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call of the hounds / part 001: the birth of a killer.

  Dominik was fifteen when he first fell in love, and for the longest time he was convinced it was at first glance. At first, he believed she would never notice him, he was far too lanky and poor, and she was from one of the richest families in Romania, a country only know for its tales of dark creatures of the night. --- And for awhile she didn’t notice him, he’d seen her out and about, usually accompanied by her mother or another young boy their age.  Upon seeing the boy by her side, he had returned to caring for all the stray dogs he loved so dearly, maybe love wasn’t meant for him. Little did he know that she had been watching him too, curious about the poor boy with the hounds. Her name was Mirena.  

 The raven haired boy speaks to her one evening when one of the stray hounds decides to take a tear at her silk dress, and in a blind panic he snatches the small dog off the ground, hazel eyes wide with fear. He wouldn’t let any harm come to his dogs, even if the girl he loved found them repulsive, “I’m sorry about him, he’s only a puppy.” Speaking up, he can only hope that she’ll understand, dog’s were a lot like human children when they were young, except they used their teeth to ease their curiosity. She surprises him when she laughs, and he can feel his heart throb at the sound, “I have plenty more at home, does he have a name?” Dominik falls even more in love that evening, shocked that she would eventually become his dearest friend.

A few months later, the dog that had brought them together was shot by a man in the village, and he’d shown up at her door covered in blood, the body heavy in his arms. He was lucky that the person who answered the door was Mirena herself, otherwise her parents would have had him arrested for merely trespassing on their lavish property. She immediately stares down at the corpse in his arms, tears welling in her eyes. Dominik is dragged inside, her grip tight on his arm as she leads him to the backyard. That evening they bury the dog that had brought them together, promising that no other animal in the village would be harmed in his memory. They were nothing but foolish kids then, but that would change with time.

As their time together shifts to a year, his mother had lost another job, leaving them desperate for cash. When the week begins, his mother begins bringing home various men, and he doesn’t see her again until the sun flees the sky, replaced by the dim glow of the moon. Her face is bruised, and her dress torn, but she has money, and he tries his best to accept it. A dull anger begins to burn within him, threatening to erupt at any time, his mother’s new method of employment leaving him enraged. He wasn’t angry with her, but with the man that dared to harm her, to use her as some sort of piece of meat, he wanted to strangle the life from them, but he would say nothing, his mother barely speaking to him anymore. Stricken with overwhelming rage, he’d often retreat to Mirena’s place, burying his tired face in her shoulder. Gods did he love her, but he would never tell her, she still loved that other boy.

Winter comes, and with it he has grown to be sixteen, looking more like his dead father everyday. His mother often weeps when December comes, reminded of father’s passing after years of battling cancer. He shows no emotion, knowing he’d have to be strong for her, and continue to carry the family name, even if it felt like it had died with him all those years ago.  

The boy Mirena loves proves himself to be unfaithful, Dominik is the one to discover this one evening upon his return home. He passes an alleyway where he sees the boy locking lips with another woman, a woman that walked the streets for money to feed herself or her family. He holds no anger for the woman, only for the boy who was supposed to love Mirena faithfully. --- He reveals what he’d witnessed, and she cries in his arms that night, he says nothing to insult the boy, for she loved him, and he would not mock that. 

Another year passes, and they’re both seventeen now. It’s dark, and he’s walking her home when she reveals something he never expected to hear from her. She confesses that she loves him, and that they will discuss come morning. He agrees as he watches her run inside, a genuine smile on his face.

That night he falls asleep hopeful for the future, hopeful that he’ll finally be able to love her with everything in him.

   Emboldened by the returned feelings, he agrees to meet her that morning, and he does just that. The sun had barely risen when she finally arrives, taking a seat beside him on the ground. Hazel eyes turned to admire her, the infatuation bleeding through every nervous glance and gentle touch. She knows he’s loved her for years, but he’d been reserved with his affection, preferring her friendship over letting his foolish heart rule his actions. He’d never been jealous or hateful towards the one she had loved previously, he had only hated him the moment he’d betrayed her trust.

Scarred hands reach for her face, each palm framing a pale cheek; he touches her like she’ll shatter in his hands, his eyes full of genuine love for her, “I have loved you for so long..” His words fall short when he notices that she isn’t moving. Terrified, he releases her, and her body hits the ground. She lays there frozen in time, and tears streamed down his face. Horrified, he looks at his hands, and then over at her lifeless body. His love had poisoned her, his touch claiming her life, something as good as her had died because of something as evil as him.

Dragging her body into his arms, he hides his face in her hair, releasing a shrieking sob of agony. 

This was the first like he’d take, and it wouldn’t be the last.

12/02/2019 12:01 PM 

it all starts here ( 001 )


NAME: Dominik Cel Tradat.

ALIAS: The Assassin, Black Death ( before joining the order ).

NICKNAMES: Dom, Nik, Cel.

DATE OF BIRTH: 12/13/1980.

AGE: 39 yrs old.

BIRTHPLACE: Timis, Romania.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Blackhollow, California.

SEXUALITY: Bisexual.


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single, and terrified of intimacy.

SPOKEN LANGUAGES: Romanian and English.

HEIGHT: 6’2.
WEIGHT: 190 lbs.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Paranoid, short tempered, quiet, reserved, intelligent, skittish, avoidant, compassionate, loyal, and stubborn.

ILLNESSES: Severe sleep paralysis.

MENTAL ILLNESSES: Paranoia, and depression.

LIKES: Motorcycles, leather, dogs, silver, scotch, cats, snakes, leather bound books, and writing.

DISLIKES: Sleep, rapists, child predators, smoking, his family.

ABILITIES: The ability to paralyze someone by touch, he’s capable of using his mind to paralyze a target, but at a great cost. If he hasn’t slept then the ability isn’t possible, and when he’s able to use it, it takes a great emotional and mental toll on him. Due to his fear of harming the people close to him, he wears thick leather biker gloves over his hands at all times.


Born to a poor family in Romania, Dominik grew up expecting to live a short and rough life, his father worked until cancer claimed him, leaving him a child with a single mother in such an unforgiving and rather poor society. While his mother did whatever she could to keep a roof over their heads, he’d spend much of his time outside wandering the area surrounding his small and shabby home. Born an inquisitive child, he often spent time looking after a small pack of stray dogs, naming each one once he discovered them, they were outcasts just like him, tossed aside by the rest of society. Unfortunately, his mother abhorred dogs, so the pack of hounds was kept a secret from her. 

  Things took a turn for the worse when he began having trouble sleeping, whenever he’d lay down at night, his body quick to betray him, causing him to freeze in place and witness horrendous hallucinations. Often these would include; his father as a rotting corpse, his pack of stray dogs tearing into his flesh, or his mother being ripped apart by crows. And because of these visions, he began to avoid sleeping, instead spending time repairing motorcycles and broken down old cars to earn money to help his mother.

 As a young teenager, he soon found himself infatuated with a girl that lived down the road, and he was lucky enough to learn that she felt the same as he did. Overcome with love and devotion for her, he’d reached towards her to frame her face with his hands, only for something horrific to occur as a result. As soon as he touched her, she froze in place, unable to move her entire body. Fear had overtaken him then, and because he had touched her with such passion, his power had killed her. His village would label him a murderer, and his mother would disown him for it.

Pushed away from society, he was eventually grabbed from the streets for his abilities, and locked away because he was different. Being locked away for so long would turn him paranoid and driven by vengeance. He was not an animal meant to be locked away in a cage. Luckily he would eventually escape the institute, killing anyone that worked for them before he was recruited into the order by Alexei. 

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