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02/13/2020 02:25 PM 

↠ AC 161 ↞

↠ 01 ↞ 

q ↠ if you could live in any tv show home, what would it be? 

a ↠ charmed, duhhhh. 

↠ 02 ↞

q ↠ while showering, do you wash your hair or body first?

a ↠ hair, always hair.

↠ 03 ↞

q ↠ what is the most useless fact that you know of?

a ↠ cat’s have over 100 vocal sounds and dog’s have up to ten.

↠ 04 ↞

q ↠ when do you find yourself smiling without knowing it?

a ↠ cheap answer, but while spending time with those i’m closest to.

↠ 05 ↞

q ↠ what is your spirit animal? 

a ↠ owl/sloth hybrid.

↠ 06 ↞

q ↠ what is the first thing that you notice about another person?

a ↠ their eyes, especially when they twinkle.

↠ 07 ↞

q ↠ what’s something that makes you angry within a second?

a ↠ mouth breathers, easy.

↠ 08 ↞

q ↠ what is a cause that you strongly believe in? 

a ↠ anything to do with equality.

↠ 09 ↞

q ↠ are you a tattoo person? 

a ↠ YES. the more tattoo’s the better.

↠ 10 ↞

q ↠ do you enjoy bad/dangerous weather?

a ↠ dependant on the type. snow storms? yes. tornadoes? NO.

↠ 11 ↞

q ↠ how many times a day do you think that you look at your phone?

a ↠ pshhhhhhh, probably like a thousand.

↠ 12 ↞

q ↠ what is your favorite time of day?

a ↠ evening - 6 PM.

↠ 13 ↞

q ↠ how often do you drink?

a ↠ everyday, definitely.

↠ 14 ↞

q ↠ what makes you laugh the most?

a ↠ anything to do with animals. a talking goat? yes please.

↠ 15 ↞

q ↠ what is your favorite type of animal? 

a ↠ owl, but also RACOONS. lil trash pandas.

↠ 16 ↞

q ↠ do you believe in love at first sight?

a ↠ it depends. In some cases, yes.

↠ 17 ↞


a ↠ you’re a psychopath if you put milk in first.

↠ 18 ↞

q ↠ what is your favorite color of clothing to wear?

a ↠ i love a good tie-dye

↠ 19 ↞

q ↠ are you emotional or blank?

a ↠ it depends on the situation. most of the time it’s emotional.

↠ 20 ↞

q ↠ if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

a ↠ ophelia - the lumineers. 

02/02/2020 12:48 PM 

| ↠ AC 159 ↞ |

Guardian Angel. 

Harper Dillion. 

The thing with Harper is that she was one of the most beautiful souls that Callie ever had the pleasure of encountering. Harper would hardly ever hesitate to put Callie in her place over little things - such as her not eating enough or not showing herself love. She always found the candlelight in even some of the darkest situations. Even at Callie’s worst moments, Harper always managed to ground her - bring her back down from her sudden waves of depression or incessant panic attacks. 

Do you know that one saying? The ones who smile the brightest are the most broken? Yeah. Callie never registered that thought. The thought that maybe Harper was suffering in silent agony never crossed her mind. Everyone needed to break at some point - but not Harper. She always wore a smile, even though she was dying on the inside. It never occurred to Callie that maybe her best friend wanted to end her own life. That her best friend just wanted the pain - the aching trauma to just end.


The voicemail that still continues to haunt her to this day.

Callie, I love you so much and I’m so sorry that it’s come to this,’ soft sobs would be heard before a small sniffle. “I can’t. I can’t do it anymore. I can't live this life anymore.'

That voicemail was heard 4 hours after her friend had ended her own life. Callie was too late. Too late to save Harper. Too late to help her heal. What kind of friend was she? She was so wrapped up in her own drama to even entertain the thought that maybe Harper wasn’t okay - maybe that she was so hurt that she would slit her own wrists and bleed out on her cream-colored sofa. 

“Did you ever think that she was capable of something like this?” 

The detective held his notebook, ready to scribble down her answer. No. Not Harper. Not her friend. Not the only person on the planet that understood her - that understood her pain all too well. 

“Miss Harris?” 

Snapping out of her thoughts, she quickly cleared her throat so that it was lump-free to keep her words from hindering. 

“No. I never thought she would kill herself. Never. I guess I was wrong.”

01/03/2020 01:19 PM 

| ↠ AC 155 ↞ |

Aaron Baker. 

On the outside, he was a seeming trouble maker. Sleeves of tattoos - said tattoos trailing all across his ivory-colored skin. A drummer that was just so clearly up to no good. Except, Aaron manifested all things pure. He brought a certain light into the world - a light that Callie never thought could ever burn out. Aaron was all things righteous and admirable, but at the same time, he’d fight anyone over Callie within a split second. He made sure that she was protected at all costs Aaron grew up in a tight-knit family. Your typical white picket fence family, mother and son - until it wasn’t. At the age of sixteen, it was made evident that someone had broken into his home, while he was asleep, and sexually assaulted his mother. 

After that, he blamed himself. It was all his fault, he swore it. He should have woken up - heard his mother’s many cries. He should have saved her - kept her safe from the bad, bad men. That’s when Callie had to step in. She vowed to him that nothing that happened that night was his fault. That he was gonna rip himself into a billion shreds if he didn’t stop with the self-pity. “This isn’t about you, Aaron. It’s about your mother. Stop f***ing pitying yourself and start helping her heal. You aren’t helping anyone by fighting with your inner demons and ego.’ It was time for a little bit of tough love. She’d be damned if he was gonna wallow in his own demons when his mother was fighting hers by her lonesome.

Soon thereafter, just a mere 3 years later, it got very personal to Callie. He had to pick up her broken pieces after her own untimely rape. Callie wasn’t dealing properly, especially with Aaron dealing with it for her. He was drowning himself in alcohol and oxy. While he was trying to mask his own pain, he left Callie to bottle hers up. Eventually, she got through to him - broke down his walls when he ended up wrapping his car around a pole in a drunken stupor.

Seems as though when you almost die, you learn to get your sh*t together. It was a struggle for him, and he relapsed more than once, but the point is - he recovered. He found his strength. He began to help Callie through her issues - all while threatening to murder her assaulter, even though he had already beaten him close to death. It was hard for him because let’s face it, Callie isn’t the most open person in the world. She bottles everything up until the corks pop. 

Luckily for her though, she had Aaron. Aaron - her rock, her muse, her inspiration. He made her a better person, he made her face her problems. He made her believe that her assault wouldn’t define her or shape the change of her person. He was her one and only inspiration - he was the only person that she could find the strength to look up to.

12/17/2019 03:51 PM 


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