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05/26/2020 11:44 PM 

Family Meeting (TW Gore)

Family Meeting (TW for Gore)
SEC week 4 drabble
lunatic fringe /1586603
What did that lousy moniker mean anyway? The vampire community spoke of Always and Forever and how it bound The Originals. His name was Malachai Parker and he hated his family so much. He'd actually killed his family members rather violently. The Parkers were different though. They were Gemini Coven witches and not the first immortal vampires. They all died in a magnificent spray of blood and savagery. It was intoxicating.

Kai was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. “Even though they fight and bicker over the years, The Mikaelsons and even the Salvatores actually care about one another. What do I get? A family that makes you merge with your twin to be Coven leader. What good is that? Huh?” The heretic was in a place he didn’t recognize, but it didn’t matter. There was a man tied in a chair with his mouth gagged and his eyes wide in terror. There were already open wounds from his neck where Kai had already fed once…maybe twice.

He ceased his ranting long enough to witness the man with an open wound on his neck fluttering his eyelashes long enough to fight to stay conscious. “Awww…. Still wondering what happened to your family? Well George, let’s go have a look.” He snatched the man up by the arm and started to drag him from room to room. First stop was the oldest son’s room.

The man screamed against his gag when he realized that his son was laying in a pool of his own blood. “Junior here gave it the old college try. He even hit me on the jaw.” Kai used two fingers to frame his chin showing that the boy tried to fight before he died. “He had guts. So I ripped them out of him.” He pointed to the fact the boy who was about 15 that had been gutted like a fish complete with his large intestine dropped over the edge of the bed. Kai patted the man’s shoulder. “He reminded me of Jeremy Gilbert. The punk deserved to die not be a badass hunter.” Kai rolled his eyes and drug the crying man already weak from blood loss to the next room.

“Families are nothing but an anchor around your neck George. The Mikaelsons and their Always and Forever tripe is meaningless. Fear is the ultimate power George.” Truth was Kai had no idea what the man’s name was not did he care. “Take Jenny here. She acted like a whiny little b.itch, so I kept stabbing her in the neck.” He seemed so proud of himself and his chaos. The 17 year old daughter was nearly decapitated by the repeated stabbing to her neck. The father narrowed his eyes to notice that the girls eyes had been gouged out and her cheeks were stained with optical jelly. “She wouldn’t stop crying so I made her stop. Simple as that. Crocodile tears made her look like Elena Gilbert. Did I mention I put Elena in a sleep coma once because it would piss off her boyfriend Damon Salvatore? Oohhh right yeah.” Kai was on his high horse with his hatred of everything and wasn’t stopping any time soon.

The man’s eyes were puffy with tears. His children had been brutally slaughtered like animals. He had no idea who this man was ranting about Always and Forever. It was pretty obvious he was a serial killer or a lunatic. More than likely it was both. The smell of death and decay made the man who was the head of this house violently ill. He wasn’t foolish enough to think he was going to live through this. He knew he was going to die. This psychopath needed an audience. He was that audience. The moment that show was over, he knew he’d be dead.

“Come on George, we got one more stop to make.” He drug the man into the kitchen. His wife usually kept an immaculate kitchen when everything was right with the world. “Stella here tried to keep me from finding the kiddies. You’d have been proud of her George. She was a protective momma right to the end. There was a gaping hole in the middle of her chest. Laying beside her was a bloody little thing that was the size of her fist. Her face was etched in horrific surprise. “I do get why the Mikaelsons like to rip out hearts. The feel of that pulsing organ in your hand….” Wicked glee covered his face. It was almost sexual how he spoke of pulling her heart from her chest. “This part of Always and Forever I can dig.” He grinned broadly knowing how malevolent he looked. The pungent smell of fresh urine made Kai smirk. “Damn George, this is really getting bad for you, isn’t it?” His phony sympathy rang hollow in the grand scheme of things.

Kai drug him out of the kitchen and into the study where this little soliloquy began. “Now here we are. Always and Forever is balls and so are families.” He dropped the man down in his chair as Kai stood over him. “This is where we part company George. It’s been real. It’s been fun, but it’s not been real fun.” The horrified man tried to brace himself, but Kai moved faster than the man’s brain could register. A moment later, a loud thud filled the air as his head was separated from his body. “DAYUMN. Now I know why Damon liked this so much!” He stepped back like Freddie Mercury and shot his bloody hand straight into the air. He started singing rather loudly with stressed importance on the first syllable. “HEEEERRRRRE we are. Born to be Kings! We’re the princes of the universe!”

Kai strutted out of the man’s house with a sardonic grin that would never go away. He was Kai Parker. He was always and forever. Mikaelsons and Salvatores had nothing on him. He made death his b.itch and walked towards Mystic Falls as confident as could be. Nothing could stop him now.
Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

05/22/2020 06:47 PM 

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge
1x1 with Selfless
lunatic fringe /1586603
It was a rather diabolical plan really. Once he had arrived through the Malivore Pit, Kai Parker was introduced to a being of great power. That being called himself The Necromancer with an elongated emphasis on the first word. Kai found him overly ridiculous but one thing was certain. This sick freak oozed power. Even though he was a vampire, Kai still had his siphoning magic. He could tell how much he actually radiated this magic. It almost made him drunk being this close to him. Still a bargain had to be struck. Kai was coldly efficient and ruthless to a fault. There was no way he was going to same mistake again.

He knew a spell that was of higher level Necromancy. Kai couldn’t do it on his own. He needed help. It called for the creation of a magical duplicate. “Childs play M'BOY!” The Necromancer made a flippant gesture with the waving of a hand. “If this is your only stipulation to allying with me, consider it done! CHAD!” The bellowing voice for his proselyte was met with his immediate appearance. “Prepare to be amazed Mr. Parker. You will be amazed and astounded!”

“I’ll be astounded if you pull this off, because I kinda need to know this duplicate is feasible before I even get close to the Salvatore Boarding School.” Kai shivered as he remembered when Damon had taken his head from his shoulders. It was a lot like when Duncan MacCleod took somebody’s head off in that old TV show, but a lot less sexy. It didn’t really hurt because it had happened so quick but it really pissed him off when he got sucked into Hell. Just wasn’t FAIR man! He had so much more to do! Now here he was ready to go up to the school and face a TRIBRID. He had to have his ace in the hole.

Kai didn’t even flinch when Chad took the tissue from him to do the spell. Basically this duplicate was born to die. He had to have insurance in case anything went South. Last two times he didn’t. The first time he wound up dead. The second time he was sent to the prison world. Third time was going to be different. Kai was going to rewrite this narrative.

He stood in amazement as this magical duplicate was born right before his eyes. He tried not to let his jaw hang open too wide as he was absolutely astounded just as Sparky had insisted. “I’ll be damned!” Kai whispered as he watched himself go from a child to an adult in a matter of minutes. This was actually going to work!


Here he was. The Tribrid and her little friends were like the Scooby Gang on steroids. His own nieces were nifty little witches with his own siphoning power. Your granddad would have just loooved you girls Kai’s cynicism and rapier wit was always getting him into trouble. It was about to do so again. Where in the BLUE HELL was The Necromancer? Hope had left him alone. He knew what this meant. Since Bonnie wasn’t around, that meant another prison world wasn’t happening. He wasn’t about to head back to Hell any time soon.

It happened in a flash before Kai even knew it. His duplicate was tied up in the barn and he was free. The Necromancer was as good as his word. When Alaric separated the head of Kai’s double from his body, it was like that old 90s show again. Only this time, Kai had not been sucked into Hell. He was free.

Freedom meant he was free from anyone knowing he was alive. It was time to lay low. Sure he could have walked away from his revenge on Alaric, Josie and even Hope Mikaelson. What was the fun in that?

Alaric and all the munchkins at the school would never suspect that the headless corpse they buried on the grounds really wasn’t Kai. He’d let them feel safe for a while. They will let their guard down. He knew them far too well.

His niece Josie was obviously the one who would defeat her sister should they have the merge now. He saw how conniving and sneaky that Josie was and it made him beam with pride. If he could just get her away from Alaric then maybe…just maybe he could get the ultimate revenge. It wouldn’t just be against Alaric, but Jo and all the still dead Gemini Coven members who said that he was an abomination. He was going to win. He would be the last one standing and Josie would be right by his side.

He was staying in a hotel just outside Mystic Falls. Having the power of compulsion worked brilliantly for a sociopath like Kai Parker. He compelled himself a rather quiet and out of the way room. No one would hear the screams coming from his room. No one knew how he’d powered up with an occasional hotel staff member that would go missing. People that had no one that would miss if they vanished soon became his meal of choice. Complete vampiric mask in place and a smear of crimson on his lips, Kai Parker dropped the exsanguinated corpse. It had been a maid coming in to give him fresh towels. He dropped her body to the ground. “Sorry sweetheart, but it’s time to go. It’s time for a family reunion.” He didn’t even bother to dab any of the blood from his lips. His fangs bared still, Kai's predatory grin filled his features. The Salvatore Boarding School was waiting.

Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

05/19/2020 01:18 AM 

A Heretic's Nightmare

A Heretic's Nightmare
SEC Week 3 Drabble (Feat. Mirium)
lunatic fringe /1586603
In the invisible realm between worlds existed the ancient Greek gods even until this very day. Nearly forgotten by humanity, they still spun their judgements upon the world and the creatures that resided therein. One of these creatures was a heretic vampire named Malachai Parker. Born a siphoning twin in the Gemini Coven, the child had been twisted since birth. These gods stood back and kept out of the Coven business. Hecate, goddess of witchcraft ruled the covens.

The declaration of the Gemini Coven was that there would be a ceremony between the eldest twins of the coven leader to determine who would be the future leader of the Coven. Now Malachai had a twin named Josette. She was a gifted witch while Malachai had not been. He was a siphon with no real magic of his own. His twisted anger toward his family took root leading him to slaughter his own mother as well as many of his siblings. He’d gravely wounded his own twin and sought to murder his youngest siblings Lucas and Olivia. Hecate had sent her bravest witch Sheila Bennett to save the family and stop the young boy. Banished to a prison world, it was handled… for now.

The Fates had decreed that the Parker boy be released back into his native world once more. He was freed and it didn’t take long for him to be bathed in blood once more. The hand of Damon Salvatore sent Parker directly to Cade’s dimension this time. Death finally claimed the villain and he suffered pain at the hands of the torturers of Tartarus. The doors were opened while he was suffering at their hands. Before they had been closed once more, he was set free to walk the earth.

This time it was Shelia's granddaughter Bonnie that sent Malachai to yet another prison world with the help of his two young nieces. Deceit and treachery lead to Parker’s return to the world once more. This last time, just as Parker (who had defied nature once more by becoming a heretic vampire), had played a card that flew in the face of the gods yet again. Allied with The Necromancer, a rapidly formed magical duplicate had taken his place after he was left by the Tribrid. The sword that severed the head of Malachai Parker had only done in the magical duplicate and not the actual heretic himself. He was hidden away just outside Mystic Falls plotting his revenge. He assumed no one knew where he was. He was wrong.

With the blessings of Hecate, the god Morpheus stood in the invisible realm watching Parker as he slept. “Because of your continued defiance of all that is good and just, it is decreed by the gods you experience your worst nightmare Malachai Parker. “ Morpheus held out a glowing hand touching a solitary finger into the mind of the heretic. Parker stirred as contact was made. “And it begins…”


The blaring sound of the alarm clock made tore through his head like a bolt of lightning. “HUNH WHAT? I’M UP!” He was panting as though he’d run a marathon. Where in the hell was he? The sounds of pounding feet came running down the hall outside his door. It was accompanied by the laughter of children. “Children?” He asked himself as though he’d been dropped on his head.

At the sound of his voice, the door to the bedroom was pushed open. A set of twins, a boy and a girl both with blonde hair raced inside the room and climbed into the bed with him. “DADDY! DADDY!” They started jumping on the bed around him. “GET UP SLEEPYHEAD!”

He was petrified with fear. He scrambled off the bed and into the floor. Children? Twins? And they called him Daddy. He curled up in the corner. He had killed children. He’d even tried to kill his unborn nieces when he stabbed his twin. He kept shaking his head.

A loud barking sound followed the giggling laughter of /his/ children. A golden retriever tackled him to the ground and began licking his face repeatedly. He was huffing and trying to keep from drowning under dog drool while two laughing banshees were bouncing in a circle on his bed singing “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” This was WORSE than Cade’s torturers by far.

The voice of reason soon came to his rescue. “Bonnie! Damon! Get down from there! Go on!” It was a beautiful blonde woman with stunning blue eyes. The children were obedient to their mother climbing off the bed. The dog stopped licking his face. He took a deep breath and blew it out through puffed out cheeks. It was finally over. “Kai? Are you alright honey?”

He pushed himself up. The blonde knew his name. That was good. The kids had to be hers. Kai nodded as peace fell over him again. “Much better. Thank you… Lucy?” He honestly didn’t know her from Adam. He looked at her with skepticism and curiosity.

She grinned at him. “Stop the nonsense you big goof. Amanda… remember?” She kissed him on the lips. “You’d think you would remember the name of your own wife.”

Kai's eyes widened. “Wwwwwwwwife?” He stammered. He stood there feeling his skin go white as a sheet. “I’m married? This has got to be joke right?” He glanced at the hot blonde not believing any of this.

“No joke hotshot.” She handed him a long white stick with a big plus sign on the end. “Congratulations Mr Parker. You’re going to be a dad… again.”

It was the worst thing he could imagine. Kai had turned into his father! He screamed for all he was worth.


In his body back in the hotel outside of Mystic Falls, the heretic woke in a cold sweat. Sitting up in the bed, he just shivered. Kai Parker was not a good man. Visions of death and blood wouldn’t torment him. This vision of a normal life, something he never wanted terrified him more than anything ever could.

In the dark he rocked back and forth. Goodness and normality just didn’t go well with a monster like Kai Parker.
Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

05/11/2020 03:59 PM 

The Seventh Circle of Hell

The Seventh Circle of Hell
1x1 with Blue Moon
lunatic fringe /1586603
There she was. Bonnie Bennett was bloody and wounded in front of him. The siphon had watched Damon Salvatore get up and leave her sitting there. Confidence washed over him like a warm oil. Kai Parker strolled up slowly with his lips curled in a sneer. “Goes to show that you really can’t trust a vampire.” He purred. Kai was still covered in blood and just ever so confident that he had bested Damon. “You and me? Bonbon, we’re going places.” His grin was like the cat who cornered a mouse.

The betrayal on the face of the Bennett witch was absolutely perfect in his eyes. Huge chocolate hues were confused, betrayed and wounded. He fed off that almost as much as he had any source of magic. Her expression suddenly changed. Was that hope? His brows furrowed. Was there something behind him?

That was the last thought Kai Parker had in this world. With a swiping of his hand, Damon Salvatore had come up behind him removing his head from his shoulders. It was a shock reflected on his severed head as it landed on the ground. It was an unimaginable pain one minute then all of a sudden it was over.

Kai stood over his headless corpse as Damon fed his blood to Bonnie to heal her. “AW COME ON! REALLY?” He stomped his foot and bellowed out into the air around him. “It CAN’T end like this!!” He tried to kick Damon while he protected Bonnie. His foot passed through Damon’s body not affecting him in the slightest. The missed kick caused him to lose balance and fall to the ground. He sat there for a moment just disgusted beyond belief. He couldn’t even speak.

That was when he felt it. There was a slow increase in wind around him. He sat there a moment longer. His eyes rolled to the left. If he was dead, why was he feeling the wind? It was coming from behind him. He turned around slowly. There was a spot behind him. It was black and swirling. All it did was just mess his hair to start with, but that was changing. When he realized what was happening, it was too late. The black vortex was getting stronger and bigger.

It was drawing him with increasing intensity. He actually felt himself being pulled. Open palms slapped the ground as he was slammed down on his stomach. The vortex grew pulling harder at him. “Nooo!” He shouted. His voice echoed and no one could hear his shouting. Right before he disappeared inside the swirling darkness, the last thing he saw was Bonnie and Damon leaving together none the worse for wear. The last thing he spoke before disappearing inside the darkness was a vow. “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!”


He landed with a thud in the middle of a room that looked like an underground cave. Kai wasn’t hurt. It was more like he was embarrassed by landing flat on his rump. He pushed himself up to a standing position. “Alright… this isn’t funny. You can just send me back now.” Kai tried to take a step but was stopped. It was like the floor of this cave was ALIVE. His legs were captured by what appeared to be three clawed hands on each leg. Every time he moved, the claws sunk into the flesh of his legs. Blood started to saturate the slacks he was wearing.

Out of the walls shot hefty iron chains in three directions all wrapping up Kai Parker. His right arm and his left arm were first. The chains that bound his arms pulled them upward at awkward angles from his body. He clenched his teeth as pain shot through him. The last chain turned into a collar and encircled his neck. Any time he moved, pain beyond all comprehension filled his body. It was for certain now. Kai Parker was in hell.

“Well well well. After all these years the mighty Malachai Parker has joined the ranks of the damned!” The powerful voice of a dark skinned man with no hair strutted into the room to examine his newest prize. “Comfy are we?” Malevolent optics observed the captive siphoner. “Surely you know you’re dead now which makes you mine.”

Kai grimaced at the mention of the name his father had given him. “Heh heh heh. My luck to fall right into my own personal torture chamber.” He moistened his lips with a swipe of the tongue. “I appreciate the admiration of my handiwork, but what say you send me back to Earth so I can go snag Damon Salvatore for ya AND my sweet twin sister JoJo. Hmm? Surely that appeals to your sense of evil glee. Right? I um.. didn’t catch your name.”

“Arcadius. Or you may simply call me Cade.” He laughed while speaking. “You’re not going anywhere Malachai. Your eternity begins now.” He began laughing louder with a tone that would chill the blood of the living. Flames leapt from the ground scorching the captive's flesh and making these chains forged by hellfire burn into his flesh.

Kai noticed the more he screamed the more it seemed to feed this Cade. If he was going to get out of here, he was going to have to construct an elaborate plan. If he could escape a prison world of nearly 20 years, he could escape hell. No matter how long it took, he was going to get out of here.

Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

05/03/2020 05:43 PM 

Welcome to the Jungle SEC Drabble

Welcome to the Jungle
SEC Drabble
lunatic fringe /1586603
He couldn’t believe his luck. Kai Parker had been stuck on a prison world for nearly 20 years, so he did miss out on a lot. As a kid in the 1980s, he used to pop in a cassette tape and slide on headphones to listen to his music. It helped a lot when he was trying to drown out all the constant arguments with his father. One could only take so much statements of failure and how much of a mistake he was before he just had to silence all of it. Silencing it came in one form or another. He started out with a Sony Walkman and Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction so high that he just stared up at his father with a smug grin on his face. The fact that Kai didn’t hear his father and kept grinning at him often irritated his father so much he had gotten redfaced. It was a game to Kai to see how quickly the Gemini Coven leader would lose his temper and walk away.

Walkmans didn’t exist anymore. While he looked as though he was in his early 20s still, Kai was technically over 40. The thought of it really bummed him out. Being that old meant that he would actually have to be responsible. He scoffed at the notion. Standing in the electronics store, he discovered the iPod and watched the wonderful things it could do. “C-can I see one of those?” He pointed to the iPod that was being shown to another customer.

The salesperson was a perky blonde who was giving him the once over. One didn’t have to be a witch to know she was imagining him horizontal. “I’d be glad to.” She took out the iPod and began to explain to him how it worked. He listened to her and was learning how these things worked. It wasn’t too hard to figure out in all this world that was far different from what he remembered. He tapped a few things and brought up blast from the past. The song was called Welcome to the Jungle and was his favorite on the entire album. In his mind’s eye he could see his father screaming at him again about how much of a monster he was. He couldn’t believe that one of HIS children was actually a siphon. He glanced up with a chilling smile curling his lips. He stuck the ear piece inside his right ear. It didn’t take long for the music to start playing the song he’d chosen. “Well that’s sure easy.” His right hand shot out and clasped around the girl’s throat squeezing as hard as he could. His fingernails dug deep into her flesh. “Pity you’re not a witch. Ah what the hell. I’ll kill you anyway.”

The woman squirmed in his grasp trying to punch his hand to get him let go. The only thing it did was make him laugh. He turned the volume all the way as far as it would go. In his mind’s eye, Joshua Parker’s judgmental face was screaming at him again telling him that he was an abomination that would never lead their coven.

Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun and games
We got everything you want honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find whatever you may need
If you got the money, honey we got your disease

Jungle, welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees
Uh I, I wanna watch you bleed

Kai kept squeezing. The blood from the wounds caused by his fingernails was nice and warm. He could feel the liquid threatening to loosen his grip as her windpipe was being quite literally destroyed. The louder the music placed on the iPod the angrier he got. The blood from his victim poured down his hand. He tossed the body down on the ground. It took a lot of strength to crush someone’s windpipe like he had just done. HE glanced at her body laying there all contorted and in it’s death throes. “Too bad Sweetheart. You’d have just bored me anyway.”

Kai walked out of the electronics store in this little strip mall with his arms coated in blood. He’d continued playing the music so high that he’d not heard the fact her screams had brought about a contingent of uniformed officers. The policemen were all screaming at him again pointing their weapons at him. He canted his head to the left. They were all hiding behind opened car doors pointing weapons at him. Surely they didn’t think they could actually stop him?

Welcome to the jungle, we take it day by day
If you want it you're gonna bleed but it's the price to pay
And you're a very sexy girl, very hard to please
You can taste the bright lights, but you won't get there for free
In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Feel my, my, my serpentine
Uh, I, I want to hear you scream

They were yelling at him with a bullhorn. He just smiled at them. Did they really actually think they were going to stop him? He started to laugh. It was a good thing he was still juiced up from absorbing the magical dome that surrounded good old Mystic Falls. He extended his right hand and waved it in front of him. The human police officers that had been called to the scene all felt themselves being lifted from their feet. Kai pulled his fingers together bringing the men together in a violent fashion. The sounds of bones crunching was accompanied by a spray of blood that was a perfect arc. He pulled his hand down rapidly bringing the bodies down to the ground into a mass of blood and flesh. His eyes fluttered. The violence was orgasmic.

The music blared in his earpiece. He actually started to sing with lyrics as they played in his ear. The faces of Gemini Coven members were all taking the place of the crowd that was gathering. Some ran as he killed the policemen. Others were drawn into the violence watching it. The had never seen anything like Kai Parker and they were not going to ever be able to tell anyone else about it. He extended his right hand toward the crowd. Several bodies closest to him quite literally exploded.

Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here every day
You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play
If you got hunger for what you see, you'll take it eventually
You can have everything you want but you better not take it from me
In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees
Uh ah, I'm gonna watch you bleed
And when you're high you never ever wanna come down
So down, so down, so down, yeah

You know where you are?
You're in the jungle baby
You're gonna die
In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees
In the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Feel my, my, my serpentine
In the jungle welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees
Down the jungle, welcome to the jungle
Watch it bring you to you
It's gonna bring you down, huh

Leaving behind a bloody mass of human internal organs, the CSI team that would try to interpret what happened later would be left absolutely baffled. The only thing they would learn is that one man walked away covered in blood. They found it odd that he was singing a Guns and Roses song as he walked away relatively untouched. The handsome man was covered in blood and human entrails looking as though he was sitting on top of the world.
Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

05/01/2020 02:36 PM 

Welcome to New Orleans

Welcome to New Orleans
1x1 with Celestial Witch
Lunatic Fringe /1586603
New Orleans was always a great place. The magic that ebbed and flowed through this city was like a magnet to him. Climbing down the steps of the bus, the man with a bearded chin and a new suit glanced around the open air of the bus terminal. There was a twinkle in his eye that would invoke fear to anyone who may have been looking just a little too hard. The world forgot his name but that was not accidental. Careful design by his own brilliant mind lead to his triumph. He wasn’t done yet.

The Old World Charm of New Orleans was more than just superficial. The magic that flowed through the city was quite real. Malachai Parker the magic siphon that had murdered most of his family could feel the magic. It was better than any sort of man made narcotic. Magic meant power. Power was control. There was a certain tribrid in Mystic Falls that was going to prove to be a problem. New Orleans was her home town. A little research was in order. Hope Mikaelson was going to prove to be a bigger problem than Damon Salvatore or Bonnie Bennett ever were. Three in one meant problems that he’d not encountered yet.

It didn’t take long for Kai (as he preferred to be called) found himself in the area of New Orleans referred to as “The Cauldron”. There the magic was older than he’d ever encountered before. He chuckled to himself as he walked down the sidewalk. The streets of The Cauldron were lined with little curio shops and with advertisements for love potions in the window. He couldn’t believe how stupid they were. This was going to be almost too easy.


The Second Thyme Around was a quaint little shop in New Orleans. The little blonde girl behind the counter felt her heart skip a beat when the handsome man walked in the door. He looked so distinguished with that suit and that beard. She felt her cheeks flush when he turned his attention to her. “Hello! Anything I can help you with, don’t be afraid to ask.” She was flirting so heavily that she was almost ashamed. She tucked a strand of golden locks behind her right ear after she turned her emerald hues away from him. A slight pink tinge covered her cheeks.

His features illuminated in a grin reminiscent of the infamous cat. He slid in closer to her to invade her personal space. “Oh I definitely won’t.” He paused a moment before brushing his nose with a bent finger. “So tell me something. What would you recommend for a guy like me who might be interesting in a younger girl? How could I get her to like me?” He purred seductively.

The girl’s cheeks flushed a bright crimson meeting his gaze and then turning back away to avoid him. Was he talking about her? No. He couldn’t be talking about her. “Well, there are a few potions over here.” She retreated behind the counter and started to reach down. “I’ve got just the right one.” She sat the potion on the counter to let him look at it. Her heart was thundering in her ears trying to keep herself from swooning too much over him.

His expression was condescending and he knew it. He was reeling her in slowly and confidently. Parker took the potion in and hand and began to sniff it. “So how much do you know about the Mikaelson Family?” He asked curiously and in an offhanded manner. He continued to inspect the potion. He could feel the magic in it. A crimson light emanated from his fingers as he siphoned the magic from it essentially turning it into colored liquid. He knew she was watching him. When his gaze met hers, she looked as though she was about to get sick. “Something the matter?”

“The Mikaelsons used to be around here several years ago. I really don’t know them all that well.“ When she watched him handle the potion bottle, she felt all the color drain from her face. She’d never seen a siphon before until now. Her mother had told her about siphons before and how they were outcasts in the witch community. “Y-You’re a …” She started stuttering and tripping over her words. It was soon apparent that this was not going the way she’d wanted it to go in the first place.

“Siphon? Abomination? Yes dear. I know. I’ve been one for a long time. There is something else you need to know about me however. One, I don’t like to be kept waiting when I asked a question.” His eyes darkened and a mask of blackened veins became more prominent around his eyes. He also started to bare his fangs. “Did I mention I’m a vampire too? They call us Heretics… for a reason.”

The girl’s screams were drowned in the gurgling sound of her own blood. Kai Parker’s fangs buried within the flesh of her neck tearing out the esophagus and her larynx in the same fell swoop. As her body lay on the ground with the blood pouring from the wound, he knelt beside it. He extended his hand to touch her forehead with bloody digits. The aura of crimson light surrounded where he’d made skin to skin contact with the dead young witch. He siphoned all her magic. Rising to his full height, his eyelids fluttered shut. The power of the blood and the magic flowing through him was invigorating.

Kai Parker’s visit to New Orleans had only just begun.
Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

04/21/2020 11:17 PM 


lunatic fringe /1586603
The most important figure in a boy’s life is his father. Malachai Parker wanted nothing more than anything to make his father proud of him. Joshua Parker was the leader of one of the most powerful covens in the supernatural world. Witches from all around sought his counsel. He carried weight with other covens in what he said and did. If Joshua only acknowledged the fact Kai was his son and fulfilled the image that his father conveyed to the other covens things would have been so different.

The rite of passage for the coven was the merge ceremony for twins in the Parker Family to ascend to the leadership. He and his twin sister Josette were being groomed for this to happen one day. One of the two of them would win, the other would not. Josette was the golden child. She was a witch growing in power as she grew in age.

Malachai or Kai as he liked being called was not the prodigy his sister was. He was the bad seed. Simple magic was hard for him. It wasn’t until he grabbed her arm with a vicious intensity and watched his hand glow red that he realized what he was. Jo dropped to the ground severely weakened by what he’d done to her. Kai was a magic siphon. He possessed none of his own.

You’re an abomination!
Even the babies have magic of their own.
Our coven will never be led by you!

The constant rejection and the treatment by his father led to this day. Being told repeatedly that you were a mistake or a monster infected him far deeper than anything ever could. One day it was finally enough. Malachai Parker stood there saturated with blood. The knife in his hand still was coated with the blood of his siblings. A solitary drop raced from the tang of the blade down his right hand as he clenched it. The blade had slipped in his hand slicing his palm in the process. His blood was intermingled with that of his dead siblings. Twins in the Parker family meant power. His younger siblings that he’d slaughtered like pigs weren’t twins. They had their own magic unlike him. Kai was a siphon. He wasn’t a real witch. Even his twin sister Jo had her own magic. That’s why they had to die.

“Luke… Livie… come out come out wherever you are… Big bro wants to playyyy…” Solo steps moved forward as he sought the littlest Parkers who would one day lead the entire coven. He had no idea that his own twin was hiding the babies. The years of hatred and anger finally came to a violent bloody head. He wasn’t going to stop until they were all gone. “LUKE! OLIVIA! JOSETTE YOU BETTER NOT BE KEEPING THEM FROM ME!”

Hiding under the bed, Josette was bleeding from the stab wound in her lower abdomen was clinging desperately to the tiny children barely out of their toddler years. Tears burned down her cheeks as she muttered a silent chant trying to hide the three of them from Kai. Surely someone would come save them soon! Using too much magic would bring Kai right to them. Josette was scared out of her mind.

“Oh JoJo. You’re good but you’re not THAT good!” Kai was closing in on his victims. The aura of his twin's magic was unmistakable. He found it utterly delicious. Honing in on them, the young warlock tossed aside the bed that hid them. Jo held onto the twins cowering in the corner. Her physical strength was rapidly dwindling. She closed her eyes waiting for the final blow.

Kai stepped forward. “Aren’t you just so precious! Trying to save the babies with your last breath! I’ll remember ya for this Sis.” He ignored the pulsing blood in his right hand as he brought the knife around to bear. He was so bound by the pure evil inside that he was practically drunk by the power that emanated from his twin sister and their baby siblings. He rose the knife already stained with the blood of their dead siblings.

“Et fulgurare lumine!” A flash of light temporarily blinded the young warlock as he went in for the kill. He dropped the knife and immediately covered his eyes. He cried out even as the force of the flash physically hurt his eyes stinging them. The voice of the one casting the spell was female. Jo was so happy to see their Father’s friend Sheila Bennett. “Come here babies!” The grandmotherly type witch opened her arms for Luke and Olivia.

“NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” Kai was furious. He still couldn’t see. It was a spell that had momentarily blinded him. His blood covered hands moved to his eyes. He was trying to siphon the magic from the spell but something wasn’t working. Pure unadulterated guile poured from this young man that was driven by his profound hatred of his family. He knew Sheila Bennett. She was a friend of his father’s who often worked with the Gemini Coven. Every witch knew that the Bennett Family was a powerful witch bloodline.

“I can and I will. Nervorum resolutiones!” Sheila held out her hand casting another spell that sent the young man frozen to the ground. She hated to see this young man so twisted by his anger and hate. There was nothing more heartbreaking than a witch succumbing to the evil that existed in the world.

The last thing the young man remembered was the face of his twin sister looking down at him while he lay there unmoving. He wanted nothing more to pull out his knife and slice Josette to ribbons. Payback was going to be hell no matter how long it took. They were going to pay. It didn’t matter how long it took. They were all going to die at his hand.

The Prison World

He never believed in hell before until now. Kai had been in this empty world for longer than he could count. He had been through every spot on this planet that it wasn’t even an adventure anymore. One thing that Sheila or his father could have never imagined was that he would take the time to read all the occult lore he could get his hands on while locked in this damned place.

Being the only occupant of this world pulled on one's sanity ripping apart that sensitive fabric that held it together. Kai Parker was an abomination. He was a monster. He had an agenda. No matter how many times he had to relive this day he was going to make the best of it. Some day he would get out of here. The first one who would die was his twin.

If only he could find some magic…
Who names their kid Malachai? It’s like they expected me to be evil.
credit: james kriet

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