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Kasey has always loved animals since he was little but he could really never have any until he moved out.  When he moved out he finally got all of the pets that he had ever wanted.

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This is Snickerdoodle.  Yes its a funny name but he was eating candy when he got his dog and it was the first name that came to mind and he stuck with it.  Snickerdoodle sleeps in bed with him and wakes him up witkh his sloppy kisses.  He is trying to get him to be a service dog for when his blackouts happen to keep him calm.

Noah Centineo Joins 'The Fosters' as the New Jesus!: Photo 828938 ...

Meet Sir-Mix-A-Lot.  This is the family cat his younger adopted brother named him and it stuck with the whole family.  Sadly Kasey doesn't get to see him all that often because he is with his younger brother but he does get pictures from time to time when his brother remembers to send them to him.

This is: the cutest sh*t Ive seen dogs love animals pets
Last but not least this is Loki.  He is the newest addition to his family.  After he fell off the ladder and forgot almost everything he needed something to help him cope.  He didn't want to talk to anyone else and it was bad but Loki has made everything so much better for him.  He is the baby of the family and is probably going to be with Kasey for a long time.

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"Hello darling, we are long overdue for a chat."  Looking up from his book Kasey rolled his eyes.  The only time that Andrew ever called him darling was when he wanted to talk to him about Addison.  "Look, whatever you have to say I really don't give a f***. I don't even remember anything past yesterday but I know who you are because Addison makes me aware to stay away from you."  Putting his book on the table he  stood up.  "You should know that you coming into the Book Nook is not a good idea Addison doesn't want you in here just like I don't so if you could please kindly leave that would be great."  Kasey knew that he wasn't going to leave but there was nothing that he could do about it at the moment because no fists were thrown.

Pushing past Andrew he made his way over to the horror section of the store he knew that Andrew was going to follow him.  "You do know that Addison was meant for me right? Her father was the reason that she got the aborition he didn't want her to have a child with someone who's parents were crackheads because he knew that you would be exactly like them.  I'm glad she got that aborition because now I have my chance to get her right where I want her."  At  that moment everything went black and he didn't know what came over him.

"You do realize that you are going to eat your words right?  Addison loves me and I love her, just because people fight a lot doesn't mean that they don't love each other so I don't know what is wrong with you, and if you don't get out of here I can't promise that I wont beat the ever living sh*t out of you.  From what Addison has told me you have always wanted what was mine and face it you are second best and you will always be second best face it I won and you lost and there is nothing you can do about i--"  Before he could finish his sentence Andrew's fist connected with Kasey's nose and there was blood everywhere.  "You son of a bitch I will kill you!"  Lunging at Andrew he knocked him down into the book case and an avalanche started to happen and in seconds all of the books and shelves were on the floor.  "Well we are in trouble when Addison gets back.  Good job for making me angry Andrew."

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Fragile World
Sung By: Alberto Rosende

Kasey didn't know what it was about this song but it spoke to his soul after everything that had happened to him since he was 16 years old.

Got a drop in my throat
Chill in my bones
When no one's around
See a light in a flare, nobody's there
They don't hear a sound
All the burden that I face inside every night
I'm a stranger when I wake, wake up in your eyes

The first part of the song, concerning the burden he has always felt like he was a burden since he had his accident he was always asking questions that he knew that people have answered time and time again and he felt alone and he felt like a stranger in his own skin.

When I'm refuged and I'm saved
And mystery never breaks
I'm hiding away
Flying in the air
It's a fragile world, fragile world, fragile world
Flying in the air
It's a fragile world, fragile world, fragile world
Flying in the air

Kasey feels like when he hides away that he is saved because he doesn't feel like a burden and that makes it seem like he will be okay when he finally gets all of his memory back and that he isn't the only person that is fragile but the world is fragile as well.

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Kasey had the perfect roadtrip planned for him and Addison since they were younger.  Kasey might not have his memory but he did find an engagement ring in the pocket of one of his jackets and he knew that they only person that he wanted to give that ring to was Addison.  He would ask her to take a road trip with him to Tower Bridge and he would propose to her there.

Kasey's playlist

Afternoon Delight Starland Vocal Band
You Give Love A Bad Name  Bon Jovi
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Nigh) Meatloaf
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Meatloaf
Heaven Bryan Adams 

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"Kasey, ¡estoy tratando de tener una conversación seria contigo!"frustrated Mariana ran her fingers through her hair and stomped her feet.  Her brother was the most difficult person on the planet especially since he had fallen off the ladder and got amnesia.  Being around him was like trying to teach an old dog new tricks and that was something that not a lot of people could do.  Granted Mariana knew that she shouldn't have told him about  the abortion that Addison had but she needed to try to jump start his brain.  Kasey needed to get away from her and try to process everything that she had told him up until this point.  It just didn't make sense from what he remembered about his relationship with Addison was that they had been in love since they were 16 years old but it just didn't work out for them.  It was all blurry in between but he needed to figure it out himself, at least that is what the doctor said to him.

"¡Y estoy tratando de evitarlo sutilmente!" Kasey screamed at his sister and slammed the front door in her face.  He needed to confront Addison about all of this but he had to figure out the way to do it.  Getting too aggravated wasn't good for him but sometimes it couldn't have been helped.  Running his fingers through his hair he just started to walk, he let his feet take him where ever they wanted  him to go, they were in charge and he was just listening to them.  What felt like hours were just a couple of minutes and he was in the spot that he always went when he fought with Addison.  This was his safe place the only place that he actually remembered from before the accident.  There was just something about this place that he knew he could get lost in thought and regain his composure this is where he went to think about what to say to Addison.

Sitting on his favorite rock he bit his lip and thought about just going home and ignoring his sister until they both broke and needed to talk to each other again.  But no, he needed to go and see Addison and to ask her what had actually happened between them.  Running his fingers through his hair one last time he pushed off of the rock and made his way towards Addison's house.  When he got to it he remembered that he always got into her how by climbing the terrace and then knocking on her window.  Scratching his head when he finally got to her house he climbed up the terrace and knocked on her window.  "Addison, we need to talk....can you let me in?"

02/18/2020 11:08 PM 


Valentine's Day, one of the most obnoxious holiday's that the world had created.  It was just a stupid holiday that made people gush over one another when they should be doing that everyday anyway.  But it was the one holiday that Kasey really wanted to express to Addison how he really felt.  He wasn't the best at words and they were constantly fighting but to Kasey that just meant that they were meant to be together.  You piss someone off so much that they drive you crazy that you want to die, but then you think to yourself that you would be leaving the one person who means the world to you and you would be selfish if you ever thought about doing that.  From the moment that he had met Addison he knew that he loved her and that he was going to marry her someday.

And then the inevitable happened, she had an abortion and kept it from him and she wrote him a stupid letter.  Then they got into a fight, she broke her hand and they left on bad terms.  This was when they were 16 years old and they have been on and off again since then.  He thought they were going good but then Alex kept coming into the picture.  Whenever he wanted alone time with her Alex would always become the third wheel and Kasey couldn't do anything romantic with Addison.  He was beyond pissed off, especially the night where Addison texted him to come into her room and Alex punched him right in the nose and broke it, that was when he knew that he was going to kill him one day if he ever got out of line again.

Walking over to his nightstand he pulled out a box with a promise ring in it.  He was going to give this to her the night he found out that she had the abortion but he couldn't do it, she had ripped his heart out of his chest and he didn't think that he could handle that at that point and time.  "Now I think it is the right time to give this to Addison.  We have been arguing less but also have been hanging out a lot more and he wanted to get back together with her, and what perfect day then valentines day.  Running his fingers through his hair he let out a soft sigh.  He was so f***ing nervous and he didn't know why.  This  wasn't their first date and it wasn't their first time talking so he really needed to get over himself.

He lived only a few blocks south of the bookstore that Addison owned and it was a nice night to walk.  Stopping at the supermarket to get a dozen red roses a big smile formed on his face and he was the happiest he had ever been.  Humming to himself as he walked along he stopped dead in his tracks when he looked through the front door of the book store to see Addison with Alex, he was pulling her close and hugging her.  Feeling defeated he threw the roses at the door and shoved the ring box back into his sweatshirt pocket and turned around walking home.  It seemed like Addison made her decision on who she wanted and it wasn't him.

02/10/2020 08:16 PM 

Recent Searches

Even though it has been years since Addison had the abortion he still couldn't understand why she did that so he wanted to get into her head.  After researching it he could understand kind of why she did it but he didn't know if she would do it again if they were to ever work everything out and try to have another kid.

Because Kasey is a carpenter he likes to search where the best place to get flooring is.  He likes to get quotes to see where the best deals are sometimes he goes to the big places other times he likes to go to mom and pop type shops.

Even though Kasey and Addison aren't on the best of terms, he loved that girl with all of his heart and he knew that when they were 16 that he was going to marry her someday.  He knew that he wasn't ready to ask her yet but to get her a promise ring was something that he could do.

02/03/2020 10:28 PM 

You will regret the day....

December 20th 2013 

Kasey had just gotten out of wrestling practice and he had seen that he had 20 missed texts and 5 missed calls all from Addison.  Normally when something happened like this Kasey knew that something was wrong.  The last time she had freaked out like this she had gotten hurt in cheer practice and she needed to be rushed to the hospital.  Pacing back and forth in the hallway Kasey bit on the inside of his lip.  This is something that he did when he was nervous and didn't know exactly what to do.  Should he call Addison or should he try to go and find her.  This was something that always pondered in the back of his mind when they wouldn't talk because of a fight that they had gotten into a week or so prior.  He was completely flabbergasted as to what to do.  "Damn it Kasey pull yourself together, what is the worst that could happen, you guys could break up again and not talk for a few days and then just get right back together again.  This has been going on for years with you guys just call her already."

Running his fingers through his hair he let out a soft sigh and scrolled down to his on again off again girlfriend's name.  "Whoa Addy slow down I just got out of practice, okay I'll be right there keep your window open and I'll climb up the trellis because I know your parents don't like me very much right now."  Hanging up the phone he couldn't help but feel panic in the pit of his stomach, he knew that something was wrong with her but he didn't know what all he could hear was her crying and trying to take a few breaths between the sobs.  Whenever she was like this Kasey did nothing but panic he couldn't get in the right state of mind, because when it came to her he will kill anyone, or hurt them honestly he would love her for the rest of his life even if they didn't work out.

Five minutes later he was at Addison's house and he once again had to run his fingers through his hair she always found a way to make him nervous.  Taking off his shoe and putting them in his backpack he made his way up the trellis and he didn't like what he saw. A trickle of blood dripped down his cheek. He'd regret the day he  made me bleed. "What the f uck"  Kasey looked up and saw that Alex was above him at the window and a growl left his throat and Kasey saw black when it came to Alex he had no filter,  Alex knew that Kasey and Addison were a couple but yet he would always try to get between them and he hated it.  Addison and Kasey had gotten into a lot of fights because of him and he was going to stop this once and for all.  Pushing into Addison's room he had tackled Alex to the ground.  "You are going to regret ever punching me in the face I will murder you, do you realize you just punched a guy on the wrestling team I can put you into a head lock in .5 seconds now I would apologize if I were you and tell me what the f uck you are doing in my girlfriends room."

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