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03/31/2020 01:35 PM 

Sending a Comment, with embedded image.

Some users have asked how to send a Comment with an embeded image.  


03/02/2020 05:04 PM 

Image Hosting Websites

We've compiled a list of image hosting websites that are good for storing or finding images that can be used in Profile layouts, Messages, Comments, and the Stream. Post your suggestions below.

So far these are these have been suggested:

02/17/2020 03:32 PM 

Resource Sites

Share other resource profiles in the Comments below.

As we have time we will update this post with profile doorknockers for the resource profiles commented below.

10/16/2018 10:21 PM 

Know the three voices in writing.

08/30/2018 02:47 PM 

Thank you for the kind words

.... but this made me realize how much I love this website, and how I couldn't imagine myself writing with other role-players anywhere else. 

It has changed my life, in terms of creativity and creative support, positivity. I also love what you write about god sometimes in your status updates; I love that most people here are well-intentioned and don't cross the lines. Writers on here are fabulous, and make the ride so much fun, I enjoy logging in everyday to their great content, and hope to do so for many years to come.

It is thanks to your website that writers all around the world can connect through the verses that they are passionate about, it is truly an amazing achievement of your's. You are wonderful. Keep doing the wonderful jobs you do !

~~ Anonymous

05/14/2018 10:17 PM 

Turn ON YouTube Auto-Play in Chrome

To TURN ON YouTube autoplay on your Chrome browser, open this URL in Chrome.
1) Set Autoplay Policy to "No User Gesture Required" 
2) Relaunch Chrome 
3) All done.

Credit for this tip goes to

[ This blog post is private ]

[ This blog post is private ]

[ This blog post is private ]

03/06/2017 12:19 PM 

Create GIFs Here

Tell us where you like to make GIFs in a comment below 


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