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February 27th, 2020

Gender: Female

Age: 36
Country: United States

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February 15, 2020



02/15/2020 05:33 PM 


By sending me a request or accepting mine you automatically agree to abide by the rules below in their entirety. You also take full responsibility for the consequences that come with breaking any of them. It is not any fault of my own if you are deleted or blocked for failing to observe them upon getting access to my page. They are clearly linked for all and thus it's not my job to point them out to you. Additionally I reserve the right to remove anyone on my list as I see fit, I am not required to keep anyone I feel brings bad vibes to my space. Nor am I obligated to provide those affected an explanation for my actions. This is bound to happen if I find our characters clash too much to interact, dislike the content you post, or generally just get a bad vibe from you. I know my worth and refuse to be chained to anyone I personally don't care for.

Rule One: Privacy
I am incredibly paranoid about maintaining my own anonymity online due to past traumatizing events. That being said DO NOT cross the lines between real and make believe! Sorry if this sounds harsh but i'm not interested in befriending anyone beyond this site or discord. Regardless of how long we've been acquainted I will not tell you my real name, give you my private information, add you on gaming platforms/social medias, or accept any physical gifts. Especially with this troll hanging around I refuse to make myself vulnerable to the psychos online. ANY attempts to pry into my reality get ONE warning before you're blocked.

Rule Two: Availability
I will only take on a select few roleplays to be realistic with my limited free time. That being said even if I don't have a slot available anyone is welcome to request me for banter and stream shenanigans. And if I find I can take on more stories I will be sure to let people know. My direct connections and close friends will always get priority over other people. I know people dislike that clique mentality but that's how it's going to be, Take it or leave it.

Rule Three: Activity
This is a hobby I do when I am not swamped in real life, I demand anyone wanting to roleplay with me have PATIENCE. I have responsibilities that are way more important than this play pretend. My reply time is sporadic but you'll get at least one reply a week. Only if said time has passed without a response may you poke about it. I won't tolerate people rushing me and will just delete you if it occurs prior to the time limit. If you can't be chill about this just remove me.

Rule Four: Drama
I absolutely REFUSE to be involved with any kind of petty dramatics and high school bullsh*t ooc. I don't mind being a shoulder to those who need it but the second you try to pull me in i'm gone. This also applies to starting or sharing said crap on stream for attention, I will 1000% block you. No remorse. I f***ing HATE any kind of poor me or attention seeking garbage, I don't want such pathetic people on my list. We're all adults and need to start f***ing acting like it. 

Rule Five: Shipping
I know it's bound to come up so i'll be blunt, I AM NOT HERE FOR SEX. I am open to developing a canon romance over proper time and effort but don't try to just jump into smut. That being said such a connection will only be given to someone who has earned my trust and is relatively active. I also WILL NOT participate in multi-shipping, Whoever wants Lola must be faithful only to her just as she will be to them. She's not an easy girl in the slightest so don't approach her unless you're willing to earn her. Furthermore this bond is ONLY in roleplay, I'm not looking for a real relationship and the second it crosses the line we're done.

More rules will be added as I feel is necessary but for now that's all.

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