Souless Fantasies(Twilight RPG)

Last Login:
March 28th, 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 31
Country: United States

Signup Date:
March 23, 2020



03/25/2020 02:10 PM 

Taken Roles

1. Isabella Swan (owner of the group)
2. Anthony Mason (original character love interest to Bella)

03/25/2020 02:01 PM 

Audition Form (Send in a message)

Name of Character you are auditioning for:

How often can you be online?

What made you decide to audition for this group?

Would you be willing to make a Discord?

List three positive and negative traits about your character:

Desired Playby: 

Include a three paragraph sample as the character you are auditioning for.

03/25/2020 01:43 PM 

Open Roles

1. Carlisle Cullen
2. Esme Cullen
3. Edward Cullen
4. Rosalie Hale
5. Jasper Cullen
6. Rosalie Hale
7. Alice Cullen
8. Emmett Cullen
9. Laurent
10. Nessie Cullen
11. Jacob Black
12. Billy Black
12. Rachel Black
13. Leah Clearwater 
14.Seth Clearwater
15. Paul Lahote
15. Riley Beers
16. Victoria Nomad
17. James
18. Sam Uley
19.Jessica Stanley
20. Angela Webber
21. Eric Yorkie
22. Mike Newton
23. Renee Dyer
24. Bree Tanner
25. Jane
26. Aro 
27. Volturi Clan

Any other character from the books or movies and any original characters that could tie in are welcome!


03/25/2020 01:38 PM 


1. No ooc drama will be tolorated, if any member feels like they are getting bullied send proof in a message to the home page and it will be dealt with accordingly.

2. A discord chat will be made after we get some members in, it is not necessary but will be a way everyone can chat with each other.

3.  Activity checks will be posted randomly to see how active every member is, if you need to take a hiatus please message the home page to make sure your role isn't re-opened.

4. When signing these rules, sign with your favorite quote from any of the movies.

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