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Fellowship of the Silmarillion™

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September 16th, 2019

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February 05, 2013



04/17/2019 11:08 PM 


There is lots to eat!

And lots to drink!!!

With lots of dancing, games and fun to be had!!!


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07/10/2015 01:25 PM 


Fellowship of the Simarili is a Kin on LOTRO-  It is a kin of friends, coming together from many 

different RP Groups  to interact and play together in LOTRO.  Here are some Photo's and memories 

that the kin has taken and decided share of their times in LOTRO together. 

-Random photos below-

 Thor, Leg's and Lady Tarilhir in Bree 

 photo 143355513866730_zpstnrwsjto.jpg

Someone trying to use her horse to hid from Gim's in this one - who could it be- laughs 

 photo 143355513866730 11_zpsbp366rjx.jpg

Snuggle time for Dylann and Loki

 photo 143355513866730 12_zpswqodrmgo.jpg

 Cold much ??  Tarilhir and  ElvenKing Thranduil  

 photo 143355513866730 10_zpsi2tnld1b.jpg

 In Lorien with - can ya guess? 

 photo 143355513866730 4_zpspva547fn.jpg

Mirkwood- and Thranduil, Thor and Tarili are at it again- 

 photo 143355513866730 7_zpsp8wn7oml.jpg

Lone lands with Nemeriel and Loki- 

 photo 143355513866730 3_zpsw92shplr.jpg

Altariel and her soon to be very dead Orc friend 

 photo 143355513866730 8_zps18yn0oqe.jpg

Have a hard day, did we , Elroy, Tarili, Paul and Dylann??? - grins 

 photo 143355513866730 9_zpsuc1lpbxz.jpg

One of Loki's many thrones- looks like Nemeriel is trying to kneel - ok maybe not- laughs 

 photo 143355513866730 6_zpsdylbhjyh.jpg

Brothers in Bree- Thor and Loki 

 photo 143355513866730 2_zpsjup2ce7z.jpg

Mine's of Moria - anyone??

 photo 143355513866730 1_zpsskouepwr.jpg

Just for laughs- Tarli, Leg's and Nem- 

 photo 143355513866730 5_zpsbccyi3cg.jpg

More photos will be added to the comments by different members of the kin 

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