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04/10/2020 07:44 PM 

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Moodboard FEB 10

ONE: Her Mother. Although things weren't always easy between Indigo and her mother, she was her best friend and her mother's death devastated her. She loves her mother more than anything and not being able to say goodbye is one of her biggest regrets. 

TWO: The unholy trinity. Haisley and Jacelyn; her best friend/roommate and ex wife are two of the most important people in her life and she wouldn't be where she is without them She loves them to death. 

THREE: Indigo loves romantic gestures and just romance in general. She likes to pretend that she is a tough nut, but deep down she is about as romantic as they come.

FOUR: Harry Potter. Indigo is O B S E S S E D. She loves reading the books and has read every single one of them as well as watched the movies multiple times. She will collect anything from the franchise. She absolutely loves it. 

FIVE: Food. Indigo loves food and can often be seen stuffing her face. Pizza is her all time favourite, but she will eat any and all food.

SIX: Partying and drinking. Indigo has been a party girl since she was 15 years old, though her mother's death only made it worse. She loves to drink and can often be found at the bar.  

01/22/2020 12:20 PM 

Tunes Tuesday

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01/19/2020 05:16 PM 

Stand Up Sunday Jan. 19. 2020

As a child, Indigo had learned from an early age that if you lost something, it could easily be replaced. If she lost her toys, her parents would go out and buy her new ones, if the nanny quit or was fired, her parents would go out and hire a new one, if her dog ran away, her parents would go and get her a new puppy. It didn't matter what it was that she lost, her tears would quickly dry. However, when she was twelve years old, she learned that not everything she lost could be replaced so easily and that some tears never completely dried. First it was her mother's death, a tragic accident that she blamed herself for, and then three weeks later, it was her best friend's suicide. What made someone so young, want to end their life like that? Indigo was left devastated and unable to understand. 

As Highschool arrived, Indigo couldn't help but think about her friend, her best friend. The two should have been starting high school together, but instead Indigo was navigating it alone. It had been during her years at high school that she heard about the Jed Foundation; an organization that was founded by a couple who had lost their son to suicide. People had come into her school to educate her class on ways to cope with those thoughts and how to navigate the teenage years and it was then that she'd decided to get involved. She wanted to do whatever she could to help teenagers who were going through that; help that she wished she'd been able to give her friend.

12/27/2019 06:25 PM 

Cozy Week Task

“Holy sh*t! Call the fire department!” Indigo shouted as smoke began to fill the kitchen and small bright orange flames shot out from the now open oven door. She had never been much of a Christmas person because of all of the memories that she associated with the holidays, but every year since she could remember, her family had cooked a lovely roast for Christmas dinner and that was a tradition that she planned to uphold. It had been one hell of a year for her family already and she knew that both her father and eldest sister were feeling down; December was always a rough month for the Winters. The 1st of December marked her mother’s birthday and the 24th of December marked her elder sister’s birthday and her subsequent death. The entire month was filled with mourning, so it was hard to find any room for Christmas Spirit. However, following her latest stint in rehab, Indigo knew that she had a lot of grovelling to do. 

“You don’t need the fire department. You just need this!” Came a voice from beside her. Rolling her light blue hues, the blonde glanced beside her and reached for the red fire extinguisher. The flames weren’t out of control and the smoke alarm hadn’t gone off yet, so Indigo knew that her initial reaction had been a slight overreaction, but there were flames so she’d panicked! Pulling the pin, the blonde broke the seal and aimed it at the oven before squeezing the handle and spraying the chemicals at the bright flames. All she wanted to do was do something nice for her family. It had never been perfect between them, but they were her family and she loved them more than she cared to admit. They weren’t close and they never would be; there were too many issues between them, but she hoped by cooking Christmas dinner for her family, it would be like a sort of olive branch. She’d done nothing but let her family down and do things that she knew would have disappointed her mother, so she was hoping that now that would all change. 

Taking a deep breath, Indigo placed the red empty red bottle down and waved a hand in the air in an attempt to get rid of the lingering smoke that surrounded her. “Thanks’ Savvy,” Indigo said to her sister, forcing a small smile as she grabbed the oven gloves and slipped her freshly manicured hands inside. Leaning in, she grabbed hold of the oven tray and pulled it from the oven to see nothing but charcoal coloured chicken; the chicken that was now completely unrecognisable. “Sh*t,” she mumbled, throwing the tray and the chicken into the sink. “I guess we’re having Indian for diner." Indigo knew that it wasn’t the Christmas that she’d wanted or had even planned, but at least she had her sister and father to spend the holiday with, even if it hadn’t turned out the way she’d hoped.

12/21/2019 05:50 PM 

Task: Saturday

Christmas was an extremely busy time of year at Saints and Sinners and Christmas Day in particular was one of the busiest days at the strip club. It was surprising how many people chose to spend the holiday with the strippers rather than family or friends, but Indigo guessed that it was probably for the same reasons that she spent her day sleeping and working. She didn't have any family in California. Indigo often spent the holidays alone and had done since she'd moved to California when she was 17 years old. The only family that Indigo had were back in Texas and Indi didn't even consider most of them family anymore. With the exception of her half sister, her family had never made her feel all that welcome, especially her father, so there was no way that she wanted to go back to Texas and deal with their judgemental attitudes. 


There was only a few days left until Christmas and Indigo was working every night until New Years Eve. Like the previous two years, the blonde would work Christmas Eve, finish at 2am and join the other girls for a few glasses of eggnog before crawling into bed at just after 4am. She'd remain there for half of the day, it certainly made Christmas feel a little less lonely if you slept through the holiday. Like the other years, Indi would only wake up when the sound of a phone call filled the air and she would spend the next two or three hours on FaceTime with her sister and her nephew. That was always her favorite part of the day. Indigo didn't get to see her family during the year, so talking to the only two people that mattered to her on Christmas Day, was always the best Christmas gift she could be given. Once the call ended, she would grab a takeaway and head back to the strip club for one hell of a night at work. 



12/20/2019 05:21 PM 

Task: Holiday Playlist

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Character Christmas Playlist


12/19/2019 11:02 PM 

Task - Holiday Activities

It was amazing what someone could do with Christmas lights. All it was, was a string of colourful bulbs, yet the outcome was incredible and could leave even the simplest of homes looking like some fairytale wonderland. It was, hands down, Indigo's favorite thing about Christmas and she spent a significant number of evenings going out and looking at them, not just around Anaheim, but all around California, within reason of course. She didn't often go to the same house twice, but there was one house that she had been to both years since moving to California two years ago and it was only a fifteen minute drive outside of Anaheim. It was a gorgeous home with every inch covered in Christmas lights, every tree on the land was covered in lights, fake snow covered the usually green grass, Santa's boot sticking out of the chimney, and a donkey for children to ride up and down the street. It was magical and it was what kept Indigo going back. 

Once she had stepped out of the car, the blonde pushed her long golden locks behind her ear and closed the car door. It didn't snow in California, it hadn't really snowed all that much in Dallas, Texas either, so Indigo had always wanted a white Christmas. There was something about curling up in front of the fireplace and opening your presents, making snow angels and building snowman that appealed to her, but she guessed that this winter wonderland was probably as close to that as she was going to get. Making her way up the colourfully lit path and under the glowing archway, she walked around the various displays, pulling out her phone to take several photo's, though she knew she couldn't stay long; not if she wanted to go and view other houses in the area. 

12/19/2019 02:30 PM 

Task - Shopping

Indigo had never been one to be prepared when it came to Christmas. Usually she didn't even like the holidays, the brought nothing but pain and she was always overwhelmed with bad memories of Christmas and things that she wanted to forget, but she still had people that she needed to buy for and that included herself. She didn't get along with her father, he wasn't even her real father, but she did love her older sister and although they weren't as close anymore, she still liked to by her gifts; let her sister know that no matter where she was that she was thinking about her, so Indi usually waited until the sales came on. She wasn't one for the Black Friday sales though. She hated the crazy atmosphere in the store and usually she needed a few days to recover from her hangover. No, Black Friday was spent in bed recuperating. For Indigo, it was Cyber Monday where she went crazy; blowing every last scent that she had saved

Reaching over, the blonde grabbed her laptop from beside her, pulling it onto her lap and lifting the lid. It wasn't just about gifts for the very few people that she brought for, but it was also about spoiling herself. She worked hard throughout the year and didn't spend much, needing to make sure that she kept enough money for bills and food, but Christmas shopping was a time that she let loose a little; in a way that didn't involve alcohol. Biting down on the inside of her mouth, the hummed a Christmas tune softly and tapped away at the keyboard, adding item after item to her cart. It didn't take long for her shopping cart to become completely full and although she was blowing a good chunk of her up and coming paycheck, Christmas only came once a year, so she decided to checkout anyway. 

12/18/2019 12:33 PM 

Task: Mood board


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