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I'm Still Waiting.

And the storm is coming back
Maybe you’ll be coming back
But baby, I’m still waiting
- Kate Bush, ‘I’m Still Waiting’

The time tot was thrown back into consciousness as the pain took hold of his body again. Opening his eyes, he saw that the electric cattle prod was back, and this time with a vengeance. The Master seemed to be taking every liberty he could to get him to regenerate again; to snatch away every one of his thirteen lives as fast as he could. But Alex Smith held on, and he held on tight.

Once the pain and the screaming had subsided, Alex looked up, sweat coating his brow. The security guard standing in front of him just looked like a black shape in the dim light, but he couldn’t mistake the Master standing behind him, that evil grin still on his lips.

“This one’s stubborn,” he said. “He’s going to do everything he can to hold onto this face. As vain as his father.”

Alex couldn’t even be bothered to answer that.

“Try again,” the Master commanded. “Take it up a notch.”

Then the pain and the screaming was back. Alex felt like his insides were going to burst out and cover the floor of the small cell he’d been inhabiting for what seemed like an eternity. About twice a day (he’d stopped trying to measure how long the days were by now), the same two people would enter his cell; the Master and the security guard, to inflict the daily quota of pain onto him.

Alex felt his knees buckle and he collapsed onto the floor, sweating and hyperventilating from the exertion. The guard reached out a foot and kicked him hard in the side, sending him rolling onto his front. He saw the blurred face of the Master leering down at him.

“You think you can win this, but you won’t,” he said. “Sooner or later, I’ll take another life from you. And another, and another. Until you learn now to question me again, brat.”

And with that, the two of them were gone, slamming the cell door shut.

“You okay?” an American voice called out to him. “Hey, Alex; talk to me, buddy. You okay?”

Alex heaved himself off the floor and sat down on the small bed that took up most of the space in the cell. “Not really, Jack,” he said. “How are you doing?”

“Oh, the usual,” Jack said. Alex looked over to a corner outside the cell. Chained to a series of pipes along the wall was Jack Harkness. The two of them had been holed up together in the basement room ever since the incident had occurred where the Master had murdered Alex, causing him to regenerate. Not a moment went by where Alex didn’t think about his father… what had happened to him? Had the Master made him regenerate too? Would he ever see him again?

And most importantly, what did he look like? Not once had the Master given him a chance to see what he looked like now. Probably a way of messing with his head, what the Master always did best. The thought of never seeing what he looked like drove him insane.

“Jack…” Alex said. “I’ve never asked you, but what happened to Dad? After I regenerated?”

“Alex,” Jack said, a note of sternness coming into his voice. “You don’t need to know anything else except that your Dad is alive, okay? He’s alive and he’ll figure out a way to get us all out of this.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Alex said. “You want me to think the Master didn’t do anything to him? I’m not a kid anymore, Jack. At least I don’t feel like a kid anymore. Just tell me what happened. Please.”

“No,” Jack said. “I promised your dad that I’d keep you safe, and that means keeping you safe from anything that might have happened to him.”

Alex just sighed and lay down on the bed, taking deep breaths and trying to shake off the pain that still clung to his insides.

“Am I ever going to see him again, Jack?” he asked timidly.

“I don’t know, kiddo,” Jack said, leaning back onto the pipes. “I really don’t know. But knowing your dad, you will. Just gotta keep hoping, that’s all we can do.”

“What about Martha?” Alex asked again. “Is she safe?”

“I can definitely say that yes, she is,” Jack said. “And she’s coming back. Just remember that.”

For the first time since he’d been locked in here, Alex cried. Sobs wracked his body and his whole body ached with grief. Here he was, stuck in a cramped cell, with a new body he’d barely had a chance to get acquainted with, and his father out there, most likely suffering. Somewhere where he couldn’t get to him and stop it. To save him for a change, to thank him for all the times the Doctor had saved him.

Jack heard the child’s crying and he just stood there and listened to him. He’d died so many times, especially now when the Master insisted on using him for his own plaything, but hearing Alex go to pieces over what had happened to his father, he really wanted to die right then and there. He had heard and seen a lot of things in his very long life, but to hear a child cry and not be able to soothe them… that was the worst of all.

Some time later, the cell door eased open again.

Alex jumped up from his bed and huddled down in the corner of his cell.

“No more,” he moaned. “Please, no more. Anything else… just no more.”

As usual, the Master entered the cramped space. He looked down disapprovingly at the time tot, huddled on the floor, begging for mercy.

“Ugh, you’re so pathetic,” he said. “It’s actually quite funny. No, we’re not playing that game today, kiddo.”

He clicked his fingers and the security guard came in behind him, holding what looked to be a black plastic bag.

“We’re going to be doing something else,” the Master said, rubbing his hands together. “Get you out of this cell for a bit. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? It must get so boring being cooped up here with girly man over there.” He cocked his head towards Jack in the corner.

“You sure you haven’t got some sort of kinky agenda behind this set-up, Master?” Jack called out from the corner. “All tied up, so you can do what you want with me. You sure it’s Lucy you’re in love with right now?”

The Master looked at Jack and ran a finger across his lips. “Shut up, I’m trying to have a conversation with this sweet young thing. Unless watching him die again is something you want.”

Jack fell silent. The Master crouched down in front of Alex. “We’re going outside, Alex. Let’s go visit Daddy, shall we?”

Alex looked up. “He’s alive?” he said, desperately. “My dad’s alive?”

The Master nodded, cupping a hand to Alex’s cheek. “Oh yes, he is, kiddo. And he misses you so much. Let’s say we go and say hello, shall we?”

Alex nodded. The Master put a hand into his and pulled him up from the floor.

“Is he okay?” Alex asked. “I just want to know.”

“Oh, he’s doing just fine!” the Master said. Alex wasn’t sure if it was sarcasm in his voice or not. “Come and see.”

Without another word, Alex felt the plastic bag being put over his head and then he was being led out of the cell.

“Hey! Where are you taking him?” Jack called out. “Don’t you dare! You leave him alone!”

The Master didn’t answer, but he still continued to frogmarch Alex out of the room and up a set of stairs. “Daddy’s so looking forward to seeing you, kiddo.”

Alex didn’t say anything from under the bag. He didn’t want to waste time saying anything to the man who had caused all of this to happen. That had caused him so much pain and suffering. He just hoped that Jack hadn’t been lying to him.

After the stairs, he felt himself being led through a door and then forced down into a chair.

“Doctor!” he heard the Master call out. “I have a surprise for you!”

Faintly, Alex heard the squeak of what appeared to be a wheelchair in his ears. That was when he felt his two hearts sink. A wheelchair could only mean one thing… and it wasn’t good. Now he didn’t want the Master to take the bag off of his head. He’d rather face the cattle prod again than see what was in front of him.

“Dad?” he said, but the bag muffled his words.

“Speak up, Alex,” the Master said. “Nice and loud for your old dad to hear.”

The bag was removed, and Alex almost screamed.

His father sat in front of him, but it wasn’t the father he’d seen before he regenerated. What sat in front of him was a withered old man in a pinstriped suit. His face just stared at him from sunken eyes, a small tuft of white hair clinging to his scalp. His expression was blank and emotionless, but he could see in his eyes that it was the Doctor, his father.

“Dad…” Alex said. “Dad… what have they done to you?”

The Doctor didn’t answer, he only stared.

Alex looked up at the Master, still towering over him.

“What have you done to him?!” he shouted. “What have you done?!”

“Now, now, Alex,” the Master said, bending down. “Aren’t you happy to see your darling father?”

Alex looked back at the Doctor and almost burst into tears. This was all his fault. If he’d only listened and hadn’t tried to play the hero, none of this would have happened. He’d still be the person he was and his father wouldn’t be sitting here like this.

“Aww, I think the time tot is about to cry,” the Master chuckled. He crossed to the wheelchair the Doctor was sitting in and wheeled it closer to Alex. “Look, Doctor, your little boy is going to cry. Don’t you want to hug him? Take him in your arms and tell him you love him forever and ever? Don’t you want to comfort your baby boy?”

The Doctor just stared into Alex’s face, his expression still blank. Except for a tear running down his cheek. As soon as Alex noticed it, he broke. He put his hands up to either side of his father’s head and pressed his forehead close to him.

“Dad… I’m so sorry!” he sobbed. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!”

The Master just stood, watching and grinning. This is exactly the sort of reunion he had hoped for, and it was just going to get better.

“I love you, Dad,” Alex continued. “I love you so much, Dad. Please, just talk to me!”

“I think that’s enough for one day,” the Master said, standing up. “Say bye bye now, Alex. You won’t be seeing your father for a long time now.”

“No!” Alex shouted, as more security guards appeared seemingly from thin air and dragged him up from the chair. “No, I’m not leaving him! Let me go!”

As Alex was dragged away, the Master crouched beside the Doctor in the wheelchair and lifted one of his hands. “Bye-bye, son! Love you!” he called, a sadistic grin on his face.

“DAD!” Alex screamed. “LET ME GO! DAD!”

The Master leaned over and whispered in the Doctor’s ear. “You try anything and I’ll kill him. This time for good, do you hear me?”


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Alex felt the stern grip of Captain Jack on his shoulder as the two of them, along with his father and Martha, carefully walked into the room where the press conference was happening. He knew that what they were here for was incredibly dangerous, and his father had been adamant that he be taken to a safe place, but Alex had rallied against the Doctor. For once in his life, he knew that this was a situation of life or death - he had never met the Master personally, but had heard all about him, and if his father was going to face a potentially deadly fellow Time Lord, he felt he needed to be there. "I'm not a baby anymore, Dad," he had said. "I can fight my own battles." Eventually, and very reluctantly, his father had relented and had turned to Jack sternly. "If anything happens, you get him out of there," he said. "I don't care what happens to me, but take care of him, you understand?"

Alex Smith knew he was making a big mistake.

But that was the thing, he was a baby, purely through natural Gallifreyan biology. That was why the Doctor had almost sent him away with Jack, and boy did he realize that now as they walked into that room. His hearts were thumping in his chest. He wanted to grip onto his father for comfort, but he knew that doing that would break the illusion of fading into the background and they'd be toast.

The boy glanced over at the figure sitting in the chair just in front of the American President. The Master; the man he'd heard so much about. His father's greatest friend and subsequently his greatest enemy. The one who had revealed himself back on Malcassairo at the end of the universe, as the only one who had survived the Time War, and the only one like him and his father. He'd stood next to his father and watched that man burst into orange flame, and a new voice rang out from beyond the doors of the TARDIS. If he had been terrified then, he was terrified now. Of not only the Master, but of what the Doctor would do to stop him. Alex didn't even hear the words that the American was saying on the podium, all he could do was stare. How could these people be so blind to such villany?

He glanced over at his father, who was holding up a silver object on a chain. "If I can get this round the Master's neck," he whispered. "Cancel out his perception, they'll see him for real." That was when it flashed into Alex's head. Maybe this was his chance... to save the world again, just like he'd done at Canary Wharf (although that had resulted in the loss of Rose and his father's depression, which still plagued him to this day, years and years later). Jack's hand tightened on his shoulder.

"Don't. Move," he heard Jack say in his ear. "Your dad's got this."

But those words fell on deaf ears. All of a sudden, the Toclafane were in the room, swirling around the crowd's heads, their blades jutting out from their bases glimmering in the harsh halogen lighting. Those things could cut him down in a split second, but the time tot did not care. All he wanted to do was run up to the Master, slip that chain around his neck and reveal to the Earth what a monster he really was. He didn't even see the President being murdered before their very eyes, his body disintegrating into dust, or the Master standing up and giving his great speech to the peoples of the Earth. All that existed was the two of them, like two cowboys about to have a shoot out.

Pushing Jack aside, Alex snatched the chain from the Doctor's hand and raced toward the platform the Master was standing on. "ALEX! NO!" the Doctor yelled. Before he even got an inch near the platform, he felt the weight of several men slam onto him and he was wrestled to the ground. The Doctor sped forward to reach him but he too was restrained.

"We meet again, Doctor... oh, I just love saying that!" the Master said, that evil grin spreading across his lips.

"STOP IT, STOP IT NOW!" the Doctor yelled, looking frantically at Alex on the ground. "Let my son go, Master! He's done nothing, he's just a child! It's me you want, Master, ME!"

"Aaah, Alex," the Master said, ignoring the Doctor, looking down at Alex in mock pity. "The last time I saw you, you were this big." He lifted up two fingers, his lips pouting. "Look at you now. Just as arrogant as your dear father." He reached an arm out and beckoned. "Bring him here."

The guards started to wrestle Alex off the ground. The Master registered the presence of Martha and Jack in the room. "Oh look, it's the girlie and the freak. Though I'm not sure which is which." Incensed at the sight of Alex being assaulted, Jack streaked towards the group of guards holding it, but was cut down by a quick blast from the Master's laser screwdriver that he had quickly removed from his jacket.

"Master, just calm down! Look at what you're doing, just stop!" The Doctor pleaded. "If you could see yourself... you'd seriously harm a child?"

"Not just any child, your child, Doctor," the Master sneered. "I lost everything, I think it'll make us even, eh?"

By now, Alex was in front of the Master. "Master..." Alex stammered. "You don't want to do this. Dad and I... we don't want to fight you, we want to help you."

The Master slapped Alex hard across the face. "Don't tell me what I don't want to do, you arrogant child. You're just desperate to be like dear Daddy, aren't you? Make him proud of you? You've already let him down... and the universe down, thinking you could save them."

Alex glanced and saw Martha bending down over Jack, his eyes pleading with her to do something, but he knew it was no good. They were trapped, all of them. Tears brimmed in his eyes and spilled down his face. "Dad!" he cried out, looking at his father below him. "Dad, I'm so sorry."

"Aww, blubbering little baby," the Master said, drawing closer to him. "Pathetic. I think you need a change of attitude. And a change of face." He waved a hand to the guards surrounding them, pistols drawn. "Kill him."

His father's screams rang in his ears as the guards opened fire. Bullets pumped through Alex's body, spraying blood onto the floor and walls. Alex writhed in agony as his innards were torn apart, collapsing to the floor and vomiting blood from his mouth. All he could muster was a pained choking noise. The Doctor was still screaming, this time coupled with those of Martha.

"YOU MURDERER!" Martha said, leaping up from Jack's body. The Master did nothing but laugh. "Now sit back and watch the fireworks, boys," he said, crossing back to the chair. "Kiddo's first regeneration, they're always a whopper."

Alex tried to stumble to his feet but the weakness in his body quickly stopped him. His vision was starting to blur and he continued to cough up blood from his mouth. He looked down at his hand and noticed a faint orange glow was starting to form, getting stronger and brighter with every second. He glanced over and noticed the same on his other hand. It was starting... the one thing him and his father had mentioned, but never really talked at length about. Because it couldn't happen, not to him. It was then that the pain started, the most agonizing pain he had ever felt as every cell in his body began to be rewritten. Erased and created again, like a videotape being taped over. He noticed the same orange glow beginning to form around his vision, stinging his tear-streaked cheeks. "Dad..." he choked out. "I love you," he managed to shout before the energy fully took hold and burst. Regeneration energy almost filled the room as it poured out of Alex's head, hands and feet. Papers on the tables flew in every direction and chairs fell over with the rush of air that appeared. The Doctor looked on, tears flowing down his cheeks as his son regenerated, unable to get him through that painful process that he had gone through many times but always feared. Because it was literal death, and it had come for the one other person he loved.

Suddenly, the burst of energy came to a stop and the boy lay on the floor, except it wasn't the same boy. He looked up, brushing away sweat from his brow. This boy looked older, still a lot of youth in his face. Stubble clung to his face and chin. He heaved himself with great difficulty and looked at the Doctor. "Dad... I don't feel so--" a deeper voice said, before he collapsed onto the floor. There was a loud gasping sound as Jack revived, shaking off the weight of yet another death. Getting up, he noticed Alex on the floor. "Where's Alex?" he asked. Noticing the same clothes but a different face, he shook his head in disbelief. "No... no, this can't be happening."

The Doctor gave one almighty heave and the soldiers were knocked to the floor. He sped over to Alex and took him gently into his arms. "I've got you, I've got you," the Doctor said, trying to sound soothing. "Just take a deep breath, it'll pass, I promise." But that was all he could get out, as the guards leaped up and tore Alex away from him. "JUST LET ME HELP HIM!" he screamed. "HE'S MY SON!"

"And I don't care," the Master said, giving a mock yawn. "I forgot how whimpy you could be, Doctor." He nodded at the guards carrying Alex awkwardly. "Take him, lock him up. Do something, just get him out of my sight or I might vomit."

The world swam before Alex as the guards wrestled him out of the room. All he heard was more screaming... the worst screaming he had ever heard in his life. He didn't know whether it was his father, Jack or Martha, the sounds just blurred together. He didn't even register the fact that he had just regenerated, for the first time in his short life. But it hurt. It hurt a hell of a lot.

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Rules - Updated & Revised

1. This is pretty obvious but it should be said anyway - I am not Chris Pratt nor do I have any association with him, Marvel, Doctor Who, the BBC or any movie/TV company, as much as I'd love to.

2. This is primarily a Doctor Who RP account, but I do encourage and welcome crossovers. I have knowledge of other verses such as Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars and a little bit of Marvel (although I am by no means an expert). Don't be afraid that because I'm immersed in the Whoverse that I won't write with people in other verses.

2b. I cannot stress this enough; this character is AU (alternate universe). I am not trying to act like my character is 100% canon or trying to rewrite any canonical history of the Whoverse. I made him up purely for fun, because that's pretty much what RP is all about. If you don't like the idea behind him or you don't agree with the background I've created for him, then please feel free to delete me.

3. I am a para to multi-para roleplayer. I can extend to novella, but usually I don't really have the time to sit down and write a super detailed, lengthy reply these days due to my schedule. I will always try my best to make sure you have something to work with and that I am writing to the best of my ability.

3b. This may sound a little arsey, but there's nothing I hate more than people who choose to write with me, then make little to no effort when it comes to the actual writing. When I talk about "little to no effort" I mean not really giving me anything to work with, or writing a two line paragraph when I've written three full length paragraph. I know everyone gets busy, but it's only fair that if I make an effort to give you a good reply, you should make the same effort back, even if that takes a while.

3c. Literacy is key. Typo's and grammatical errors happen every once in a while, but they shouldn't happen all the time. Please try to be as literate as you possibly can while writing with me, it's just less frustrating when I'm trying to figure out what you're saying.

4. No godmodding or metagaming. This drives me round the bend big time and I've had it happen so many times during my time here. Unless I give you permission to control my character or the environment around them, do not even try it with me, because it's not fair and it's annoying. RP should be an equal playing field, not some sort of power struggle where someone's trying to gain the upper hand to look clever. Metagaming (randomly giving your character knowledge they didn't have in the past to gain an advantage) I also frown upon; character development is important - let your character make discoveries gradually, not just say they know something all of a sudden when they didn't five minutes ago. Engage in any of these and you will be deleted.

5. I will write with multiples. I'm really not that picky, and the Whoverse is full of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff so parallel universes and parallel versions of character is perfectly acceptable and possible. I do have main roles in my character's storyline (the Doctor, Clara Oswald etc) that are occupied by other people and these mains will have priority.

5b. "I RP the Doctor ... I can't write with you because that means your character's his son and I don't want kids." Nope, it doesn't. Parallel universes, remember?

6. I have a zero tolerance policy on OOC drama. A lot of the time, I am very laid-back and chilled and I don't usually have a problem with anyone, but drag me into childish games and you're out on your ass. I do not care what your opinion is on my character - if you don't like what I do with him or how I write him, please remove yourself from my list. Over the course of my 2 years on this site, I have been blacklisted, bullied and ostracized purely because I have been trying to develop and grow my character and trying to make connections. So, I'm talking to your main Doctor and you don't like it. Big whoop. People can write with whoever they want, and that includes me. This is a social writing site, the aim is to socialize and meet new people - deal with it.

6b. Passive aggressive and indirect posts will not be tolerated. I have had it with people who have a problem, but instead of acting like an adult and coming to talk to me about it, they post bitchy statuses on stream and badmouth me to other people, who then in turn badmouth me to more people. I have Line and Discord and I pretty much use them regularly; if you have my contacts, then just drop me a message and tell me what the problem is, I'm pretty sure we can sort it out and I won't be mad. This isn't high school, we can act like adults here.

6c. Please learn the difference between IC and OOC talk and drama. They're two completely different things. Generally, if I'm speaking IC, I will use quotation marks (") and two forward slashes (//) for when I'm talking OOC. This has become a bit of a confusing topic so I just want to make that clear. Also, what I say IC does not reflect how I feel OOC; that is crucial beyond belief. Just because my character hates you doesn't mean I actually hate you. Please please pleeeease understand that, because I've met a lot of people who have blocked me and blacklisted me for something I said in character.

7. I am not always online here; you may see my online light flashing, but I could be away doing RL stuff or preoccupied with schoolwork. Please don't harass me or spam me with demands that I talk to you, because chances are I'll probably ignore you or delete you (and I don't like ignoring or getting rid of people so please don't make me have to do that). I am a full-time university student outside of RP and I have to attend classes, lectures and attend to work so I can meet deadlines. I will always try my best to get to people when I can. If for some reason you can't handle that, please delete me.

8. Just have fun!

You aren't obligated to sign these rules, but through RPing with me here, you are bound to them. Break or disregard them and you will be deleted and blocked; this is your first and final warning.

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The Graves

Alex woke up with a start. The nightmares had been getting worse and worse since the day he'd dragged his father from wherever he had been stuck when that monster had control of him. Every night, he could still feel the warmth of the blood trickling down his face and that metallic taste in his mouth ... and the barrel of the gun as it came nearer to his face, his father's finger perched neatly on the trigger. He would cry and scream and beg for him not to pull it, and that face would always leer out of the darkness, laughing at him and mocking him. This would play over and over again in what felt like an endless loop until his brain decided to spare him from the torture, and he'd wake up drenched in sweat and shaking. He'd try not to make a sound in case the Doctor heard him from the next room and came rushing in, wanting to know what was wrong ... and he couldn't let him relive that again. So he just lay there until he could convince himself to go back to sleep. But today was different; something needed to be done ... to ease the nightmares, to make them both feel in some way at peace with what had happened.

Getting up, Alex pulled on some clothes and went to the console room. Doing his usual careful routine of flying the TARDIS, he inputted the names of the people whose lives his father had claimed into the main computer and did a search for burial places. First, it would have to be the child his father had killed at the cinema. It felt like starting off in the hardest place, but at least the hard part would be out of the way...

09/01/2017 04:48 PM 

The Return

Alex sat at the TARDIS console, feeling the low hum of the engine reverberate through his fingers. His father was well and truly scared; as much as he denied it, that was a cold, hard fact. When he'd let that rush of memories into his brain, he'd felt something buckle and almost give way, like a bolt in the middle of a cutter. He'd found the weakness ... he'd found the key to unlocking the door that would bring his father back. But the only problem is was that he knew that he knew it was there, and he was going to avoid him at all costs. Whatever this thing was, it didn't want to leave, and he was going to have to force it to. "No more," Alex thought. "This needs to stop." This was why he'd come prepared for when the Doctor eventually came to him. In his pocket was a needle filled with a strong tranquilizer; all he needed to do was pounce on him when his back was turned, inject the fluid, restrain him, then do his work.

08/29/2017 03:57 PM 

The Pool

What do you do when life gets you down? Go for a swim. Or at least that's how Alex saw it anyway. His entire lower body was covered with bruises and it hurt to sleep at night. He just needed something to take his mind off things ... to adjust to this new life he'd have to get used to with his father. The pool didn't hold any easy memories for him either; the last time he'd been there, his father had joined him in the water (something he hadn't expected him to do in all honesty) and they'd just enjoyed themselves, dunking each other under the water and racing each other. But he'd have to accept those memories were dead and buried, and his father would never do anything like that with him ever again. At least not with him. He tried not to think about it as he took off his clothes, pulled on a pair of swimming trunks and headed to the pool area with a towel. He dived into the warm water, letting it wash over him, hoping the rush of it would drown out the thoughts in his mind.

08/25/2017 12:32 PM 

The Lightning Bolt

The nightmares were getting unbearable. All Alex could see every time he closed his eyes were the lumbering shapes of the people his father had mercilessly killed. Some were on fire, the flames licking at their charred skin; some with gaping holes in their chests; and there was a child clutching a soft toy of a Minion and crying for his mother. Every time, he woke up drenched in sweat and panting; no way could he shout for his father, since he would be far from sympathetic. He just had to keep it to himself. Today, he decided he should decide where they stopped off in the TARDIS, and he punched in the co-ordinates to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France; somewhere he'd wanted to go to since his interest in France and the French had started. His father wouldn't be impressed, but it was better than going somewhere where he was most definitely going to kill people.

08/23/2017 08:02 PM 

The Restaurant

Alex Tyler was hungry. Not just a hankering for some foie gras hungry, but a deep, dark pit of hunger that felt like his stomach was starting to eat itself from the inside out. He hadn't eaten properly in a day and a half; just part of his punishment from the Doctor for acting out against him and questioning his decisions to maim and kill people. But he still didn't agree, and he wasn't about to go begging to his father that he was perfectly justified in killing children, just for a tiny piece of food. Alex knew deep down, that the Doctor still cared about him, and he wouldn't let him starve. Then his little plaything would be gone, and who would entertain him then? All he could do was wait and hope that the Doctor would soften up a bit and allow him to eat.

08/19/2017 06:44 PM 

The Cinema

It had been close to a day since Alex had revealed to his father that Clara had his TARDIS key; but his lie had worked for the most part. He hadn't heard a word from him since he'd pinned him to the floor and subsequently broken his nose, which had healed for the most part (thank god that Time Lords had the ability to heal fast), although it was still a bit sore. Alex guessed his dad had been running around trying to figure out how Clara could be watching him ... and it made him giggle, since he was getting worked up over nothing. He still had the earpiece and he didn't intend to give it up any time soon. All he could do was wait; the Doctor had mentioned another adventure ... what and where, he had no idea.

08/17/2017 07:55 PM 

The Game

Alex sat down in the console room, twiddling his thumbs anxiously. Today was the day of the "adventure" that his father had been talking about. He knew nothing about their destination, except that it was somewhere in the 1950s and it was possibly Los Angeles, California, where Alex had always wanted to go ever since watching those old fashioned movies of classy men in suits picking up women and taking them to bars. But with the Doctor being in the mindframe he was in, he doubted they'd be doing anything heroic during their time there. He just hoped he didn't cause any serious damage ... especially not stuff that would cost lives. To see his father end up even more like the Master ... it would break his heart, and he would do anything to stop that happening. All he could do was sit here and wait for his father to come in and tell them what exactly they would be doing.


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