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12/03/2019 06:13 PM 

The End Game Battle, Evox's Revenge Open Roleplay

It had seemed that for Evox it would never had come so close. He had his whole plan of revenge on the beast rangers. Evil avatars Roxy and Blaze had been destroyed now the green and gold beast rangers. Scrozzle had found and detected a unlimited supply of morph x in a forest enough to bring Evox into a new body and to leave cyber dimension take over the morphing grid but it was thwarted after Roxy and Blaze went on a mission by Doctor K to shut it down. Seemed like that Evox and his army were depleted after defeat of Vargoyle but it was getting better. After Betty Burke aligned herself with him, he transformed her into a evil bad ass warrior infecting her with his virus and pumped her up with morph x proving successful. Also Ravi was blue beast ranger had taken fury cells back to Evox becoming a evil avatar. Along with Steel being reprogrammed into a evil assassin for Evox, then getting Nate as a assistant. The army now turned around and Evox had it. He was sick of beast rangers ruining all his plans. So he came up with a plan with Scrozzle to trap the beast rangers in the cyber dimension to finally rid of them. So Scrozzle churned up some morph x and using his new transporting system. He then had somehow had teleported Roxy, Blaze, Devon, and Zoey there. Setting them up was so easy. Evox got prepared then he attacked them with his Tronics telling Scrozzle anything happens to him to take the army and go take over morphing grid. He had made himself big trying to stomp on the beast rangers. Then grabbing at them. 

12/02/2019 05:58 PM 

Camille, General Of Evil Empire, Lord Moltor

Camille is Dai Shi's servant, an ill-tempered user of the Chameleon spirit, which gives her the ability to camouflage into her backgrounds and use her tongue as a weapon in battle. She can also change into a Chameleon-like warrior for her battle mode, using a pair of sai as her weapons of choice.

She acts as the secondary antagonist, and later Ranger ally, of Jungle Fury. Once Grizaka took over, she and Dai Shi became side antagonists and she was reduced to trietary antagonist once again when Scorch and the Phantom Beasts arrived. She remained quietly inside a wall of his palace for 10,000 years until Dai Shi returned in Jarrod's body, resuming her role as his second in command. She serves Dai Shi out of devoted passion, proving herself by perfecting her abilities by withstanding the Claw Cannon and absorbing a bit of its energy before saving her master from Naja, slicing off his Life Talons for Dai Shi to use in his search for the Overlords. Her other various abilities include boosting the power of the Rinshi Beasts.

It is hinted that she may have feelings for Dai Shi/Jarrod as she commented that she found Dai Shi's new body to be attractive and she strives to gain his favor. She was also displeased at Dai Shi's change of personality after Carnisoar's training, deciding to resurrect Jellica to accomplish that. She also openly comments that she cares for him to Lily while she was in disguise. Despite his cold treatment of her, Jarrod may carry the same feelings for her as he saved her twice from Jellica's wrath, though the second time he said it was because she was still of use. She spares Lily's life when given the opportunity to destroy her, showing Camille has good inside of her that she is withholding.

Camille is followed, and annoyed by, the tiny fly, Flit. She once fought him as a human and cursed him by changing him into his current form and then swallowed him. As a part of the curse, Flit must stay in Camille's stomach or die. While she normally shows him aggression, she has shown a softer side to him meaning she may care about him. Camille had successfully stolen the Control Dagger from Dominic to give to Jarrod. When at the Rhino Nexus, she was attacked by Sand Snakes only to be saved by Dai Shi.

Camille later informed Jarrod/Dai Shi that Dr. Silvia Jennings has five of the Crystal Eyes when the time of the revival draws near. She infiltrated the Research Center and obtained the 5 Crystal Eyes only to fight Casey. The Rinshi that seized Dr. Jennings served as a diversion for Camille to get away with the Crystal Eyes and present them to Jarrod/Dai Shi. Following the destruction of Unidoom, Camille concludes that she needs Rinzin Power and tries to convince some of the Phantom Beast Warriors to give her some, but they act like she is joking and refuse.  Once Dai Shi becomes the Phantom Beast King, he makes Camille into a Phantom Beast General and gives her Rinzin Power. With her suggestion, she receives the spirit of the Phoenix. She would later be referred to, in this new form, by Scorch and Snapper, as Camille Phoenix. She fought with a spiritless Casey and a Rinzin deprived Whiger when they arrived to free the other Rangers, bested by the combined efforts of the two Tiger Spirits.

She stole a cloning formula from a scientist named Maryl Snyder and used it on Grinder. Afterwards, Camille begins to become targeted by Scorch as she is unknowingly helping Jarrod regain control over himself due to the fact that it is really Jarrod that has feelings for her, rather than Dai Shi. When Jarrod was being attacked by Dai Shi after separating (because he makes the decision to refrain from destroying Casey), Camille ran in to protect Jarrod, losing her Rinzin powers and immortality in the process. Soon after, she helps the rangers in battling Scorch and destroying Snapper.

Powers and abilities.

  • Strength-As one of the main antagonists of Jungle Fury, Camile has strength far exceeding any Rinshi or monster. The only ones stronger than her were Dai Shi, Grizzaka, and the Phantom Beast (Generals)
  • Transformation-Camile can transform into either her Green Cameleon Warrior or Pheonix Armour at will..
  • Wall Phasing-As shown when we were first introduced to her, Camile can phase into and out of walls.
  • Immortality-Camile is immortal or at least has longevity as she waited in that wall for thousands of years, waiting for her master to return.
  • Disguise: Camille can disguise herself as a human by changing her clothes and hair colour.

12/02/2019 05:54 PM 

Broodwing General Of Evil Empire, Lord Moltor

Broodwing is a three-eyed vampire bat-like alien who is encased in an artificial environment as demonstrated by the jar on his head. 

Broodwing is a very evil yet also unemotional alien that was selling weapons, creatures, and robots to anyone who could afford it. He only cared about the money he made and nothing about the destruction that follows.

Broodwing takes pride in his merchant skills and begins to plot revenge on Emperor Gruumm when he starts ordering him to offer his services while refusing to pay. He later came into contact with Gruumm and started being his weapons and Krybot supplier, as well as finding and corrupting monsters to help serve their purposes.

Eventually, when Gruumm stopped paying him for his services, Broodwing went rogue and vowed to defeat the S.P.D. Rangers himself and take down the Troobian Empire as well. In the final scenes, when the S.P.D. Earth Commander, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, was captured by the rogue A-Squad Rangers and brought to Gruumm's spacecraft, Broodwing took advantage of this and invaded the Delta Base with four monsters and a Krybot army and activate the Delta Command Megazord.

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