Tamara Wlson

In the tide-less night, I won't leave you here to drown alone. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone and deep beneath.


When the sun came up over the water and the sailor was all I could see, I found the sea in your hair. We're floating there. I'm safe, I'm safe when you're with me. Come on, take my hand. We'll sink into the sand alone, alone and deep beneath.

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Last Login:
November 17th, 2019

Gender: Female

Age: 25
Country: United States

Signup Date:
November 05, 2019


11/12/2019 12:50 PM 

Points Earned

Statuses - (Nov. 5 - Nov 9) 4 points.
PWD - (Nov. 8) 4 points
Drabble - (Nov. 8) 5 points
Sharing the group - (Nov. 9) 10 points
Photo Comments (Nov. 9) 10 Points 
Statuses - (Nov. 10 - Nov 16th) 6 points
PWD - (Nov. 13) 8 points
Owes List - (Nov. 3 - Nov. 9) 5 points
Bonus Points - (Team Lucas) 2 points
Task - (Nov. 16) 5 points
Total - 62 points. 

11/12/2019 03:03 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task (Nov. 10 - Nov. 16)

Please come home, I need you. It had been eight years since she had spoken to her father, not since he had sent her to rehab. He’d probably saved her life and for that reason, she was grateful, but she still blamed him for her mother’s death and she would never forgive him. He’d been having an affair for twenty years, had another family entirely and he had broken her mother; ruined her life and Tamara’s. She’d never forgive him, so why the hell was he texting her now and what was she supposed to do about it?! She knew her father and he would do or say whatever he needed to do to get his way, he had always been manipulative, but what if it was something serious? Maybe he was dying. Now she was just being dramatic, but she had been forced to deal with her mother’s suicide when she was only 17 years old, so then again, maybe she wasn’t being all that dramatic after all. 

Why? What do you want? Her reply to her father was blunt, but they didn’t know one another anymore. Even though they had both lived in Ohio until only a few months ago, he’d made no attempt to contact her. They’d been strangers and Tamara had gotten used to it, so why was he reaching out now and what did he want?! Rolling her light brown hues, she swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat and reached for her glass as her anxiety levels began to rise. What she wouldn’t give to get her hands on something that would take the edge off! Brining her glass to her lips, she took a small swig of the clear liquid and reached for her phone when it vibrated once more. Her father’s name flashed up on the screen and she opened the message. It’s Rosanna. She’s in hospital, She tried to kill herself.

Wow. It was ironic really that the woman her father had built a double life with, the woman responsible for her mother’s suicide, had also tried to end her life. Was he serious?! Did he really expect Tamara to go home and help him through such a traumatic time when he couldn’t even be bothered to attend her mother’s funeral?! She was 17 and she’d had to go through all of that on her own. She’d had no one to hold her hand or help her through it. He was unbelievable. The anger was bubbling away just beneath the surface and she was on the verge of an explosion. What was the point though? Her father wouldn’t listen. He never did. Downing the rest of the liquid in her glass, the blonde raised her hand and called out for half a dozen shots before grabbing her phone. Goodbye, Scott. Her father had lost the right to be called ‘dad’, a long time ago. After scrolling down, she blocked his number; cutting him out of her life for good, before throwing back one shot after another.

11/07/2019 10:48 PM 

Plot Bunnies/Connections Ideas

These are some plot bunnies/connection ideas that I would like to have.

1) Best Friends - Tamara and Muse B have been friends ever since Tam arrived in New York

2) Siblings - Tamara and Muse B are half-siblings, though they have no idea that they share the same father. Tamara knows that their father had another family (after cheating on her mother for 15 years) , but with Tamara being from Ohio and Muse B growing up elsewhere, she would never have considered that Muse B would be one of her mystery siblings. However, after a little too much tequila, the two get into a deep conversation about their family and eventually they realise that they are half-siblings. (I have ideas of how the revelation could come about )

3) Neighbors - Tamara and Muse B are neighbors in Staten Island - Corrina

4) Drinking buddies/Frenemies - Tamara and Muse B are great friends, but only when they have been drinking. When they are sober, they can't stand one another. - JILL

5) Rehab Buddies/Ex - Tamara and Muse B initially met in Rehab and fell for one anothekr before Tamara moved to New York. Things ended badly. - Erika 

6) Nurse/Patient - Tamara and Muse B first met at the psychiatric hospital but their friendship was anything but healthy. Tamara became far too invested in Muse B's wellbeing, to the point where Muse B could talk Tamara into doing things she knew could get her fired.

7)Ex fling/close friend (Female or Male) Muse B was there for Tamara throughout Tamara's abusive relationship. They were her shoulder to cry on and her go to person when her girlfriend would attack her, however, as things got worse for Tamara, her and Muse B got closer and they began sleeping together. However, after Muse B got into a relationship, they ended it with Tamara, though they still wanted to be there for her. Feeling abandoned, Tamara ended the friendship and cut them off. 

8) Grave danger - Tamara and Muse B are out late night when the car breaks down. They manage to catch the attention of a seemingly nice stranger, but he is not what he appears to be and the two find themselves in grave danger - 

11/07/2019 08:30 PM 



Crystal - Crystal is Tamara's ex girlfriend and first love. The two were together until Crystal flushed her medication and left Ohio without a word to anyone, not even her girlfriend. The two haven't seen one another since, not until Tam turns up on Crystal's doorstep in Staten Island, needing a place to stay.

Elizabeth - The two met and clicked right away, but Tamara is not a good influence on her at all, often encouraging Elizabeth to party and drink, rather than studying or focusing on her career path. 

Erika - Tamara and Erika initially met when the two were in rehab together. They got on very well and became close, sharing multiple stints in rehab. Eventually, feelings developed and they began to fall for one another. When Erika got out first, she promised to write and visit Tamara, but she never did. They didn't see one another again until they were both living in New York. 

Corrina - Tamara and Corrina are neighbors (More to come)

Elsa - Friends who met when Tamara overdosed (More to come)

Imogen - Met in Russia (More to come)

Sofia - Tamara goes to Sofia for help when she is charged with attempting to murder her ex. (More to come)

11/07/2019 08:11 PM 

Owes List

Status: 15/20. 5 more until cap. 

Gabby - Starter (Nov. 10) **
Elizabeth - Reply (Nov. 12)
Leo - Starter (Nov. 13) **
Corrina - Reply (Nov. 13)
Jill - Starter (Nov. 15) 
Crystal - Reply (Nov. 15)
Haisley - Starter (Nov. 17)

Aurora - Starter (Nov. 11) 
Erika - Reply (Nov. 14)
Sofia - Reply (Nov. 14)
Emma - Reply (Nov. 14)
Elsa - Reply (Nov. 14)
Clover - Starter (Nov. 16) 
Luna - Starter (Nov 15) 
Imogen - Reply (Nov. 16)


**Written and ready for PWD
UPDATED: Nov. 17 @2.07am EST

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