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02/18/2020 08:52 PM 

No time to die

With the circumstances how they were, with threats and warnings coming in almost daily to the Palace, Blair decided to take matters into her own hands, handling things her own way. 

A vacation really was not advised in times like this, but the Queen of the upper east side definitely needed a break from the chaos of the surrounding problems. After packing herself enough essentials, she took off to the Hamptons on an unplanned, unscheduled and more importantly- unsupervised, getaway.

Of course, she was not allowed a completely unaided visit to her summer home, but the guards were strictly instructed to stay out of sight and out of earshot. She was more than determined to forget about the pandemonium that currently ran her life in the city. 

Little did she know how closely it had followed. 

The brunette, determined in her own right, slipped out of the seeming compound that the house had become and took a cab to a predetermined location. She knew she would have to slip her security at some point and had already had some of her clothes sent to where she'd be staying. 

Now, Vegas was not truly the first place that came to mind when she thought of a vacation, but with the current situation how it was and all the insanity that had taken over her life, the woman desired nothing more than to feel free and alive again. What better place for the heirs to let loose and find herself a whole new identity. 

Going under the alias, Amanda Beckett, the brunette let herself finally relaxed when she confirmed her extended stay at the hotel. Taking note of the small cabaret that was down the hall from the lobby, the femme headed down after changing and getting herself ready for the night of forgetfulness she was determined to have. 

Red dress in perfect contrast against the gleaming onyx tile, the tawny-haired female made her way to the stage once the band had finished the previous set, a single look given to the band as she slipped the pianist her song choice before turning to the bright lights cast down upon her. 
I let it burn
You're no longer my concern, mmm
Faces from my past return
Another lesson yet to learn

That I'd fallen for a lie
You were never on my side
Fool me once, fool me twice
Are you death or paradise?
Now you'll never see me cry
There's just no time to die

01/17/2020 02:31 PM 

The debt - part 1

In the void left behind by the death of  Bartholomew Bass, many things were left askew. He wasn’t exaggerating when he’d said he was mixed up with some powerful people and had definitely gotten the right idea on how to hide his whereabouts when he’d faked his own death. Though we all know how that panned out. 

Now, with his irrefutable end having been broadcast to the world, Blair found herself tossed into a world that was all new to her. Business was not a foreign concept to her, and that was all that her marriage to Chuck had been once the few days of bliss faded into reality. People with power did not often let debts lay to rest along with the dead, there was always someone alive and breathing to pay the cost. Unfortunately for her, she was now married to that very much alive payee. 

When the first unmarked manilla envelopes had arrived, they’d tossed them to the side, firmly believing they were from some twisted kids trying to get a rise out of them. Then they started receiving photographs- Blair, walking down the street, Chuck standing by a window at the Palace or Bass Corp. with notes attached.

If we can see you, we can kill you. Make the payments that are owed or meet an end worse than that of your father.

As more and more threats starter coming in, the company as a hole began to change. Neither one of them went anywhere without security- parties, clubs, work, even a walk down the street, they had people around them, constantly on alert and watching for any unfavorable movement. 

Blair, starting to realize that the world around her was shifting, started taking self defense classes- first a woman’s defense and slowly moving up towards tai chi. Along with her defensive studies, she trained with her guards on how to handle certain weapons- namely guns and knives, so she could carry one on her person at all times. 

She wasn’t convinced that payment alone would quiet the threatening messages they received, and on this her and Chuck had finally agreed. Until they knew who and what they were dealing with exactly, they weren’t going to pay a dime.

01/13/2020 09:02 PM 

Prompt reply - Trust Issues

“I don’t hold people close. It makes it easier for them to hurt you.”

These words... they rang through her head like church bells; loud and clamoring for attention, for some kind of help- an alarm she knew all too well.

Blair regarded the young girl before her, an uncharacteristically soft expression befalling her delicate features as she tried to find the words. “I know...” her voice cracked as the swell in her chest grew- the memories that lead to that very motto in most of her teenage years. “I know how safe that can feel” brows furrowed, her eyes dropped to the pavement below as she willed herself not to cry “but it’s also extremely lonely... and painful.” She took a steadying breath as her eyes drew up once more, her head shaking as all the words she wanted to say swirled around in her mind, hoping they would somehow fall into place.

“But trust me when I say that safety is never guaranteed. It’s a prison. One that you build and in time... in time you’ll hate yourself for it.” Her eyes welled with tears as her mind drifted to times past, alone in her room or sprawled on a bathroom floor- that loneliness and dread eating away at her soul. 

Swiping quickly at her eyes, she tried to hide and sniff away the tears that threatened to fall “Keeping everyone at arm's length.. it doesn’t stop people from doing bad things. They will find a way.” Her lips rolled against each other, sighing softly as the lesson she’d learned in far too hard a manner slipped passed her lips “and when they do... there will be no one there to catch you and bring you back on your feet. No one there to listen...” her head shook once more before meeting the young girl's eyes “Nothing is worth that... not even an imaginary safety net.”

01/13/2020 07:56 PM 

Prompt reply - Murmuration

After all that had happened in her life- though she was aware of how fortunate she was, Blair couldn’t help feeling anything but completely alone in her world. Yes, she had her friends, her family, but when it came down to it, each and every one of them had hurt her in some way and so she had developed her cold and controlling manner. 

“I don’t hold people close.” The words cut through her lips and left bruises behind on her heart, for she knew what they meant. Giving up, on love, on trust, they were just a means to an end- and usually a messy one at that.  

Eyes stoic and unwavering, they met the young man's gaze, a breath taken to solidify her stance, filling her with the confidence that she was right, “it just makes it easier for them to hurt you.” 

She swiped the hair from her face as the wind blew- nature mocking her as she tried to exude the certainty she so wanted to feel in her words. A moment of hope always glimpsed when she would meet people, but she quickly learned to squash those dreams. 

Hurt people before they hurt you and always have a backup plan for when they try and take you down. 

This was the motto Blair learned to live her days by, the mantra with which she learned to rule. Sure, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, but then you wonder why you're always sick. Best leave the pests where they lay.

01/13/2020 04:23 PM 

Prompt reply-Kailani

“Mistakes are made easily in the moment... apologies are not.”

The words cut through the air like a knife as her chocolate hues narrowed down at the petite blonde standing before her. Phone in hand, hip jutted out, Blair’s screen lit up, the latest gossip girl blast plastered on the home page.

Spotted: New blonde caught chatting with the King of the upper east side. Careful B, someone might move in and steal your crown.

As confident as she was in herself, one thing the young brunette did not allow was backstabbing, power-grabbing traitors in her midst. “Care to explain yourself, Kai? Or should I go ask him why you two were so cozy at the palace bar last night.” The screen dimmed as her arms folded across her chest, head shifted to the side, regarding the young girl before her, “I better get some answers or a certain string of gossip concerning your latest taunts might land as the headliner within the hour.”

Her stare was ice cold as a smirk lined her lips, the deafening tap of her glitzed heal on the marble floor echoing the walls of the Waldorf house. It didn’t help that Kailani looked so much like Serena- and like Serena, turned heads in her direction without even a second thought.

No one stepped on Blair Waldorf territory and got away with it, not in this town anyway.

01/10/2020 02:46 PM 

Victor, Victrola

Wrong step after wrong step had lead Blair to where she stood on the damp pavement of the sidewalk outside of her home, staring up at a face she thought she knew. The words that had left her lips had felt like a final goodbye as she slid into the car that would lead her away and alter her life forever as she knew it. 

Blair Waldorf- it could be argued, did not have an impulsive bone in her body. She had known who she was and what she wanted for herself from a very young age and there wasn’t a person alive that could tell her she wasn’t going to get it. Every step she took was calculated. She wanted power and prestige, and no one was going to take it away from her.  

Certainly not one Nate Archibald and his cold feet. If he wasn’t one thousand percent sure about her, she decided she didn’t need him. Albeit, a choice emboldened by a glass or two of champagne, but her choice nonetheless. 

Arriving at the venue, her brow furrowed as she read the face of the building; dark, dingy, some might say dirty.

Stepping out of the car, she met her friend at the door, the smell of cigars, alcohol and lowered inhibitions flooding her senses as she took a step towards him. “Where’s Nate?!” He called after her as she focused her sights on the ice that would heal the growing ache in the pit of her stomach. “He got tied up with his father...” she spoke softly, stepping past the curtain. 

At a glance, the place was one that she’d have sworn you would never find Blair Waldorf in- but the more she looked around, the more she felt the all too tightly wound cogs loosening while she took a seat front and center for the show. 

The dancers moving, showing a peek of skin here and there- a giggle erupted from her pink glossed lips. She remembered the dances she put on for herself in her room, how she’d practiced what she might one day do for Nate.  Relaxing against the back of the seat, she smiled and sipped from the glass in her hand, a playful smirk dancing on her pout “you know...” her casual tone exuding the confidence the alcohol gave her “I’ve got moves.” Her brow perked as she glanced over at Chuck. 

Had it not been for his challenging words, she wouldn’t have found herself strolling towards the stage, her beaded dress swirling as she spun around, back to the crowd. Her hips began to sway along to the rhythm of the song, fingers slowly pulling at the zip on her side. 

As she danced, her hands taunted at peeks of her skin, pinkies lifting the skirt of her slip just an inch before sliding back down the back of her tights. Every single step she had practiced by her lonesome- for her supposed first love, now given as a show for the darker half of New York to enjoy. Just a hint, a touch of what truly lied beneath the perfect facade that was Blair Waldorf. 

And oh, how hard it would be to put that mask back on once she’d broken free. 

01/06/2020 03:27 PM 

Waldorf Christmas 2.0

Another Waldorf holiday season survived... or so she’d thought. Upon her arrival home, the young heiress had come to the realization that none of them had actually sat down to listen to her, not all in the same room at the same time. As the nerve in the back of her head twinged at the thought, she’d stepped off the lift and into her mother’s house, heels hitting marble at an accelerating rate as she saw a peek of her fathers coat from just behind the dining room doors. 

“Daddy!” She called, her perfected pout puckering ruby red lips as her brows furrowed just so, eliciting the look of both innocence and sadness she knew would lead to getting her way. Hands tucked around his arm, she rested her head on his shoulder, a supplicant sigh escaping her lips before she spoke “Daddy, I’d really love it if you’d stay. I haven’t even gotten to tell you about my scholarship!” She whined before lifting her head to look at the man she’d always admired “Please? Just a few more days so I can show you around. There’s an event next week. An art show! Pleeaaaseee.” 

She wasn’t above begging when it came to her father. When it came down to it, she’d blamed her all too frigid mother for chasing him out of their lives and out of the country. There was little she could do about him moving back, but what she could do is plan the best and most extravagant Christmas redo this side of the island had ever seen. 

“I promise you won’t regret it!” She climbed on the tips of her heels and pecked a kiss to his cheek before he could refuse her, scampering up the stairs and to her room, phone in hand as she quickly typed a message to the one person she knew she could count on to help. 

S! 911!!! Need you to come over.  NOW!

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