Mar 5th 2019 03:54

The house was beautiful. The family was very wealthy and it was easy to see. As Jim spoke Alizah nodded one final time. She hadn’t stalked June to much. She thought she was harmless, but she didn’t take into account much that June was a phycologist. That she would be just as good at mind games as she was. She would act as if she had never known who June was. It was moments before she heard the woman’s voice and saw her come around the corner. Her blues fixed on her and showed genuine shock as it was different seeing her face to face... her knowing exactly who she was. But Alizah didn’t remember June from her childhood. She had found out June was her grandma from Jim and saw her at the house with the small family often. A half smile came to the brunettes face.. this moment was already feeling like to much for her to handle. 
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