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November 2nd, 2019

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09/11/2019 08:01 PM 

The beast.

As blood dripped from her bared fangs, gleaming emeralds wide and rabid; the oversized canine stepped back slowly from the young man who laid lifeless against the bar. His body had been torn apart as if he was a mere sheet of paper. Deep severs were laid within his corpse and warm crimson bubbled and dripped from every wound and orifice. His hair was matted with blood and saliva as the music halted and was replaced by bone-chilling squeals from everyone in that seedy little nightclub. They all ran to the exit as fast as their mortal legs could take them. Even the bar tender had launched his entire persona over the opposite end of the counter and stumbled to the closest exit he could find. 

But now the beast had been woken. 

She was magnificent in a horrifying way. 8-foot-tall from paw to shoulder and 5 meters long from chest to hind, she was able to leap from the bar to the door with a single bound. Lynexia landed on several humans as she did this and showed no mercy. Snarling, her jaw lowered, clamping on whatever limbs she could get her dagger-like canines in to. Tearing each body apart like it was tender chicken from a bone, her muzzle was soon deeply laced with blood from the many souls who were not lucky enough to make it out of the door in time. The high class club became a blood bath for the lycan as she mauled everything she could find to death.

Lynexia made sure that no further creature made it out alive that night. 


Outside; the lucky ones poured out of the industrial doors with stomach-wenching screams. Scrambling away from the venue swiftly, one man knocked shoulders with a pedestrian who was gazing over in confusion at the site of flooding bodies leaving the establishment. 

“Hey! What’s goin~” He asked and was quickly intercepted.


“A wolf! Run!” The shaken man bellowed as he shoved past the stranger and headed off in a hurry. The pedestrian seemed puzzled. Were they really that scared of a glorified dog? But his gaze rose as a loud shattering came from one of the blackened windows. Yet another victim who had fallen mercy to the enraged bitch; smothered in blood and missing an arm. He fell like a ragdoll from the top window; showing the innocent bystander what sort of monster lurked within. Eyes widening as he looked down at the body, he gazed up once more as the screams outside intensified. And there he saw it. 

Lynexia had leapt onto the window frame with a loud bark, blood-infused foam coming from her maw whilst she bared her teeth at the world. She shook her heavy head for a moment to brush off the loose glass shards she had taken with her as she squeezed her large frame through the window which clearly wasn't made for beasts. Gleaming green eyes glanced up, studying the roof for a moment before leaping up. It didn’t take much to cover the ground she needed to perch on the rooftop. Giant, bloodied paws held her upright; grey tones in her coat glistening in the moonlight as her large cranium threw itself back. Pursing her lips forward, the Lycan howled. A petrifying cry to the skies above as Lynexia embraced her true form for the first time. 

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