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12/06/2019 08:49 PM 

Between a Laugh and a Tear

Between a Laugh and a Tear

God it hurt like hell!

Damon Salvatore was bound to a chair using heavy chains.  He was sitting in the same room with a well dressed vampire with a nasty disposition.  The preppy vampire was bound and determined to get answers from him that Damon wasn’t exactly ready to spew out in any fashion.   “You’re going to tell me what I want to know or I will lose my temper.”   The vampire’s chocolate hues focused on Damon’s icy ones.   “I’d advise you to listen carefully, otherwise I will take my information from you in a messy way.”   His sardonic smile actually made Damon’s blood run cold.

Sarcasm set in on Damon‘s countenance. He was a smartarse by nature.  That went back to when he was human and only got worse when he became a vampire. “I know a lot of things.  I doubt that what I know would interest you.  Who are you anyway?”   Damon was buying time even though somehow in the pit of his stomach he knew he was about to get the beating of his life.  He tilted his head to the right.   “Inquiring minds want to know.”

The well dressed vampire pulled out his handkerchief with a flourish wiping his hands in the process.  His gaze focused downward on the handkerchief and his hands as he spoke.   “My name is Elijah.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me?” Pocketing the cloth, he decided to approach the younger vampire taking a step designed to illicit an uncomfortable reaction from him.  This game of intimidation was nothing that Elijah had not been used to doing before in the past 1000 years of life.   Maybe this young one knew of him.  It would make things so much easier.

The sarcasm was starting to boil over once more.  “Elijah?  Elijah…  Um… no.  Can’t say that I’ve heard of you.  Is that supposed to be important?  Are you supposed to be somebody special?”   Damon had diarrhea of the mouth and he knew it.     His own attitude came back in spades to the other vampire who had an upper hand.   Maybe irritating the other vampire wasn’t such a good idea.

Elijah’s face began to take on a condescending smile that remained coldly calculating as his right hand moved out with a blinding speed striking Damon across his face.   The strike brought about a desired effect with a cut upon the lip of the younger vampire.   A crimson stain appeared on the back of Elijah’s hand.  That satin handkerchief began to wipe away that blood almost as if it was an instinctive reaction.   “You young vampires.  Always so full of arrogance and contempt.   I am an Original.  Show some respect.”

The speed and strength of the slap by Elijah had cut Damon’s bottom lip.  His tongue snaked out to run over his bottom lip tasting it as he pulled it back into his mouth.  His cheek was still stinging.  If he was human, Damon would likely have had a broken neck.  “An Original.  Got it.  An Original Vampire I’m assuming…?”  All he needed to see what Elijah’s brow lifting upward before he started to whistle.  “AH okay, got it.”

Elijah started to lean forward.  “What do you know about Katherine Pierce?”   As long as the younger vampire kept complying with him, he’d not have to resort to much more extreme measures.   He knew that Katherine had been in the Mystic Falls area in 1864 where she met the Salvatore brothers.  That information had just been supplied to him by Trevor about Katherine‘s location, but it only come to him recently.  So it was time to track down a hundred and fifty years of history in this mudhole.  “My sources tell me that you and your brother know her a bit too well.”

“Katherine?”   Damon rolled his shoulders as best he could as he was bound in the chair with a heavy chain.   “Yeah we know her.  Not a huge fan I’ll say.  She could go rot in hell for all I care.”  He had his emotions all over the place when it came to Katherine.  Spending all those years loving someone who didn’t give a tinker’s dam about him had tended to ruin his nurturing thoughts about her.

The answer brought about a response from Elijah that sent mixed signals to Damon.   If he didn’t know better, Damon thought that there was a bit of infatuation going on there as the mention of Katherine.  He knew that well.  He’d seen it in the mirror for over a century.   “I see.  And of her doppelganger?”    Elijah didn’t like the fact that Damon was looking too closely at him. He took one step backward.

 The fact Elijah semi retreated had not gone unnoticed by the younger vampire.   A slight smirk appeared but was suddenly erased when he mentioned the doppelganger.   “Doppel what?   Don’t know what you’re talking about.  You’re barking up the wrong tree pal.”   He was likely about to get another punch or maybe three for that attitude that just couldn’t stop.

It was like blood in the water to Elijah.   The left side of his mouth curled upward.  “Oh really?”   He had to find this doppelganger before his brother Klaus did.   These young vampires would only get in his way and cause him nothing but precious time in the process.   Klaus had something that Elijah wanted.   If he could procure the doppelganger first, then he could actually bargain with Klaus.   All Elijah wanted was his family.  He’d not seen any of them in nearly 100 years and it was time to gain the upper hand on Klaus for once.

“Yeah really.  Did I stutter?”   Elijah seemed like he was lost in another world briefly while Damon denied the knowledge he knew that Elena Gilbert was Katherine’s doppelganger.   He wasn’t sure what was all going on with this mystical tie between Katherine and Elena.  All Damon knew was he wasn’t about to let any mouthy bully vampires lay one finger on her.   Before he could further form another thought, a pain shot through his neck as something stabbed him.   Elijah was on him like an animal going in for a kill.  His neck was warm and sticky.   Elijah had stabbed him in the neck.  

“I’m not in the mood for the attitude of a petulant child.  You will tell me what I want to know and willingly.  Do you understand?”   Elijah’s gaze lingered into Damon’s as the compulsion started.  Damon’s mind went blank and all control over his mouth stopped in a far more obedient fashion to Elijah.


His head was throbbing.  Damon started to regain consciousness.   He had no idea where he was briefly.  His optics focused in the dark until he realized he was behind the Mystic Grill in a pile of trash.   He stood up slowly wrinkling his nose.  “EWW…  REALLY?”   He complained as he wreaked of two day old garbage.   He stepped into the alley under the street light so he could look at himself better.  

Damon had dried blood on his collar and an impression of a dirty chain across his clothes.  He stopped for a moment trying to remember what happened to him.   The image of Elijah interrogating him filled bits and pieces of his memory.   That’s when it hit him.  Elijah had compelled him to do something.   Compulsion wasn’t supposed to work on vampires.   What the hell kind of vampire was Elijah?   He needed to find out more about him, but a shower first.   He was absolutely disgusting.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

12/02/2019 06:14 PM 

There is a Season

There is a Season

The death of Liz Forbes affected Damon more than he cared to admit. Human attachments was something he’d thought he’d long given up, however since his return to Mystic Falls, everything was different.   He’d used chicanery in order to gain the trust of the sheriff in town, but that soon turned to an actual true friendship.   The bond of the sheriff and the bloodthirsty vampire was actually something quite lovely.   Damon himself was surprised by it.

That was one thing about the human race and being human that Damon didn’t miss.  The flesh was so subject to the weaknesses of disease and other frailties along that line.  In the midst of all that imperfection however, there was a beauty to being human that Damon began to truly appreciate when it came to being human.   Liz represented everything that Damon missed in being human.   He finally had to stop lying to himself.  He did miss being human so much that it actually physically hurt him.

Caroline had been right there with Elena when Damon first rolled back into town.   His manipulation and abuse of the blonde for his own gain ended up being rather repugnant.  It also blew up in his face when he found out that Katherine had been alive and well all  this time not giving a damn about him in the process.  It hardened Damon.  It struck him to the core. Damon didn’t feel shame for they way he’d used Caroline at first, but like a lot of things with the elder Salvatore brother, this changed.   He blamed himself for Caroline getting this close to Katherine’s vicinity and becoming a vampire in the end.   Caroline didn’t deserve this and neither did Liz.

Saying goodbye to his own mother was something he’d never done.  He couldn’t bring himself to eulogize his own mother or even attend her funeral over 150 years ago.  Stefan never really forgave Damon for that.  He didn’t forgive himself for that if truth be told.   Standing there at Liz’s funeral giving that eulogy that he never gave his own mother felt like a hypocrisy of sorts, but it was something he owed to both Liz and Caroline.

He was standing in front of a bottle of unopened bourbon while he stood alone in the Boarding House.  A single digit on his right hand began to trace the side of the bottle.   Damon Salvatore was not a really deep thinker, but he just couldn’t let this go.   Liz saw past the fact he was a vampire and gave him what he needed that never received.  She was like a mother to him.  Deep down inside, the vampire who tried to hide his own emotions, his heart was broken.   Alone with the bottle of bourbon, he would have been able to wash away the pain of the gnawing hole in the bottom of his gut that he’d lost a mother.   He finally allowed his hands to grasp the bottle and pour some of the amber liquid into a glass.   Vampires had the ability to turn off their emotions with just a simple thought.  He’d done that himself.   It would have been so easy to do that now, but he didn’t.

Damon gazed at the glass that sat before him with the alcohol inside.   He waited for a moment. As much as he hurt right now, his pain was no where near as what Caroline would be feeling.   There is always a huge hole in your very soul when you lose a parent.   The world just never seems to be right again when you lose one of the two people who actually brought you into this world.   You are a symbol of that love two people once felt and now that person who wiped your tears when you were sad or laughed with you when you were happy was gone.  That was something that you never get over.  You make it a part of yourself or you let it consume you.  His thoughts wandered back to Caroline. Damon picked up the glass and downed it in one gulp.   It was time for him to think of another person instead of himself for once.  Damon left the room reaching for his coat on the way to see Caroline.  It was time to think of another person for a change.   Before he left the room, he grabbed the bottle of bourbon tucking it into his coat.  Maybe he could get her to open any door for him if he had a bottle of booze to bribe her.   Copious amounts of alcohol might just due Caroline wonders.  Damon knew it would him.  With keys in hand, he walked out the door and into the garage.


Worry started to manifest.   Damon was not used to this when it came to someone other than Stefan.   It felt weird.  He picked up his phone.  He was trying to find Caroline.  Caroline herself wasn’t answering his texts.   His phone finally buzzed.  Stefan had texted him.   Caroline had secluded herself for now and was contemplating turning off her humanity.   He couldn’t let that happen.   Damon pocketed his phone and took off in his car.    He knew a few places to look when it came to a certain blonde vampire and what she may or may not have been doing.   

He parked his car.   The engine came roaring to a stop when he moved the automobile into park.  Turning off her humanity was the worst possible thing she could do right now.  Arriving at the door to her particular dorm room, Damon knocked on the door.   “Care?  Lemme in please?”   He wanted to talk to her.   He needed to be sure she was okay.   He felt as guilty as hell for everything.   Even killing Colin when Caroline was trying to find out if vampire blood would save Liz, actually gnawed at him.   Liz would never have wanted to live as a vampire.  He felt confident enough to say that.   He just wanted to see Caroline.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

11/29/2019 05:20 PM 

Animal **TW for GORE**



Winter 1958

His back rested against the cage.  Head resting upon his knees, his arms were wrapped around his legs.   Desperation, anguish, anxiety penetrated his very being.  Eyes that were the color of the ocean had dulled with the passage of time.   This wasn’t supposed to be what happened to him.  He wasn’t supposed to be here.  He wasn’t supposed to be some damned lab rat, but here he was.

They called it the Augustine Society.  His own nephew Joseph had been a part of these monsters that had put him in this cage.  Joseph had actually set this up as a trap for both Damon and Stefan.  Fortunately Stefan was not here.  Damon was the only one caught in this trap.    Damon Salvatore was a vampire.  He had been a vampire for nearly 100 years.  He was an inhabitant of this earth for the past 118 years.  For the past five years however, he was known by another designation.  He was called 21051.  Damon wasn’t alone in this hell however.   He had another vampire in the cell next to him named Enzo St. John.  Damon would have lost all hold on his sanity had it not been for Enzo.

In order to keep them alive, the Augustine society gave them rations of human blood.   How would their experiments go if their subjects were dead or desiccated?  It was a two edged sword.  Vampires were already undead by definition.   The bastards in the Augustine Society couldn’t keep up their playing god if they lost their subjects.  Damon remembered the first time that Enzo slid his cup into his hands. Fomerly sapphire hues lit with the recognition of what the other vampire was doing.  He didn’t want to take it at first, but Enzo insisted.  What was he thinking?    Reluctantly Damon agreed.   He was going to get them both out of there somehow, someway.

Damon’s head was still wrapped up in his crouched position when the cell door swung open again.  He didn’t even bother to raise his head.  He felt two sets of arms reach on either side of him pulling him to a standing position.   “Come on now 21051.  We’ve got a busy schedule today.”  Damon didn’t bother to help in anyway which made it harder on him.  They poked at him with needles filled with vervain.    He cried out in agony unfurling his body falling as limp as a rag doll.   He was easily drug out of the cell in front of Enzo and down the hall.


When Damon opened his eyes again, he was being strapped to a table.  Even though he was in pain and weakened because of the vervain, that didn’t stop the infamous Damon Salvatore tongue.   “Look Doc, we’ve got to stop meeting like this.   People are gonna talk.”   He glanced up at the man with a sarcastic arrogant gleam in his eye.  He couldn’t just lay down and die even though his body was starting to fail him on many different levels.   They didn’t have to know that he was taking in more blood than they realized.  

“We’ll see about that won’t we?”   The doctor glanced down at Damon laying there.  He was watching for Damon to show signs of recovery from the vervain injections.   He took the vampire’s chin in hand glancing at his face by turning his head side to side.   “You vampires surely do heal fast don’t you?   It’s time to see just how fast…”  Damon didn’t like the look in the eyes of the doctor as he looked down at him.   The next thing he knew that doctor was bringing a scalpel a little too close to his right eye.

It was the most intense pain that Damon had ever felt in his life.   The cold steel pierced his flesh without absolutely any anesthesia. The slicing with each hand movement was met with the scream of the bound vampire.  Up and down moved the monster’s hands as he severed each blood vessel. Each poke of this instrument of death moved with the skill of the surgeon’s hand. A slight error in calculation made the eye itself puncture leaking the optical jelly that makes up the eye into the cavity of the vampire’s skull in which it had been formed since before he was born as a human.   The now freed optical jelly poured down the emptied orbital socket of the vampire mixed in with blood from the blood vessels that occupied the eye.   The world as he knew it went black just in that eye.   The now congealed liquid flowed down the cheek of the vampire who was out of his mind with the pain he’d encountered from this barbarity.   What they didn’t realize that a saltine liquid was intermingled with the blood and optical jelly that emanated from the now empty socket.  As though he now possessed a great trophy, the doctor held up the deflated form of Damon Salvatore’s right eye.   Head tilted intently to study the organ he held in his hand.

Damon’s mind was wracked with too much pain and agony to even register what was happening to him at the moment.  Two of the attendants to this “surgery” unstrapped him from the bed and pushed him onto the cold uncaring floor.   There was no light of compassion in the eyes of the men in the room during this procedure.   The doctor still holding Damon’s eye spoke coolly.  “Now let’s see how long it takes for this to regenerate why don’t we?   Take him back to his cell.”

Damon lay upon the ground of the operating theatre curled in a ball.  He couldn’t think.  He couldn’t function.  He was a bloodied mess.   He didn’t even bother fighting them as he was picked up on either side by the beasts that brought him here in the first place.  They drug him down the hall and back into the holding area where Enzo was still located.   One man opened the cell while still holding Damon.  The smart aleck vampire had no words to say.  His head was lowered as crimson drops of blood that had followed their path from the hall into this room pooled in the ground.   They tossed Damon inside not caring that he landed in a heap.   The closed the door and locked it behind them.  In the hallway, the men muttered to each other about how to clean up this mess.

Damon lay there in that heap still shaking from the pain and the blood loss.  Clutching digits from his hands grasped at the eye socket itself that was already beginning to heal.  Blood saturated his fingers as nails did dig into the flesh surrounding his eye.   His body shook from loss of blood and the pain that was driving him to the brink of insanity.   Damon Salvatore in the middle of all this agony made a solemn vow that he would survive this and rip the throats out of all the bastards who had done this to him.   They’d beg for death, but he was going to make them suffer.  He’d make them all suffer.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

11/24/2019 08:31 PM 

The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger

Emotions were never his strong suit.  Even as a human, he had a smart mouth and an arrogance that often got him into trouble.   Very few times in his life did Damon Salvatore let anyone close enough to see beyond the walls when he was human, it was a cinch he wasn’t going to be that way when he was turned.     He’d been so hurt by people that he loved all these years.  He was afraid to let anyone see what was on the inside.

The worst downward spiral in his life had been in 1958 when he thought that his best friend Enzo had died in that fire.  Granted he left him behind, but that damned Augustine Society gave him no choice.  There was no way to save Enzo that he could see.  Instead of facing the ultimate guilt for not saving someone that he cared about, he switched off his humanity.   He couldn’t feel if he wasn’t allowing himself to feel.   It was better this way.  

Damon preferred to not be attached to anything or anyone even though he still held onto the hope that Katherine was alive   His love for Katherine was a constant for over 145 years.   That was when he felt that ultimate betrayal.   Katherine was alive and she didn’t give a damn about him.    Katherine made him feel like a fool.   His life had been a lie.   Even her trusted servant Emily Bennett remained devoted to her until the day she died.   

That was until he met her.  Coming back to Mystic Falls brought him back in contact with his brother and his great nephew Zach.   New sights, sounds and people in town meant that Damon had to reinvent himself yet again.   Everything seemed to go well even with Stefan and Zach.    When Damon met Elena Gilbert, everything changed.  From the moment he looked into her eyes, he knew that nothing would ever be right again.   He didn’t want to wind up having Elena Gilbert in his arms.   He hated himself for falling in love with his brother’s girlfriend, but he did.  Damn it all.   His heart was right in the middle of all this and he hated it with a burning passion.  He tried to ignore it, but he couldn’t.  Elena Gilbert was in his blood and in his heart.   He couldn’t live without her.  For the first time in all his existence, he actually felt alive.   He’d even started to miss what it was like to be human.

Along with Elena Gilbert in his life came two interesting additions.   Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett completed the trio.   Damon had done shameful things to Caroline Forbes and had treated her like a monster would.   What happened with him and Caroline was something he was still working out along the way.  What lingered for him was Bonnie.   Bonnie Bennett was different than Caroline Forbes.  Being a Bennett Witch was a part of it, yes.   But the irony was not lost on him that a Bennett Witch was close to a woman who was the image of Katherine Pierce.   Well they did say Karma was a b.itch after all.

Bonnie and Damon had a love/hate relationship for the most part.   He could tell that Bonnie had given him a chance because of Elena.   Damon had a soft side that he tended to show to Elena of course because he loved her.   Bonnie also saw a side of him that he only showed to Emily Bennett in the past.  It was really not a good idea to piss off any witch.  A Bennett Witch though usually meant that you were in worse trouble if you pissed them off.

He was not an emotional animal, or so that was what he told himself.   He had hated the fact that a brilliant woman like Emily had been in servitude to someone like Katherine Pierce.   The bond that Bonnie had with Elena was nothing like that between the two in the past.   Despite it all, he felt as though Emily had genuine affection for Katherine.  She’d have never defied the town directive by saving those vampires under the church instead of letting them be burned.   Yet Katherine had fooled them all.  Katherine had taken off leaving those that cared about her the most.   Sure, it occurred to Damon that Emily may have known, but in all truth, he tended to believe she didn’t.   After all, it was Emily who had given Damon and Stefan both their daylight rings in the beginning.

Bonnie had a lot of Emily’s qualities.  Bonnie was a loyal friend and full of love for those she cared about.   She was a good person to the core unlike Damon.  Damon was a monster and he knew it.   He was selfish and arrogant, or at least that was what he presented to the world so he didn’t have to have these emotional attachments that would inevitably hurt him in the end.   He pushed everyone away with both hands.

His fears turned out to be perfectly well founded.  Kai Parker, the bastard Gemini warlock had put Elena in a spell that would have her in a magical coma for as long as Bonnie was alive.   If Bonnie died, then Elena would live.  What was Damon supposed to do?  If he let Bonnie die, or kill her himself, then he could get Elena back.   However, if that happened, then Elena would want to know what happened to Bonnie.   If he hadn’t saved Bonnie when he had the chance, then Elena would hate him for it.

Kai’s obsession with Bonnie was well founded.  The Bennett Witches were more powerful than any other lines that he had ever encountered.  Emily had told him that it went back to Salem in the 17th Century.   He wasn’t sure of all that genetic lines and ties with magical outcomes.  He was just a vampire that was less than two centuries old.  By vampire standards,  Damon and Stefan both were just babies.   Considering that the Mikaelsons existed and went back to the 11th Century, it wasn’t illogical to assume that with age meant power.   It was like that for vampires, so why wouldn’t it be for witches?   It was all the more reason for Damon to make sure that Kai stayed the HELL away from Bonnie.   

The Boarding House was empty.  Damon was alone in the sitting room staring at a perfectly good bottle of bourbon that seemed to be calling his name.   Bonnie was his friend too and he loved her like Elena did.   He would go out of his mind if he’d lost Bonnie.   She was the only thing keeping him stable at this point.   With Kai Parker lurking around just asking to be killed,  Damon was always on edge.   He opened the bottle of bourbon and decided to pass on the glasses.    Damon needed something to help him think straight.   There was a fork in the road ahead of him.   Would he take the right path or the wrong path?   Damon was notorious for taking the wrong path all his life.  Would he do it again?   Or would his bond with Bonnie prevent that from happening for once in his life?

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

11/22/2019 11:18 PM 

Fortunate Son (period Damon)

Fortunate Son

What in the name of all that was holy was Damon even doing?  He stood looking at himself wearing that Confederate Grey uniform in his bedroom.  On the bed behind him was an open satchel with articles of clothing it in among other things.  Damon Salvatore was due to leave on this particular day to join the Confederacy and to fight for the Glorious Cause that his father preached to him about at every opportunity.  This was not something that he really honestly cared about, but everything he’d done to this point had done nothing to earn his father’s approval.  He had an uneasy feeling in his stomach when he stood there.   Everything was about the Confederacy and the honor of Virginia.  The whole thing made Damon want to vomit.   He didn’t give two s.hits about honor and the glory of Virginia.   There was one reason he’d do this and one alone.   Giuseppe Salvatore was a hard man.  He’d gotten harder since his wife Lillian (Damon’s and Stefan’s mother) had died just a few years ago because of consumption.  Somehow, someway him donning this uniform was going to gain the respect of a man who did nothing but loathe him when he looked at him.

Damon reached for the hat that lay upon his bed.   He was to ride out soon to join up with his regiment.  Who was he kidding?  He wasn’t going to be anywhere interested in fighting any damned Yankee or anything that involved hurting another human being.  Maybe if he could actually do something his father would be proud of, then he’d leave him and Stefan both alone.   Damon would do anything for Stefan.   His little brother was his world.

There was a sweetness about Stefan that Damon had seen almost from the moment they met.  Their mother had told him once that he was the child that had gave her the most worry.   Lillian had acted as a barrier once or twice in between Giuseppe and Damon.  That all changed when he took the blame for stealing his father’s money.   No one was going to hurt his mother or his brother ever again.  Damon’s mind was wandering when he slid a finger under the brim and raised the hat into the air.   He ran both hands along the outer edge.   The gold letters CSA were sitting in the middle of the hat right in front of it.  Fingertips danced across the edges of the embossed letters that meant everything to his father and nothing to him.   He put on his most brave face when it came to all this when he was around Stefan.  He wanted his little brother to actually admire him.  Maybe this was the way to do it?

“You look strikingly handsome Damon.”   His father entered his bedroom without regard.   Giuseppe was the master of the manor.  He could do whatever he pleased.  “You’re doing the Confederacy and Virginia a great service.”    The Patriarch held his head high and his chest out.   He stood beside his son with a hand upon his shoulder.   “Your brother is in fine hands while you’re away, Damon.  Rest assured.”

Damon’s arctic hues focused upon his father.  “How’s that?  You going to send him away?”   It was a sarcastic remark and he knew it.  He didn’t even flinch when his father’s hand came up to strike Damon’s cheek.   He turned his head away even feeling the throbbing from where the insignia ring was upon his father’s hand when he struck him.

“Let’s not ruin this moment with your petulance Damon.  You are going to stand for the glory of the Confederacy and for the right of Virginia to be unmolested by those beasts from the North.”   The overbearing father of the Salvatore brothers focused upon his son and heir.   “Damon, sometimes I don’t understand you.   You have a simple duty.  Why can’t you carry it out?”

The stinging flesh of his right cheek kept Damon’s bitter tears at bay.  He didn’t want his father to see him show any sign of weakness.   All he ever wanted from the bastard was his approval.   Now, he was beginning to wonder if he’d ever get it.   He said nothing when his father asked him that burning question.  What he wanted to do was spit in his father’s eye, take Stefan and run.   None of that was going to happen.  Giuseppe Salvatore was too powerful.   Damon was stuck and he damned well knew it.   If there was any other way, he’d take it so long as Stefan could come with him.  He wasn’t about to leave here without his brother.

Giuseppe was irritated by the lack of response by his son.  “You’ve got nothing to say Damon?  I was hoping that dedicating your life to Our Glorious Cause would bring you some sort of pride.  I’m sad to see that I was mistaken.”   He started to turn to leave.

Damon so desperate for his father’s attention and approval for once, swallowed that pride long enough to look his father in the eye.  “I’m sorry.”   He spoke in a silent voice.  Deep inside that little boy wearing the uniform of a man still wanted his father to actually approve even though he knew that his father was nothing but a monster.  “I’ll make you proud.  I promise.”   He was not doing this for himself.  He was doing this because it was expected of him.

Giuseppe’s countenance began to lighten.  He was a pompous ass who enjoyed beating into submission those under him.   It was discipline, he called it.  “Good.  See that you do, Damon.  Your horse is ready.  I’m having it brought around to the front of the house.  Say your goodbyes to Stefan and be on with it.”   The Patriarch left his son to go back to his duties.

Damon looked as though he could have traded places with Atlas and gained a lighter load.   His throbbing cheek had stopped bothering him.  He didn’t want Stefan’s last image of him to be one of weakness.  Damon was older.  He wasn’t supposed to let anyone see that there were cracks.   His smile and his glowing eyes were supposed to mask deep seeded wounds that could never be healed no matter how hard he tried.   He affixed his hat upon his head.  He was going to do this because he had no choice.  His heart wasn’t in it.  Would Stefan forgive him?

Damon stuffed his last articles of clothing and personal effects into the bag.   He tightly pulled it together with a mighty jerk.  Maybe it was a bit too much of a jerk as the handle snapped in his hand.   He exhaled forcefully and lowered his shoulders.   What a way to start out something he didn’t even want to do in the first place!

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

11/21/2019 12:47 PM 

Headcanon prompts

Headcanon Prompts

“Is that Blood?” Headcanon for glory and gore

Riverdale was not one of Damon’s favorite places in the world.  If anything it was like a pimple on the rotund of the world.  He didn’t like coming here in the slightest.  He found nearby Greendale much more inviting to someone of his distinct tastes.   He found himself outside this little diner with a hideous name. 

The Chok’Lit Shoppe was a name he’d not heard since right after the war.   The last time he’d been in Riverdale,  the Second World War was over and the Lodge Family was moving up in the ranks of importance in this cheesy little town.   He was currently behind the outside of the building when he’d cornered some young teenaged couple who were trying to do naughty things in the dark.   He crept in out of the darkness and decided to teach these kids that there were scary things in the dark.

Once he was finished, he was walking around the corner dabbing at the corner of his lips.   The sight of a girl coming out of the diner came right into his face.   She met his gaze without hesitation.   One look upon his face and she knew.  “Is that Blood?” she asked.

He rolled his shoulders forward in a half disinterested shrug.  “Nah.  It’s not blood.  It was one of Pop’s cherry sundaes.”   Damon’s grin was dripping with eloquent sarcasm.

“Why do you always have to be an a.sshole?”  Headcanon for Lady Susan

It had recently come to Damon’s attention that there were more things out there in the world than your average vampire or witch.   Confronted one day by an odd looking man that resembled a rooster and his pretty sidekick with brown hair and dark eyes, he couldn’t believe it when he heard it.   Between the two of them, he heard the sound of four hearts beating.   All that blood rushing around in their bodies was almost like catnip to a very large predatory animal like Damon Salvatore.

The female in the presence of the rooster was apparently his granddaughter.   They said that they were from another planet and have been a part of humanity’s history for a very long time.   “Well that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.”  He blurted with a typical smart aleck retort.

“Why do you always have to be an a.sshole?” she asked him with an obviously irritated tone.

His answer was a simple one.  “Because I’m a d.ick honey.  Get used to it.”   His grin was terribly sarcastic and he loved every minute of it.  

“If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to get you to shut up.”  Headcannon for Egotistical Crown.

Over the decades that Damon had been a vampire, he’d met some of history’s famous faces.  Some were normal humans that made a difference, like Bobby Kennedy and others were vampires that had been turned by others.   When it comes to a clash of egos, there was none as of yet that could even compare to Damon’s own ego.   He’d been taken down a few notches by meeting up with the Mikaelson Family.   That was another story, but to encounter Henry the Eighth in person?  That was something that Damon never thought he’d ever do.

History didn’t even remotely do justice to the arrogance possessed by the Tudor Monarch.  The day Damon met Henry, he was already agitated because of the feud with Klaus and Elijah.   Henry was pontificating on some sort of insane rant in regard to November 5th and some innocuous mess that happened back in England sixty thousand years ago.   Yeah, Damon knew it was more recent than that, but the annoyance was all too real.   He’d gotten to the point where he couldn’t stand it anymore.  “If you’re going to keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways to get you to shut up.”     The outburst by the young vampire would likely get him shot, stabbed or punched.  With the Mikaelsons having him in their sights,  he didn’t really care what former pompous English king could do to him.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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When the ghosts of the past follow you every where you go, is there any sanctuary from who and what you are?  Damon Salvatore had returned home to Mystic Falls.   He was a wolf among sheep and he knew it.   The older Salvatore brother hadn’t forgotten the look on his nephew’s face when he saw him in the sitting room with a bottle of bourbon in his hand.   That look was priceless.

Every time Damon looked at Zach he could see his father casting judgment on him again and again.   Human Salvatores with a hatred for vampires dated back to the early days of this damn town in the middle of BFE.    Damon simply rolled his eyes at the scolding from Zach and downed the bottle of bourbon without a second thought.   He was a co-owner of this big pile of steaming crap along with Stefan.   Zach had no say so in the matter.

Coming back home may not have been the best idea in the world when it came to Damon, but he did it anyway.   Every fifty years or so he did, just for sh*ts and giggles most. Something however tugged at him.   Maybe it was a hint of sentimentality for his little brother.   He shook that off immediately.   Mystic Falls had been vampire free since the 1950s.   Damon thrived on chaos, or so he continued to tell himself.   He did know the real reason why he came back.  It had everything to do with the one vampire that neither he nor his brother could get out of their minds.  Katherine Pierce had been the manipulative vampire bitch that turned them both.    Damon had loved her for all these years.   His own agenda included Katherine.  It always did.


The reunion with Stefan had gone as expected.  His brother had forgone drinking from humans and took up drinking from rabbits and other little fuzzy creatures. He couldn’t help but ridicule him and taunt him for this whole mess.   Something had brought him back to Mystic Falls and Damon wanted to know what.   He followed his brother at a distance one day as he went to town.   Stefan had decided he wanted to go back to high school.    That whole notion tickled him like nothing else could.   He wanted to be a kid again after 145 years?  Had he lost his mind?

That was when he saw her.   She looked exactly like Katherine.  Everything about her screamed Katherine.  The way she moved the hair from her eyes with a single thumb,  the way she smiled, the way she always had a crowd of people around her;  Damon felt like he had gone back in time again.   She was Katherine, but she wasn’t.   There was something else about her that Damon couldn’t get past.  She was a more gentle spirit than Katherine had been.   Damon sat in his Camaro just staring at her.   She walked toward the main campus of Mystic High with a group of others.   Before Damn could say anything, then came Stefan wrapping his arm around her.

That was it.  Stefan had come back because of her.  She wasn’t Katherine.  Damon knew that beyond any shadow of any doubt.   The girl looked exactly like Katherine.  She was not his Katherine.  Although it was obviously enough not only to lure in one Salvatore brother, now the mystique was close enough to lure in the older Salvatore.  This was all messing with his head again.  He didn’t need to feel any humanity right now.  The only thing that could ever interfere was the sight of Katherine Pierce or whomever the hell this was.   He needed to get away.  He needed to think.  So he did the next best thing that came to mind.


On the outskirts of town, the happy couple were laughing and cuddling.  They were both in a older model Chevrolet just looking for some quiet time alone from the world.   The girl had a head of blonde hair and narrow almond colored eyes.  She was a pretty thing that was a buxom delight when one looked at her.  The man in the driver’s seat was not all that much older than she was.  His arm was wrapped around her pulling her closer to him.   “I love you so much baby.”   He purred as he nuzzled her ear.

Her heart was racing being this close to him.  Her chest began heaving with each impassioned breath.  “Oh Tommy.”  She whispered in anticipation of what was to come.  They had a picnic lunch packed in the back seat.  They weren’t exactly going to eat food where they were going.

He was not paying attention to the road when he felt the front end of his car strike something.  They were both shook into the reality of what was happening around them.  She screamed loudly in regard to what had happened.   Tommy stopped his car.  “Baby, just calm down.  I’m gonna check.  Just stay right here, okay.”   He looked up into the rear view mirror seeing a dark form laying down in the middle of the road.  “Christ!”  He hissed through his teeth.  He’d hit someone.   He closed the door leaving his girlfriend in the car.

Tommy walked up closer to the figure in the middle of the road.  “Dude.  You okay?  I totally didn’t see you.”   He didn’t really expect an answer.  He expected to see a man smeared all over the side of the road as he got closer.   What he saw had not been what he’d expected.  The man laying there didn’t look like he’d been hurt.  He looked as though he’d been taking a nap right there in the middle of the road. As the boy lowered himself to the man, he pulled out his cellphone.  He texted his girlfriend to call 911.  “Dude.  Can you hear me?”  

The girl got her boyfriend’s text and began to call 911.  She watched him get closer to the man that was laying in the road.  She was far enough away that she couldn’t tell if he was alive or dead.  He was just laying there.   “911 Operator.  What’s the nature of your emergency?”   When she saw the man suddenly sit up, she screamed aloud.

The man sat up with onyx hues and long ivory fangs right in front of the boy.   With the accuracy of a cobra strike, he buried his fangs into the flesh of his cartoid artery.  The more the boy squirmed, the more the life giving blood shot from his body into the mouth of the predator that was glutting himself on his youthful vitae.   He dropped the boy to the ground without a second thought.

His attention turned toward the screaming girl in the car.  Using his heightened speed, he ran toward the car itself.  She had the door locked and abject terror emanating from every inch of her body.   This was perfect.   The vampire clenched his fist and punched right through the window of the car without even a second thought.   He snatched her out of the car by the neck.  Anger, hatred and revulsion were his response to her fear.   His fangs tore into her flesh with a powerful movement of his head.  Flesh tore away like ribbons.  Her blood spurted when he nicked her cartoid artery.   Blood always tasted better when it was laced with endorphins.

Once he’d had his fill from the girl leaving her completely lifeless, he rose his head slowly.  Onyx hues shut over long eyelashes.   The viscous fluid the rich red that signified human life covered his chin to the point of dripping.  His shirt was stained with it.    This was what Damon Salvatore needed.   Now he was thinking clearly.   He left the scene at the first sound of his accented hearing that a siren was approaching.  They wouldn’t find him.  They never did.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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Simply a Monster

Simply a Monster

It was a hell hole.  A little out of the way bar somewhere in the middle of nowhere that had a shady corner surrounded by the stench of urine and stale booze.   He sat there in the dark rolling a capped lid of a bottle of beer in his fingers.   He looked like he was probably somewhere in his early 30s to the casual observer.  He was a handsome man with the bluest eyes that anyone had ever seen.   There was a profound sadness on his face that was hidden behind a hint of arrogance and pride.

The bartender was an older woman with a smattering of grey throughout her hair and a set of red glasses on her nose.  Her grey eyes focused on the man in the corner.   He’d been so silent.  Just occasionally sitting there, the man would wave at her to bring another bottle of the same beer over toward him.   She polished a glass in her hand and sat it back behind the counter.  That was when his hand went up again.   She nodded snagging another bottle behind the counter bringing it along with her.

“You’re a gem.  Keep ‘em comin’.”   He spoke to her with a slight slur in his voice.   He was just barely drunk.  A century of being an avid drunk had kept him with a high tolerance to alcohol.   He winked at her not as a flirting gesture but as an acknowledgement of a friendly bond between bartender and customer.

She sat the bottle down on his table there in the corner.  “You know, I’m a good listener if you need an ear.”   Smiling gently at him, she was could see past the façade and the broken man underneath.   “Not gonna push, but I’m a mom.  I know things.”

He chuckled when he looked up at her.  His blue eyes glistening when he made eye contact with her.  “You remind me of my friend Liz.  She was a mom and a good friend too.”    The death of Caroline’s mother had affected Damon more than he cared to admit.   Maybe that’s why he hadn’t left this bar yet.  It was like he could see Liz one more time.

“I’m sorry for your loss, hun.  Really.  You stay as long as you need.  That’s just something that you need to heal from at your own pace.”   She gave him a squeeze on his hand like a mother would.  Her smile was completely genuine and Damon could see that.  “I’ll be right over here if you need me okay?”

Damon pursed his lips and nodded.   Why did the human race still show compassion?   If this bartender could see what he really was, would she feel the same about him being a man immersed in grief?    “What’s your name?”  He asked leaning in trying to keep back any sort of emotion.  After all, he was a monster.

“Sarah.   My name is Sarah.   What can I call you?”   She knew that pressing anyone for anything was never a good thing.  Something told her that there was a sinister side to her new friend, but he didn’t show it.   All she saw was a man who needed a friend.

“Damon.”  He told her.  Short and simple, his answer was to the point.   Humanity was beyond him or so he told himself.    He rose the bottle of beer tipping it in her direction.  It was a way for him to acknowledge a bond the two were forging in the middle of Podunk USA.

The touching moment between the two of them was put down by the sound of a motorcycle running up into the parking lot of the bar.  Sarah stood up and walked toward the door.   There was a man on the back of the bike with a head full of gray hair and a full length beard.  He was grizzled and wreaked of alcohol already.   He wore a pair of sunglasses trying to make himself look even better in the middle of this conglomeration of boots and denim.   The engine of the bike came to a roaring stop.  The man made eye contact with the bartender who immediately averted her gaze heading back behind the bar.

Damon noticed the immediate change in attitude of the bartender Sarah and that didn’t set well with him.  It was obvious that Sarah knew who this guy was and didn’t like it at all.   He popped open the bottle of beer and watched as the man who looked a piece of first rate redneck reject.   Slowly his temper started to bubble.

The biker staggered inside and began to lean on the bar.  “Sarah, babe.  Ya don’t need to give me that kind of welcome.   You know you like to see me.  I always brighten yer day.”   A couple sitting at the bar, moved to a table on the other side.   It was like the parting of the Red Sea.   This guy was bad news and nobody wanted any part of him.  This made Damon want to come closer.

“Nick, you know I can’t serve you anymore.  You’re not even supposed to be 100 yards around me.”   Sarah’s jaw set and breathing became measured.  Her heart rate sounded like a scared rabbit.  This didn’t go unnoticed by Damon.  She tried to walk away from him, but he reached for her arm grasping it like a vise.  “Nick, please.  You’re hurting me.”

That’s all it took.  Damon sped over faster than the human eye could actually see.  He grabbed Nick’s arm and pulled it backward throwing him against the far wall of the bar.  “You’re hurting the lady.  I’d advise you get on your bike and get the hell out of here.”

The man couldn’t believe that he’d been tossed aside like that by some punk kid.  He shook his head trying to clear out the cobwebs.   He strolled over getting in Damon’s face.  “You need t’keep yer nose out of business that doesn’t concern you friend.”

A slowly growing smirk crossed over his features.  His blue eyes started to turn a dark onyx.  A blood mask formed around his eyes.  The ivory of his fangs began to protrude.  “This is my business.”   He struck without hesitation.  Ivory fangs penetrated deep into the flesh of the man who was nothing more than a big bully.   The sound of tearing flesh and the coppery smell of blood wiped out the nasty smells of before.   Damon kept his fangs sunk deep within his flesh until the man stopped squirming.   The hulking brute fell to the ground at Damon’s feet.

There was a room full of stunned silence at this bar.  Sarah had a mixture of conflicting emotions that first rose with the site of Damon showing that he was actually some kind of a monster.   When Nick fell dead to the ground, she didn’t fear Damon.   She just could not speak.   The other patrons in the bar walked closer to the scene with guarded caution.  Finally Sarah spoke.  “Nick was my ex husband.  He beat me every day of our marriage and used our son as a punching bag.”   Her arms crossed with her fingertips resting on her neck.

Damon didn’t want to have to pull out his monster side today.  He did what he had to do.  His humanity was something he’d pushed aside and told himself that it wasn’t around anymore.  He couldn’t be a good person.  He was a monster.    He spoke in a firm tone to not only Sarah but the other patrons of the bar.  “Forget I was here.  Nick had a bad wreck outside the bar and it killed him.  Stay right here for 30 minutes.  You will hear the sound of the bike and the mess left behind.”   Compulsion was a vampire’s best friend.


Damon had set up the body of the man that he’d just killed and easily destroyed the bike the man rode in on this fateful day.   He poured a bottle of whiskey over the man, so he would appear to have been drunk off his arse when he wrecked.   Damon sat behind the wheel of his Camaro as he watched the people rush out of the bar to “find” the dead man.  He turned the ignition and turned the wheel.   It was time to go back to Mystic Falls.  There was too much out here tempting him to actually do things that good people do.   The thought of him turning over a new leaf after all these years made his lip curl up in a sneer.   Hardly  He told himself.   If he told himself that enough then maybe he’d believe it.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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