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A Supernatural Life Of A Royal

Biological Information:

Full Name: Nikita Rose Alexeev

Nickname(s): Niki

Date Of Birth: Around the 1700's


Height: 5ft 9in

Hair Color: Naturally Red

Eye Color: Blue

Build: Athletic/Slender

Mode Of Transportation: Black Camaro

Weapon Of Choice: It's a secret


Nikita was born in the early 1700's, her father was a vampire, and her mother was a fae (for a lack of a better term, she was a faerie). However her mother didn't know she was a fae, and vampires still stayed in the shadows. But vampires knew of all the creatures that walked the earth. And one that they favored over others, were the Fae, because of the taste of their blood. Nikita's mother was to be married off to a man who was three times her age, and she didn't love him. So to get away from it, she ran away. It was while she was living on the street when she met Nikita's father. He would pass her nightly, and give her money for food. Soon he got her mother to trust him enough, to offer her a place to stay. Feeling alone and broken her mother accepted. But he was a lair. A few days after having her mother in his house, he made his move, and he drank her, he thought he had glamoured her, but when he realized it didn't work, he had to force her to live with him, because vampires were to stay in the shadows. During her stay he attacked her every night taking her blood, one night was different from the rest, and he raped her. Soon she began to show, and he didn't want anything to do with a child. So he kicked her out, and anyone who knew his name, he glamoured them to forget, so when she told what had happened to her, she was institutionalized. When she gave birth to Nikita, Nikita was immediately taken away, and placed in an orphanage, to never know who her real mother was.

Nikita was adopted by the Alexeev family, and they made her believe she was of their own, even though she was the only red head in the family. She grew up wealthy, but when she turned twenty one, it was as if that was when everything happened. Her Fae and Vampiric side came to light, and she couldn't fight the thirst at first, and actually ended up killing her entire family. Scared of what she did, and what she possibly could be. As she was on the run, she made her way to Texas, and she stayed there for some time, and while there, she found a coven of vampires, and they welcomed her in. They taught her how to be a vampire, but couldn't help her with her fae side. And though there were so many vampires older than her, meaning more powerful, she was able to fight them off, because the Fae side of her, made her vampire side as strong as the older vampires. She also could walk in the daylight, which the vampires envied.


Nikita enjoyed her life, when she had to hide in the shadows, but there came a time when the vampire's 'came into light', showing their existence, which they actually called it 'Coming Out Of The Coffin'. When this happened, Nikita got to enjoy her life even more, as she could be free to do as she wished, as long as she followed the Vampiric rules and codes. She was tired of Texas, and being around jealous vampires. So she left her coven, and headed to Louisiana. When she got there she heard some whispers about a vampire bar called 'Fangtasia' that was in Shreveport Louisiana, so she made her way there. When she got there she met Pam, and was able to get into the bar, when she did, she felt all the vampires on her, but she ignored them, as she went to the bar and ordered a drink. It was then, that a specific vampire decided to 'test' her. And when he did, he lost that test.

She didn't kill him, for that was one of the rules to follow, but she made damned sure that he wouldn't bother her anymore. She realized that the vampires stopped looking at her, and she got her drink, but what she didn't realize was that she caught the eye of the Infamous Sheriff Eric Northman. After going to the bar for close to a month, Pam spoke to Nikita about being a bartender at Fangtasia. Of course Nikita accepted, if she made enough money, then she could get her own place. At this time, she was still oblivious that Eric was intrigued by her. That was until he approached her one night.

Eric simply spoke to Nikita, and she was actually shocked to know he was 'watching' her for a lack of better words, as well as intrigued by her. There was no threats, no violence, and he didn't ask her to be his. But he did tell her that one day she WOULD belong to him and be his. Which made her heart beat faster than before, because even though she didn't realize he noticed her, she had definitely noticed him. It has been about two years since that conversation, but Nikita hasn't forgotten it. She and Eric have created a bond, something like what he was with Pam, but on a different level. And whenever something needed to be done, and she was ordered to do it, she did it without bitching about it, unlike Pam. Because Nikita could hear all thoughts, except vampires, she was able to signal Eric if there was someone planning something. Before she realized it, Nikita had fallen in love with Eric, but has never mentioned it. She knew that they were meant to be, but she didn't know when exactly that was supposed to happen. So she works with him, talks with him, spends time with him, and does as he orders, as she has always done, until she knows what is next to come.





Super Nova




Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Keen Reflexes





Kick Boxer

Hand To Hand Combat

Expert Sniper

Offensive/Defensive Driver

Expert Manipulation/Negotiation

Highly Intelligent

Deeply Loyal

Thirst Control


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