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April 2nd, 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 28
Country: United States

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April 24, 2014



10/24/2014 01:18 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

1. If we have more than one rp at the same time do not ignore the person you've been rping with longer.

2. If you ask to rp please have the decency to ask nicely for me to choose one of your characters.
3. You ask you start, I ask I start unless you prefer to start.
4. Messages are for rp, don't message me to discuss a storyline or send a greeting.
5. Do not become impatient if I don't message you back right away... My browser is an ass and will close on its own or open other apps. Plus I need to come up with a reply.
6. If you do end up ignoring one of my characters then I will ignore your other character until you answer the other roleplay.
7. I will not do character requests.
8. Anyone who disregards these rules more than twice will Automatically be deleted.

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