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05/30/2020 11:10 PM 

1 x1 Bloodhound; "'Do you want to come o

Karen used to work for a law firm, then a controversial paper and now as a P.I., so she was always coming into contact with various minor officers. This preceding case had been brutal; the brutal homicide of a young set of twins but no one could pinpoint exactly who performed the deed.

There were notions that it could have been the ex-wife and her obsession with her ex-husband who retained custody but no one could uncover the right clues. It inevitably became a cold case which Karen bitterly hated with a personal passion. She vowed deeply to never stop seeking critical clues and to never stop looking for the uncomfortable truth. Even though it was impairing her mental health; she solemnly vowed to merely perform all she could to obtain these unfortunate toddlers some personal justice.

It was inevitably on this tragic case that she had encountered Huck. He seemed to have inevitably had this case land on his lap and it troubled him as much as it allegedly did Karen. Since they were both in the similar line of work, just her being on the private side of things; the two of them had talked on more than a few critical occasions. 
That's when Karen started to merely observe other things about him that she merely enjoyed. Karen enjoyed talking to him and wanted to get to appreciate him. Therefore, when she inevitably called him about the controversial case on a new lead that she had uncovered? He merely noticed that she seemed a bit high strung and possibly drunk.

The following words out of her own mouth really surprised her, "Hey, why don't you come over? We can merely talk...about the case or whatever." She really didn't want to be alone, and had no idea if he would even take her up on the notion?

05/30/2020 07:12 PM 

1 x 1 Cockneysucker; You can trust me.

Karen hadn't known Mo very long, mostly she knew that he possessed a wife and child on the way and that he retained some mental health issues. Karen, always the softie and typically drawn to the more negative types in one way or another; she felt compassion for this wounded man.

By complete chance, she had run into him at Josie's one night while she was out drinking after a grave case. Karen needed to drown out her unreasonable anger and stress that memorable night so she had gone there, alone. Not even sure, any longer, how many drinks she had in fact had of Josie's rotgut whiskey but it was considerable.

At some point she saw him enter the place with a few people and had simply given him a nod of her head when she had seen him with a faint smile. He was busy drinking with his mutual friends and playing pool in the back of the bar.

Next she overheard it; a massive scuffle before she instantly began to properly hear a focused lot of furious words and the unmistakeable sounds of meat and prominent bone resounding off of more meat and bone.

Turning in her elected seat just in considerable time to instantly see someone being thrown into the standard bar and her direction; she had a second to get out of the way but not before she was launched backward herself from the man's impact. Her back instantly connecting with the hard wooden bar top and naturally causing her to cry out in considerable pain as her middle back was crushed against the unyielding wooden lip. Now? Presently, she was pissed off, and all she concluded to perform was to grab the a**hole that knocked her into the bar and instantly give him an elbow to his crazed with anger face.

As the man rounded on her to punch her in retaliation, Mo came out of nowhere to tackle the man to the floor. Karen instantly felt the shattering of glass and warm liquid coating her legs and chest as well as her arm as some other people got knocked back and glasses of beer and other libations were spilled to the fround with the resounding shattering of many a glass.

That's when she detected the unmistakeable sound of Josie's 'Take no sh*t, take no prisoners' voice over the throngs of caveman screams and grunts as fists and other appendages connected; blow for wild blows.

"I'm calling the police! Anyone that is not out of here in the next five official minutes is undoubtedly going to be going to prison," then Karen watched as she carefully picked up the private phone.

Instantly, seething, Karen was unreasonable that her seemingly rote and quiet evening was now thrown into the middle of an impromptu MMA match. That's when she seized her bag, pulled out her gun and levelled it at both men. 
"I will promptly shoot the both of you if you don't calm the f*ck down!" She then kicked at both men to command their attention as the other frequent patrons grabbed up each man to separate them. 

The man that she elbowed? Karen didn't recognize him at all and traditionally gave zero f*cks about what typically happened to him but Mo was a different story. As she observed them being pried apart; trading barbed words now instead of violent actions all Karen could do was point her finger at the men holding Mo and indicate them to seize him outside. She set her loaded gun away and fervently hoped that with being a regular that Josie wouldn't sell her out to the cops. Karen merely wanted to diffuse the situation.

"Take him outside," she yelled to the two local men she knew by face and by being a regular at Josies like herself who had Mo in their meaty grip. Next she pointed toward Mo and then she pointed toward the door to indicate to them both to move him outside. At that moment, with her giant purse promptly in tow, Karen followed them out.

Mo realistically was a spitting, savage beast that no one could genuinely seem to contain as he did his best to wrench himself from their grip to get back inside. Karen suddenly screamed at him.

"Mo, SHUT THE F*CK UP! Listen carefully, you genuinely need to get out of here, now! You don't need to go to jail for any possible reason. You legitimately have a kid on the way!" She tried to sway through his berserker rage a bit, but it gripped him a little too long to start coming down any time soon. 

Karen, having had enough, moved to grab a taxi as the other men kept ahold of him; lawfully detaining him from going back inside. Once she summoned a cab, Karen whistled for them to deliver him over and hurl him inside of it. Karen slid inside with the raging beast but she did her best to get through to him.

"Mo, calm down! Let's get you home, hmmm? YOU NEED TO TRUST ME!" She yelled at him and slammed the door behind her. The steam was still there, she could perceive it. He was not calming down anytime soon but the realization that Karen was escorting him off the premises before the cops could show up and sway him back to his wife? Whether she was in town or it was solely him for the moment? Karen didn't care. There was undoubtedly an innocent baby involved, blameless of the father's transgressions and all.

"I am doing this for your kid, okay...calm down. You need to trust me," she justifiably said as he completely looked at her and this considerable time it wasn't a look of a shark that looked through her. Mo seemed to be finally rousing from his state. "Okay?" Karen asked; there was fear in her eyes but also a fierce and stubborn determination.

05/28/2020 06:15 PM 

1x1 starter Star spangled shield

"Where are these bruises from?"

If Karen had ever imagined that Steve Rogers would have come to be a beloved friend; she would have scoffed at you. Yet, here she was, they were getting familiar and she was delighted to enjoy him in her life. Steve remains a kind, caring gentleman who really took care of his friends and worked hard for his country. Always willing to go the extra mile, take charge and go out to preserve the world.

Subsequently, the Sokovia Accords came into being, and he didn't in fact overlook his meaningful way but he genuinely felt like he lost his direct connection to his beloved country. It was dismal to see but Karen totally grasped it. Therefore, she maintained her friendship with him under serious wraps. Karen popularly knew that he, Natasha and Sam were all on the continuous run and in hiding. 

Karen, she had harboured Matt's secret at all costs; all the greater when her private life realistically was in imminent danger. She would undoubtedly do the very same thing for Steve; she genuinely understood his heroic sacrifices and that he realistically was in the fundamental right. 

What had unfortunately happened in Sokovia was not his fault. They were scrupulously cleaning up Stark and Banner's glorious mess and in the ultimate end; the prominent place was methodically destroyed. Then with Wanda, who tried to desperately prevent an explosion from happening messed up a bit and actually caused a serious explosion in a building with people in it. The fear that the people felt from this was actually understandable. Still, these leading men and women were fiercely protecting the world from dangers that no ordinary person could perform and having the government and Stark punishing them was a horrible decision. These heroes didn't need that kind of leash and to be typically hunted and promptly arrested because they didn't agree with the desired outcome was a shameful mess. 
Karen perpetually seemed to actively side with the hero/vigilante because she understood that both justice and protection came with a cost and that it was a very thin, very gray line to stand upon. Karen usually always tipped to the side of these supreme men and women. They performed things that she couldn't perform, but she could support them.

So, when Steve called her on the burner phone to humbly ask her to promptly meet him at some random hotel room and he sounded winded and strained; she panicked. Why was he in the local area? 
Swiftly, she got dressed and at 3 am in the morning she was establishing her way across town to the motel to encounter him with no questions asked. It was a seedy place and not in the pleasantest part of established town, but that came with the territory because these places are where people that didn't want to be found usually went to hide. Establishing her way to his room, she knocked on the door.

"Steve, it's me, Karen. Open up," she said very softly as she rapped gently her knuckles against the private door.

When he unlocked it, Steve was standing there all bloodied and bruised up. Natasha and Sam where nowhere to be instantly found. It genuinely frightened her to her fundamental core. Why was he alone? What unfortunately happened? Too many key questions saturated her active mind.

"Steve, oh my god, what the hell happened? Where are all these visible bruises from? Why are you alone?" She went to him and directed him to the bed. She'd require some supplies to help stitch him up. "What the hell happened?"

05/25/2020 09:28 PM 

20 ? Character Study.

Karen Freaking Page
20 Question Character Study.

1. (Describe your character's first love?)

My first love was Todd, which was unfortunate looking back on it now. He was a drug dealer, and I was selling drugs for him to help keep our diner afloat which should have been a red flag. Yet, Todd seemed to care about my emotional well being and cared for me as a person; something I was lacking greatly at the time.

2. (What frightens your character?)


Wilson Fisk, Losing Matt to this double life of his...it broke me when he decided to disappear after Midland Circle and then pretended to stay dead even though he wasn't. The fact that he pushed me away on so many occasions with both Elektra and then after his big showdown with the Hand. I support him a 100 percent but it makes me afraid I will lose 1 half of the family I have found after everything that has happened.

3. (How does your character communicate in a relationship?)


With Hope, love, loyalty, vulnerability, caring, communication and a take no bullsh*t attitude.

4. (What was your character's childhood like?)

Stressful after my mother died of cancer. When she did, it fell to me to take care of my family as well as to make money on the side to help pay for our failing diner. Fagan's Corner was a rundown town that when the park closed by our diner, it began to fail. I fell into a life of drugs and bad decisions. Plus, my father favored my brother, and we rarely go along. My brother was my only anchor.

5. (What is your character's favorite treat to themselves?)


Books, books and more books. Albums too, the real deal; vinyl.

6. (How does your character handle stress?)

Alcohol, copious amounts of it which isn't the best way to go about it. Sometimes, I might even get back into drugs, but that is a beast I haven't dabbled in too much lately, thankfully.

7. (Describe something your character is reluctant for others to know?)

That I assassinated a man for threatening to go after my family and me. Also, the fact that it was all of my poor decisions and my own actions that killed my baby brother.

8. (Describe something your character is passionate about?)

Justice, full stop. And literature. I can devour a book in no time, but my biggest passion is getting the justice for those who can't get it themselves and to always uncover the truth; no matter how far I have to go to get it, how much research, the shady people I talk to, the paperwork I will find. I will dig down until I get to the grizzle and bone.

9. (What does your character find comfort in?)


My friends; who are my family and my work and immersing myself into the world of whatever book I am reading currently.

10.(What music does your character like?)


Old school classic rock, hard rock, some classical, the blues because my mother used to play it a lot growing up. Not just the easy blues but the more raunchy stuff too. Some metal.

11.(Quickest way to anger your character?)


To act like I cannot take care of myself. I've been doing it for years. Also, to underestimate me in anyway.

12. (What's the best thing in your life?)

Finding Matt and Foggy, well, no...them finding me and my budding relationships with Ellis and Urich. Two men who became like father figures and mentors.


13. (What would your character give their life for?)


An innocent person. I would throw myself in front of a train if it meant I could save someone.

14. (What seemingly insignificant memories has stuck with your character?)


The smell of the fish market that Foggy took me too. Then again, it's not that insignificant because he took me out that whole night; after all of the truly evil things that happened to me with Union Allied just to show me that Hell's Kitchen wasn't so bad. So, I can't think of any.

15. (Does your character have a nickname?)


Pain in the ass or stubborn. Everyone I've ever met. I guess it says something about myself.

16. (Who does your character consider a role model?)

Ben Urich. He pointed out I had a good investigative nose, he acted like the father I never had, called me out on my b. Showed me the ropes and loved me no matter my failings.

17. (What is your characters hobby?)


Reading books, trying to learn the guitar; I've gotten better and collecting vinyl records.

18. (Describe your characters worst enemy?)

Wilson Fisk, full stop. Probably Loki just because his actions in NYC in 2012 introduced the snowball that became an avalanche of Fisk taking over Hell's Kitchen and doing everything he could to crush the people there so he could get the perfect, gentrified, refined Hell's Kitchen he thought he deserved.

19. (What does your character do when they wake up?)

Coffee, coffee, shower, coffee, walk to work.

20. (A memory your character wishes they could erase?)

The day my life fell apart in Fagan's Corner when my brother set my druggie Bf's camper on fire because I was going down a extremely dark road. Todd tried to kill my brother with a tire iron, so I shot him and then we got into his truck. I had no business driving since I was drunk and high. I urged my brother why?He said because he already lost mom. In shock, I shifted my eyes off the road, and the car hit a median. When I woke up, the car was overturned on the roof and my brothers head was caved in next to me. I tried supporting my dad with the funeral, but they covered up who caused his death in the papers and my father disowned me.

Created by Patriot

05/24/2020 12:03 PM 

Reply to Teddy Flood, Reporter in the park

It had realistically been the social experiment of the modern century; splashed all over the independent news about a modern park that housed thousands of real life like A.I. that were built around stories that one could immerse themselves within and play out their hearts desires. Karen, however, could naturally see some underlying issues with the place seeing as how many people had hidden sinister sides that could take something this miraculous and turn it into a sh*t show.  

When Ellis had requested her to dutifully write a story on it, Karen grumbled because she was on a really good lead about a sex trafficking network that was slowly swallowing up Hell's Kitchen in its spiders' web. It was a dangerous story but Karen kind of always lived for the gloomier things.  

When she had informed Ellis that she would rather stick to the story she was on; he set his foot down. He desired her to look at it with alert eyes and an open, unbiased lense. Karen was livid and couldn't really sleep the night before she had to pack and leave. Because she couldn't sleep, she possessed lots of time to reason it through. Therefore, by morning, Karen had softened on the subject.  

Up ahead of schedule due to fundamental lack of proper sleep, she carefully packed her checked bags and naturally left for the local airport. It would transport her almost a day to get there and then there were a bunch of protocols she needed to do before she could enter the park.

Once at said park, the company conducted a survey from her to help her figure out which part of the park she would have wanted to visit and what her ideal fantasy would've been. Carefully looking over the choices that were listed caused her to feel sick. Thankfully, she was wearing a spy cam necklace so that she could take in all of the established park, paperwork she would fill out, procedures and all of the people she would meet. This way she could go back to it later to research the people and secure hard copies of things that she was not allowed to take with her by using her camera. Her mobile phone efficiently was the first possible thing they seized when she got there.

An attractive male aided her to get dressed and pointed out all the garb that they had to offer her to completely immerse her into this entire fantasy. Karen didn't especially feel girlie and wanted to go for comfort and ease of movement. So she politely asked if she could typically get to wear some slacks and a shirt as she was staunchly opposed to a frilly gown with all of its frippery. They politely declined her request, informing her that since the park was in a sort of beta version that they wished to have everyone assigned to specific things just to get a specific amount of data on the person's outtake survey. 

Karen grumbled about it but wound up picking a very modest blue, breathable dress and pearly white underpinnings and a pair of lace up granny boots with some thigh high leggings underneath. A parasol was naturally given to her in the proper end and then she was ushered off to the actual train that would transport her off into the established park.  

At this point, no one knew she was an actual reporter. Ellis figured prominently notable people would be more open and pliable to a regular joe then they would realistically be to someone with a poised pen and paper in their eager hands. The spy cam's feed went directly to Ellis and Karen's portable computers at the Bulletin and each day he would download a hard copy to disk after review and be put into a file.

Karen concluded her effective way to the middle of the train and found herself a lone seat where she could collect her thoughts. She was secretly wanting to overhear other people's conversations, as well as, taking in the sights of the landscape around her now. That's when she observed him, a good-looking man in his mid thirties in a white cowboy hat sitting by himself. Karen was unsure if she should say something, acquire a taste of the other's fantasies by randomly speaking to people. Therefore, at this time she was going for it.  

"Greetings? Kind sir, hi. Is this your first time coming here?" It efficiently was an easy question and she would typically see where the civil conversation would naturally lead them.

05/23/2020 10:38 PM 

She-Carnage prompt

"How long have you been standing there?"

Karen wasn't sure when or where she undoubtedly got into the crosshairs of Jessica, really. It could have been anytime, really. Still, now she was and found it very creepy. It was like, once she traversed her path; Karen promptly began to instantly notice that this determined woman was showing up everywhere Karen was and sometimes it took Karen a short while to take notice of this stalker.

Consequently, Karen had wisely decided to instantly start willingly staying at her private home; feeling trapped in her own home and at the controlling hands of another weirdo that run amok in the city streets of Hell's Kitchen.

It was typically garbage night tonight and Karen, unfortunately, had to walk out the back door of her apartment building to throw the garbage into the communal dumpster outside. The drizzling rain making her hoodie wet and the area around her a bit hazy. Something moved, it sounded like a small animal or something that brought Karen's attention to her left. It was at that moment that she had noted it; a shock of red hair standing not more than 15 feet away from her. Presently, effectively, Karen didn't care anymore about her fear of this woman because this was a bridge too far. Karen's home was sacrosanct to her, there was way too much bullsh*t that happened to her outside of her home.  This was her last bastion of safety and clarity which she would not let this stranger ruin.

With her mace can in her pocket since it also housed her apartment keys, Karen stormed over to the woman and got in her face.  "How long have you been standing outside my place? What the hell is your problem? Why are you following me everywhere,"  Karen was extremely angry so much so that her capable hands were balled into tight fists making her keys dig deep into the fleshy meat of her palm?

05/23/2020 08:02 PM 

For Silk Infused. Are there aliens out there?

"Are there really aliens out there?"

Consequently, when she and Peter had begun to have a conversation about other planets and the possibility of their being actual people living on them. It has genuinely surprised her a fascinating bit at his specific reaction when he genuinely seemed a bit skeptical in the notion of life being out there. How could he feel skeptical about such remarkable things and not see the cognitive dissonance within that prevailing opinion?

"As a result, are you saying that you've undoubtedly seen the Chutauri invade New York City in 2012 and then later on you saw Thanos coming promptly onto our habitable planet with his huge ships made of alien tech to attack us and cause the snap.  And subsequently there is precisely the fact that Thor and Loki don't come from our home planet but you seem reticent to believe there is all manner of various kinds of lives and such on all those new planets that have been located out there by NASA? Yes, they don't believe some of them are habitable but how do we know there isn't an actual species that can thrive in those environments?" She promptly took in a deep breath as she rubbed her temples a bit, getting seriously contemplative about this whole conversation.

"Conceivably, we are completely missing the right planets...you know? I sincerely mean, come on... Do you genuinely think the Chutari and Thanos' armies realistically were some unique kind of outliers?"

05/22/2020 10:59 PM 

Reply to Unforgiven From a kiss

And if you had told Karen that she would find love for a man whose life represented nothing more than becoming an avatar for vengeance, who had used her at points to get to the men who had killed his family. A vigilante who had come to her in confidence to acquire very delicate information that he knew could help him put that plan into motion and knew she would never tell a soul. Who revealed her the vulnerability and pain that he was going through at his worst moments and then showed her how protective he felt for her safety because of his actions and the actions of others. And then there was his breaking from the PTSD that he had brought home with him and that was further exacerbated by the war that continued to pound at him once he was away from his foreign war. 

That fact, that he had entrusted her with all the parts of him that he should be sharing with the love of his life; the precious family that he lost only partially through actions of his own. Karen would have never imagined that she would see through this shroud that was placed upon him by society of that of a monster. Where she genuinely knew the light and darkness that encompassed his whole being and that reflected parts of herself back to her. A few years prior, she probably would have scoffed at the notion but here he was...this dichotomy, that she appreciated intimately. A man that she should deny him as everyone else in her small world seemed to have already done. Yet, even now, she has not, would not, shall not. Did that cause her to be a bad person herself? She could not resolve that question because she did not feel bad about any of it, at all.

Karen was increasingly willing to surrender the life she possessed presently for Frank because she didn't see the bad in it nor in him. She couldn't always reconcile his broad actions, but she could thoroughly grasp them and identify them for what they genuinely were...the justice that most people would never obtain because the system they constructed their lives upon was well and truly broken and corrupt. 

People believed that it was he, Frank, who represented the corruption and danger.  Nevertheless, Karen saw him for what he truly was; an avenging angel that took all the worlds injustices upon himself. He chose to protect the disillusioned and the put upon by punishing the system that felt just in pressing their boot heel onto the necks of those people to restrain them down; kept them broken. That was a lot of pain to willingly take upon oneself and he, just like any other, required the light, the comfort, the caring that any other person in great pain deserved. Karen wanted to be that bubble, that guardian angel.

Karen experienced the tension from him, of him not wanting to give in, give up, get lost again in his basest feelings and needs. It troubled her heart every time. Seeing that this big, bad Punisher was always so willing and able to punish himself the most. 

She sympathized, knowing it came with the territory. Usually when the darkness won, it usually radiated from oneself first and foremost and then that pain; like tendrils of smoke, edged out and wrapped around the air surrounding you. The acrid air affected all by clinging to your skin, your lungs, the walls and ceiling and muffled your ability to breathe. Through that smoke, you tried finding your way but because it was so dark and stifling; all you could achieve was flail about and pray you can ultimately gather yourself to fresh air and clear sight. Most times, the sole way that can happen is if someone willingly cast their own life and safety aside to come into that smoke and tow you free. 

That kiss to his cheek, she hoped would be that guiding action that would help to pull him free of his jumbled thoughts and chronic pain to once more see the light that he could grab ahold of and never let go until he could break free of that stifling darkness.

Karen ultimately revealed her eyes to observe him; all of her feelings for him had been poured out into the ether in the hopes that it would be acknowledged in kind. She regarded him carefully as he fought with himself to argue with it; with her. Trying to thrust her away once again and her heart dropped. Swallowing thickly, she let out a trembling breath and experienced the fear of rejection suddenly lay over her like a wet blanket. But then, she could see his resolve begin to falter and his fighting words die on the vine. Suddenly, he leaned in and kissed her lips with quiet yearning.

Karen gasped deeply at the touch of his tender lips pressed against her own. Freezing in place for a moment, Karen lost sight of what she should do? Was this a wakened fever dream? Was this authentic? At that moment, the feel of his stuble; the warmth of his breath on her mouth and the sweetness of the kiss itself suddenly woke her up and her first instinct was to wrap her hands in his hair to pull him in close and with urgency. Karen turned that kiss a bit more fierce, intense and passionate. Pouring all of her pent up feelings for him into action by demonstrating to him just how much she felt for him with that one simple action.

05/22/2020 10:57 PM 

Prompt for Unforgiven 'I don't know how many times I can say sorry'

"I don't know how many times I can say sorry." Frank and Karen

Frank Castle and Karen Page where like two magnets that always seemed to recognize each other; being drawn to each other by their comparative darkness and their visible light.

Frank would never admit it, but he undoubtedly had a vibrant light inside of him that was slowly being swallowed whole by his alter ego; the Punisher. Karen had perceived his brilliant light firsthand, how gentle and caring he was with her, how much he had loved his wife and children and how broken their deaths had left him and even though it might not make sense to others; to Karen it naturally did...the Punisher was typically born from this fierce light. The Punisher was begotten in answer to the loss of his family and his life with them; convoluted to some, but Karen understood it.

That is why she would have gone anywhere with him, done anything to be with him. Karen would help allay his nightmare fueled fears, would clean his wounds, would go to hell and back for him. He knew it.

Even, if at first, all he kept coming back to her for was to get information or use her for bait to get to someone else...there was something else that drew him to *her* each time. There could be others he could have gone to for any of those things; yet he always has chosen her.

It was weird, yin and yang symbols usually meant that the woman was darker and more dangerous and the male was the light and more calming. Maybe, for them they were each both yin and yang to the other. Up until those symbols bled into one another and all encompassed them both.

So, when Frank told Karen to go; even though she was willing to give up her life for him, it hurt her to her core. How could she go on without the other half to her whole? She took it somewhat graciously; at first, but with time she got to think about him and dream about the life they could have had. True, it would have been filled with lots of feeling unsure of what the next moment would bring, lots of danger and craziness. Together, though, the light could have grown inside of that bubble. A rare breed of a tree that can only grow in the most hostile of ecosystems but grow it would do, nevertheless.

Time had passed, months even, and all too soon; there he was once more. Coming to her to offer protection from her own consequences from when, she went up against Fisk. Here he was, offering to help protect her because he didn't think Matt would be enough in this time of need. He might be accurate in that assessment; Fisk remained an intelligent animal that was rabid and once he undoubtedly got a profound sense of something that could endanger him and his private life; he would perform anything to apprehend that danger out of the equation.

Now, here was Frank, standing in her living room and offering to represent as a spare set of eyes. All it achieved was to rub her the wrong way and that was because she was upset over other things between them. People endured a hell of a time really pinpointing their exact feelings of anger or pain and addressing them properly. Karen was no exception.

"Why bother, Frank? You intentionally left. I willingly let you. Why do you feel the need to indeed remain here?" She bit out venomously to him and crossed her shapely arms before she headed off to the kitchen to brew coffee just to be doing something else than to be standing there just looking at him. Karen desperately wanted to grab his jacket lapels and yell at him to promptly get the hell out and do not come back. Eagerly tell him she didn't need him nor pine for him to be around.

Frank, gently running a deft hand over his determined face then before looking to the side for a moment before he spoke to her once more. "Look, you require some protection!" He stated angrily.

"Oh, so now it's all right to be here...As long as you can execute someone? I correctly see through you, Frank. You merely want an excuse to kill Fisk. This isn't about me at all. Just..." She intentionally turned from him, so he couldn't see the passionate tears in her brilliant eyes as she carefully poured distilled water into the coffee pot.

"Damnit, Karen...yes, I want to kill Fisk. Agreed, yes. That's not..."he stopped talking and set his bag down onto the ground by the coffee table. He sighed heavily and instantly ran his thumb over the side of his distinctive nose. "That's not why I am here," he said more in a low voice.

Karen scoffed and shook her head. "Bullsh*t, Frank. Bullsh*t!" She yelled back vehemently. "You are just here to use me once again, as per usual. For bait, for info, to get what you want," she slammed the sugar container onto the counter and it spilled out from the top as the lid bounced off of it. As it settled the granules began covering the counter and her hands in fine white powder.

Frank took a step toward her, his expression and the tension in his shoulders getting more intense. "No! Look, I can't...I came back to keep you safe," he ground out the last few familiar words.

"I can properly take care of myself, Frank! I can and have for a long time now, I don't seek your protection," she said gruffly as her cheeks began turning red and her pulse began getting faster the more angry she got with him. Almost yelling it out to him, "I am not yours to fiercely protect!"

Frank, about to explode at her about how Fisk represented an scared animal that wouldn't stop coming for her and how Matt was not the type to do the right thing and kill to keep Fisk and his minions at bay suddenly softened at her last words. His hands had been balled up in fists at his side, and his nostrils had flared a bit as he was about to ream her out about poking a vicious animal with a stick when it all deflated from him. "Karen," he stated her name very softly as he stepped forward to place a hand on her shoulder. Wanting to persuade her to turn and look at him.

Karen instantly felt his gentle hand on her shapely shoulder, and she spun on him, fierce pain and heartbreak brilliantly colored her notable features as the copious tears were now flowing down her cheeks. "What?" She spit out in understandable anger and pain.

Frank put both of his hands on her shoulders and jerked her toward him. Karen didn't go willingly at first; she was obstinate, and it showed in everything she routinely undertook. As a result, she resisted him, but Frank was adamant about gathering her closer to him. Once he influenced her to the point that he could wrap his arms around her in a hug; he hauled her into one. "I'm sorry, okay. I was afraid of you getting hurt because of me. I don't know how many times I can say that, I am sorry," he properly said close to her eager ear. It was soft enough for only her to overhear him speak which made Karen's anger gradually dissipate as her entire body slumped against him. Both of her shapely arms wrapped around him possessively and grasped him against her so that she could feel the steady beating of his heart in his chest beating in response to the more elevated beating of her own.


05/11/2020 06:09 PM 

Why are you whispering, Feat Loki A lost God

Loki, a living god on our earth. Karen had seen firsthand what he had achieved with that item called the Tesseract up close and personal. He had intentionally tried taking over the habitable planet by starting with New York City and when the Chituari had invaded the appropriate place; her office building had been one of the notable buildings that had been fiercely attacked firsthand between those mechanical flyers of theirs and the Hulk. Karen barely made it out alive that day.

Nevertheless, the Avengers universally prevailed and had naturally taken Loki into appropriate custody, which became a welcome relief. 

Next, all of her heart ache with Wilson Fisk had happened and she had lost alot of her friends, and eventually, Matt disappeared too. 

  It in common was in that instantaneous space and proper time that the direct snap had unfortunately happened. Five prime years of having lost both Matt and Foggy. Karen realistically was in veritable shambles for those five typical years until one glorious day...they were all back. Effectively, at least Foggy was back and consequently so was Fisk. Ready, willing and able to take over Hell's Kitchen once more. 

Around that time, it had undoubtedly come to Karen and Foggy's proper attention that Matt was alive and that efficiently was when Bullseye hit and killed Father Lantom. He was only killed because of Karen's candid admission to Fisk that it was undoubtedly she who slayed his sole friend. She had done it to vex him; boy, did it ever?

Something had subtly changed, though, Fisk and his minions seemed stronger and more in direct control of key things on their private side. It was nigh impossible to try to place him away in jail and, suddenly, the attacks on Karen began to continue in ferocity and frequency. Presently, she had to go into permanent hiding, but as she was fleeing town...Something odd had unfortunately happened.

The responsible man; no, God, who had fiercely attacked New York all those memorable years ago suddenly showed up out of nowhere right in her home. Loki retained a different staff, but it was obvious the glowing thing on the end of it was the same item that the Avengers had taken away from him all those years ago when the Chituari invaded Earth.

Slowly, Loki was now backing her up against a plastered wall, Karen could only swallow hard at the brutal invasion. She remained a scraper, but he efficiently was a God with a godly toy that she did not know how to fight against. Her solitary play was to find out what he desired from her and why he was presently in her home.

"What the f*** do you genuinely want? Why are you here in my home?" She asked in a hiss, staring up into the taller man's eyes as he came closer. 

What was unnerving remained the unique way he spoke to her at the time. It was silky, like he wholly desired only her to overhear him speaking. Whispering eagerly to her, "Mr. Fisk genuinely wants you alive and unharmed," he said eagerly close to her attentive ear. It was so f***ing sinister. Karen balked and pushed back hard against the wall to look at him with dilated eyes. "You! They resoundingly defeated you," she justly said with a stammer.

Scarcely did she know the Avengers had gone back in time to grab all the infinity stones and in their wake Loki had efficiently managed to grab the Tesseract for a second time and unaccountably disappeared. No one knew that he had slogged his way slowly into the sufficient graces of Wilson Fisk. 

Loki's idea was that if he joined with others for the time being; especially someone like Fisk? With skill, he could more readily conquer New York City without the Avengers being onto him until his claws had sunk deeply into the meat of it all. Then he could work his way onward and upward with the connections that someone like Fisk could provide for him. His earlier, flashier approach had not worked well in his favor. Loki felt that this was a more prudent way to go about his endeavors and thus when the Avengers caught on; he would have already gained himself a significant part of the world he wished to dominate. They would need way more help then to take him down this time around.

"I, graciously, offered to deliver you to Mr. Fisk. It was effortless to discover you," he said to her; still whispering to her.
Karen cleared her throat, balled up her fists to dig her nails into the meat of her hands to aid her to keep up her courage. This whispers of his was pissing her off and creeping her out now.

"Then, why don't you shut the f*** up already and do it? Why are you even whispering, it's f***ing eerie?"She said in a defiant hiss.


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