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"The stars on my knees mean I'll never kneel." (Russian mobster/Crime/Mafia/Open)

46 years old
Moscow, Moskau

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January 22 2019

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About me:
Name: Maxim Sergeevich Nazarov

DOB: 01/1/73

POB: Moscow, Russia

Current residence: New York City

Distinguishing marks: Has several prison tattoos in the tradition of the vory v zakone (Russian for "thieves in law", the elite class of Russian criminal). Has eight-sided stars on both knees, indicating he won't kneel to authority. The same eight-sided stars below his collarbone meaning he is a professional criminal and a member of the vory v zakone. Also has the "thieves" cross on his chest. Has a dagger through his neck, showing that he committed a murder while in prison and was available for more hits...has three drops of blood meaning he killed three people. Has a crown tattooed on the middle finger of his right hand, meaning he is a criminal boss and a white cross on a black background on the ring finger of his right hand, meaning he had done solitary confinement. Has a skull on left hand for being a murderer. The letters "МИР" (mir; world or peace) on the back of the hand denote one who will never be rehabilitated or re-educated (меня исправит расстрел, menya ispravit rasstrel, only execution will correct me) on his right hand. Has the Madonna with Child on his right bicep for being a criminal at a young age.

Bio: Having been born in the Chertanovo district in Moscow, Maxim Sergeevich Nazarov was destined for a life of crime. From a young age, he got involved in a gang of fellow youths. He mostly stole small items...bikes and what not before moving onto bigger and better things the older he got.

At the age of fourteen he was arrested after he was caught trying to steal a car belonging to a politician and was sent to Matrosskaya Tishina, in eastern Moscow. Knowing how dangerous prisons could be in Russia he knew the best way to earn protection from both the guards and his fellow prisoners, was to join the vory v zakone.
In order to gain their attention, he killed a fellow prisoner in the mess hall, stabbing him repeatedly in the neck with his shiv. The guards promptly beat him and while in the hospital wing he was approached. Thus began his criminal training.
He was released for the first time two years later before being arrested for trying to sell weapons illegally. He would later be arrested two more times before finally earning his stars. After his final release, he formed the Nazarov bratva (the Nazarov Brotherhood). For years he operated in Moscow but eventually decided to head to the US to pursue bigger and better things.
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— Mina.

Jul 10th 2018 11:36

Warning! Lame intro incoming.
I know these are overdone, but the ice must be broken somehow, right?.
Anyway, we should be friends.
I promise lots of awkward and sarcasm for your entertaining pleasure.
Writing is also an option, always.
♡ Juliet ♡

Jul 10th 2018 00:17


Jul 10th 2018 00:03

"Da. YA prosto otvechal vam."

Jul 9th 2018 23:54

Vy ne pomnite?

Jul 9th 2018 23:27

U vas net absolyutno nikakoy idei.
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