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03/07/2020 04:46 PM 

My new Tumblr

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02/13/2020 03:38 PM 

February Playlist

1. West Coast By Lana Del Rey ;; Definition of West Coast standards in one song. She wants to live by the "west coast" standards. "If you're not drinkin' then you're not playin'.." So she steps away to experience that life but what she feels for him is so intense that she no longer cares to live by a "standard" because passion takes over whenever she's around him.

2. Work Bitch By Britney Spears ;; Eva's motivational song. She is an ambitious individual and enjoys having nice things in life. If you want to live in a mansion you have to work for it. And, it is true, if you want nice things in life then YOU BETTER WORK BITCH! Put in the work to get what you want in life. 
3. Take On Me By A-ha ;; Unplugged or remixed, this song is a classic and one of Eva's favorite. It is about pursuing love and she is all for it. 
4. Miss Atomic Bomb By The Killers ;; One of Eva's favorite bands, she is in love with Brandon Flowers' voice, it is perfect and soothing! This song was dedicated to her by an ex. It's a song about falling in love and loss of innocence. 
5. Instant Crush By Daft Punk featuring Julian Casablancas ;; Anything Daft Punk has Eva's stamp of approval. It has an amazing beat but also the lyrics are relatable to her. It's about a guy that wants to be in a relationship with a girl that he knows but doesn't know how to tell her, and he delays it, and chains himself to a friend as comfort, but he really doesn't know that if he doesn't tell her, he can never know if he can be with her or not, which is her doubt with a certain someone.
6. Enjoy the Silence By Trevor Something ;; This is a cover Eva enjoys running to but the lyrics are just as important. He is emphasizing the power of non-verbal communication. Words don't matter. Sometimes actions are stronger than words and therefore we can "enjoy the silence."
7. I'm Shakin' By Rooney ;; This is a love song about feelings that are unresolved. This person is panicky and nervous and wants it to turn outright. This describes how Eva feels when she has a crush and doesn't know if it's reciprocated. Being in limbo and the unknown is what keeps her up at night and makes her shake.
8. Portion For Foxes By Rilo Kiley ;; This song can be Eva's theme song. She always keeps choosing who is wrong with her. However wrong this person is "He's bad news", Eva simply cannot resist. She returns to him because she "is lonely with or without him." 
9. Things Can Only Get Better By Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones ;; This is an upbeat dance song remixed to Howard Jones' 80s song. This is a pick me up kind of song that tells you, come on, even if it gets so you lose everything and everything goes horribly wrong, you can still pick yourself up and go forward, and you can make it right, you can make things get better.
10. Let's Get Lost By G-Eazy featuring Devon Baldwin ;; This song is Eva's perspective on her one night stands. She enjoys life and does not have any regrets in finding a special guy to sweep her off her feet even if it is for just one night. She enjoys her romantic escapades because she is able to forget about the real world for those moments.

02/10/2020 09:09 PM 

February Moodboard

1. My family, can't say enough how much I adore them! I am thankful to have the Weaving family because they are amazing and supportive. We are a fun bunch no doubt!

2. I love coffee, weed, and beer. Self-explanatory. I need coffee in my life to get me up and going after my morning runs. I need weed to help me chill out and focus. And, beer is just for fun!

3. Acting, I am nothing without it. It is my passion, my art, my creative outlet and life! I love developing characters and playing out different lives.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas, it is my favorite film. I love the creative process it took to make a film like this. The story is beautiful as well as the music.

5. The beach, I love running, jumping, and relaxing at the beach. The ocean breeze is delightful and there is nothing better than to hear the sounds of the waves crashing.

6. Harry Potter, this is my fandom! I love Ron Weasley! He is hilarious, goofy and always eating like me! House Gryffindor is the best and I love everything they stand for!

7. Friends, I love them because they are my brothers and sisters from another mother and mister! They really make the world go round and I appreciate their friendship and support. I love hanging out and laughing at life with them.

8. Hollywood, has always been a dream of mine since I first started acting in Australia. I am all about the glitz and glamour that Hollywood has to offer! I hope one day I can break-out and become a Hollywood star!

9. Diamonds and everything nice! I love sparkly things especially if they are expensive. I love being on trend and having designer everything!

01/22/2020 08:08 PM 

Whale Watching Excursion

The whale watching festival at Newport Beach was happening and it was something Eva was interested in doing. She loved the time spent on the beach and ocean, therefore, going out to watch the whales was second nature for the Aussie-born. Eva invited her friends and some of her co-workers to join her. She got reservations on Captain Nick's East meets West Excursions. Not only does he have a remarkable boat, but he is also very knowledgable. She decided to book the sunset excursion to fit everyone's schedule.

The time out in the water was loads of fun! Seeing the sunset from the middle of the ocean was magical. We spotted 2 humpback whales soon into the trip. Eva had a digital, single-lens reflex camera (DSLR). The advantage of a DSLR for whale watching is that you can attach larger lenses. She carried a good zoom lens, 70-300 in order to take great pictures. She had told her family back home she was going to go whale watching and promised to send some photos. The waves were fun and made Eva squeal at some points. Luckily, she took some medicine to avoid seasickness. In the middle of their trip, they stumbled upon pods and pods of dolphins. They were beautiful as they swam near the boat. They were close enough to take amazing photos. Towards the end, Captain Nick pointed out a Gray whale family and also a few sea lions. 

Eva clicked away and took several pictures with them in the background. Also, taking a few candids of her friends. After their wonderful excursion, they stopped at Newport Landing Restaurant to have dinner and drinks. What a great time it was and the most relaxing! The Aussie can't wait to share the photos with everyone! 

12/17/2019 06:44 PM 

Holiday Moodboard

12/17/2019 01:39 PM 

Holiday Love

They say love never takes a holiday, but the holiday season does aid in reminding all of us the importance of love, family and friendship. Eva is far from home this Christmas, spending it in the Newport Beach with her friends. Her work schedule is keeping her this year, but her adoration and appreciation for the family she has back home is strong. She appreciated her parents for their everlasting support in her career but wished she could be there to shower them with hugs and bake her famous chocolate oatmeal cookies. 

Her baby sister, Yvonne, is greatly missed. She is one of her best friends and she hated being miles and miles away from her. Luckily, they texted every day and of course, they had social media. However, Eva missed snuggling with her and chatting anything and everything while watching movies. Sisters were forever, but she did feel fortunate to have found a sisterhood here in the states. Liv was not only her roomate but closest friend and confidente. She has been there for her every single time she felt like giving up and running back home. On homesick days, Liv managed to brighten her day with her great humor and company. Her co-workers and friends she has managed to connect with also make this holiday season away from home bearable. 

I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams...

11/23/2019 11:39 PM 

Holiday Planning

Eva is set to celebrate the holiday season as soon as Thanksgiving is over. This will be her first year celebrating the holidays in California. She was going to miss home and her family, but she was looking forward to celebrating one in her home with Livia. The pair were already making plans to go shopping for a tree and decorations to deck out their Newport Beach condo. The blonde actress already had a few ornaments picked out on her amazon cart as well as picking up a few new ones on her last trip to Disneyland. The Aussie is ready to bring a few traditions of her own such as wearing a King’s paper crown on Christmas Day and at Christmas dinner. Apparently, this tradition dates back to Roman times when participants to the Roman Saturnalia celebrations, held around 25th December, used to wear hats.

11/21/2019 11:11 PM 

Thanksgiving Playlist

Thanksgiving Playlist

11/19/2019 12:11 PM 

Thanksgiving Moodboard

11/19/2019 09:23 PM 

Dirty Secrets on Thanksgiving --Task 2

Eva waited for the sweet familiar voice to answer her phone call as she saw at Newport Pier. "Hello sweetie, how are you?" Her mom asked as a smile crept over the actress's lips when she finally picked up her call. Eva replied, "All good here, thanks. Work is good. Oh and I will be celebrating my first Thanksgiving. I am going to spend it with Livia. It should be fun. I will send pictures. How is Dad?" She bit down on her lower lip. Last time she spoke to him he had lectured her about how much money she was spending. He wanted her to be responsible with her money while she wanted to be on trend. "That will be nice. Your father is well, he is at work probably on his lunch. You should text him," mom said. As the conversation continued, Eva began to feel guilty about lying how wonderful everything was. Last night, had been rough with Keith. It got physical and he had threatened her. It was a side she had never seen before. He combined alcohol, weed, and cocaine at the party and it was after when he exploded in a fit of rage because she left early. The next day she spent the day out of the house in fear he would be there. He had a key. Eva ignored his texts and calls all day but knew she would have to face him sooner or later. "I love you, mom. I have to go. I will talk to you soon, ok? Bye." As much as she wanted to confide in her mom, she knew if she started to talk about a guy, she would ask for a name and there was no way she was breaking her confidentiality contract with her daddy.


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