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Body type:Athletic
Characters: Richard Minden
Verses: Templar, church, historical, open
Playbys: Joakim Ntterqvist
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Human, Open,
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About me:
Born into a noble German family, Richard trained in sword fighting and archery from young age. When he was seven, he started his training to be a knight, which culminated in his being knighted when he was 21. Not long after, he was to marry the German princess Elena Slusser, but she was killed in a jealous rage by another knight. Devastated, Richard left his family and joined the Knights Templar, only taking a piece of cloth that came from the dress Elena wore the day she died. Being a Templar, Richard is well versed in scripture along with the fighting arts. While he lives the life of a monk (having taken vows of poverty, chastity, humility and charity) Richard is a skilled and fearless warrior. He will fight to the death to defend those around them.
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Tan moriquende☾

Oct 16th 2018 07:10

Good Morning.

They say a Person needs just three things to be truly happy in this World: 
someone to love, 
something to do, and something to hope for.

I wish you a Good Morning and a magical happy Tuesday.
Enjoy the Time.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 10th 2018 09:11

Good Morning.

What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.

I wish you a good Start into the new Day,
and a happy Wednesday.
Enjoy the Time.
May you be blessed.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 9th 2018 09:34

Good Morning.

Like the Sunshine in the Morning, may this brighten your Day, 
and remind you that you’re Thought of in a very warm way.

I wish you a good start into that beautiful Tuesday and a wonderful Time.
May you stay blessed.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 8th 2018 08:34

Good Morning.

The big lesson in Life is never be scared of anyone or anything.

I wish you a wonderful Good Morning,
and a good start into that beautiful Monday.
Have a great new Week.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 7th 2018 12:07

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, 
always bring your own sunshine.”

I wish you a Happy lazy Sunday.
Enjoy the Time.

Hope your Day is full of warm and cozy Moments.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 6th 2018 07:01

Good Morning.

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.

I wish you a Good Morning, and a wonderful start into that beautiful Saturday.
Enjoy the Time.

Tan moriquende☾

Oct 5th 2018 07:39

Good Morning.

If you think big, you get big…because you create your Life with every Thought you think.

I wish you a wonderful Good Morning,
and a good start into that beautiful Friday.

Enjoy the Time.

Wσɱαɳ Wαɾɾισɾ

Sep 29th 2018 16:52

Lagertha was born into a family of farmers. Both of her parents were hard working and simple farmers doing their best to take good care of their children while not being too ambitious about their lives. They just wanted to be able to survive and to be able to feed their children and they did a great job. Lagertha was this beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed girl from Scandinavia. Exactly how Scandinavian people were imagined all over the world. She was a fierce little girl and already from a young age she wanted to be able to defend herself and to be able to fight just like the men did. Of course her parents told her that it wasn’t possible, but what did they know? It wasn’t like any other woman had tried before. They were just following the men’s orders fitting into this world where they were supposed to be these loving and caring moms staying at home with their children. Sure she wanted that part of life too, but she wasn’t going to just stay at home. Not Lagertha. When she grew older her father made her a shield maiden and told her how to make shields for the men in battle. She found it very interesting of course. Time went by and she became a young and even more beautiful woman.

All the other women were different from her. Their only plans were to find a man who could protect them and give them shelter and children. Lagertha wanted that too, but she wanted to join the men into battle one day and prove everyone wrong. To prove the world that women could be strong warriors too. It happened one day being just as good as the other men if not better. One day this other farmer called Ragnar came to Lagertha’s home to confess his love for her, but and enormous bear and hound who were guarding her home came to attack him and he killed the bear with his bear hands strangling the hound as he survived the battle. That’s when her dad gave her hand in marriage wanting her to be with a man like this. A warrior, a protector. From that day on she admired her husband truly. He was his everything and she would never look at another man the same way she was looking at Ragnar. More time went by and they got a son and a daughter. While Ragnar and Björn travelled away she had to protect her and her daughter and she did fight off two men as they ran away. “Stay away you bastards.” The woman was definitely proud of herself. After Ragnar came back Athelstan the Christian munk became a part of their lives and they were treating him well caring for him. A lot of things were going on and what happened next was Rollo betraying his brother Ragnar and the people for feeling left behind by him.

Ragnar didn’t like the Earl who was a horrible man and killing him made him the new Earl Ragnar. Since Lagertha got pregnant losing her child she was afraid. Freya had promised Ragnar lots of sons, but she wasn’t able to give birth to them. It was then Ragnar met Aslaug and he ended up having sex with her being Lagertha unfaithful. As he came back Lagertha was confronting him about it and he promised never to see her again. Neither did it help as she returned with a son in her belly. Ragnar proposed marrying both of them and that was crossing Lagertha’s line. Had she been a usual woman she would probably have stayed for the protection, but the shieldmaiden knew how to fight. She knew how to take care of herself, so she divorced her husband and Björn decided to follow his mother. Many many years went by and they finally returned back being Ragnar’s allies as her son was now a strong and handsome young man. Unfortunately she had to look at Aslaug every single day. Even though a lot of years had went by it wasn’t something that you could forget easily. While being allies with Ragnar she heard from Helga how badly Aslaug treated her ex husband by being him unfaithful as well and it even turned out so badly that she almost lost her two sons Ubbe and Hvitserk due to how irresponsible she was.

The only son she truly cared for was Ivar. The blonde warrior woman already had trouble forgiving this mistress for what she did stealing her man away from him, but to be him unfaithful too was heartbreaking as she didn’t want him to go through the same pain she had. As the years went by eventually it was Ragnar’s time to pass and Lagertha’s heart was breaking all over again. The blonde haired viking got tired of looking at the mistress who took away her husband, her love, her life and everything that made sense to her. Therefore she killed her. It had turned Ivar and Hvitserk against her, but luckily she had Ubbe and Björn on her side. Even though Margreth wanted Ubbe to kill Lagertha to become king he didn’t wanted to, because he had his father’s spirit and mind. Wanting to be a simple farmer. It brought them closer and eventually Lagertha became a new mother figure to him which was only boiling the young man’s mind who wanted revenge all along. She was prepared though for when Ivar wanted to make his next move. One day a man appeared at the village and Lagertha was the one looking in his direction. “What have brought you here to Kattegat? Do you have any business here?” She wasn’t planning on killing him unless he was a threat to her.

Tan moriquende☾

Sep 28th 2018 04:22

Good Morning.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new Day, 
a fresh try, 
one more start, 
with perhaps a bit of Magic waiting somewhere behind the Morning.

I wish you a wonderful start into the new Day,
and a magical Friday.
Enjoy the Time.

Happy Friday.
Tan moriquende☾

Sep 27th 2018 06:16

Good Morning.

I wish that this Morning helps you get one step closer to all the Dreams that you have been dreaming last Night.

I wish you a magical Thursday and a wonderful Time.

Happy Thursday.
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