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02/13/2020 11:52 PM 

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1. What do you miss most about your hometown?

- I miss how real everyone was. Ain’t nobody honest around here and it’s annoying.

2. If you’re having a mental breakdown, what is your first step?
- Try to acknowledge that I’m havin’ one before I get too worked up. If I can catch it before it gets bad, the faster I can recover.

3. What’s the lowest your bank account has ever been as an adult?
- The lowest it’s been since I turned eighteen is $500. 

4. Do you ever plan on getting married? 
- If I get married at all it would only be to someone who can see the good an’ the bad in me an’ love both parts, not juss’ what they expected from me. 

5. You have an emergency and the first person you call doesn’t answer. Who is the second person that you call?
- Shae. Without a doubt.

6. Men or women?
- Women.

7. Where was your first date?
- I’ll let ya know when I get one.

8. What is your favorite meal to cook?
- My favorite is my ma’s enchiladas with green onion and queso.

9. Do you kill the bugs that you find in your house or do you kill them?
- Before I’d kill ‘em, but when Carlos lets a moth in or sees an ant, he demands we catch it an’ let it go.

10. What shows do you binge watch?
- On my own: Good Girls, On My Block, Family Guy, The Office
- With Carlos: Hey! Arnold, Super Why!, Arthur, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

11. What is a food you want to try but can’t bring yourself to try it?
- Ramen Noodles. I ain’t never had ‘em an’ don’t know if I can make myself do it. 

12. How many vehicles do you own?
- Just two. A black 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT and a black 1978 Chevrolet K10 4x4.

13. What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?
- Nothing traumatizes me now I feel like, but when I watched someone get murdered for the first time.

14. How many rooms are in your house?
- 13. Five bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, three bathrooms, a game room, an’ basement. 

15. How old were you when you lost your virginity?
- 15.

16. What is your occupation? Do you hate it or love it?
- I’m a casino manager. It’s aight. I get to watch folks in mid life crisis spend all they savings.

17. Have you ever lost a fight?
- Everyone loses at least one.

18.  Is there anyone that you don’t speak to now that you miss?
- If I stop talkin’ to ya, there’s a reason, an’ you should probably steer clear of me.

19. What size is your bed?
- A king size. May upgrade to a California king.

20. What was the first bone that you broke and how?
- My collarbone. I broke it playin’ soccer in Mexico. One of my boys cleated me in the chest an’ it broke.  

02/05/2020 11:10 PM 

activity check 159

His grave had been overgrown for a while. Jamil’s name was etched into the concrete in fancy letters. Lalo ripped up some of the weeds and tossed them to the side, trying to do a little bit of maintenance to the ground. 

He could only think of the times they’d spent together in jail, and how their life was going to be great when they got out. Jamil was his best friend. One that he’d even gone as far as sleeping with. He was Lalo’s first boyfriend. Against his wishes, he gave it a shot, only to learn that once they’d gotten out, Jamil went to those above him and snitched about his secret relationship, ultimately trying to get him killed.

 Lalo places a fresh set of flowers down in front of the grave, dragging his fingers over the headstone. 

Once the “rumor” surfaced and faced Lalo with death, the male found Jamil in a rundown house in Juarez. Placing the gun to his forehead, Lalo clenched his jaw and spoke through gritted teeth. “You tried to get me killed, but you the only one who’s gonna die.” Jamil’s blood coated the corner of the room. Lalo exited the house and had the mess cleaned up and his body disposed of. 

For weeks after, the male kicked himself. Jamil was his friend. Unfortunately, he had to keep reminding himself that he’d crossed him and almost cost him not only his cartel, but his life. He needed to pay for what he did. The nightmares eventually slowed before they came to a stop and Lalo couldn’t feel the guilt of murdering Jamil anymore. The panic in voice still crossed his mind, but so did the fact that he betrayed him. 

Standing up, Lalo spit on the male’s grave that he visited every year. He continued to visit just to spit on the male for betraying him; even in the afterlife.

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10/30/2019 06:42 PM 

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Ya know who really makes me feel on edge sometimes? Julian. I came here to help him out, so he thinks, but I really only came to help myself. It’s a dog eat dog world in this bitch and Lalo is only concerned for himself. I don’t like all the attention he “needs” constantly from everyone. He’s very bratty and very spoiled and I ain’t built like that, ya know? I ain’t built to handle people like that, but I got to to make my plan run smoothly. I need this to work and if I got to respect Julian and do the job that he asks me too for it to work, you bet ya ass I will. Personally, Julian ain’t a bad lookin’ dude, it’s just his attitude that gets in the way. I’m sure if he’d chill out he’d have someone to settle down with. Aye, you know what though? Dude can dress and I like that sh*t. It’s just him that makes me anxious and I can’t fully make myself like him. 


Nyx is a cool ass chick. I started goin’ to talk to her when I realized some sh*t wasn’t right. She helped me work through some sh*t and she ain’t judge me for what I been through. I like that she’s honest, and extremely helpful. She cool to shoot sh*t and kick it with. I feel like she’s one of the people in Sloane that I could really be friends with on a deeper level. When I first met her I thought she was cute. One of those hot chicks who was probably a bitch, but I was wrong. I also feel like she’s hidin’ somethin’ and I don’t like that. Other than that, I respect her, she’s good in my book. 

Dollie is my f***in’ girl, man. She always down for some Leo time and I can get with that. She’s blunt as f*** and kinda funny when she gets drunk as hell. That’s the one thing I don’t like about her though is that I feel like she drink a lot. That’s my number one and I don’t wanna lose her to some damn liver damage because she can’t keep her hands off the bottle, ya know? I respect her, you got to. She stands up for what she believes in and she ain’t afraid to tell it like it is. That takes some guts. Dollie cute as hell, to be honest, if she wasn’t around Julian so much, I’d probably smash. 

Damien is a cool ass dude. He’s been a chill friend to me since I showed up in this place. He’s there for me when I need him. I respect him and that he’s comfortable with who he is. I ain’t into dudes and all that but Damien is a lil cute one. I haven’t seen anythin’ I don’t like yet, other than his attitude he gives me everyday. He cool though. 

10/21/2019 11:56 PM 



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