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10/17/2019 09:48 PM 

Sweet Dreams are Not Made of These.

September had made its run , causing slight heave wave miserableness for everyone, so when October hit, it had to be uphill from there, right? Wrong. Gabby didn't like Halloween for multiple of reasons.. She lived a nightmare, she didn't need to be reminded of other nonsense crap. But, there was one thing that She had been waiting for this moment all year long and it had finally arrived; The carnival of the Century! Well, they always said that every year, but it never disappointed no matter what and this year they had something a bit different to add to the table and that was a maze. A five acre maze, that is.. Full of goblins, twists and turns, surprises and horrors around every corner! It was something Gabby was excited for for some reason, like it was drawing her in to do this; Only factor was no one was willing to go with her. 'Oh, I'm going with so and so' 'Oh, it's too scary' the list of excuses just kept going and finally Gabby just went with it and decided she would do it on her own.

She waited a while for the line to go down, deciding it was best to just enjoy the rest of the carnival first since she knew it would probably take some time to do the maze. After a candy apple, some fun games, and a 'guess your age' later, the line was finally dwindling down and the excitement was growing in the pit of her stomach. Wiping her hand on her jeans before fixing her brown short sleeved shirt, she marched her little boots on over to the line that consisted of just a couple people, since they only let two people in together at once. Watching as two people stepped in, the laughter of the guy closing the curtain behind them echoed through her ear; It sent an unwelcoming chill down her spine. Was this going to be a mistake? If it was, it was too late because the line now consisted of her and just a few other people. 

Glancing up, Gabby realized just how dark it had gotten. The many colors of a sunset dancing through the clouds which didn't make sense, she had light just a little while ago. Maybe she just wasn't paying attention, she thought, and with that, she stepped up to the maze. 'Hope you don't die alone!' Gabby raised a brow, that was weird to say, but surely it was just part of the creepiness. Sighing, she turned around and watched the... man? Disappear. That was a bit odd, he was there just a few moments ago. Shaking her head, she ran her hand threw the hair that had fallen in her face; probably just something to help with the creepiness of the maze that was growing closer and closer to her ad people dwindled down, sinking into the maze as though they were hypnotized into going into it. One by one, they all disappeared until it was her turn. She glanced at the person standing on the side, watching her as she stepped through to the other side. It grew tremendously colder, but by the time she turned around to ask if she could get another jacket or something, the entrance was gone. Okay, she didn't think she had gone in that far.

Shaking her head, she turned back around, "Maybe I did." This was it, she was going to face this maze and go for it. With a deep breath, she moved forward and continued on, some spots dead ends, some had twists and turns. Some had characters popping out like scarecrows and oogly boogly monsters that just looked like poor makeup jobs. She was getting further and further in, feeling like she was doing good until she rounded one corner and stopped seeing the other side of the trail with a.. What was that? She squinted as though that was going to help her see, then her eyes widened as the figure in the costume turned around. A Clown. A F***ING clown! Her heart raced, she hated them, her father always scared her with clowns and they were just nightmares in her eyes. Hearing the thing laugh and then follow it with her name, Gabby turned and took off running; the creature following behind.

Gabby wanted to get back to the opening, they could keep her money! But every time she turned another dead end. It had gotten to the point where she had ended up in one corner and the clown stood at the only exit, laughing that God forsaken laugh. She slumped to the ground, covering her ears but she could still hear the laugh, and then the comical, creepy laugh turned into a laugh she could hear til this day; Her Father's. She heard the feet going closer to her, Plat! Plat! Plat! Those ungodly huge shoes that she would had tripped in if she tried, and then silence. She thought it was over with, and something told her to uncover her eyes and she did. She saw the Clown face right at her face with thousands of stenchy teeth. Gabby screamed, closed her eyes again and opened them seeing her Father's face where the clown's face was, with the same stenchy teeth, "Gotcha!"

Gabby screamed in her sleep and jumped up, tangling into the blankets and somehow falling off into the floor with a thud that made even herself groan from the uncomfortable landing. She felt arms around her and heard her name, but the voice didn't seem welcoming, and she jerked away thinking she was still in the dream until the lamp was turned on and she saw Ty standing there. Her eyes wide, and Gabby looked down to see her hands shaking like she was caught with hypothermia. Hearing him ask if she was okay, his voice was back to his soothing one, "I-... Y-Yeah.." Her voice shaky as he helped her up, "I, Uhm... W-Watched IT last night with Xandra..." She hated clowns and Ty knew it, hence why he asked why her crazy self would do such a thing, "Thought it would be funny?" But it wasn't. Nothing about that dream was funny and as they crawled back into bed, she moved closer to him, maybe he could protect her.

10/12/2019 10:12 PM 

Pretty Good For A Girl, Right?

Music For The Soul:
You keep a cover over every single secret
So afraid if someone saw them, they would leave
But somebody, somebody, somebody sees you
Somebody, somebody will never leave you
God only knows what you've been through
God only knows what they say about you
God only knows how it's killing you
But there's a kind of love that God only knows

1. Anna Naklab- Supergirl
2. Rag'N'Bone Man- Human
3. For King and Country- God Only Knows
4. Gabrielle Aplin- Salvation
5. Dia Frampton- The Broken Ones
6. For King and Country- Priceless
7. Brothers Osborne- Stay a Little Longer
8. Landon Austin- Best Part of Me
9. Monsieur Perine- Mi Libertad
10. Bomba Estereo- Soy Yo

10/09/2019 04:01 PM 

What if?

What if: No one did catch Gabby's father and he was still free?
Warning: Mentions of abuse and sexual tendencies.

Her body lay there while she watched the guy get up and get dressed, smirking at the deeds that had just unfolded right before them just a mere hour ago. It was a disgusting sight to see, how content he was with what had just happened, how easy it was for a conscious to do something towards a female in such disgusting ways. Oh, that's right; No one had a conscious when it came to this game, they only saw money and greed and personal enjoyment. "Fue divertido, cariño." No, it wasn't fun in her eyes, not at all. Watching him grab his jacket, keys, and wallet, he headed out shutting the door behind him leaving the brunette in the hotel room half naked under the sheets. She sat there a little bit longer before managing to get up and pull her clothes on, quickly, because she was ready to get out of this hellish room. Her lip stung and pressing her fingers to the corner of her mouth, she pulled back and saw the blood. Flashbacks of him slapping her clouded her thoughts and all she could do was shake them away and grab her jacket, heading to the door and opening it.

Karlos stood there, glancing over at her and his eyes softened, ¿Él hizo eso? Lo siento mucho, Gabs." Karlos pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Karlos may had worked with her dad but the softness in his voice was genuine, he hated this job just as much as she did. The only reason why he was there was that he had a debt to pay off so he could free himself of this place, because if he didn't her dad would off him and think not once about it. He took his jacket off and placed it around her, guiding her down the steps of the hotel and out to the car where he helped her in. "Gracis." Was all she said, and even it was raspy. She was tired, mentally and physically, and all she wanted to do was clean up, and go to bed. After him getting in, he headed off, Gabby curled up in the seat as best she could, snuggled into the warmth of the leather jacket that was Karlos'. They made one more stop, a fast food place that Gabby loved, he knew she hadn't eaten all day because the rules were they were supposed to fast before the night of their duties, so when she smelled that smell of her favorite fast food joint, she looked over at Karlos, a small smile spread against his lips and Gabby smiled faintly back.

They ate in the car, discarded the trash before they got home. Gabby stared at the soulless building that was supposed to be filled with love, but yet it was only filled with lost souls that couldn't get out. She got out with Karlos and headed in, giving him back his jacket before stepping through the thresh hold. "Gabriella! Mi hija" I'm not your daughter, she thought, but before she could walk away she felt his hand grab her chin and stare at her. He shook his head in a tsk tsk tsk manner and jerked her head back a bit as he released it. He turned to Karlos for the money as Gabby disappeared into the back of the darkened house. She went to her room, and shut the door. It was her safe place, her father couldn't come in, that was another rule that she was truthfully thankful for. She moved into her bathroom, turning it on as hot as she could stand it and stripped. She needed to try and wash the disgust off of her, if that were even possible. Gabby moved in front of the mirror and touched the spot where it was cut, wincing softly at the soreness of it. She often wondered if she got beat up enough would she not have to do this anymore, but the thoughts always went to 'yes.'

Gabby stood there under the water, eyes closed after scrubbing her skin what felt to be raw, but the loofa wasn't that good. She heard the knock on her bedroom door, "Duerme un poco, mi amor." Gabby licked her lips and glanced out her bathroom door as if he was standing there, "Lo haré, buenas noches" She replied, knowing that if she didn't there would be hell to pay. She turned the shower water off and grabbed a towel, stepping out and drying off before slipping her sleep clothes on. She moved over to her bed, crawling in the safety of the covers; No one had ever touched her here, she was safe in this room which calmed her nerves and her own darkened thoughts. Would she always safe here? Probably. Her Father made the rules and stuck to them, for that she was thankful for. Her head rested against the pillows and immediately her tensed body softened, relaxed in her own exhaustion before she succumbed to the sleep she had been lacking for quite a while now. Tomorrow she had a day off, and Raphael had already agreed that she was able to go shopping or whatever, so long as Karlos followed her and that was okay; Least he felt pity on the girls under Raphael's hands. Maybe one day she would be free from this, but until then, her bedroom was the safest place she could be.

10/08/2019 11:56 PM 

Here's to twenty more.

Twenty years was a long time to live, when you've been around for twenty-eight 
already. It was time that not many people got, so when Gabby was asked by an
old friend what had she been up to for twenty years, her mind went back to how
grateful she was to be able to live those years, to be able to have that flashback 
as to what had went on in her life and how far she had come, how happy she had
been able to be for once in her life. After all that had been going on in her life 
before she hit New York, it seemed all a dream to her that she was able to 
proudly say what had been going on, how far she made it and how she was
able to have that hope she longed for, that love, that missing piece in her
heart that she desperately tried to fill. "What have I been up to for twenty
years?" Gabby finally spoke and her mind went from the age of forty-eight
to starting at her prime at twenty-eight years old:

Gabby loved her job at the fire department, loved her relationship with Ty
and how she thrived so hard at being where she was. She had managed to
snag the position of paramedic in charge, or P.I.C. at the station, which was
a big deal for a paramedic, and a nice little raise money wise. Her relationship
with Ty had a few ups and downs, more because of her low self conscience in
her own self, but their strength and love for each other out-wayed that and Ty
and Gabby got married in the court when Ty almost died in a collapsing 
building but managed to get out. It was then that Gabby knew she couldn't
lose him, and risk him ever leaving her, so they got hitched on the court
steps. At first, they didn't rush anymore kids, Ty having two of his own,
Gabby took them in, even though she tried her hardest not to make it feel
like she was stepping in as their mother. She knew she wasn't biologically,
but if they ever needed anything, she was always there, and helped them 
gain the Christmas spirit even though Jonathan found the elf hats to be
a bit on the annoying side at first.

Gabby had miscarried twice before they had little Cassandra who was now
seventeen years old and just as strong-willed as the both of them. After their
little miracle, it was clear Gabby couldn't have anymore kids and she was okay
with that. She had Jonathan, who was twenty-five and was following in his
mother's footsteps and Gabby was so proud of him for that. Haley, Haley was
twenty-three and, even though struggling to find who she wanted to be, it was 
okay because she had grown up to be a wonderful young lady with a fiance
that reminded Gabby of Ty. Cassandra was seventeen and was a bright girl
but boy did she give them a run for their money. The girl was both of them
combined and she was a firecracker with a heart of gold. Her and her sister,
Xandra, were just as close if not closer together now than they had ever been
and she was forever thankful for that one letter that brought them together
so long ago.

Gabby and Ty were just as happy as ever, something she had never been able
to figure out how she lucked up with a man so wonderful. He had finally been
retiring from the department after thirty some odd years, but Gabby was still
going strong as a paramedic there. She figured she'd give it a couple more 
years, bank in that retirement after Cassandra left for college so both her and
Ty could go on a long vacation and enjoy themselves and what the world had
to offer. Therapy was finally done, and Gabby had actually gone back to the
Dominican Republic to face the man that had done so much damage to her,
but when she finally got the courage to go see him, he was murdered in jail
after the other cellmates found out why he was in there. Gabby didn't feel any
sympathy, and with that actually found closer in it all. Gabby continued to
volunteer every chance she got, and hoped that she could help girls in the same
position she once was in to find their peace and forgiveness in it all.

Twenty years had been good to her, she had found peace and love that she had
longed for so much, her passion as a paramedic had never failed her and had
helped her be the person she was. So when her friend asked her what she had
been up to for twenty years, she smiled and licked her lips, glancing down at
the drink before her before glancing back up at the woman, "Living and loving
life." It was all she could say, she was so blessed and thankful for having that
happy ending that there were no other words to express how wonderful her
life truly was. "Now, if you'd excuse me..." She got up and grabbed her bag,
"I'm going home to my husband and my daughter. I've got a dinner to cook.
Jonathan, Haley, her fiance, my sister and her guy is coming over." And
that's how she wanted it. All the ones she loved under one roof, bringing
joy to her heart. And as she walked out the little diner, she took a deep
breath with a smile on her face; Yeah she had lived an amazing life,
so many good chapters, some not so good, but all were just as
inspiring as the next. And here was to twenty more.

10/07/2019 10:16 PM 

This is me

"I swear to God if we run out of food, 
I am eating YOU first."
-Gabriella Dawson, Chicago Fire

10/03/2019 09:46 PM 


Hiraeth. (n.) A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

I don't know why I'm writing this, my therapist told me I needed to talk about home. If I can even call it my home, still. So many bad memories there, so many lies, pain, grief, tears, but yet here I am wanting to go back so bad. To be honest, I don't even know where to start, just that I need to get everything off my chest, put it in an envelope and be done with it; Or so my therapist know-it-all says it would help me out. So, here I am, I guess writing a letter to myself about my home, about where I come from. That sounds weird, if we're honest. Where I come from. I come from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and proud of it. It's not the homeland that was evil to me, just my circumstances. There's no hatred towards the home I love, the home I had to leave behind just to keep myself from being another dead female that got lost because her pops decided to ruin her life. Okay, no getting into that, it's not what I'm here for; So what am I here for?

The food, the flavors that make your tastebuds dance and yearn for more Pollo Guisado or Mangu. The smells of freshly cooked Arroz blanco just waiting to have gravy poured over it for your enjoyment. The food isn't the only thing that was amazing, the view. Oh, the view. The memory of sneaking out one night with friends and going to Los Tres Ojos to go swimming was the best memory a girl could have in such hard times. All of the old historical buildings just waiting to be loved with attention and focus, and the tourists. Yeah, you got some rude ones but ninety-nine percent of the time you had them curious, curious to know what you did when you were a little girl, what you ate, what your culture was like, what you danced to. All you wanted to do was be near the icey blue waters that you loved so dearly, that washed away all of your nightmares for just that short period of time. The clothes that you begged to have, flushed with bright colors that made your eyes twinkle with delight. Everything there was perfect, was.... Warm, was.... Home. It reminded you of what your Mama would've been like, what she loved to do when she was a little girl. 

What I'm saying to myself is this; Don't let the bad outway the good, because there was so much good in that place. Friends that kept you warm at night, food that kept your belly full and places that kept you smiling in awe and wonder even if you've seen them a million times. Remember the monkey sitting on the corner by that old restaurant? The little old lady always took care of him there so he stayed. He would always sit on your shoulder while you ate there and you'd sneak him a treat in, or two.. Love your home, and maybe once you heal you can take your new life with you. I'm sure you'd love to show Ty, Haley, and Jonathan the places you went to, the waterfalls you swam under, the wildlife you walked along the sidewalk with. Freedom wasn't there then, but it is now, and you need to love that place now. Forget the hurt, love the place that made you into your amazing self, okay?

Gabby proof read it and smiled faintly to herself. She needed to hear that no matter how hard it was to bring back where she came from. She would always love who she was and her home, even through everything that went on. Taking a deep breath, she folded the letter up and grabbed the envelope where she stuck the paper in and sealed it up after licking the nasty residue that stuck the letter together to close it. Flipping it over, she studied it for a moment and wrote, "To Gabby; A letter from yourself, to love who you are." She nodded and got up, moving to the drawer off to the side and sticking in it before closing it. Maybe one day she'd get the courage to go back, but until then the letter stayed there until she needed reminding of just how wonderful the Dominican Republic could be.

09/29/2019 12:56 PM 

Chilly Chilly.

September had come and gone to Gabby and it was pretty much October, which meant that in those few days, the Harvest festivities would be a hustling and bustling. Gabby wasn't too much a fan towards October with Halloween, but mainly because she had to work and just like any other holiday; There were idiots. But, this year Gabby had other plans, plans that hopefully brought in the spooky season on good terms and more of an enjoyment than being miserable. She didn't have to do it alone, either, because she had Eleanor who was willing and ready to go spend the entire weekend at a haunted hotel to get the ball rolling and bring in October with a bang. Why they chose a haunted hotel, neither one of them knew, but just the thought alone excited both the girls and to just see what this place was about was a thrill in itself. The google reviews stated that it was full of paranormal activity, so what better place than to go to that said place with over a thousand reviews and so many agreeing on said activity.

After saying bye to Tyler, Haley, and Jonathan, she let Tyler put her suitcase in the back of the car and kissed her before telling her to be careful, call or text when she could, all that stuff. It was nice to have someone so concerned over her for once, and she found it comforting, "I promise I'll text you when I get there. I think the service is too crappy to call, but I'm sure it's good enough to get something out." He agreed and with that, she got in and headed out to pick Eleanor up. 

It didn't take long to get her friend and loaded her suitcase up before they headed off to this place, "I have always wanted to go somewhere haunted." Gabby couldn't help it, curiosity got the best of her and sometimes the worse. "Think we'll find anything?" She had her doubts, she was more of a.... I believe it when I see it, sort of girl, but that didn't stop her from attempting to go at a good time or a good thrill. After a couple hour drive, they pulled up to the hotel and Gabby glanced at it, "Looks exactly like the pictures... Old and creepy." Which oddly enough, she was excited for. Gabby went and parked the car, which wasn't that hard since there were only a few cars there which gave for optimum parking opportunity in case they needed to run out fast, "We'll go in, get checked in, then come and get out stuff. Test the waters first before we make a decision."

Getting out, Gabby felt the chilly air seep through her bones; It was a lot cooler up here than it was in the big city, "May have to bring out our big coats." But they wouldn't be outside too long, Gabby made sure of that. With Eleanor beside her, Gabby wrapped an arm loosely around the other girl's arm as they made their way through the crunching of the leaves that had already began to show anyone that Fall was there and would be there for a while. When they got up the steps, Gabby held the door open, following Eleanor in and feeling the heat of the room sting against her cold cheeks, "See? Heat." She whispered towards the girl with her as she glanced around. It felt old school, like it had come out of a movie scene and it was pretty cool. Heading up to the front desk, Gabby glanced around and turned to Eleanor, "I think we should stay. It brings out the aesthetic of the stories."

09/26/2019 07:27 PM 

Hershey's Hot Chocolate.




  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 cups milk (1 qt.)
  • 1/3 cup water hot
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • Dash salt
  • 1/4 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa


  • Mix sugar, cocoa and salt in medium saucepan; stir in water. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly; boil and stir 2 minutes.
  • Add milk; stir and heat until hot. Do Not Boil. Remove from heat; add vanilla. Beat with whisk until foamy. About six 6-ounce servings.
  • Note: Recipe may be doubled.
  • VARIATIONS: Add one of the following with the vanilla extract.
  • CINNAMON COCOA: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon.
  • MINT COCOA: 1/2 teaspoon mint extract OR 3 tablespoons crushed hard peppermint candy.
  • MOCHA COCOA: 1 to 2 tablespoons powdered instant coffee.

09/25/2019 03:25 PM 

New York is Where I'd Rather Be!

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer.

09/24/2019 04:10 PM 

Letters Of Fall.


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