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Body type:Athletic
Characters: Richard Minden
Verses: Templar, church, historical, open
Playbys: Joakim Ntterqvist
Length: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Ancient, Crossover, Human, Open,
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About me:
Born into a noble German family, Richard trained in sword fighting, archery, wrestling and unarmed combat from young age. When he was seven, he started his training to be a knight, which culminated in his being knighted when he was 21. Not long after, he was to marry the German princess Elena Slusser, but she was killed in a jealous rage by another knight. Devastated, Richard left his family and joined the Knights Templar, only taking a piece of cloth that came from the dress Elena wore the day she died. Being a Templar, Richard is well versed in scripture along with the fighting arts. While he lives the life of a monk (having taken vows of poverty, chastity, humility and charity) Richard is a skilled and fearless warrior. He will fight to the death to defend those around him.
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left to live in the Undying Land

Dec 14th 2018 05:14

Good Morning.

Thank you so much for being the one Person I could talk to. 
Thank you for never leaving my Side through the tough and ugly Times. 
Thank you for being my rock. 
Thank you for being understanding. 
Thank you for being patient, kind, friendly. Thank you for accepting me for who I was, 
and who I am and looking on the inside, not the outside.
But most of all…
thank you for being my wonderful Friend.

I wish you a wonderful Friday,
and a good start into the Weekend.
Enjoy the Time.

You are Fantastic.

left to live in the Undying Land

Dec 13th 2018 06:02

Good Morning.

Be bold enough to use your Voice, 
brave enough to listen to your Heart, 
and strong enough to live the Life you’ve always imagined.

I wish you a magical Day,
and a wonderful Time.

You are wonderful the Way you are.
You are Fantastic.

left to live in the Undying Land

Dec 12th 2018 05:13

Good Morning.

Never have regrets because at one Point everything you did in Life was exactly what you wanted.

I wish you a Happy Wednesday and a wonderful Time.
Take good care of yourself.

You are special and wonderful.

Jo the Knife Collector

Nov 27th 2018 19:48

Jo nodded as she was grateful the priest wouldn't try to stop them. She had a feeling she knew what type of weapon they could find. and hoped her instincts were correct. She went to the wall nearest the altar and started feeling across it for the mark which would reveal where the weapon could be located. Something to help them ward off or even kill demons. Finally she came to the spot. Looking to the priest and Richard, she took out a small chisel from her bag. "Should we try it?" 
Jo the Knife Collector

Nov 27th 2018 18:39

ooc: I'll be writing back soon...thought you'd like to see the knife we'll be finding...I searched on the supernatural wiki
Wσɱαɳ Wαɾɾισɾ

Nov 24th 2018 17:34

Lagertha was looking back at the brother knights in their armors. They were looking brave and strong in them just like the Vikings did, when they were in battle wanting to scare their enemies away. This time was different though. She knew that the other Vikings would have attacked these men if she hadn’t been giving them a sign of stopping. Compared to the rest of her people she was the only one who believed that other people could be good as well. She had learned that from her now dead ex husband who took in a Christian treating him like a brother to his dying day which was very touching.

Nodding at the man who spoke to her she felt very calm around the men. Of course she wasn’t unarmed and if any of these men underestimated her, then her people would jump in immediately killing them all in a heartbeat. They were outnumbered after all. “Do you mind if I ask you why they don’t believe that you are following your faith? Why would they think that?” Listening to them once again she followed them and why they would prefer to live on some land by themselves. “You can borrow the guest rooms those nights you’re planning on staying here. We can offer you food and drinks as long as you mean no threat to us.”

left to live in the Undying Land

Nov 22nd 2018 03:46

Good Morning.

Thanksgiving is a Time
for reviewing what we treasure,
The People we hold dear,
who give us so much pleasure.

Without you as my Friend,
Life would be a bore,
having you in my Life,
is what I'm thankful for.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day,
and a wonderful Time.

You are wonderful.

Jo the Knife Collector

Nov 21st 2018 20:19

The priest was in the sacristy area when Jo stepped in, too. She heard the words in Latin and tried to understand them. It was too quiet. So, she said to the Priest in English, "Father, I believe that there is something hidden amongst these walls that might, us ward off a demon that is in this region. May we have permission to search these environs?" She'd been taught never to lie to priests...and to get right to the point. 

ooc: I don't mind if you could 'talk' for the priest...I figure we better ask him before we start chiseling the walls lol
Jo the Knife Collector

Nov 19th 2018 17:44

Jo rushed to where Richard had gone and said in an urgent whisper, "I think that priest may not be all he seems to be." She told him what she'd seen amongst the hieroglyphics in the choir loft. "Something valuable, or 'the truth,' is hidden in the sacristy...behind the altar I would guess. Either that priest knows what it is, or, he is a shape shifter or other such creature meant to kill those who try to get it. I say we go up there quietly and try to get it." She looked toward the Cross, and it seemed as though Jesus Himself was looking straight at them, straight to their souls. "Should we go now or try to sneak in at night?" She pointed with her thumb toward the Cross. "He either doesn't like us being here, or is beseeching us to save the church from whatever it is that is hiding in that wall." She blew out a breath, not sure what to do, but determined to figure this out.

ooc: I think it would be good to decide what we're 'finding'...should it be an object to ward off demons? A knife that can slay a certain type of creature? One of the holy things lost in antiquity? What do you think it should be? And will the priest end up being friend or foe?
Jo the Knife Collector

Nov 19th 2018 16:12

Jo took several pictures of Richard, thinking how he fit into this place so seamlessly. He looked as though he was born to be there. "How about we check out the nook where the pipe organ is placed? That would be a cool picture!" She went and stood toward the back wall, where she noticed several hieroglyphics of Enochian language. Some sort of 'item' in the sacristy... Translating it, it read 'the truth is in the sacristy." As she whispered the english translation under her breath, she noticed a slight draft within the church and turning her face to the Cross, she noticed the priest looking up at her in a non friendly way. She hurried to take the picture of Richard.
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