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High School Sweethearts. /drabble/

High School Sweethearts.
Don't mind me i'm obsessed. Every time I'm away from drabbles. Lily's in a LOONY bin

February fourteenth.

Everyone seemed to be happy today, in love, looking at each other like there was no one else in the world except the person standing right beside them.

Lilith looked at them with curiosity, with a sadness in her heart, she didn't know why she was feeling this way but something deep down in her heart felt like something was missing.

"Miss?" She said with more politeness in her tone than she had been giving the last couple of weeks.

"Yes Lilith, what is it?" Her doctor taken aback from the sudden change in Lilith's demeanor.

"Have I ever been in love?" She blinked, looking at her, the question felt stupid now that she said it out loud. A nervous tick, making her grasp tightly onto her skirt now.

"Are you remembering something?" The question made the woman nervous now, she didn't want to lie to Lilith, even though if her parents knew she was starting to remember things before the accident. 

"No.. I just feel.. like I'm missing something." She answered truthfully, her hand was placed on her heart now, clenching on the fabric tightly.

"It's as if someone should be here, right beside me? Someone not like a friend.. someone who felt like home?" Her lower lip trembled, the mention of a home.

She swallowed hard, teeth now chewing on her lower lip.

The woman looked at Lilith, the first time the petite girl had mentioned anyone special, she could tell there was heartbreak in Lilith's tone. How she wanted to press on to get those raw emotions out of the girl, everything she had been experiencing and reacting to seemed all to fake to the elder woman. 

She couldn't though, she knew Lilith's parents would be angry with the woman if she opened that wound all over again.

"Could it be family? Maybe you miss your home, your bed, these ones aren't so comfy after all. Missing some friends perhaps?" She hated having to derail anything Lilith was feeling.

"Maybe." Brown hues looking at the woman again, "It feels like it's something different, something more meaningful. I don't.. I don't remember he could have been important."

The word he startled both of them, as they grew silent Lilith looked at the doctor. 

"It's probably me missing my father or something." She cleared her throat, they both knew she wasn't thinking about her father, she stood up, "I think.. I am okay, thank you doctor for this nice session."

The woman sat silently, her mouth slightly agape, Lilith being polite, pushing in her chair and even thanking her made her feel something weird. How she wished she could bring him up, the certain someone missing from her heart.

Lilith had spent the rest of the day to herself. Sitting at the table alone, she hardly spoke to anyone anyways but it felt more seldom to her to be alone.

The day dragged on, while she was doodling in her notebook they had given to her. Little hearts drawn all over the place.

She kept thinking about the 'he' she had mentioned nothing coming to her mind and it was driving her nuts. 

"Why can't I remember you? Who are you?" She muttered to herself, she was feeling more and more frustrated through out the day. 

Night time had finally came and she pushed herself to sleep.

Lilith, did you really forget about me?

A voice calling to her, in her dream state, she turned around. Normally she would have nightmares of that night. 

"Who are you?"

She tried getting closer towards the voice, something tugging at her arms keeping her in place.

A chuckle was all she could hear from said voice, the chuckle made her heart skip a bit. 

"You're the one? The important one!" Even in a dream she wanted so badly to remember, to reach out to that voice, the forces tugging her back now.

The chuckle echoing all around her, a blurb forming before her, was it a vision playing with her head. 

She could see the person slowly fade before her. 

He was tall, taller than her, a boyish chiseled jawline, a smirk that would melt anyone's heart and finally hazel hues meeting with her own.

"It'll be all over soon, I'll go away again, and you won't remember.

She had gasped, the figure coming closer towards her now. Rough hands lightly caressing her check, as tears began to stream down her face, it all felt too familiar to her. Her body craved that touch.

"Please.. give me a hint, I don't want to forget."

He had clicked his tongue at her, finger stroking her cheek lightly before pulling away.

"It's too late Lilith. Our time is up." He spoke sternly before pulling away, disappearing into the shadow.

"No! Come back Er-!"

Lilith had jolted up, the feeling of something grasping onto her arms still there. Her heart racing, hair matted to her face as she looked around. Back into her room, she plopped herself back down.

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