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January 13th, 2020

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January 13, 2020



01/13/2020 08:49 PM 

Dear Kate

Well for starters I have no idea if you are my real grams or not. Or if you are that fat f*** acting like her. So that means I need to write two replies. Cause trust me I got a lot to say to both of you. 

Damn Justin, you fat no neck bastard. You went and called your ex-wife? that is lame. Did you tell her how it was after she divorced you? How you made her Mel account look like a complete nutjob whore? Or how you manipulated her best friend Tamara into acting like Phoebe? Or how you straight been stalking my cousin Ethen for ten years now. I mean wow if anyone is getting manipulated its you Crystal. Nah I get a feeling he left all that out. 

Crystal if it is really you. Damn, I don't know where to start. Except for bye nobody but EJ and Johnny ever knew ya. So you can go now. But I do have one question for ya. When Justin stole my accounts. Which one of you raped Ethen him or you? Cause I still can't use that play by today without remembering that damn nonsense.  Now isn't that something that is the first thing I thought of. When I see you I guess at one time.  We were like Dra and Phoebe uh on more than one occasion. And I am sure you know it's him who is the one whose f***ing mental. Not me. You're just as guilty as he is. And congrats on losing weight. Cause that f***er is still fatter than heifer in labour.

Ah Damn, don't believe me? I mean why the f*** is he even with Kyle now? You likely don't even know that name. So ask him why? Just ask him. 

And assuming your not crystal and your Justin. DUDE LMFAO So f***ing lame f*** you. You know what you or kyle did. It's not your place. I never asked you too. But Nah you don't care. Just another person to make fun of right?   I dunno if I am First-person to ever show you how it feels. But two can play the games you do.

Gah good luck with which Heather is on your list. God Life without you around will be A f***ing fantastic later dude.

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