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Holiday Movies

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Miracle on 34th Street 
As a child, Indigo didn't often celebrate Christmas let alone watch movies that resembled the holiday, but when she was eight years old and her father had gone away for business, she spent Christmas with her grandparents in Houston. It was there that she got her first real taste of Christmas and all that it entailed; including movies! Miracle on 34th Street was one of the first Christmas movie that Indigo ever watched, but it was also the last movie she ever watched with her grandfather who passed away in the middle of January. Because of this, the movie means a lot to her and she watches it twice a year; once at Christmas time and the second on the anniversary of her grandfather's death. 

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is Indigo's favorite movie, but she will only ever watch it at Christmas time. This is the movie that sparks the beginning of Christmas month for the blonde. She'll gather around the Christmas Tree, put up the decorations, have a glass..or a few bottles of wine, and chuck this movie on. Every single year without fail! It is a movie about hope and seeing the good in people even if they don't give you any reason to. It's a magical film of transformation, hope, and belief that even those with the smallest, coldest hearts, can be capable of so much love and kindness. 

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Santa Clause 2

The Santa Clause movie series is one of Indigo's favorite. She will watch it all year round and it helps her keep that Christmas spirit, but it means more to her than just Christmas or a movie. Santa Clause 2 is the very first movie that she watched and she fell in love with it. It became a movie that she would enjoy with her grandparents and became somewhat of a yearly tradition; spending nearly every Christmas with her grandparents. It was only after that, that she watched the first Santa Clause movie.. . 

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Anything with Will Ferrell in will always make the list! But this movie represents more than just an amazing main cast. Indigo grew up feeling like she didn't belong and like she was different or out of place, compared to the rest of her family and that is what it was like for Buddy the Elf. She connected with the film on an emotional level and for her, it gave her hope. At 10 years, she struggled with her own identity and feeling like she didn't have a place to call home and 'Elf' helped her through that. 

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Love Actually

Indigo never really understood this movie, nor did she like it. It wasn't until she got drunk and watched it on her 17th birthday that she found any enjoyment from the film and it quickly became one of her favorites. Not to mention the stellar cast and ALAN RICKMAN being in it. She could watch this movie any time of the year and over and over again It is her happy movie. The holidays often play havoc with Indigo's emotions, but this movie always brings a smile to her face. There is nothing that she doesn't thoroughly enjoy about it from the Prime minister's 'Risky Business' dance moves to Billy Mack's sense of humour and Sam's little love story. The entire thing is flawless. 

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Holiday Tradition Task

"Two latte's and a cinnamon bun," the blonde said softly as she stood at the counter of the local café. For many, December was a month full of holiday cheer and preparing for the up and coming holidays, or getting over the food hangovers that Thanksgiving had caused, but Indigo hated the holidays. They were just another reminder that she was alone and that she had lost everything that mattered to her. Her mother had died when she was an infant and her father, well, she'd found out that he wasn't her real father. She guessed that it explained why he'd never been a real dad to her; she knew part of it was because he blamed her for her mother's death, but didn't he understand?! She blamed herself enough for the both of them! No, she was alone and it was how it had always been; even before she had run away from Texas.

As the cups of coffee and the plate were placed down in front of her, Indi handed over a $20 bill, told her to keep the change, and made her way over to a nearby table; one in the corner by the window that had a small star hanging above it from the ceiling. It was the exact same table that she had sat at since she'd arrived in California three years beforehand. It had become a tradition. She was sure that people thought she was crazy, but she didn't care. They could think what they liked as long as she got to talk to her mother. Pulling out the chair, she placed one coffee opposite her and her own coffee in front of her as she took a seat. She wasn't delusional, she knew her mother wasn't physically there, but she liked to think that her mother was always with her, no matter what she was doing or where she was. She'd been having a drink with her at this time of year, ever since she was five and although she was older now, she didn't want to stop. She still needed her mother, so the only thing that had changed as Indi had gotten older, was the kind of beverage that she drank. 

Biting down on the inside of her mouth, she wrapped slender digits around the cup and brought it to her lips to have a small sip as tears stung her eyes. She always missed her mother, but certain times of the year were harder than others! "I'm sorry, Mom," she whispered, glancing down at the table as a tear escape her eye and trickled down her cheek. "If it wasn't for me then you'd still be here." She'd spent so long blaming herself for her mother's death that it was always the first thing she said when she had one of those conversations. "I love you and I miss you every day. I know I've screwed up and I know you'd be ashamed of me, but I just want you to know that I miss you every single day." Fresh tears fell down her cheeks and she pushed the coffee away as a sob passed her lips. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...."

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Desired Connections

Roommate  (Someone who lives in Anaheim)

Indi had been living in California for a while, but could no longer afford the rent. She met Muse B, who was looking for a roommate, through a mutual friend and she moved in.

Childhood friends

Indi and Muse B grew up together in Texas. They were joined at the hip and got up to all sorts of trouble, however after the two snuck out to a party, Indi decided to drive home drunk and on the way home, she was involved in a hit and run. The following morning, they found out that they person they had hit died. The two tried to pretend like it could have been someone else, but the secret destroyed their friendship. 

Drug and/or drinking buddies (2 of these connections)

Indi and Muse B like to party a little too much. 

Half Sister/Brother

Indi and Muse B share the same father, though Indi had no idea that Muse B's father was also hers until a couple of years ago. These two could have possibly known one another way before learning that they were siblings

Best Friend

These two have had a rocky friendship but nothing could tear them apart for good, despite the horrible things that they had gone to one another.


Their relationship was always toxic but Indi could never completely walk away from him/her. No matter how many times they broke up, they always ended up in bed, though after a drunken, drug fueled fight, Indi completely lost it and put Muse B in hospital. That sparked the end of their relationship, though Indi never completely got over it. 

Neighbour (Someone living in Anaheim)

Indi and Muse B were friends before either of them moved to California but their friendship was toxic. After one of them left without a word, they didn't see one another until they discovered that they had moved in next to one another. - Rhaelynn

These are a work in progress, though comment or message me on Line if you'd like one of these connections and we can discuss.

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