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03/04/2020 07:31 PM 

Warm Up Wed Task

1. Do you have any medical problems?  I’m as healthy as a horse.  Matter of fact at my recent physical for the Sheriff’s Department, the doctor commented that now days you didn’t find young men with such lean muscle and so fit.  I guess it’s the job.

2. Do you have any diagnosed mental illnesses?  I’m sure some would say that I’m mental, but the psychiatric reports say otherwise.  I’m borderline OCD but that’s not really an illness is it?

3. How do you get around Chatsworth? Ninety percent of the time I’m in my police cruiser, but in my off time, you will find me cruising in my Ford F250 or doing a little off roading in my Jeep Rubicon. 

4. What was your first job?  I was the stock boy for old man Beaver’s Hardware Store on Main Street.    

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being shy, so I’m going to have to go with extrovert.   I don’t’ have one little problem saying what I’m thinking.

6. Do you believe in God?  I damn well better or my Momma would tan my hide.  Yes, I believe in God, I’m a good southern Baptist. 

7. If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would it be?  I’m the good guy with baby boy tendencies. 

8. Do you have any relationship dealbreakers?  If my lady cannot stand by my side and have my back on all fronts, then it’s a deal breaker.  It’s hard loving me, and being with me, especially when most of the town hates me and the others rely on me as their voice, as their only hero. 

9. Would you say that you are close with their parents?  I have different relationships with them, but I am close to both in my own way.  Ma always wanted me to be in the motorcycle club to carry on her father’s traditions, and well my Father had his own ideas, being four generations of lawmen.  I relate to ma on a more personal level, she is my go-to for advice in life and love.  My Father, he is understanding of my career and the pressures and stressors, so in that respect I’m close to him and rely on him for advice in that respect.  Ma knows my favorite foods, Pa knows my favorite fishin hole.

10. Do you believe in marriage?  I do believe in marriage, and I believe in loyalty and respect, so when I find that, then I’ll be lookin to get hitched and have a bunch of babies. 

11. How would you describe your fashion style? Do I have a fashion style?  Police uniform, bullet proof vest…jeans and t-shirts when not on duty, maybe a flannel here and there.  Is Country boy a style? 

12. What is your biggest fear?  Losing someone I love due to a mistake I made. 

13. What words or phrases do you overuse?  F***.  I use f*** entirely too much.  Ma always said, “you weren’t raised by sailor’s boy.”  Just before I got a smack to the back of the head.

14. Do you make snap judgements, or do you tend to think things over?  Both.  If it’s in the heat of the moment, I will make snap judgements.  When it involves work stuff, I always think things over before acting.  Lives depend on me.

15. What is your philosophy on life?  Be strong when you are weak, be brave when you are scared, be humble when you are victorious, and be a badass every day.

16. How do you display affection?  I’m a cuddler for sure, I love to just hold my girl in my arms, shower her with sweet kisses.  I’m also a hugger, but only with family, I get a little paranoid when random people want a hug.  It’s…awkward, like get out of my space ya weirdo.

17. How do you want to be seen by others?  I want others to see me as the person they can come to with their problems and know that I’m going to do everything in my power to help them. 

18. Are you optimistic or pessimistic?  I like to think I’m optimistic, but I guess all of us think of the worst first and hope for the best.  It’s a normal human reaction. 

19. What is one thing that you will always stand up for? Justice.  I believe in justice being served, and don’t mind being the one dishing it out.

20. What are you the most proud of?  My accomplishments as an officer of the law.  

03/01/2020 03:01 PM 

Sunday Spirit Week Blog

My favorite thing about Winter Carnival 2020 is being able to share it with loved ones, friends and the community.   While everyone knows how much I love the beaver tails and the carnival as well as the snow sculptures, one of my favorite things are the silly games like the horse drawn snow sports and the polar plunge.   This year I'm adding a new favorite, and that was getting to spend that first snow with my girl, Nova.    

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