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05/24/2020 10:21 PM 

Name Meaning

[ gey-bree-el-uh, gab-ree-ell-uh ]

Gender: Female
Meaning of Gabriella: "God is my strength" 
Origin of Gabriella: Italian feminine variation of Gabriel

Gabriella Larsen was once known as Gabriella Perez from the Dominican Republic.
Her Father had no say so in naming her for the simple fact he didn't want to, he was
Upset that it wasn't a son, or at least in his eyes, a better son than his first. He was
A sexist, thought of women as tools in his line of work to make him money and that
Was that, so her mother named her Gabriella, for the simple fact of the meaning of
The said name. No, it wasn't a family name, or at least Gabriella didn't think so; She
Never knew her Abuelos or Abuelas, and her Mother died before she even had the 
Chance to even ask her about her family. Her Father didn't care, he never cared
For family matters therefore he couldn't have even told Gabriella what their names 
Were. But her Mother chose her name because it meant, "God is my strength" And
Her mother knew very well that Gabriella was going to have to rely on God and
Prayers to survive the life she had left her daughter in. Her father even gave her
The option to change it, just to humor her, but Gabriella was proud of the name
She was given, and she wore it well.

She also lived up to the meaning of the name even when she had gotten older,
Relying on God every chance she got in the torturous hell she had to live in. The
Nicknames that came with it, though, was something special because each one
Gabriella hated or loved. Gabby was a common one, one she didn't mind at all 
That anyone used, it was also the one the other girls her Father bought used to 
Catch her attention in a time of need, so it was really her 'helping, friendly'
Nickname. 'Ella' Was one she wasn't pleased to have, it was what her Father called
Her when he was needing her for something. And when he used her full name, she
Wished she didn't exist, or was dead. Later on in life, when she had met Tyler, he 
Adopted the nickname 'Gabs' for her, and she loved that one, only because it seemed
To be his nickname for her and no one else's.

So, all in all, Gabriella wasn't a family name, it wasn't special to her Father or was really
Thought out like most excited families did. It was a quick name that was chosen, one
That her Mother loved and loved the meaning, that in the darkest times of her life, Gabriella
Was the one that brought her most joy, and the most strength. Her mother always believed
That God gave her the little girl to give her strength to run away from the dreadful life that
She lived in, yet time wasn't by her side and she was taken away from her little girl. The
Name holds strength in a woman that fought her whole life, scarred by the man that should
Have been loving her instead of selling her, and Gabriella is proud of the name, proud that
It was 'just a name' because if it was a family name, she didn't think she could hold onto it,
She didn't think she could be proud of that name. It is a name that overcame hard times, and
Is now blessed ith the most amazing life, all because she had that strength in God.

05/24/2020 09:45 PM 


"The legacy of heroes — the memory of a great name, and the inheritance of a great example."

05/24/2020 08:47 PM 

My hero

A lot of people could probably say they didn't have a hero, or that they couldn't figure it
Out on who to pick, but it didn't take but one second when I heard the word, 'hero' where
My mind went as to who would be perfect to be called such a strong word. Some people
Have their dads, their moms, and while I may not have those, or grandparents, I do have
A lot of people in my life that are heroes in my eyes. Police officers, Soldiers, Nurses,
Firefighters, Paramedics, Any first responder, and the list goes on and on, but there are
Two special people in my life that go above all of them, that have saved my life more times
Than I could ever count, and I am so truly blessed for them. They have risked their lives more
Times than once or twice to save those that they have never seen before, and don't even ask 
For a simple thank you. Who might these people be? The goofy ones up there in the picture?
Well, that's my brother Antonio Perez and my Husband, Tyler Larsen. And they both deserve
To be recognized.

I'll start off with Antonio, and while I might not have known him but until a few years ago, this
Man has made such a strong impact on everyone surrounding him. He has dealt with hardships
But still get up, take care of his children and go to work so that others may be able to go home to
Their own children at the end of the day. He's a Detective for the Police Department and is always
Willing to right the wrong no matter how much it takes to succeed. So many people have called
Cops 'pigs' or 'murderers' but my brother continues to protect those people from whatever bad
should happen. He has never once not come to my side to help me with anything I have been
Going through, and not once has he ever complained about being there by my side. He's such
A selfless person, kind hearted and compassionate, even when the world wasn't necessarily
On our side growing up. Antonio, you have been such an inspiration to me to always be my
Best and I love you so very much.

Last, but very much not least, is my Husband, Tyler. While our story wasn't necessarily written
Like a fairy tale, let's just say it's a special one that I love. While our circumstances of being
Married isn't a very happy one, I still can't believe I get to call you mine. Tyler is a firefighter,
Captain on the truck, and I have never met a man more brave than him, especially when he's
Willing to go through a burning house to save a baby, get a concussion from one of the falling
Beams, almost die from that, and stand back up to go out there and save more people when 
They have no one else. He just doesn't stop, he is so loving and strong willed to be the best
That he could be, I think he beats himself up sometimes and he shouldn't. He is the best 
Father to his kids, no matter if they say you're a poopy head when you won't give them
Ice-cream at ten at night haha. You look out for your loved ones and is always willing to
Volunteer yourself to help others, even if it's just fixing a porch. Your selfless acts don't
Go unnoticed, and I couldn't love you any more than what I do, even watching you get
Up in the middle of the night to meet someone and put a spare tire on their vehicle 
Because they couldn't. 

It's the selfless acts, the decision to put yourself through hell so that you can make a 
Difference in someone's life that I love most about the both of you. To be so strong and
Level headed to choose what is best for you and your family, is something that blows
My mind, because I know I couldn't be that type of person. You both are my brick walls
When there's a storm, keeping me from the hail, wind, and rain, and I really don't know
How you both manage to stay afloat. I love you both, you're both my world and I really
Couldn't imagine my life without you two in it.

05/24/2020 08:20 PM 

Memorial day

To think they could actually go out and enjoy a abrbecue get together with everyone from the station, plus their families was an understatement of happiness that Gabby felt. She had been going crazy from only being allowed to go to work, home, or treatments so when the ban was lifted, the first thing they all did was gather the crew, make plans, and here they were with football games going on, burgers and hot dogs on the grill, kids playing games, and some beer but not much; Just to enjoy the warm day that the Lord had graced them with. The FLAG was waving proudly in memorial of all those who had lost their lives in the line of duty, and it was just another way to be respectful towards those families. Gabby hadn't been a citizen in America for very long, only fourteen years, but to her this Country meant everything, it gave her a home, a new chance at life, a brother, friends, a husband and kids, to support it wsa the least she could do. 

After setting the homemade APPLE PIE down that she promised everyone she would make, she hugged Antonio since he had just made it to the party, "Glad to see you three." She hugged her niece and nephew and smiled, "Hi, my babies. I got you your favorite dessert in the cooler, okay?" They grinned and then pointed to the swings where Antonio led them over to let them swing. Gabby wasn't drinking, because of her treatments she wasn't allowed to, but she didn't mind. As she watched Haley and Jonathan stand there watching the other kids, Ty came up beside her and stood there, wrapping an arm around her waist, "You okay?" Gabby bit at her lip and motioned over for him to look, "They won't go in there and play with the other kids.. I guess they're a bit shy." She heard the 'hmm' come from his mouth as he swallowed some of the beer in his bottle and then the clearing of his throat, which meant he had an idea.. "What are you going to do?" Tyler handed her his beer and smirked, "I'll be back.." He stole a kiss from her which made her smile. Gabby stood there watching as Tyler took off, lifting Haley up on his shoulders and moving over to the other kids, Jonathan running after him as they all started playing. She loved him, loved how amazing he was with the kids.

After watching for a few moments, Andrea called her over and she moved to the picnic table setting his drink down, "Where can I put the potato salad and slaw?" Gabby glanced around and moved some stuff freeing up some space for the bowls, "There we go!" She smiled once the girl thanked her. Andrea was new to the station, she had married one of the guys on another shift so Gabby could tell she was nervous, "Hey, you enjoying it here?" The girl nodded and rubbed her arm, and indication of nerves, "Lot of people I don't know.." Gabby nodded and patted her back gently, "It's okay. We're all family here." It seemed to comfort the girl, and Gabby was about to speak before Haley grabbed her leg laughing hysterically, "Gabby! Daddy is trying to get me!" Gabby laughed and watched as Tyler snagged Jonathan making him laugh. It was a MEMORY she would never forget and would never want to. It was a fresh start of more memories to come and she couldn't wait.

05/13/2020 11:05 PM 

Mother's day to remember.

Warning: Mentions of sexual abuse and drugs

Mother's day wasn't one that Gabby really ever tried to remember, mainly for the fact that she never had a mother in her life and didn't even have a mother figure growing up other than the older girls under her Father's grasp trying to protect her and care for her until they either were sold or whatever. The last Mother's day she remembered was her Father and Karlos taking her to the Hotel while a wife watched her husband do inexplicable things to her while she shot up on heroin. It was a sick and twisted mind those two lived under, but all Gabby could do was take it and pray that it would end sooner rather than later. That night, Karlos had taken her to her favorite restaurant, one of the few good memories she had growing up, but it was a safe haven for her for a short period of time before she returned back home only to escape to her room; those four walls that seemed to close in on her every time she retreated, every time she sat there watching them.

 Now years later, everything was different, though. This Mother's Day it was different. She didn't expect anything, she didn't have biological children, she didn't have a mother to call or her Abuela, since she didn't even know who that was. It was literally going to be just another day... Or so she thought. Two days prior she had her chemo treatment and it had just exhausted her, drained her, so she had still been in the bed sleeping when the door creaked open, which alerted her to wake up. She saw Haley and Jonathan climbing up on the bed giggling, which made her smile, "Hey, you two.. What are you doing here?" "Happy Mommy's Day!" Haley's words rang in her ear, and Gabby almost spoke when Jonathan chimed in, "We know you're not mom, but you basically take care of us, and we all love you, so... You are, like, our second mom." Hearing those words made her sit up a little bit more as Haley moved to sit beside her. "Awe, guys.."

It was then Tyler came in with a tray fo breakfast and Gabby pouted her lips out in an 'awe' manner. "Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it." Did she? She wasn't sure but it was still a sweet gesture. He sat the food down on the nightstand and he moved to sit beside her. "You guys are so sweet... Thank you." She never thought in a million years she'd be celebrating a day for Mother's. "Step mom or not, you have still taken these two in like a Mother and I couldn't love you more for that. They may not be biologically yours, but they're still yours." Jonathan nodded, even though Haley couldn't quite understand to its' entirety. Jonathan handed her a box and Gabby raised a brow, "We picked it out! We just used Dad's money.." Gabby laughed and nodded opening the box and gasped,

It was beautiful, it was magical and Gabby was emotional. "Dad, she's starting to cry again.." Haley looked up and frowned, "Daddy, her eyes are broken again!" Gabby glanced at all over them as she clinged to the locket, "Thank you.. So much." Inside the locket had a picture of all four of them. The short attention span of the children snapped into place and they were climbing off the bed, running off to go eat themselves. Gabby clasped the necklace around her neck and hooked it to let it fall into place. She eyed it, holding it before glancing up at Ty who was blurry from the tears, "I hate you.." Her voice was in a way he knew what she meant because he smiled and moved closer to her, "You deserve a day. Because you didn't have to care and love them, but you do." Gabby wrapped her arms around him tightly and buried her face in his shoulder for the longest time.

Once she pulled away, she wiped her eyes as Ty stood up, "Enjoy your food, then come into the living room, I've got one more thing for you." Gabby shook her head softly, she didn't even think she deserved the necklace, "You're spoiling me, Mr. Larsen!" She called out to him before he smirked her way and disappearing out of the walk way of the door. Gabby leaned back and touched the necklace again, sniffling from the aftermath of her tears before glancing over at the food. She was spoiled, in every way imagineable and she couldn't help but to love her family.

05/06/2020 11:46 PM 

You're my brother

05/02/2020 12:19 PM 

My secret is mine to keep

"My Secret Is Mine To Keep"
Warning: Mentions of Rape and Human trafficking.

The life of Gabriella Perez Larsen wasn't one fitting for a fairy tale to say the least. She had kept it hidden for so long, I mean; How could you just blabber out that your father was a big time human trafficker that even used his own daughter to make even more money? She was, no doubt, a beautiful young lady born in the wrong household. She had a mother, but her father had claimed that she died when Gabby was born. Her body and mind was safe all up until the age of ten, yeah, pretty sick, right? But when the men started eyeing her, asking about her, all her father saw was dollar signs. Greed got to the man and her first time in a hotel, she was scared. The man was drunk, yet gentle to her not quite de-blossoming body. Her innocence was taken that night, and her father was the underlying culprit of allowing it to happen. He saw how much money the girl, his own flesh and blood, brought him and that's all he cared about. At first, he didn't let her got out as much, giving her time to re-cooperate from the trauma inflicted on her tiny body, but as she aged, from ten to eleven, then twelve, to thirteen even, he began taking pre-sales from men on wanting her specific. It had gotten so bad, that one night, her father had a break in his cold heart and set up rules, one being that she was safe in her room and that he didn't go in it or no one was allowed in her room; not even the other girls.

By the time she turned thirteen, her body was so traumatized that she had been in and out of the private hospital her father had for the girls in cases like this. A doctor had signed a contract so that her father didn't have to take them to a hospital for any suspicious eyes that may have befallen upon them. It was around thirteen that her father hired a boy, Karlos, to take the girls to and from the hotel, and the only reason Karlos came to her father because his own family had a debt that needed to be paid. Gabby and Karlos became close friends and the only guy that she trusted barely enough to survive. It was one night that a man had beaten Gabby so bad that Karlos broke it up and beat the guy mid way. Her father beat him, but it seemed he was thankful that he saved his top possession. Human trafficking was a nightmare for Gabby, even seeing the girls coming and going, everything just wasn't right and wasn't fair. It was when she was fifteen that somehow news about her father got to the police and before he could escape, they caught him. It took a female officer for Gabby to go with them, and a few more weeks and she was on her way to America, to New York to get the best care she could receive.

Gabby isn't sure why she keeps it from everyone, maybe being ashamed of it all, or people would judge her for working under her father even though she did it against her will. The only person that knows everything is her brother Antonio, because he was pretty much in the same boat in a way. Therapy has helped Gabby into allowing her to be able to trust and love again, she was able to meet Tyler and marry him and love him. Even though he doesn't know it all, he does know that she had been sexually abused and that when she gets into her panic moments, he knows exactly what to do to wait on her until she comes to him. It's a process, and Gabby has every intention of helping anyone who is in the process of destroying human traffickers, because it took her life, her innocence, everything about her. All those girls that were murdered or disappeared, all those girls that thought they weren't good enough except for what they were given. It took a lot of girl's lives from them and is still continuing to do so. It took Gabby's life away,it took her and Tyler's baby away because she had been traumatized so much from her body that there was so much damage she couldn't carry the baby. It destroyed therefore Gabby hides it, in hopes she can let it go.

04/13/2020 10:10 PM 


Gabby's Playlist Of Her Mind:
1. Elvis Presley- Love me tender
2. For King and Country- Priceless
3. Alessia Cara- Scars To Your Beautiful
4. Selena- Como La Flor
5. Sam Cook- You Send Me
6. Frank Sinatra- New York, New York
7. Backstreet Boys- Larger Than Life
8. Don Omar- Danza Kuduro
9. Black Eyed Peas- I Gotta Feeling
10. SHakira- Loca

04/13/2020 10:08 PM 

No place like home.

03/19/2020 08:19 PM 

St. Patrick's day drink

Good for the whole family!


2 1/2 cups ice cream (vanilla bean, chocolate chip, or mint chocolate chip are my suggestions)
1 cup 2% milk
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
Green food coloring
1/4 cup chocolate chips (unless you’re using a chocolate chip ice cream… or go ahead and add more anyway!)
1/2 cup whipped cream
Green sprinkles
1/4 cup marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal (Snag the rainbows, shamrocks, horseshoes… any maybe the unicorns)
2 Tall glasses, chilled in the freezer
Long spoons and/or straws

Place the ice cream, milk, vanilla extract, and food coloring in a blender. Blend the ingredients together until the mixture is thick and smooth. Check the green color – blend in more food coloring if you think the mixture needs it to get it to a good, bright green hue.
Divide the mixture between the two chilled glasses. Add whipped cream to the tops of the milkshakes, dividing it equally between the glasses. Add a few pinches of green sprinkles over the whipped cream. Finally, drop several Lucky Charms marshmallows onto the tops of each milkshake.
Serve the milkshakes immediately with long spoons and straws. Sláinte!


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