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November 24th, 2019

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11/24/2019 12:24 PM 


1. My Family
2. Books
3. My business that lets me enjoy my own schedule
4. Skydiving
5. Basejumping

11/04/2019 01:14 PM 


Wiping down the glass case where Daimano kept all the rare books, he waited for the newest arrival of his collection. Tracking this particular book down was very difficult and had required an obscene donation to the catholic church to obtain. It was due to arrive today, and Daim couldn’t wait to see what secrets the 5th century treasure held. Hearing the door chime,  he made his way to the front to assist the customer that just walked in. “Daimano Drago, I presume?” Nodding to the elderly gentleman wearing a priest uniform, Daim took that case that was offered to him. "I hope you know what you are getting yourself into son.." With that last comment that man turned and walked out of The Get Away without a second glance. 

Quickly locking the door and flipping the sign to closed, Daim walked to the back office to go over his newest addition. Sitting down at his desk, he opened the book and gingerly flipped through its pages.  One particular line caught his eye, reading the line over and over in his head. It confused him and made no sense. He spoke the Latin words aloud, 'To those bound and sealed with flesh and ichor, with spoken phrase you will be released. Only on the night when the veil is broken, shall you roam free.' Daim pondered the phrase a couple moments longer and gave up trying to decipher the hidden meaning. Standing up to leave, he hears a chorus of voices. 'Finally free….' 

09/29/2019 10:18 PM 


I dont want to set the world on fire -ink spots
Booty swing-Parov stelar
Bella belle- electric swing circus
Save my soul-big bad voodoo daddy
Fuel- Metallica
Toxicity- system of the down
Murdera- sublime with Rome
Walk- pantera
El paso- Marty robbins

09/11/2019 12:43 PM 


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