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About me:

I was once like you, I had a life and was a cheerleader but all that changed on one night when I found out I couldn't die.

I have helped save the world more times than I can count and I have been chased for being what I am and yet I keep going on because I am immortal so it seems.

I have lost much in the time that I have seen and many people I cared for as well, but I never give up because I know that the world will always need saving and for the most part those like me will never be accepted in the eyes of the world.

I love my adopted parents very much but they can not fully understand the things that I have gone through,the things that I have seen and done.

I am now still in collage living out my life but when ever someone needs help or the world needs saving again I am always there,some think that I am dead and I let them think that because this way I am no longer wanted but in truth it's hard at times to keep under the raidar but I do so for those I love.

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( swєєt&fíєrч )

Jul 14th 2019 06:45

Seeing Claire healing herself should be a shock, but not for Mia. She has seen so much in her life this was noting. Her boyfriend, James was possessed by a demon who was after Mia to bring him a new vessel as he called it. What he wanted was for her to basically kill someone young to get James back. Even her aunt Laurel was a meta-human well she wasn’t from this earth she was from earth-2, her best friend Nora was a speedster. Claire being different with gifts however she got them, wasn’t going to be an issue with Mia. She actually thought it was pretty cool. 

Mia watched her in awe of how she could handle herself with the jackasses. Maa smirked as she got into the fight. She did like a good old fashioned fight. She rolled up her sleeves and got into the fight. She had kinda needed this to blow off some steam. And that better way than to get into a fight. She took down a guy easy. She frowned a little, since it was far to easy. She wanted a real good fight. She shrugged a little. Going back to watching Claire. She was handling it. 

She knew better than to get into the middle of someones fight. But her blood was pumping and she couldn’t just walk away. That wasn’t her, and besides now that she was taken up the mantle of her late father Oliver. She couldn’t just leave without helping. Mia was yet to get herself an outfit. So that she was hidden and could do her hero thing without people finding out, and she got arrested. Ever since her mom left Mia had this urge to take over from Overwatch and Green Arrow. She had help from her brother, William, Zoe and Connor her best friends. 

Once the fight was over and the guys had ran off. Mia walked over to her and shook her head. “I wasn’t going to ask. You have gifts none of my business.” She said looking over to Claire. “I have seen my fair share of people with gifts. I wouldn’t flat out ask you” She said smiling a little. 

Mia was of course a little of what other things she can do. Mia wondered if she would be a help with something she was trying to find out some information on. She had no idea how to get a demon out of someone. Would Claire be able to help her? She wasn’t sure, and she had no idea how to ask her for help.

“Wait. I don’t care. Believe me my life is always in danger.” She said as she followed her. “I’m not bad or evil or want to do you harm. I am needing some help. I know we don’t know each other, but I feel like we were meant to meet. My name is Mia Smoak. I am from Star City and I have been going for city to other to find anyone with powers or knowledge of the supernatural ...” She said looking at her. She knew that she sounded crazy telling this woman that she has just met about needing help with the supernatural world. She hoped that she would listen to her and not run for the hills like a lot of people have done with her the past few days. 
( swєєt&fíєrч )

May 18th 2019 09:06

Mia decided that she was going to go and do some training. Her mother was starting to annoy her. It had only been two days since Mia and her brother William saved Felicity from galaxy one, she thought that she could pick up from were her and Mia left things. Mia was happy that her mom was okay. She was still mad at her for lying to her all her life. And now she found out that she was pretending to be the calculator in aims of taking down the bad guys. Which Mia had a problem with. 

All her life she was raised to believe that vigilantes were bad and should be arrested. Little did she know that wasn’t the truth. Galaxy one had designed it that way for years. For their end game destroying Star City and rebuilding it into a police state using super soldiers to run the city. Mia knew that something was going on. You could feel it in the air a lot of tension. 

People were on edge it wasn’t even funny right now. Mia was walking to the city gym. It was the closest one to the base that the canaries had. Were Felicity was working with them to find out what was going. Mia knew she should be helping them, but she would just get in the way. She was more of kick a door in first ask questions later kinda of girl. That wasn’t what her mom and the others needed right now. 

She was almost to gym when she heard someone call her out. “BLACKSTAR!!!! We want the money you owe our boss. Time to pay up.” He said walking towards her. She smirked. “Oh boys you have picked the wrong night to start shi/t with me” She cracked her knuckles as one of them ran at her. She moved to the side slightly she able to get a hit in and knocking him to the ground. “Now, now you should know better” That’s when one of them come out of nowhere and grabbed Mia holding her in his tight grip. He was a meta-human. “Let me go you fu/ck trad” 

Little did she know that someone was coming to join in the fight. She watched as Claire started to fight them. ‘Damn what they hell… she just healed herself’ She thought to herself. She could feel the guys grip around her slacking off. She took the chance and she back head butted him. He groaned in pain and let her go. She turned around and punched him in the face. 

She turned to see Claire taking out the other and them running away.  “You just healed yourself? How did you do that?” Mia asked totally forgetting her manners to introduce herself to her. She was just trying to take in what she just seen. Sure she has seen metas but none that can heal themselves.  
Peter Petrelli

Apr 15th 2019 11:28

It has been a week since you went public with your abilities and shown the world we where among them, the positive responds you hoped for didn't come. People fear what they don't know so within a few days the government set up camps, in their word to help us, register us. But in truth they are just experimenting on us and the camps realy are prisons. Peter had been teaming up with serveral Evo's trying to keep clear of the government and help as many evo's they could escape these camps. He was on his way to see you to help you escape before they got you too but when he came to your house you weren't there, he had been able to take Molly Walker's ability so he used this to locate you and then teleported to your location, he could hear the fighting and stepped into the light as you greeted him. "Claire, we are all in danger" he said as he walked towards you.

Oct 20th 2018 01:56

"Of course a huge house in a place that's not where i'll be, unless well as you say i needed a bit of help, but i can reassure myself i may not need too much help once this place is formed and made its own.But its nice to know i have an ally in an immortal in a sense, who cant die, and who seems to reconstruct at an alarming rate when attacked or cut or they try to kill or burn you.Either way well i'm sure they will like the big house.Its almost fully over and then the world can begin healing, as nature has been doing for months since the dropping of the bombs."Michael said to her a she sat back and watched Mallory practice a she then looked back to Claire."Its a new world that will be rising up, a new one where people no longer have to hide who they truly are."

Oct 19th 2018 01:00

Michael took Mallory with him and some time later they came back as he was looking for some food then he looked to claire as she was still walking around the place and he looked to her now"So lets talk about a place you'd like, i mean do you want anything claire?I mean besides to be able to be around your family again cause that can happen as well, I'm sure you and them could live happily someplace , in a nice big house, Of course with no gas anymore you'll have to take to raising horses to get to places, but i'm sure that'd be nice if you cant just fly there or teleport there , There are  a few states i don't even want to touch, your welcome to them."

Langdon said to her as he was sitting now and he watched mallory come back to do her practicing still.As he got up and moved by her touching her shoulders now"Your going to own it soon, and then you'll fully be in contact with both sides."Langdon smirked as it was nice not having alot of people int he place, cause he hated too many people.

Oct 18th 2018 22:53

Michael watched her go to watch Mallory train as he was doing things and he had taken in what she had said, but at the same time, he knew how to get all things started , Though he wasnt sure how bored claire would get when he finally did have to convince mallory they needed to have sex, to start building there new world, his world he could see being better then any before the one that had just been destroyed as he came in then with a bottle of whiskey and sat down watching mallory practice he poured himself some and spoke to them."Now to start my plan for a new world, a new vision, a better world, I'm going to need your help Mallory, "

"I can see your still learning and Claire seems to enjoy watching the magic.So you still do target practice.Shooting things , well arrows or guns?Still i have to borrow Mallory, but there are spirits in this place still if you desire to talk to them, while i bother her for a bit.Then we can discuss exactly where you want to be, in this new world after all there will be plenty of places opening up for the taking."Michael said, but he'd come back and let her decide and think about it whole he was away.

Oct 18th 2018 20:21

"I'm happy as long as most pay for what they did, and i'm pleased to make it better to be able to rule it, cause that's what i was made to do rule this world, its not much yet, but in time after things are fixed oh it will be magnificent, A vision that even my father could be happy to know we created in this time and age."Langdon said as he smirked then looked to her as she spoke about maybe she would maybe she wouldnt."Well that is your choice, and it will be quite crowded in this place soon enough, i intend to make sure of that."Langdon said a she smiled then walked off to get some things, cause he still had things to do, plans to see pushed forward, and well he had to begin somewhere with repopulating the world with a better race.

Oct 17th 2018 00:42

Langdon looked to them then after he was done eating and they had been done eating as well.He moved some as he watched Mallory practice then looked to claire now as he rose a brow to her gun"You take that thing everywhere do you?well it would help if the cannibals came after you, but they dont seem to go after what they know they cant eat, they look for the weaker.Still well thats good its gonna be quite a lifetime when the plans fully enacted, this is step two theres five steps tot his whole thing.The first was becoming the male supreme and running the covens then the world, this being the second people dying to rebuild for new people, the thirds the procreation children being born to half demons or angels half humans, "

"The fourth being those children raised and taught how to be i suppose better then what was once here, then the final step being them becoming kings and queens of there world, so the world goes on and hypocrisy and other things have been removed."

Oct 16th 2018 19:57

"There is never a dull moment in my life but i'll go eat while you all eat real food i have to eat a different type of food.Still now there's plenty of food here to feed on and yes i will teach you how to embrace it.I'm sure you can take one another to the kitchen while i go do my own thing then i will return."Langdon said as he did have too eat and well he didnt really care to eat before people in all honesty.So langdon left them to go eat now and be alone which was how he had liked things at times, especially if he was hungry and just wanted to be alone.He'd teach and they'd leave this place soon enough though he had to admit he did love this place, it was so dark and set to his liking.

He sat there minding his own as they would go about there business then later he finished and came back to where they had been as he looked to both of them now and then sat down as he spoke about darkness and how it comes out in weird ways, Be he also knew Claire woudlnt be quite interested in it, and so he let her do her own thing while he slightly did his own sense of explaining what he could as he then looked to Mallory after he gave her a few targets to work on while he went and spoke to claire."There will be more people coming here soon, its set up t be the main backdrop for survivors with the other outpost well pretty much torn down so youll get a bit more excitment in a day or so."

Oct 15th 2018 23:30

Langdon stood there and watched them go then watched her shoot cordelia out a she smirked he would have done that himself , But he felt it was better that she had and she did have to learn to live with both sides, Langdon could take her to sanctuary and teach her even more.He then moved to Claire and looked around the place"Hmm I suppose well have to clean this mess up , Though imagine there already in the hellmouth and stuck there.I can teach you, and i will.Even Claire's accepted who she is and its not easy to come to grips with being more then you are or think you can be.I will show you and teach you and let you understand both sides of you."

"I prefer to see one comfortable in there own skin so to speak."langdon said as he moved some now, and the cenobites cleaned up the dead bodies now then the post and chains and hooks and the cenobites vanished."Wise choice staying out of that, it could have gotten very messy.Now i cant imagine youd want to be stuck here in this place Claire but i'm sure as you said im interesting and you got to see some of my power and see that maybe hell does exist."
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