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Revenge is Sweet

It was time, Alaric had been planning this for a while now. He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. “I have some business to take care of love, why don’t you enjoy dinner with your mum? I’ll leave the car here so you can meet me back at the hotel. I’ll take a cab.” Alaric smiled at Tyler’s mother. “It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Brooks.” He kissed Tyler once more and stood up heading to the door.  He bounded down the stairs and out into the cool night air. He had no intentions of taking a cab, he would walk.

As the tattooed brunette walked the streets, he reached into his back pocket pulling out a piece of paper. Written on the paper in a hasty scrawl was an address. The destination that this address would take him, lead to revenge. It was a revenge that was well deserved for all the pain that this person caused to the one person he loved beyond anything. He pulled out his phone and plugged the address into his gps. He followed the instructions and found himself staring at a pub in a part of London most wouldn’t come to alone at night. It was a place that Felix Hawthorne was known to frequent.

Looking through the windows, Alaric’s eyes scanned the patrons, and none were him. He nodded, that was good it meant that he could catch Felix on his way into the pub. He leaned against the wall on the alley side of the establishment. He wasn’t quite sure how he would take him down and get him back to the warehouse. He didn’t have much to think about it as he saw him coming down the street, alone.  Alone was good that meant he didn’t have to come up with something elaborate to lure him away.

As the blond came past, Alaric pulled him into the dark alley and hit him hard over the head knocking him out. He threw him over his shoulder and walked to the street. No one would know the wiser, they would think Felix had had too much to drink and was passed out. He hailed a cab and got inside. He made a joke about his friend having had too much. He gave the man an address that was near the warehouse and paid him as he pulled Felix back out and over his shoulder once more.  

The warehouse that Alaric took Felix too, was something his father’s company had owned but now was abandoned. He dragged Felix to the middle of the empty space. He sat him in a chair and tied him up to it. He slapped his face hard and repeatedly. “Hey, waste of space. Wake the f*** up!” He stood back and smirked as the blonde started to come too. He looked around blinking in surprise. He realized he was tied up and started to struggle against the ropes. “who are you? What in the bloody hell is going on?” The male demanded a frightened look in his eyes.

Alaric was standing back a bit his arms crossed a sinister smirk upon his face. He stepped forward a little. “It doesn’t matter who I am, just know I am here to punish you for your sins.” He took his hunting knife from his pocket; it was freshly sharpened just for this. “Now for true justice I would untie you and throw you around smash you into walls, break bottles and cut you, perhaps kick you while your down. But to be honest I wouldn’t get quite as much satisfaction as I would from slicing you open repeatedly, making you bleed to death.”
With that he smirked and ripped Felix’s shirt from his body. He leaned down and whispered into his ear. “This might hurt a bit, try not to scream eh?” With that, he took the knife and plunged into his chest just deep enough for it to start to bleed. He ran it from the end of his collar bone down to his stomach and stopped. The blood spilled from the sliced flesh in a crimson flood. The screams that came from Felix’s lips as he continued to slice and dice at the male’s flesh, were like a symphony of beautiful notes that Alaric could listen to repeatedly.

Alaric finally stopped for a bit and looked into Felix’s eyes. The male was close to passing out, indeed his strength surprised, the brunette. He would have thought he’d have passed out from the pain. The blonde’s lips started to move; he was trying to speak but was too weak for his words to be heard. Alaric leaned in and whispered into his ear. “What’s that you’re trying to say you’ll have to speak up.” He finally made out the word please. ‘Please? Please what? Stop? Sorry that I cannot do. Now if you are pleading for death. THAT I can certainly make happen and plan on.”

He then pulled back and continued to make art from the male’s skin. It was only when he looked at the time and he realized Tyler might be wondering what was taking so long that he stopped. “All right enough fun. It’s time.” He got close and plunged the blade into Felix’s heart. “This is for Tyler” He whispered so that the male would know what he was dying for.  The brunette held the knife into his heart until he could no longer hear the blonde’s breath. He pulled the knife out and placed his finger to his neck. No pulse, he was indeed dead. He pulled out his phone and called the cleaners to come take care of the mess.

Alaric waited for them to come staring at the lifeless bleeding body. He felt better, justice in his eyes had been served. The cleaners entered the warehouse and had brought a change of clothing for Alaric as he had arranged. “Make sure they never find the body.” He pulled off his bloody clothes and put on the fresh clean ones. He walked out of the warehouse and caught a cab back to the hotel.

He picked up a vase filled with flowers from the hotel gift shop and headed up the elevator to the floor that their hotel room was on. He used his key to enter the suite and came to sit on the bed where Tyler was laying down. He handed him the flowers and kissed his lips. “Sorry I’m late love, the meeting ran a little longer than planned.”

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