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03/08/2012 08:37 PM 


1.       This is a role playing profile. I am not Renee O'Connor, nor am I an ancient warrior bard.

2.       I role play within Ancient Times/Hercules/Xenaverse only.

         Gabrielle is now an immortal, thanks to Aphrodite, who gave her ambrosia to save her life. Therefore, this Gabrielle is a reluctant immortal with powers she rarely uses, I will play her as such.

3.       I'll write one line to multi-para. I can novella but I really don't want to.

4.       Messages are for OOC, Comments are for IC.

5.       I don't really need to discuss a storyline first but I'm not against it, in fact I prefer it.

Do not involve me in another storyline without my permission, such as saying that my character will go somewhere or do something, or that you will do something to me. It's just wrong. I wouldn't do it to you, so don't do it to me.

6.       In that same vein, no cheating. This means Godmoding: Killing, maiming, kidnapping, and/or harming without my permission. Automoving: moving my character, making him do something or go somewhere. It's my character; I can do it just fine on my own. Metagaming: using information you gleaned from my storyline with someone else. My storyline's aren't any of your business unless you are invited to join it.

7.       No OOC drama of any kind. I won't put up with it. I'll just delete you.

          Please do not add me if you do not want to play. I keep a very small friend's list, and if you add me and say nothing within two weeks, you will be deleted.

8.       Mature Content: Gabrielle is a young, healthy woman, so yeah, she's gonna want it occasionally.

          I play Gabrielle as a straight woman. I know other Gabrielle's play as lesbians, but I never saw anything on the show that made me believe that they were lesbians. Especially not since Xena jumped every guy she saw. So if you don't like this, feel free to hit that delete button.

9.       I won't add lookalikes because that's just weird, and I won't add other Gabrielle's.

10.    I don't do W4W or PC4PC. Don't ask for it.


That's it for now but if I decide to add more, they will be updated whenever I see fit. If you break these rules, you will be deleted. Or I might send my big sister after you. You might know her as Callisto:Vengeful Goddess. Or you might just know her as the crazy lady who giggles and sets things on fire. Oh, and I did steal these rules from Hephestus. He didn't care, and quite honestly, I am just too lazy to write my own rules right now.

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