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𝑀𝑦𝑟𝑘 𝑅𝑖𝑑𝑒𝑟

Apr 28th 2020 16:50

“Forty-two, forty-three, forty.” Amaryllis’s voice trailed off at the forty-four mark. Something wasn’t right. She could feel the tiny hairs on her arms and the back of her neck standing at attention. Her hands trembled slightly and the pen she was holding slipped from her fingers. Hitting the clipboard in her lap and rolling to the hardwood floor with a soft clacking noise. For a moment, she remained frozen in her spot. A sense of dread crept along her spine as she set the inventory sheet and clipboard down next to her. Slowly Amaryllis rose to her feet and turned to look at the door to the stairway. It was open so that she could hear if they needed her in the shop below.

Her hand rested on the antique brass doorknob hesitantly as she peered down the stairs. Below Amaryllis could hear her employee shuffling about still. From that standpoint, everything seemed normal, but she could not shake the feeling it wasn’t. Such feelings were rarely ever wrong. This one in particular felt quite familiar. More so than she cared to admit. Calling down seemed foolish. Of course, so did going downstairs unprepared. How exactly did one prepare for what they did not know though? Amaryllis was as prepared as she was going to get. Albeit a bit paranoid. With good reason.

Releasing the doorknob, she moved her hand to the rail and slowly began her descent down the old wooden steps. Being careful to avoid those she knew to squeak in protest. When Amaryllis reached the bend in the stairs she peered around the wall and through the open door below. Everything seemed okay. Maybe she really was just being paranoid. That feeling however, said differently. With caution sitting on her shoulders she completed the last set of steps and moved past the doorway. Into the open space of the shop itself. Her employee looked up at her with vacant expressions.

“Is everything alright here?” She asked.

The petite brunette nodded absently. “Everything is fine.” She finally said.

She frowned a bit. Still not believing it. Doubting even her own senses at the moment. Amaryllis glanced around. “Why don’t you all call it a night. It’s getting late. I’ll lock up.”

The girl nodded and left the room to gather her things and leave. Amaryllis wasn’t long behind her. When her feet touched the cracked concrete and she could feel the heat radiating off of it still. Though the sun had gone down already. She felt it even through the soles of her shoes. The scent of food was heavy in the air and her stomach growled. She hadn’t eaten much today and was currently being reminded of that. Every nearby restaurant had shifted into high gear. Prepping to serve dinner to the people of the city. Local and tourist alike. Though the locals would tend to go places less well known. Typically, there was better food and less of a crowd.

Her shop, The Mystic Moon sat on the corner of Chartres St. and Iberville St. Amaryllis made a left onto Iberville. Moving quickly through the crowded streets. Down the few blocks it would take to get to Deanie’s seafood restaurant. There were no parades tonight. For that Amaryllis was thankful. She really wasn’t in the mood to deal with it all. Drunken tourist stumbling around, pissing everywhere and flashing others for cheap plastic. It was surprisingly quiet on her walk. Even with no parade the city was always alive and vibrant. Sounds of jazz would float along on the wind. Filling the night air and reverberating off the buildings.

Amaryllis was so distracted by her thoughts she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. Her face turned as red as her hair and she was glad no one was around to see her clumsiness. By the time she was a block from Deanie’s the feeling from earlier was stronger now. To the point that it caused her to stop short in her tracks. Someone was following her. She spun on her heels. Preparing to fight or run depending on what it was.

“Hello, Amaryllis.” A voice rang out and it caused her blood to turn cold as it drifted from the shadows.

“What do you want?” She snapped.

“Oh, I think you already know the answer to that, child.”

“I don’t have it.” She responded. Slowly backing away from the sound of the stranger’s voice.

“Not on you of course. You’re not stupid. Which is unfortunate for you in this case, because we have to do this the hard way.”

She turned to run but instead of finding freedom Amaryllis found herself slamming into someone. His grip tight on her arms and hand firmly over her mouth. A horrible scent filled her nose. Burning her lungs as she took a breath. Amaryllis began to feel dizzy. The world around her started to fade like an old black and white movie going dark as the circle closed on the screen. And so, did her world as Amaryllis blacked out completely.
Amaryllis Verret/Myrk Rider - 1444998
Jack Reese

Aug 29th 2018 13:27

Hey all!!!

Thank you so much for accepting my add, or for adding me....

Brief outline of OOC me and type of roleplayer I am,

I do actually live in the UK, I am a para and multi para roleplayer, I hate! One liners. What is the point in them. I play my character how I want to. She’s innocent to supernatural, has no idea about the goings on in the world with the supernatural creatures... and although I am mainly a Vampire Diaries, Originals or Legacies roleplayer.... I will do cross overs considering my character is human.


I dont want to be a vampire! So dont try to make me one!! Yes my character is Bisexual and I am not here just for relationships... I actually want to roleplay storylines and make things as believeable as possible. So I’m not going to have Jack fall in love after one roleplay, and I am not having her plan a relationship as in RL they are unexpected.

That being said... back to my character below... and thanks for reading this...


My name’s Jack Reese, I know its a boys name... but try telling that to my father who was set on having all boys......

I am the baby of the family.... have 3 brothers, 1 sister... originally I’m from England.... but I wanted to move to the States to find a better life, to do what I love the most...But unfortunately life doesn’t always work out the way we hope.

So Giving up my job back home, giving up my family, I moved to New Orleans, with the hope of one day being what we call a physiotherapist in England... an Athletic Trainer in America... I packed up and moved, hoping one day to live out my own American Dream... but how wrong could I have been.

Unfortunately with no hope of my dream job, I ended up working in Rousseaus, just to make ends meet, pay my bills, and fight for the life I want.

Little did I know, I was walking into the Supernatural town, filled with Vampires, werewolves or even witches

So, here I am, ready to roleplay.... and I hope you are too.

Let’s Not be a number on each other’s page.... 

thanks for listening!

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