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04/01/2020 10:50 AM 

Salvation I/IV

Salvation I/IV
Guest starring Ardent with special acknowledgement of Hex Girl

The whole thing stunk worse than Enzo’s feet. Damon Salvatore was sitting in a warehouse with a pretty trashy book in hand, just trying to pass the time. “Are you going to just keep sitting there like a bloody lump?” The English Vampire was pacing back and forth as his temper was becoming an issue. Damon just glanced over the top of his book. “Can we just get out of here?” The agitation in Enzo’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard to Damon.

Damon slammed the book shut and dropped his book in his lap. “Dance on a fire ant hill or something?” The elder Salvatore brother canted his head to the right. “This is a really good book…” Truth was Damon didn’t like the idea of dragging poor saps back here to this rat hole so they could be torn to bits by The Armory’s pet project. He didn’t say anything out loud because he couldn’t. It took all the strength he could muster to keep some corner of his mind to himself. Images of his own mental torment in the bowels of hell had set ablaze nearly every functioning part of his undead brain. He had to have what little he could muster to stay sane. It was better off that no one knew the depth of his torment, not even Enzo.

“The sooner she’s happy, the better off we’ll all be.” Enzo’s mind had a sanctuary too. In that sanctuary was a certain Bennett witch that had made him a better man. He had his demons, but his love for Bonnie was enough to overcome anything the monster threw at him. He barricaded his witch behind a door in his mind that he’d never let that monster break. Enzo would make it back to Bonnie no matter the cost. The thing that worried him most was that cost was likely to be his best friend.

Damon left behind his book on the chair. His electric hues were clouded with the mental torment that he kept to himself. He couldn’t meet Enzo’s gaze for fear his best friend would see right through him. Damon firmly believed that he and Enzo both were buying their way out of eternal damnation. “You have any idea what I’m giving up here?” He prodded Enzo with a verbal barb.

Enzo looked behind him to see the book in Damon’s chair. “FIFTY SHADES is not proper fiction Damon and you know it!” He started toward the door to the warehouse with a deeply furrowed brow and curses pouring out at Damon that sounded like he was being called a barmy git and a tosser.

Enzo was sitting in the Camaro with visible agitation on his face. He pulled out his mobile. Hidden away in his phone were selfies from when he’d last held Bonnie in his arms. He allowed fingertips to brushed his fingers over the image there on the phone. When he heard Damon opening up the door, he slid the phone back into his pocket.

The door opened and in he came. Damon didn’t have that mental discipline that Enzo possessed from all those years by the Augustines. Enzo could train his mind to do things differently. Damon should have been able to do that but he couldn’t. Turning off his humanity helped in terms of leading defiled lambs to slaughter, however it still didn’t sit right with him. The small internal conflict ranked right up there with indigestion on the Damon Salvatore scale of annoyances. He glanced over at Enzo with an uplifted brow. “Ready?” He muttered.

“Just start the car Damon.” Enzo was ready to throw the first punch. “Let’s get this over with please?” Damon gave Enzo that spoiled brat gaze before finally starting the car.

The Camaro rolled past this particular biker bar where Damon and Enzo often went to knock heads together. It would be fairly easy to find a scum nugget there to drag back and toss in the slime pool. Damon wanted a bit more of a challenge this go around. What was more challenging than a hotel full of conventioneers? He sat there a moment just watching the bus that was already parked in front of the hotel. The Camaro and its occupants were far enough away to watch the bus empty. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

Enzo was watching the bus unload just as Damon was but not with the predatory gaze that the other was using. “You’re planning on snagging some bloke and using him as lunch for her aren’t you?”

“Duh. What else? A whole bus full of lonely old guys from Wyoming hundreds of miles from home? Bound to have a few prize winners rise to the surface.” Damon pulled the Camaro into the back end of the parking lot before shutting the engine off. He cast another look toward Enzo before he got out of the car.

Enzo followed Damon. The two were under a psychic barrage that put them both in this particular mess. He believed that he would be able to get away and survive this mess they were in, but something pulled at the back of his mind. He remembered how Damon crumbled under duress when they were Augustine Vampires. He knew Damon better than most everyone else did. Yes, Damon left him behind in that fire 60 years ago. He’d never forget that. Regardless of what happened in the past, Enzo was going to do whatever he could to get both of them out of there. Some things and some people were worth fighting for even if that other person was Damon Salvatore.

Damon didn’t know what was going on in Enzo’s brain. All he was thinking about were the men that began filing into the hotel with wide eyed wonder and pallid skin. These yokels from out West were going to buy his freedom from Hell’s flames. He would do just about anything to make it all stop even if it meant being a bigger monster now than he ever was before.
“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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Lady or the Tiger 03

The Lady or the Tiger
Damon cringed when Bonnie yelled at him. She was likely right. The annoying little turd burglar and his smug attitude was the reason why Damon had snapped his neck in the first place. “Well we have a little bit before wakes up right?” His magnetic hues started to twinkle with the ideas that were percolating in his wicked mind. He had the perfect solution. He flashed his grin to Bonnie. “This is a prison world right?”

Damon picked up the limp body of Kai Parker and tossed it over his shoulder. He started down to the lower levels of the boarding house. “The good thing about this whole mess is that this is my house. I know where things are because this place's been Salvatore property since 1912. My half brother’s spawn kept this place going right up til the 2000s. You remember Zack doncha? Well the basement has been there for a while. We just drop Kai in one and call it a day. Simple as that BonBon. I’ll be right back. Let me tuck the little twerp somewhere safe and we can plan on getting the hell out of here.” He didn’t wait for Bonnie to tell him anything else. Damon was just going to do it anyway.

Damon kept descending lower into the cellar of the boarding house. It was just as he remembered it from the 1990s. He knew they were stuck in 1994. There was just something about all of it that made a chill race down his spine or more likely it was guilt for what he’d done. There was no need to tell Bonnie what he’d done all those years ago. They had more pressing issues on their minds at this moment. It didn’t help that he passed a picture of Zach and his girlfriend. Damon tried to show little emotion about it, but he failed. Stuck in this prison world had an odd effect on him. What Stefan would say was that Damon was having an attack of conscious.

The stairs were off by themselves. Damon reached for the door with one hand. Pushing it open, he felt all the smells come back to him that he’d tried to put aside in all the years of running from who he was. He put on this big front that he was this uncaring monster who was selfish and self aggrandizing. It was so far from the truth, Damon started to believe his own propaganda. It was just him and Bonnie at first. It was just simpler to have her hate him. Truth was if something happened to Bonnie, Damon was going to hate himself more than he already did. It didn’t take long for him to get down to where the cellar was with all it’s locked doors. It wasn’t until he came back home in 2009 until he realized all that Zach was doing down here. He was counting on the cellar being somewhere between his memories of 1950s and 2009. It relieved him to find out he was right.

Reaching the first cell, Damon opened the door with a nudge of his shoulder. He dropped Kai’s body on the cot inside the cell without any regard for the fact that he was the one for whom this prison world was created. “There we go you little toad.” He walked out of the cell shutting it behind him. Damon’s own guilt temporarily assuaged he felt his shoulders lower. Kai wasn’t a vampire. He should stay here good enough on his own while Bonnie and Damon formulated their escape plan. He moved up the steps to return to Bonnie.

Damon closed the cellar door behind him. He was home. This was great for the most part. They’d had their plan to stop the Traveler’s. Damon and the others died in the plan, but instead of being returned to the land of the living it was taking a bit longer for him and Bonnie to get back. When he got back upstairs, Bonnie wasn’t in the kitchen anymore. He started to walk until he heard another noise from one of the rooms in the Boarding House. It wasn’t until now that he realized just how damn big the whole place was. He was relieved when he found her reading something in the library. “Twerp has been tucked away nice and neat like.”

He was proud of himself for thinking about the cells down below. He laid the key to Kai’s guest room on the table between him and the witch. He made his way toward his liquor cabinet to pull out his emergency bourbon. He started to pour some in a glass but decided against it. He just drank it straight from the bottle. “Please tell me that you found something in all your witchy goodness that'll get us the hell out of here. I don’t plan on making any deals with our little friend to get out of here. I’ll snap his damn neck again if I have to.” Damon muttered something else before taking a huge gulp or three of the bourbon in his hand. Damon's temper was short and his façade crumbling. Last thing he wanted to do was admit that he was growing fond of Bonnie Bennett of all people. What would people want of him next? Dressing up in a monkey suit and handling out Easter Baskets was definitely out of the question.
“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

03/19/2020 04:11 PM 

Ain't Misbehavin'

Ain’t Misbehavin'

1917 Monterey

He got there too late.  Damon Salvatore walked through the ruins of the migrant camp with his hands shoved into the pockets of his overcoat.  Each step crunched fall leaves that have landed on the ground scattered because of the cold winds of the north.  Magnetic blue eyes were darkened because of the chaos that lay all around him.   Bodies were ripped apart.  Humans were slaughtered all to satisfy the bloodlust of one of the most vile creatures of all time; a ripper.   Rippers were the bane of the vampire community.   This particular ripper brought Damon here with silent lucidity.   

Stepping into one cabin after another, the older Salvatore brother felt his spirits lower.   The greatest ripper slaughter that ever been witnessed was done by HIS baby brother.   All signs pointed to his brother Stefan being the architect of this carnage.   He wanted to be sure.  He pushed aside one of the doors.

Inside this particular cabin was a man who looked probably in his 20s.  It looked as though he was just sleeping in a chair.   Damon knew better.   Damon took a cautious step toward the man and he was still unmoving.  He reached out with his right hand to touch the man’s shoulder.  His severed head rolled from where it had been placed to land at Damon’s feet.   Damon’s eyes shut and his nostrils flared as he drank in a cleansing breath.   Opening them he saw something on a far wall that caught his attention.  It was a list of names written in his brother’s handwriting.  He knew his brother’s hand since he used to send him letters constantly during the war.  The first name in the list made Damon’s stomach churn.   Giuseppe Salvatore.    It was their father.  Damon knew Stefan’s first kill as a vampire had been their father.   He cast a glance back around him.   He had last seen his brother 6 years prior in Mystic Falls.   Despite what Sage had told him about being a vampire, he still felt guilty because he caused Stefan to fall back into his Ripper ways.   This was all his fault.

Damon turned to leave the camp of death behind him.  The knowledge of what happened here had been spread by Damon.  It was Damon who spread the word in regard to the identity of the Ripper of Monterey.  Everyone in the vampire community would soon brand Stefan with the name.  It was a badge of honor to some and shroud of shame for others.  Damon was starting to believe that maybe Lexi was right.

1920 Chicago

It had taken three years to follow Stefan’s jaunt around the US after Monterey.  Damon was staying close behind his brother and remaining out of his sight as best he could.  Stefan was gaining a reputation among vampires and a following of anyone who wanted to be on his good side and even those who wanted to be like him.   Damon tried his best to still enjoy his life but Ripper Stefan, his little brother, made it nearly impossible.  That was when he heard about a place in Chicago called Gloria’s.  Gloria was a witch who ran the hottest speakeasy in the Midwest.  With Prohibition the law of the land, Gloria’s did provide a smorgasbord of human delicacies to any vampire.  To the Ripper of Monterey, it was like drawing in a moth to a flame.    Damon knew sooner or later Stefan would show.

Night after night, Damon made his way into Gloria’s.  He tried his best to stay out of Stefan’s line of sight.   He was just around enough to follow his brother and be sort of an unnoticed guardian angel.  By endearing himself to Gloria, he pretty much cinched it.  The Salvatore charm made him more likeable than his baby brother who had taken an arrogant turn since Monterey.   He could have tried to get Lexi to help him, but he didn’t need a lecture from the Cary Nation of vampires right now.   Damon needed to do this his own way.

On this particular night, a coven of witches had decided to drink until they couldn’t walk straight anymore.   They were all rather attractive young ladies who had taken a shine to Damon.   The elder Salvatore brother had been drinking alone at the bar bracing himself for when his brother usually arrived.  He was going to keep his distance but still observe.   Having a crowd of sexy witches around him was to his benefit.   Stefan was more interested in humans as prey and impressionable young vampires to corrupt.   Just as Damon was about to succumb to the charms of one particularly sexy redheaded witch, he heard something that brought him back into his senses.

His name was being spoken aloud by someone with a decidedly female voice.  Normally he’d had avoided anyone calling him by name.   This time was different.  That voice however pulled him back.     He was about an inch away from full sweet lips of a wasted witch, when he stopped.   The witch looked wounded when he didn’t kiss her.   “Damon!  What about me?”  She pouted sticking out those sexy lips just begging for a kiss.   

He said nothing to the witch in his arms.  He simply winked at her sneaking in to steal that long succulent kiss.   Damon released his hold on her letting her swoon from a release of inhibitions caused by excess gin.   He stepped away from the bar to find out who was calling his name and why she was so familiar.

There she was.  It was the first real vampire he’d ever seen.  She predated Katherine by some two years in terms of vampires in his life.    What was it about female vampires that was his weakness?  She was the blonde nurse in the camp outside of Antietam.  It had been nearly 60 years since he’d seen her.  His fangs flashed a bit before wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her in close.   “Try to keep the morphine syringes away from me this time.”   He whispered with a vampiric grin on his face as his lips were close to her ear.  He licked the skin of her neck under her right ear just to be an annoying little s.hit.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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Animal 003


Winter 1958, Augustine Society

Damon’s only saving grace was a big Brit who told him stories to keep his spirits up.  Enzo’s story about his early life as a human did set in with Damon.   He could understand how the Brit could actually find a way to survive in this hellhole.  He’d been through something almost as worse as what the two of them experienced here.   Damon had been to London in the latter half of the 19th  Century.   He’d seen all those little faces among the crowds at the work house.   He may have even seen Enzo back then and didn’t realize it.    Right now, his mind was so racked with pain and torment, he wanted to just kill everything.   Stefan was a ripper.   Right now he wished he was the same thing.

The technician had come back to come after him again.   Hadn’t they realized that he’d had enough?   Utter terror and fear scarred the handsome features of the older vampire.  He was still not completely healed from the surgery from earlier.   Still their tormentors wanted more?   Granted Damon was the most recently captured thanks to his own human grand nephew, but Damon was older than Enzo.  Maybe that was why they were trying to put him through as much hell as they had Enzo.

Frozen momentarily the voice of his British friend had pierced the air.  What was Enzo doing?  He actually volunteered to save Damon agony?   What the hell was wrong with him?  They barely knew each other.   As they took Enzo from their cell block, Damon cowered in the far back corner of his own cell.   These were the real monsters, not him and Enzo.

Damon strained to listen from where he’d hidden in the back far corner of his cell.   He remained silent as Enzo’s own footsteps faded.   Damon lowered his legs to be at a perfectly straight line in front of him.  The back of his head touched the cold stone wall.   He had been here for three years of hell.   Why was each day worse than the last?   Simple.  It was hell.

While Enzo was off being tormented by their captors, Damon tilted his head upward to stare at the endless pattern of the stone overhead.   It was the same thing day after day.  He and Enzo had not experienced any sort of relief.   The closest they got to it was when they were put on display for the Augustines for their New Years Party.  They were the fountain drinks for these absolutely horrific human beings.   It wasn’t going to be long now.

Winter in Virginia was never overly cold.  Damon had been to plenty enough places that actually had snow that stacked up on the ground around them.  Chicago in the 1920s with his friend Clarisse du Volde came to mind.   It was the first time he’d really seen snow.  She took him to a pond that had completely frozen over.   Damon had seen frozen ponds before back in Virginia but this was something that amazed even him.   He’d actually gone ice skating for the first time in his life.  That was one of the first things he was going to do when he and Enzo had gotten out of their unjust incarceration.  Maybe he’d look for Risse and go ice skating again like they had just thirty years ago.    He had to have a life goal for getting the hell out of here.    

How many hours had passed, Damon had no idea.   Enzo was still gone.  Damon let his mind drift to a pretty blonde vampire who had been a nurse in a Confederate Army Hospital after Antietam.   Stefan had Lexi as a Best Friend.  Damon had Risse.   Maybe he’d even introduce Enzo to the pretty little French girl.  Then he’d have to kill Enzo for hooking up with his friend.   Damon actually chuckled at the stray thought of the three of them meeting in Chicago and partying until the morning hours.   Enzo had been held up in here for too damn long.   Damon wasn’t leaving without him.

Trips like this down memory lane were what kept him from going completely insane.  The stolen moments of escape brought sanity back to the vampire who had seen almost a century of life when in the beginning all he wanted to do was die.  Imagination was a powerful tool to the man hopelessly incarcerated and tortured to the point of exhaustion.   Long eyelashes curled over one another as both eyes were completely whole once more.  His lab rat uniform was dry now as was the hair upon his head.   They didn’t get any sort of real bath in this hellhole.   He and Enzo had just been hosed down to make sure they didn’t smell.

There was a noise at the end of the hallway again.   Damon was still sitting there with his back against the wall.   It was undoubtedly the bastards bringing Enzo back all mutilated as he had been just to see how long they’d take to heal.   Little did anyone realize that Enzo was just taking enough of his blood ration to keep himself from desiccating.   Damon was the stronger of the two.   As much as he’d like to take advantage of the bastards now, he knew he couldn’t.   The time would come for them to break free from their captors and make them all pay.   For now, Damon just had to play the part of a useless vampire with the designation of 21051.   There time would come.

For Damon it wouldn’t come soon enough.   If Enzo was able to see Damon in his cell when they passed by, he’d see the older vampire staring off into patterns on the ceiling with a blank expression on his face.  His lips were moving and no sounds were coming out of them.  A lone tear raced down his cheek.   It was from the eye that had been so brutally removed the last time Damon was on that operating table.   

Vengeance was going to be swift and terrible.  Vengeance would take the form of a handsome devil named Damon Salvatore.  Nothing human would be left standing.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

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Runaway 002


There it was.  Damon heard the sound of his brother’s rage on the other side of the door.  He insisted on him coming outside to speak to him.  The emotion that was bubbling forth was desperation if Damon ever heard it.  After all, Stefan had forced Damon to make the transformation after they’d been killed by their father for a similar reason.  Stefan didn’t like to be alone.

1864 Mystic Falls

Damon sat inside this empty house that had been a Sanctuary at times.   Innocence prevailed after Giuseppe had had too many brandys at night and passed out in his chair.   There were days that the wholesome Salvatore patriarch was out visiting various cottages not only in the rear of the plantation but some in the most rural parts of the county.   Damon was surprised that he and Stefan had only one elder half brother.

He’d changed his clothes.   Sitting on the chair beside him were the clothes that he wore when his father had shot him in the stomach and he’d bled to death.    His long, straight brown hair ended with curls around his ears that framed his face.  Brilliant blue eyes that mesmerized anyone who looked into them were dull and lifeless.   Damon was a freshly minted vampire and he wanted to die.

Katherine had fed him her blood voluntarily.  He learned from her.  He watched as she’d preyed upon the unsuspecting as they rode their carriages into Mystic Falls.   He’d even served as decoy for her on occasion himself.   It was intoxicating.   Damon wanted to be a vampire and love Katherine for all eternity.   She’d promised him exactly that.   All he had to do was to keep drinking her blood.  When the time was right, he’d change.

None of it was supposed to happen this way.   Giuseppe Salvatore had ordered the abduction of Katherine Pierce for being suspected to be a vampire.   Stefan and Damon had taken matters into their own hands and tried to rescue her from the illustrious town council.    All that happened in the process was the two of them being murdered by their own father.  

Stefan’s own resurrection had actually been disappointing to Damon.  It meant that Katherine, his Katherine fed him her blood too.   It was supposed to just be the two of them.   Emily Bennett told Damon that Katherine had compelled Stefan to drink her blood.   Did that mean that Katherine didn’t love him as much as she said she did?   It didn’t matter.  Katherine was gone now and nothing mattered.

Stefan had hungered for that blood that would make them take that step transitioning into an actual vampire.   Damon sat there alone in the house feeling betrayed hurt and alone.   All he wanted to do was die.   If Katherine wasn’t here anymore, what point was there?  

The moment Stefan returned with that girl, Damon felt something in him start to stir.   It was a burning hunger that ignited his very soul.   This was the allure that Katherine talked about when it came to draining the blood from some pour unwilling fool.   Watching the life leave their eyes was the greatest form of power that anyone could ever imagine.  Damon tried desperately to avoid that temptation, which is why he was hiding.   Stefan had broken that into a million pieces.  He couldn’t just let Damon die.

Stefan didn’t want to be left alone.

Current day Mystic Falls

Damon stared at the closed casket.   Elena was his sleeping beauty.  He couldn’t just wake her with a kiss.  He couldn’t allow anything to happen to Bonnie.  Bonnie did deserve to live a happy and long life.   He didn’t want to take any of that away from her.   Damon just wanted the pain to go away.

With his stomach doing somersaults, he just couldn’t stand here and listen to his brother pounding on the door.   They’d been together for over a century and now it was on the edge of two.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love his brother.  Even as much as it hurt to fall into line to complete the transition into becoming a vampire,  he and Stefan did have their good moments.   He loved his brother and at the same time he hated his brother.

Damon walked toward the door.  “Stefan, I can’t let you stop me.  I have to do this.  You’ll understand eventually.”   He touched the door to the basement with his forehead.   “Please just let me go.”   His voice was pleading even if he was in a great deal of inner turmoil.  It wasn’t like Stefan wouldn’t be there in 70 years right?   Stefan was a crafty vampire.   He’d have Bonnie around and Caroline.   They’d keep Stefan on the straight and narrow while he slept in a box waiting for the day Elena came back to life.

Damon sucked in another breath.  If Stefan was saying anything, his mind was so filled with angst and mental conflict it didn’t register with him.  All he could think of was Elena and how she was gone.   Elena was human now.  She’d have her life in 70 years after Bonnie lived hers.  Damon would be right there with her.   Caroline would be there.   Stefan would be there.  All that would be missing were Bonnie and Alaric.   This really s.ucked.  Kai was getting the last laugh after all.

Damon’s heart was thundering in his ears.  How long would Stefan still be there begging him to open the door?   He swallowed hard expecting it to go down somewhat easily.  The knot in his throat was as big as his undead heart.   He gave it a few more moments and silence between the two brothers.  

One Stefan’s side of the door, he would hear the sound of the door unlocking.    It may have been a huge mistake for his brother to be let into the room with him, but he wasn’t about to walk out of the room.   If he could be talked out of that room, then to him, Damon didn’t love Elena as much as he thought he did.   He stepped back from the door and turned toward the coffin.   The look on his face was the same one that had been there back in 1864.   Damon Salvatore was a broken man.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

03/05/2020 01:59 PM 

BL Drabble

BL Drabble

The fledgling nation was at a crossroads. Gaining freedom from being a British Colony had gained the attention of the world.  The Grand Experiment was being tested on a critical issue.   The United States of America was being ripped apart by the simple fact that half the country held men and women in chains of bondage in order to power their economy.   As long as slavery existed in the South then America could not truly be what destiny  called her to be.

For the small farmer in the South, slavery didn’t mean anything.  Not being able to afford slaves didn’t keep them from working their farms with their bare hands.  To those boys that weren’t planters sons the issue for them was the rights of states to secede from the Union.   They saw it as a continuation of what their grandfathers had battled against nearly a century before them.  It was the right to be a free nation all unto their own.  

For Damon Salvatore of Mystic Falls, Virginia neither of those reasons mattered.    The eldest legitimate son and heir of Giuseppe Salvatore was pressured into joining the Confederacy because it was his father’s choice.  He was such a disappointment to his father and the fine upstanding Salvatore patriarch let him know that in no uncertain terms quite often.  This was his attempt to try and regain his father’s approval, even if that was possible.  

He had enlisted at the behest of his father.  The Salvatore money actually purchased Damon’s rank as an officer and not as a member of the common rabble.  Still he’d not felt as passionate as his father or even other members of his own regiment for the South’s Glorious Cause.  He really wanted nothing to do with it the longer he was there.   The only redeeming quality of being there was the fact his father was nowhere near him.   That left Stefan alone back home to take the brunt of his rage.  Stefan was older however and he could punch back if the situation called for it.

17 September 1862

Antietam Creek was in Maryland.   The land was Union territory and the first real steps that the Confederacy had in terms of reaching into what would try and end things once and for all.  Lieutenant Damon Salvatore of the 3rd Virginia Infantry was surrounded by the sounds of cannons going off all around him.   The cracking and the whizzing of bullets made him tense up dodging things left and right. Racing through the literal hell on Earth, Damon's curls wound up matted with dirt from the impact debris that blew into his face.   He attempted to shield his eyes to protect his vision in the process.   “Lieutenant!”

The cry that reached his ears was that of his friend Henry.  Henry was trapped under the wheel of a cannon that had exploded after it was shot.  Damon raced over to try and pull the wheel off his friend.   He’d already lost too many friends.  He wasn’t about to lose another.   Damon ground his teeth as he strained to finally free Henry.   Just as Henry crawled free of the broken wheel, Damon heard another boom that split the air.  Right then, his world went black.

Three days later 

Blue eyes the color of the sky opened slowly.   “Take it easy there hero!  Glad to see you again in the land of the living.”  Henry's voice was too perky for Damon’s taste.   He didn’t verbally speak.   He simply groaned.   “S’Alright Lieutenant.  That purdy nurse with all them blonde curls has been looking after you for three days.”

Three days?  Damon had hit his head when the artillery shell landed tossing him 150 yards from where he started.  He didn’t know he’d gotten to the hospital, but he was glad he was here.  He could feel a bandage on his head in and among those dark curls.  Digits started to tangle among those curls.   He winced from the shocks of pain that shot through his skull.   “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  

Her voice sounded like a dream come true.  As Damon lay there, eyes that focused on the living world took in her shape.  She was blonde, beautiful and had curves all in the right places.  “Ma’am, I’m sorry. I just don’t know where I am at the moment.”  She was stunning.  Damon wondered why a woman like her was stuck in a place like this.

“Safe.  That’s where you are.”   Satisfied that he was recovering as he should be, Clarisse Du Volde moved on with her rounds.   “Try to be more careful next time Lt. Salvatore.”  Her smile was like nourishment to the soul.  Damon felt his muscles loosen as he sank back into the pillow.

He was jolted out of a sound sleep by the call of an officer delivering mail.  “Salvatore!”   He dropped the letter on Damon’s cot as he slowly sat up.  The letter was from Stefan.  Damon needed to get home, no matter what it took.  He stood to his feet holding the letter in hand. He started to walk in the direction of the exit of the tent.   He was watching his shaky steps when his gaze went upward.

He could feel the color drain from his cheeks.  The beautiful nurse that had been taking care of him was some sort of monster!  She was attacking a man that lay critically injured.   She rose to look at him with her features turning to normal.   He was paralyzed for a moment.   When she started toward him, Damon stepped backward falling all over himself to get away.

Vampires were real? The old fairy tales of the undead were actually true?  What in the name of God was going on here? 

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

02/26/2020 03:28 AM 

There is a season.

There is a Season

1858 Mystic Falls Cemetery

Damon stood there looking at the hand carved tombstone with his mother’s name on it.  She was gone.  The realization of the woman who had been the one who brought both him and his little brother into this world was gone hit him like a closed fist. The story was that  consumption was what took her.  She’d been shuttled off to that Sanitarium where she had eventually died because their father sent her there.  

Giuseppe Salvatore was a monster behind closed doors.  This fine upstanding citizen of Mystic Falls was a man who beat his wife and kids just for sport.  His temper was even known and whispered about by the Salvatore Plantation slaves.  They dared not speak of it when Giuseppe was around for fear of reprisal. Now they were at Mrs. Lily’s funeral. The man barely even acted like Lily had ever meant anything.  Stoic nature with no emotion is what he demanded of both of his sons.  He would likely have a mistress or two waiting for him once this funeral was over.  Damon knew his father all too well.

Damon stood there fighting a conflicting mass of emotions in regard to his mother’s actions, including her death.  They’d all lived under the roof of that tyrant afraid to say or do anything lest they incur the wrath of Giuseppe.  It was always a toss up as to what would set him off next.  Damon held back his emotions enough and often enough, he was starting to harbor a hatred for all authority figures with absolutely no ability to stand up to anything.  Damon’s big heart was breaking.

The sound of his brother’s sobbing snapped him out of his emotional turmoil.  Stefan’s little face was dirty and covered with dried tears. He turned his gaze to his brother who lashed out at the only one who wouldn’t raise a hand to him and that was Damon.  “Why weren’t you here to say goodbye Damon? You should have been here.  You promised!” He was screaming at Damon at this point.

Damon was too upset to stand in front of people to speak of her.  He knew he wasn’t the favored child by his parents.  That was Stefan.  It was always Stefan.  He understood the devotion to Stefan.  His little brother was innocent and naïve to the ways of the world.  Even though Damon sometimes hated him, he realized that Stefan was enough reason to keep fighting. It wasn’t his fault they had a rat bastard for a father.  His voice cracked when he tried to talk.    “I know Stefan and I’m sorry.”  The boy ran away from his older brother letting bitter tears blind his vision.  Damon just let him go

Truth was, he just couldn’t handle it.   Damon loved his mother, but he hated her too.  She got out.  She was free from Giuseppe and she left them alone with him.   He silently wondered if he and Stefan would be the next ones dead at their Father’s hands.

2015 Whitmore College dorms

Damon heard Caroline plead with him to go away.  He’d managed to get Stefan back thanks to the appearance of his mother whom they both believed was dead.  It snapped Stefan back into his right mind again.   That just left Caroline.   Damon knew she’d gotten Stefan to turn his humanity off to join her in their little murder spree.  Now was not the time to leave Caroline alone.  Caroline needed a friend.

Damon missed Liz too.  Liz had been a means to an end for him back when he first came to town, but things all changed soon after that.  Liz Forbes was a hell of a woman to be able to pick up and carry on after her husband left her for another man.   There was a stigma in the eyes of some around them in regard to same sex relationship being the cause of a marital collapse especially in the South. Liz had told Damon late one night not too long before she passed away that didn’t bother her.  She and Bill had parted on good terms with one common goal in mind.  They both loved Caroline very much.  Who couldn’t love Caroline?  Caroline came into her own when she became one of the undead. Some flourished as vampires. Caroline had made an amazing change when she became a vampire.  Even Damon had to admit that.   He could see why so many were drawn to her.

“Carebear, You might as well let me in.  I’m not going anywhere.”   He could just rip off the doorknob and go in if he wanted but this had to be her choice.  Caroline needed him and he needed her.  It was simple as that.   The early days where he bedded her to try and make Elena jealous didn’t work. All he did was hurt Caroline.  He deeply regretted his decision back then.  He was shallow and very selfish.  Being here with her these few years later had actually changed Damon.  They were all battle tested.  The lot of them had been through much together.  They would get through this too.

Damon felt a little self conscious being outside her door.  The kids were passing by in the Halls all with looks on their faces that betrayed a range of emotions.  Damon was getting a little bit more than antsy.   He knew she was probably going to yell at him for this, but he was going to do it anyway.   He took the doorknob in hand and slightly crushed it.   Once he was sure the door was no obstacle, he came in anyway.   “Caroline, please hear me out.”  He held up his right hand.  He had a bottle of his best bourbon from his stash back home.  He hoped she’d be willing to at least listen.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

02/17/2020 08:19 PM 

Fruitless Antipathy

Fruitless Antipathy

He was alone.   Damon Salvatore spent most of his time these days fighting bouts of self loathing and hatred while staying afloat in a sea of bourbon.  Life had changed for him and it just keep becoming pure hell on Earth.

It wasn’t just like sitting in the Boarding House and nobody else was there kind of feeling.   Damon’s brother was gone.  Stefan sacrificed himself to save the day.  All the kidding aside with jokes about hero hair and Stefan’s incessant need to save the world,  He’d really done it.  Stefan stopped Katherine’s final act of vengeance against Mystic Falls by preventing hellfire from consuming them all.   Oh his little brother bought enough time for Bonnie to do her witchy woo and direct the hellfire into the sky.  But it was her obsession with Stefan was what was her undoing.   Damon thought it fitting.  She’d ruined their lives and it was Stefan who ended it.

He was sitting in a little house in Mystic Falls staring at an old picture of Stefan from 1864.  It had been twelve years since that night.  Twelve years of trying to make a go of it with Elena had brought him more in tune with bourbon than it did marital bliss.  Elena kept insisting on him taking the cure to be human with her, but he couldn’t.   Stefan could have stuck a needle in him on that day, but he didn’t.  Instead of sentencing his brother to a mortal life, he’d only clubbed Damon in the back of the head with a rock rendering him unconscious.  Damon was still a vampire and unable to age or father children.  Elena was showing slight hints of grey here and there while talking about her biological clock.  When she talked about adopting children, that drove the final wedge between them.   Damon Salvatore was nobody’s father.   The spectre of Giuseppe Salvatore was all too real to him.  “So you’re really gonna do it?”  Elena stood to his side.  He looked down at Stefan’s picture before stuffing it in a bag.  He said nothing.   He simply zipped up that bag.  “Damon, please.  Talk to me.”  Her voice was filled with desperation.  Her dreams of a happy family and having babies all hinged on Damon’s decision about whether or not to take the cure.  Damon just couldn’t do it, not even for her.

He tossed the bag over his shoulder.  Slipping one hand behind her ear, Damon gave her a farewell that would have made the most romantic hearts swoon.   He kissed her deeply before taking a step backwards.   “I can’t Elena.  I can’t be who you want or need me to be.   You’re getting your chance to have the life you deserve but I can’t be in it.”  While she tried to plead with him in her huge brown eyes, his icy hues were set in grim determination.  He grasped her hand and slid his wedding band inside of it.   “Goodbye Elena.”  With that, Damon Salvatore walked out of her door.

Salvatore School

Alaric Saltzman was sitting in his office with a phone pressed to his ear.  It was his best friend’s wife, well soon to be ex-wife.  Elena spilled her story to the Headmaster.  The story of a couple drifting apart was one he’d heard all too often.  He was honestly surprised they’d lasted as long as they had.   He’d just hung up the phone when Wade came to the door.  The young man who discovered that he was actually a fairy and not a witch adjusted his glasses.  “Excuse me Dr. Saltzman, there is a vampire at the door that says he’s Damon Salvatore.  He looks like he might be, but I thought you had best come see for yourself.”

Alaric stood to his feet when Wade mentioned that name.  “Thank you Wade.”  He approached the front door to find Damon was standing there with a bag over his shoulder.  “You look like hell.”

Damon felt like hell.  His hair was disheveled.  His clothes smelled like a gym.  The light in the eyes of the vampire who had called himself “The Eternal Stud” looked like he just wanted to crawl inside a bourbon bottle and stay there.  “Damn Dumbledore, what kind of ship are you running here?  You gonna invite me in or not?  The kids are starting to stare.”

“Damon Salvatore, I invite you in.”  Alaric spoke it loud enough to be heard so the magical forces keeping him out allowed him to set foot inside the door.  He watched Damon set one foot in front of the other as he walked inside.  “Follow me.”  He was in no position to argue, so Damon followed him inside.

The students all watched as the vampire who’s picture hung over the mantle in the library was walking inside with the Headmaster. Whispers surrounding why the older Salvatore was back here began to circulate amongst the students.  The stories they were all told about that night twelve years ago were surrounded in a great deal of embellishment.  Hellfire coming from the Founder’s Bell was a bit for even some of the kids to acknowledge.  Even Alaric and Caroline weren’t there. They were in the car driving away from Mystic Falls.  Here he was. Damon Salvatore himself had stood face to face with Katherine Pierce and lived.

Alaric stopped outside a door that led to a private wing.  “Caroline insisted on saving a part of the grounds for you if you ever needed it.  It’s not what you were used to before, but it’s bigger than the little house you have with Elena.”

The elder Salvatore opened the door. It was a quiet sanctuary with a bed, a bath and even a few of the older things that had actually been Stefan’s.  “Had.”  Damon corrected before walking inside. He spun on his heels to face the mortal man in the eye.  “Look, I don’t want to talk right now Ric, Ok.  You just go on and do your thing.  Pretend like I’m not here.  Ok? Okay.  Byeeeee.”  He slowly closed the door in Ric’s face before dropping his bag on the floor.  He had some work to do, if he was going to bring his brother back from the dead.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet

02/09/2020 09:34 PM 

Mikaelson Dinner Party

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Attention Enzo
Before the Dinner Party
In Mystic Falls

Damon couldn’t believe he’d been given an invitation to some shindig that Elijah was hosting down in New Orleans.  First thing he did was call Elijah letting him know he’d be there.  The Noble Stag had actually gotten along with Damon when all this transpired some time back with Katherine and the cure.  He thought that a weekend gig in New Orleans sounded like fun.   He even told Elijah he was going to bring a friend.  Enzo St. John was getting married to Bonnie Bennett soon, so Damon thought he needed to go on one final hurrah before settling down.  How better to live it up than at a Mikaelson party down in the Big Easy? If Bonnie didn’t trust Damon, maybe she’d trust Elijah.   Damon snickered to himself before he called up Enzo.  “Get ready you big English Puppy Dog.  We’re going a road trip.” He didn’t even bother to give Enzo a chance to say anything.  In half an hour he was at Enzo’s door laying on the horn waiting for him to come out and get in the car.

The trip to New Orleans was going to take the better part of the day to complete.  Damon had been there several times over the years, but it all started back in the 1940s when he ran into Stefan and Lexi there. Stefan was going over as an ambulance driver.  Damon wanted that time alone with his brother but given what had happened some 20 years earlier, Lexi was right. Instead of being an ambulance driver, he found his way on board with Patton’s army through North Africa and into Italy.  Little did he realize but among those tea swilling Brits under Montgomery was a vampire that Damon would meet in 1953 in their own personal hell.  Enzo St John was one of Monty’s boys.  They may have even met back then, but Damon would have never known.   Enzo was the soldier.  Damon was the goldbrick.  Almost 80 years later and here they were on the way to the city that started that downhill slide for Damon.  He laid on the horn again waiting for either Enzo to come out or Bonnie to hex him to shut him up.  Damon smiled when Enzo came out with a bag in hand.  He simply waved at Enzo and to Bonnie who watched Enzo get in the car with Damon to go party with the Mikaelsons.

He didn’t bother actually listening to anything Enzo said while on the road.   Damon had thought ahead to pack a cooler of blood bags for the trip.  Damon just glanced at him and muttered.  “Uh huh, that’s right every once in a while to pretend like he was listening.  It always seemed to work with Stefan.  Enzo was a bit more of a challenge than Stefan.  Enzo could read him better than his own brother could.  At one point Damon leaned over and just smiled.   That sh*teating grin was one that Enzo knew well.  It meant Damon was just being… well Damon.  

It took the better part of the day to drive through to New Orleans. The two vampires could have flown down on a commercial jet, but Damon thought that was too boring to cut corners like that.  Driving down in his Camaro was a lot more fun. It gave the two of them time to just enjoy the road and the open air when Damon dropped the hood.  Besides that, Damon was old enough to appreciate not having to walk all this way.  Damon had had enough walking when he was a Confederate soldier during the Civil War.  Even as part of Patton’s Army he actually got to ride in a tank.   Those sweaty tanks were another reason why Damon liked his convertible.   Closed in spaces actually made him uncomfortable.  Call it claustrophobia or what have you, but the smell of sweat and urine was enough to make anyone enjoy wide open spaces.

They finally arrived in the wee hours of the morning.  Once in New Orleans, Damon had this little apartment he kept since the days of WWII that he brought Enzo at this hour.  It was in the French Quarter near the Mikaelson compound. They could head up some back steps and be unseen by anyone too overly curious.  They had arrived the day before the Dinner Party, so they had a chance to get in, get settled and get ready for this party.  Hopefully Enzo’s thoughts about an Original Family Shindig would lighten up before they showed up at the compound.  He could only pretend to listen for so long before the Brit would punch Damon in the nose and go back home to Bonnie.

In New Orleans

Damon kept admiring himself in the mirror wearing this tuxedo he got from this men’s shop that Elijah recommended.  The suit was made with silk and it was the most comfortable thing he’d ever worn in his life.  He was making kissy faces at himself when he finally realized what time it was.  “Come on Enzo! We’re gonna be late!”  He looked off toward the back room waiting for his best friend to emerge from there in the tuxedo he had made for him. “You’re gonna thank me for this later!”

Damon took another step backwards and even looked at his butt in the mirror.  He couldn’t help but grin.  He was a good looking single vampire.  He’d already spoken to Clarisse du Volde, Elijah’s adopted daughter about this whole party.  They had spiced up a few speakeasys in the 20s in Chicago.  Tonight they were going to teach everyone a thing or two about what it meant to truly dance.  All he had to do was get Enzo going.  Damon thought he was likely making kissy faces with Bonnie on FaceTime so that’s what was holding him up from going out the door now.   He smirked about it as these mushy thoughts went through his mind.   Enzo was undoubtedly his worst date ever to any party.  Damon was going to get his arse beat by both of them later, but it was going to be soooo worth it.

“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet


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