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12/08/2019 05:30 PM 

Bound by Promise

1x1 with Little Witch
Bound by Promise
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
The passage of time mattered not to the eldest living Original Vampire.  He was laying prone in his coffin in an attic in New Orleans.  The dagger that had been shoved into his heart by his brother still remained in place.  Elijah Mikaelson had come to New Orleans to find his brother.  Klaus was the father of a child with a werewolf girl.  Elijah knew of the girl only briefly because of the time back in Mystic Falls and meeting her in the cemetery to tell her of their family’s history.  Elijah’s hope for his brother’s redemption because of this child were temporarily stymied the moment that Klaus penetrated his heart with that dagger.

The movement around him from their home in New Orleans to this attic where Marcel had stashed his secret weapon, had gone unknown to Elijah.  The black horizon that engulfed an Original while daggered kept the Noble Stag from knowing the depth of his brother’s betrayal.  The passage of time had no meaning here.  Finn had been daggered for 900 years.  Both Kol and Rebekah had been over 100 years at a time daggered.   Elijah himself had not spent any extended length of time daggered because of his ability to maintain his status as being in Klaus’s good graces most of the time.   His betrayal by siding against Klaus in Mystic Falls upon his ascension as a hybrid had not gone unpunished.  Fortunately that daggering had not last long.   Would Elijah face that same luck this time, or was he doomed to be daggered for a century or more?

The blade in his chest moved.   The Original felt his consciousness race to the forefront only to be slammed backward into a twilight position between life and that nowhere land once more.  This time, the power of the eldest Original would work to his advantage.  His mental prowess was aware of what was going on around him, while his body was frozen by the dagger.   Voices around him were starting to manifest.  He could sense someone sitting beside him.   Yes, he knew he was in his coffin but he could tell someone was close.   It was a child.  She had been the one to undagger him and then pierce his heart once more.

The voice of Marcel Gerard had tickled the edges of his hearing.  The sireling who had been like a son to Klaus was telling someone he wanted to find a way to kill an Original.  With Elijah in this position, he knew that he couldn’t fight back physically.   It worked to his advantage however that this child who was his keeper didn’t realize what removing the dagger would do.   Her words were curious but yet edged with another emotion.  Elijah wondered if he was hearing regret in her words.  He would have to listen further.

It was like being shackled to the earth with that dagger still in his chest.   The semi-reprieve of the dagger being removed briefly was going to be used for his advantage.  Marcel obviously had no idea what happened to members of the Original Family when this happened.  When the others were daggered, Klaus held them under close watch not allowing anyone to get near them.   Elijah was not under Klaus’s direct supervision here which is how mistakes were made.  While remaining prone in the coffin, Elijah started to wonder if this had not been Klaus’s intention all along.    The hybrid was rather clever when he wanted to be.

Marcel’s words to the girl he called Davina had been laced with venom and bile.  He wanted to find a way to kill an Original and he fully intended on  using Elijah to find that method.   That was something that irritated Elijah even as he lay there semi conscious.   He hated feeling shackled down like this, but he was going to stop this no matter what it took.   He was certain the girl was going to listen to him.  He could be quite convincing when he wanted to be.


Elijah had been left alone.  His mental power reached out from his coffin to meet up with his sister who had just arrived at the doorway of the attic.   It took some convincing and pulling Rebekah into a memory they shared from Germany in the later half of the 19th Century to convince her to leave this to him.   Elijah loved his sister tremendously.  He knew she’d come after him when he didn’t answer her calls or texts.   He had to turn Rebekah into a more profitable pursuit.   He convinced her to find Hayley and protect her.   This young witch named Davina was going to be Elijah’s priority.   With much reticence, Rebekah finally agreed to what Elijah told her telepathically.

He’d been practicing reaching out while Davina was painting or sketching in her room there in the attic.   When Rebekah appeared, he had refined his power enough and gained enough strength to speak to her with confidence.  Now the final test would be reaching out to Davina.   The young lady did return finally.  There was an interchange with Marcel to which he just quietly listened.   Marcel was being swayed by the attention of Klaus in New Orleans.   It was a shame to hear that all the younger vampire wanted was his father to acknowledge him.   Elijah knew this all a trick by Klaus to get Marcel to trust him.   Time was short for Elijah.

Once Marcel’s voice was gone, Elijah could sense Davina turning toward the room.   He reached out with his mind to try and touch hers.   It was a simple word.  “Davina.”  Elijah didn’t want to present himself as a threatening force.   Right now, he was at her mercy.  It would take some convincing to get her to remove the dagger altogether so he could be revived completely.   “Take out the dagger.  You need to look at it more carefully.    She had not heard him speak before, so this was his first reaching out to her mind.  Hopefully he could appeal to her curiosity as to what the dagger was and actually want to speak to an Original.   Perhaps his own reputation as the Noble Brother and the one who kept his word would be enough to sway her toward his favor.   The next move was hers. 

credit: james kriet

11/25/2019 09:48 PM 

Deck the Halls Intro

Attn: Mary, Dean and James  // Mention: Rebekah, Hope, Jackson Kenner.
Deck the Halls
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
Christmas had been a popular time of year for the Mikaelson Family.   Despite being Vikings originally, the family adopted the holiday in a show of existing within the confines of a largely Christian Society in Europe and the Colonies.  The last time they’d gathered together had been when Jackson was alive and Hope was just a small baby.   Times had been rather difficult for the Mikaelson Family and they were not getting any better.

It was Rebekah’s idea to have this party.  Rebekah had not been there when Jackson was alive and Hope was a baby.  Tristan, Aurora and Lucien were wreaking havoc in New Orleans.  It had been best to have her tucked away in safety even though it had been Elijah himself that had daggered her and safely ensconced her within a coffin.   Elijah would do anything for Rebekah, that task that Niklaus generally took upon himself he’d done himself.  Now all these years later he felt the need to support her in this entire notion of an old fashioned Christmas party.  Perhaps this one would actually be memorable for once.   Then again, all Mikaelson Family gatherings were.

Standing in his bedroom was a female staff member that had just offered her wrist to Elijah to drink.  He held her wrist in his hands before sinking his fangs into the soft flesh there.   The warm invigorating blood slid over his lips and into his mouth.   It was a snack of sorts for the Elder Mikaelson Brother.  A momentary charge to keep himself sated for the ensuing party that was about to take place.  Facing a crowd that included hunters and slayers was going to take some strength on his part.  He didn’t want to rip into anyone on Christmas because that would ruin the entire spirit of the season.  Rebekah wanted a temporary peace treaty between them and those that would normally have sought their demise.  Hunters and Slayers tended to tax his patience.   This one little offering from a willing member of the household staff would help the Noble Brother maintain his air of dignity and civilized decorum.   

He rose from the offered wrist with his vampiric mask still upon his handsome features.   Sufficiently quenched, Elijah allowed his fangs to retract and the darkness around his eyes to recede. “Thank you.  That will be all.”   He dismissed the woman as his hand ran over the open wound on her wrist.   The woman with long black hair and luminous blue eyes nodded her understanding to Elijah before leaving his bedroom.   He immediately turned slowly toward his wardrobe to finish getting himself presentable.

Silver cufflinks completed his ensemble.  Elijah took great pride in his appearance. He was notorious for doing so throughout the years.  His suits cost more than he cared to admit at times, but then he did like the feel of satin against his skin.   Elijah ran a finger through the part in his hair smoothing back the mocha locks that had recently been cut.   His chocolate hues reflected back in the mirror in front of him.   This suit was an ebony color with his shirt being navy and an ebony tie.    He smelled of a rather lavish aftershave that he had imported from France just because he could.  His Italian loafers covered his feet like a glove.   Sufficiently coiffed and attired, he decided to head down into the Compound to witness the decorations for the party and their final implementation.


The Compound was a beehive of activity.   He had not yet set his eye upon either of his sisters as of yet or either of his brothers.   The staff that was busy setting things in place acknowledged him with a brief nod of the head or a Merry Christmas Mr. Mikaelson through spoken word.   He stood on the upper levels looking down into the main courtyard of the Compound.  They were busy little beavers and that rather amused Elijah.   Rebekah was going all out and he couldn’t have been more pleased.   What Rebekah wanted, Elijah was going to ensure she got.

He finally made his way down the steps until he passed by the Christmas tree that would have put the Redwoods in California to shame.   Once arriving down on the ground floor, he was able to fully absorb the ambiance.   The Christmas Carols, the smells of the food and the spices of the season were extremely tempting to the senses.   Elijah unbuttoned his jacket to be a bit less formal at the moment.   His hands were on his hips just casting an approving glance over the entire transformation of the compound itself.   This  brought a smile to Elijah’s face even in the middle of all the usual chaos and debauchery that was the normal Mikaelson Family on a daily basis.  It was nice to be at peace for one day in the entire year.  The question was, how long would it last.

Elijah slid his arms off his hips again to button up his coat.   He heard the knock on the door.  The first guests had arrived.  Given that he was one of the hosts of the party, he decided to take it upon himself to open the door.   He made his way there through the many decorations and staff members that were moving about in their appropriate tasks.  

The door opened when Elijah opened it.   The well dressed Original stood there with a smile upon his face.  “Dean Winchester.  Of all people to darken my door.”   He spoke with a taunting tone.   “Do please come in, all of you!  Welcome to the Mikaelson Family Residence.  Merry Christmas!”   His eyes practically tingled with fiendish glee as he saw them.  At this moment, he was certainly glad he’d eaten before they got here.   They were prime candidates for an main course for an Original’s family gathering.   He promised Rebekah that he would behave and he was going to do just that.

credit: james kriet

11/12/2019 01:49 PM 


1x1 with Clairvoyant Protector
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
The response of the woman who had accompanied him was not unexpected.  Elijah had brought her here to test her and she saw right through it.  The ghost of the slave child running through the premises made it blatantly obvious that he wasn’t what he said he was.   She was irritated and understandably so.   “Forgive me for the chicanery, Mrs. Warren.  I had to be sure of your abilities.  Rumors and stories have a habit of being distorted through the telling and retelling by those around us in every day life.”   He cast a glance downward realizing that he was going to have to give her the full story behind the house and hold nothing back from her.

He started to walk deeper into the decaying house in need of dire repair.  “This was once the mansion of the first governor of the state of Louisiana.   This was right after the Louisiana Purchase was completed by President Jefferson.   The Americans began to move into the area shortly thereafter in larger numbers.   The appointed Governor was a cad who had greased a few palms in the upper echelons of Washington Society at the time.”   He knew that his descriptions were going to be incredibly vivid of a time some nearly 200 years prior considering that most people in the 1970s had knowledge of the era from history books and the occasional movie set in the era.   Elijah hated historical reenactments because most of the time they were completely wrong. 

“This home was lost to history for several centuries.  The presence of ghosts and other supernatural creatures have driven away the locals leaving it abandoned which is how I have preferred it for several years.   Now, I have been on a personal quest to find members of my family who have been missing for some time.  I wanted to sink some of my personal money into this home for restoration so my family can have a place to reunite and call home.   First and foremost however, I wanted to find out if the ghosts were still here.  I don’t want them destroyed because it’s not their fault they were bound to this accursed place.  I want to have them set free to go into the next world.”

Elijah straightened his wide tie with a slightly nervous twitch.   He was trying to put off the fact that he was an Original Vampire from her common knowledge.   Compulsion was something he didn’t want to do unless he absolutely had no other alternative.  However with her being clairvoyant, his compulsion, although it was powerful as an Original, was not likely to work.  He’d tried to compel others that would be deemed psychic over the years with varying degrees of success.    He exhaled slowly as he glanced at the decay around him.   He had remembered the glory days of this place from two centuries prior.   The sights and the smells from his life as a young noble in colonial New Orleans were wrought with a mixture of good and bad memories.   It had been the last time his missing family members had been able to be together as a family.   Elijah missed it as much as he missed his family.   He extended a hand to caress a broken table that lay on the floor next to where he stood.

He turned his head slightly to see what if anything she was doing in this place now that he had come partially clean with his story.   She had absolutely nothing to fear from him.  She was safe and he would not allow anything to befall her.  “Elijah….”   The sound of his name being called with a haunting melody brought his chin upward to search for the sound of the ghost that was calling his name.   Elijah made eye contact with the ghost of the Governor’s Son.  He was still wearing the finery of the early 19th Century.   The Original could not hide the light of recognition from his eyes when he saw him.  In life the young man had brown hair and bright blue eyes.   He had been a beautiful young man that Rebekah had been completely enamored with and for whom she begged Elijah to allow him to be turned.  “You let him hurt me.  You could have saved me.”

Elijah closed his eyes and drank in a deep breath.  “Emil, please.  What’s done is done.   Your life would not have been any better had I saved you.  Please be at peace.”    The whole display would be right before Lorraine and unhidden.  Emil Gerard was the young man’s name.  He had only been in his early 20s when he was killed by Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah’s brother.  Elijah could have saved him by turning him, but he didn’t. “There were too many people around and I couldn’t risk exposure.”

“Instead you watched as your brother threw me over the balcony?”   The countenance of the young man grew dark and full of rage.  His handsome features were beginning to turn horrific and monstrous.  “YOU COULD HAVE SAVED ME.  I have been here with these…creatures for years.   I could have been given life eternal if you had dared to cross your brother.”   He was growing more malevolent the longer he stayed there with Elijah.

Elijah extended his hand.  “Emil, stop.   This is no life for anyone.  I am sorry that you’re bound here.  I want to set you free.  Please, let me do for you in death what I could not in life.”   Guilt was heavy upon the Original as he stood there.  His heart was broken seeing Emil like this.  Elijah had to protect his family.  His family was everything to him.  The ghost of Emil Gerard was one of the many consequences of his choices to protect family over the years.  Now it was time to face the consequences of one of those choices.  It was ironic in a way that it was a choice involving Emil and his family again came about nearly 200 years later.  Again, he was choosing his family.

The ghost was turning darker in appearance.  Emil had been bound to this place and the other spirits that were as well.  “You don’t know what it’s like.  You’re free.   I cannot go.”   Hatred for the Mikaelson Family was changing him into something he was not in life.   Hatred for Klaus for killing him, hatred for Rebekah for loving him and hatred for Elijah for not allowing him to be turned into a vampire was mounting. 

Elijah watched as Emil was turning into something that actually put him in fear not only for his own safety, but for that of Mrs. Warren.   “I think it’s time for us to leave…”   He took her by the hand and started to walk toward the door.   “My brother tossed Emil over that banister we saw on the exploration of the house.   That happened in 1823.  And before you ask, yes, I am a vampire.  I am a 1000 year old vampire..”   He confessed somewhat reluctantly.

credit: james kriet

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1x1 with Spunky Mutt
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
It was nearly time to go out to the bayou to try and find Hayley.   Freya was going to accompany him this time to help tend to Hope and to provide magical assistance should  the already tense situation get worse.   Klaus stood back and allowed Elijah to do whatever he would because he knew that his brother would return Hope to where she belonged at the compound.   Hope was safest there at the compound especially with all those around who sought her demise.   Klaus hid himself in his room with his paints and brushes.   Elijah knew his brother well enough to know that when he was like this, he was plotting something.

Elijah adjusted his tie and finally slid on his jacket.  “Freya?  Is Hope ready?”  The oldest living Original Vampire was completely capable of packing up a small child for a trip out into the most rural areas should he be called upon to do so, but given that the small child was already starting to manifest magical abilities, it was best to have Freya go with him this time.  All the Mikaelson vampires were untapped witches because of their mother Esther.  Elijah had not tapped into the magical abilities at all.  His talents lay elsewhere.

Freya approached her brother with the tiny bundle wrapped up safely carrying their niece in her arms.  “Hope is ready for her trip.  Something doesn’t feel right though Elijah.  There is an imbalance that I can’t explain.”   There was trouble that she felt.  “I honestly don’t want to take Hope out of the compound with this feeling out there.   I suggest you go down to the Cauldron to make sure that everything is alright.”

Would Freya want to run off with Hope?  Was she trying to get Elijah away from Hope so the baby could be taken to Dahlia?  No.  Elijah exercised caution when it came to Freya, but his instinct was to trust her.  She was a Mikaelson.  Their mother and her deals had taken them apart and separated the family.   Esther had been pregnant with Elijah at the time that Freya had been taken.   That innate loss was felt so profoundly by Elijah all his life, even though he’d never been able to put his finger on it.   So he stood up to Klaus and the right to cling to Freya as another beloved sister.

The look in Freya’s eyes worried Elijah. “You stay here.  I’ll head down to the quarter.”  Elijah’s jaw set.  When he was like this he was not only focused, but deadly.   He approached his sister holding his niece.   A gentle kiss placed on the child’s forehead as a promise that Elijah would be back.   “Soon, Hope.  We’ll get you to where your mother.”   He promised the baby.

The innocence of a child was something that Elijah had seen many times over the past 10 centuries.  There was something different about the child in front of him than all the others he’d watched as infants, children, adults.  He’d buried a good deal of those children that had grown up to be broken men and women that left no mark in this world.  The nameless faces of history would never be forgotten by Elijah Mikaelson.  However this child was different.    This child was Hope.  She had a blood tie to Elijah unlike all the children before her.   She was the future of the Mikaelson family.   Like it or not, she was going to be the key to his brother’s salvation.  He believed that with everything he had.   Even as Klaus was tucked away painting again bringing to life the endless flow of machinations to provide for the future of this family, Elijah could never stop believing that his brother was worth it all.   Reluctantly Elijah left Freya with Hope while he made sure that everything was well.   He was clearing the path.  If witches or vampires had to die, he didn’t care.   All that mattered was family.  In family was true power.


The Noble Stag was a well known individual in the supernatural community in New Orleans.  To see him in the quarter with his expensive suits and shiny leather Italian shoes meant that something was about to happen.  Elijah Mikaelson didn’t always go down into the lower levels with the common people at times.  He was a brilliant and powerful vampire with a controlled rage that put more fear into the average vampire, wolf or witch than many cared to admit.  Some actually feared Elijah more than they feared Klaus.

The curse that was placed on the Crescents turned them back into wolves during the entire month.  Just on the full moon they returned to being human this one day.   The sight of Hayley Marshall Kenner the Crescent Alpha in the quarter would have seen them all into a maddening rage.  The powers that reigned by the ancestors and their vessels in the Cauldron brought great anger and disdain to the mind and soul of Elijah Mikaelson.  He fought for all he was worth to make sure that Hayley would get that chance to see her child when she was human that one day while he continued to try and find a way to break the curse on the Crescents.

A terrible scream tore through the air.  The tone and the inflection sounded somewhat familiar to him.  He couldn’t get a fix on anything at the first sounds of the scream.  His eyes visually scanned the streets in the Cauldron.   There was a barrier spell keeping him from moving too far into the Cauldron himself.   He watched in horror as this woman seemed to be under attack by the witches.  Was that Hayley?   Elijah didn’t have much time to act.

The nearest shop to his location had a metal grate that came down to lock up the windows at night to keep burglars from robbing the shop.   Elijah grabbed a bar from that metal grate.  He snapped it off using his own strength not caring what noises he made.   Elijah wrapped his fingers around the metal and held it over his shoulder.  He launched it with the accuracy and the skill of an Olympic athlete.  The bar itself was launched by the Original as if it were a javelin.

Whizzing through the air in a short amount of time, the makeshift metal javelin found its mark.   With a sickening thud, it landed in the chest of the witch that was bombarding the girl that looked like Hayley with her magical power.   The spell was broken that was attacking the girl because the ruptured and bleeding heart of the witch casting it was on the edge of the metal that was protruding from her chest.  Her clothing was saturated with the rich vermillion of freshly spilled blood that had been torn from her body’s critical arteries. Death was etched on every feature this young witch as a result of this surprise attack by the Original. The witch had a look of utter surprise on her face as she collapsed dead at the feet of the wolf girl that had been attacked in this manner.   Elijah waited to see if the girl was okay and would come to him since there was a magical barrier keeping him from getting any closer to her.  Hopefully he hadn’t been too late to the scene to save her.

credit: james kriet

11/02/2019 04:28 PM 

Endgame Intro

Attn: Everyone. // Mention: Finn, Kol and Rebekah, Wanda Maximoff-Vision
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
4 July 1976
Philadelphia, PA

Two hundred years was nothing to him.   He’d been one of the few who had been there to witness the hot summer when a ginger named Thomas Jefferson was putting the final touches on a document that would become as revered as the Magna Carta itself.  Families all across the United States were celebrating the 200th anniversary of this document that started a rogue group of British colonies into becoming one of the world’s superpowers.   Little did anyone know at the time, but the scraggly band of colonials would develop a nation that would become far more powerful than their mother country itself.   He stood there watching in a sea of humanity as fireworks lit the skies.  Families were gathered all around enjoying the moment together.  Families that were happy and whole.   They were nothing like his family.

Elijah Mikaelson was a vampire.  He wasn’t just any vampire, he was one of the first.  He was a member of the Original Family.   The Original Family, as they were called, were the first recorded vampires in existence.  Elijah had been walking the earth for nearly 2000 years.  He had four brothers and two sisters.   One brother, the child born after he was, had been his closest sibling at one time.  Several times over the centuries had the world trembled in fear of Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson.   For the better part of the 20th Century thus far, all that had changed.  They had all lost a sister Freya who had been first born and older than Finn and Elijah had died due to plague.  The youngest named Henrik had been torn apart due to werewolves.   In his desperation and utter grief, Mikael the family patriarch had driven his wife to making the children into monsters.   The Original Family was born at that moment.  They were all monsters.   

There was something more about Klaus however.  Their mother had had an affair with the Alpha of the werewolves that had eventually killed Henrik.  The result of that affair had been Elijah’s brother Klaus.   So when Klaus was changed, he was so much more.   He was a hybrid.  He was ½ Vampire  and ½ Werewolf.  On that night so many years ago that Klaus’ true nature came forth, their mother bound that curse that kept his wolf side dormant using the blood of the beautiful Tatia to bring that spell to full cohesion.  So for centuries Klaus remained only a vampire with his wolf side stripped from him.   The hope to break that curse had lain dormant until the day in 1492 when they met her.   Katerina Petrova was Tatia’s doppelganger.  The blood of the doppelganger would set him free, so Klaus became obsessed with her.   Using her own machinations, Katerina became a vampire thus rendering her blood useless to him to break the curse.

The desperation and the hurt that Klaus felt at the missed opportunity was something that none could honestly blame him over.  Secretly Elijah had fallen in love with Katerina.  The elder Original was glad she didn’t die but said she was a vampire.  It was all done now.   There was no changing what was done.  The only thing left now was to wonder if there would be another doppelganger.   Surely there wouldn’t because Katerina was a vampire now, right?   Elijah put it out of his mind.  However he had no idea if Klaus had given up on the whole maddening affair.  It did however lead to Klaus’ temper becoming unbearable.   Elijah did what he could to soothe the beast along with their surviving sister Rebekah.   But a beast, was still a beast.

The first to suffer a daggering was Finn.  Their oldest brother had hated becoming a vampire.  He was their mother’s acolyte and completely devoted to her.  Both Elijah and Klaus knew that if they were to survive, Finn would have to either accept what they were or be neutralized.   He was daggered and locked into a coffin for the family’s greater good.   Elijah had actually had a hand in helping use the first White Oak dagger on their eldest brother.   He’d been asleep for nearly 900 years now.  His coffin was always somewhere close to wherever Klaus was.  He always knew where Finn was.

Kol was the next to suffer at Klaus’ hand.  Daggered, not once but twice their youngest living brother was the black sheep.  Kol had never been included when it came to anything that Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah did.   Kol took his own turn learning more magic despite being a vampire himself.   He’d spent more time on his own than any of them to this point.  The last time, Kol had come together with his family, the truth came out about his plans to steal a diamond that would have been able to be used to make a dagger that could actually put down Klaus himself.   In the middle of a grand Mikaelson Christmas party, the youngest brother had been held in place by Elijah while Klaus slid in the dagger.   Two down and one to go.

Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus had been separated when Mikael the Destroyer came to New Orleans hunting them all down.  He’d burned an opera house down even killing Klaus’ protégé Marcellus in the process.  Elijah volunteered to keep Mikael busy while Klaus took Rebekah and ran.  Elijah knew how much Rebekah had loved Marcel.  He wished he could have consoled her at this loss, he needed to keep Mikael busy so that his younger siblings could escape.   Keep him busy, Elijah did.   He had not seen Rebekah since 1919.  For nearly 60 years, he wondered where she was, or even if she was still alive.

Standing here among these families was making Elijah long for his.   He had seen Klaus in Havana in 1959.  So he knew Klaus was alive. There were no signs of Rebekah.  Klaus gave no response to Elijah when he asked his brother where their family was.  Nearly 20 years now and Elijah had seen no other of his siblings or any sign of where their coffins might be.  He’d spend the majority of two decades looking for them all on his own.  Today here in this Bicentennial Year in the Colonies, Elijah decided that enough was enough.   This was the moment here in the shadow of the fireworks in Philadelphia that he decided come hell or high water, he was going to reunite his family,  Klaus be damned.   He could accept this or get the hell out of the way.   Family was strength and Elijah had been alone too long.


en route to Mystic Falls, VA

Another three decades passed.  Elijah Mikaelson had not found any further signs of his family anywhere.   He’d tried to stay ahead of his brother Klaus, but rumors and innuendos did continue to approach him that Klaus was still alive and on the hunt.   What was Klaus hunting?    Elijah only knew of one way to find out the answers to all that.   He sought out a witch he’d met some time ago that he’d saved from the hands of hunters.  Her name was Agatha Harkness.

Agatha was no longer alive unfortunately.   He’d come across her student, a young witch named Wanda Maximoff, now Wanda Vision.   Wanda was married to the love of her life and they had a family.   That only made Elijah yearn to see his sister Rebekah especially.   Other signs had told Elijah that Rebekah was daggered and in a coffin somewhere.   He wasn’t sure, but in all this time if Rebekah was alive and well, she’d have found him by now.   It was a new century and a new era.

Something else Wanda told him made Elijah head back to where it all began.   She’d told him that the doppelganger lived.   IF that was true, that would bring Klaus out no matter where he was on the planet.   It was time to put an end to the running, now and forever.

Elijah pulled into town and into the parking lot of the Mystic Grill.   The world as a whole was suffering from a few natural disasters here and there.  None of that affected Elijah.   The rumors were that it was the end of the world.   He shook it off because he had one solitary focus.  He wanted his family back.  If there was a doppelganger, then she would bring Klaus out no matter where he was on the entire planet.  All Elijah had to do was wait.

credit: james kriet

10/26/2019 11:34 PM 

Amicus Diaboli

1x1 with Lightbringer
Amicus Diaboli
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178

1902  Mexico City

The Victorian Era was over and now the world was in the midst of a new era.  Edward VII was on the throne in England.   After seven decades of rule by Queen Victoria, the world was now facing a new uncertain future in which the United States was rising as a new power in the world.  Still the English Monarchy had vast influence all across the world.  The new transition into the modern era stretched to all points of the globe.   This included the American port of New Orleans.

Things were going well in New Orleans for Elijah Mikaelson and his siblings.  They were sitting on top of the world in New Orleans.  The Mikaelson Family ruled the Supernatural community there using finesse and a few strong armed tactics.   The skills and abilities learned over 900 years were working in a stupendous fashion or so Elijah had believed.    He decided it was time to take a holiday in Mexico City.

Elijah stepped off the train wearing a tan suit and a light pair of trousers.  His dark locks were covered by a Panama Hat sitting atop his head.   He didn’t really wear hats if he didn’t want to, but sometimes over the years he found them suitable.   These Panama Hats were an accessory he could get behind, especially in a warmer climate like Mexico.   Reaching the baggage area, Elijah paid the steward a rather handsome tip while taking his trunk with the cart upon it.  Surely using his own strength as an Original Vampire, he could have handled it easily but he needed to fit into the public and blend in among humans.

Elijah knew he was being followed.  Having had extended senses after all these years, he could hear a would be assassin stepping in following him for the kill.   How many had he actually killed that had tried to do him in over the years?   The number was too high to even count.   He rounded the corner just ahead to step out of sight of the one who was following him.

He was in fact being followed.  The man was a young man as it were.  He had a necklace of vervain as he approached the Original.   He had a neat look about him with relaxed attire.   He started to pull out a wooden stake the closer he got to his target.  When Elijah moved around the corner, the man stepped out to see nothing there.  He turned around to see Elijah suddenly out of nowhere punch him right in the nose with a solid roundhouse right.

The punch staggered the man, but considering he was wearing a vervain necklace it did stagger Elijah.  Elijah recoiled from the action grabbing his hand that was affected by the poison.  Vervain wouldn’t kill an Original.  All hunters knew that, but he wasn’t supposed to kill Elijah.  He was supposed to capture the eldest Original.   The hunter felt his body stiffen at the moment as a man approached from behind.  “Mors est infideles!”  A decidedly proper British accent came from behind the man.   The hunter fell to the ground dead instantly.

Elijah stepped forward to meet the British man who had just saved his life.  He was an odd looking fellow with a mop of hair with a hidden receding hairline.   He held his right hand with his left hand.  “Thank you.  I am just here on holiday.  I didn’t want any trouble.”  The vervain burned his hand still.  He tried to reach for his handkerchief to wipe his hand, but it hurt to move his fingers.

“It was quite obvious that you were Mr. Mikaelson.  Everyone deserves a chance to play once and a while.   Especially one of the Original Family.”    He waved a hand over the Original’s wounded hand.  “Ut curari nequeas.”  He spoke.

Elijah could hear the Latin spoken by the man.  The spell he spoke started to work on the poisoned flesh of Elijah’s hand.  He could feel the healing working.   He soon started to be able to flex his fingers once more.  “You’re a witch?”  The Original was insanely curious about this man he’d just met.

“Indeed I am.  My name is Aliester Crowley.   Pleased to make your acquaintance.  Everyone knows the Noble Stag Elijah Mikaelson.”    The English Witch extended a hand to shake that of the vampire.   It was always good to befriend a Mikaelson, especially Elijah of all Originals.

Elijah gladly shook the hand of this intriguing witch.  He didn’t have to be a fully recognized witch himself to know that it was a good thing to have powerful witches as allies.   One never knew when one needed to call upon friends.


New Orleans, LA
six months after the death of Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson

What was time?   The last thing he remembered was standing in The French Quarter with his half brother Niklaus or Klaus to most people as they staked each other with the two halves of the White Oak Stake.  It was night time again and suddenly he was standing in the last place he remembered.    He was here, but where was his half brother?  Was this the afterlife?

The path from this spot in the Quarter back to the Compound was still free.   The surrounding had obviously changed in the eyes of the Original Vampire.  Dark optics darted back and forth as he tried to figure out what exactly happened to him.  

Elijah stopped and ran his hands all along the length of his torso.  He looked back at his suit and there was a hole in it, where Klaus had staked him.  The hole had blood encrusted around it.  It was his assumption that  he’d died, but considering he was the son of a witch before he was a vampire, was he with the ancestors as Kol had been when he had died?   He’d never truly pursued the witch ancestry that he possessed as Kol or even Finn had done, so he couldn’t have been sent to be around the ancestors.   

He walked toward a newsstand.   It was his favorite hobby and his way to blend in with humanity by reading a black and white newspaper daily.   The papers on the stand all had the same date on it.   By his calculation, he’d been gone for only six months.   This world around him looked exactly like the one he’d left behind.   He wasn’t sure why this had happened.  He also had no idea where Klaus was.  If he was back, where was Klaus?


deep within the bowels of hell

There was a door that stood open.  The inhabitant of said cell had been one Elijah Mikaelson.  Now, that cell was empty and The Original Vampire was gone.   The demon that had been charged with keeping Elijah within that cell was laying dead at the foot of the door.   The demon was contorted by a powerful spell that had left him dead.

Another demon came across the empty cell and the dead guard lying there infested with maggots.   “AW SH*T.”  The demon hissed.   Elijah Mikaelson was free.   He didn’t relish the idea of Lucifer finding out that the Original was free.   This couldn’t be good, could it?

credit: james kriet

10/22/2019 09:51 PM 

Born on the Bayou

1x1 with Bayou Wolf
Born on the Bayou
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178

Elijah Mikaelson was always a man of his word.   That had been a hallmark of his character even when he was human.  His mother had even called him so moral once.  Some would consider that a weakness.   It been used against him so many times before in the past, he’d lost count.  The one who took advantage of his word being his bond the most was his brother Klaus.  He often ended up at odds with Klaus over this subject.   Elijah hated siding against Klaus.  He also hated how domineering Klaus was at times.

Adjusting his tie in the mirror, Elijah exhaled slowly.  His pocket square suited him perfectly adding that extra finishing touch to the ensemble.   He was a stylish vampire known for his impeccable taste in fine suits and flawless cleanliness.   It was to the point of being OCD in most cases.   It was part of who Elijah Mikaelson was right down to the monogrammed handkerchiefs.     Finally satisfied he was ready enough to face the day, he moved away from the mirror.   It had been over 400 years since his friend the werewolf William Lebonair had died.  He’d made a promise to William years ago that he’d look after his young one even though a pack was meant to look after it’s one.   William knew who and what Elijah was.  Elijah had come to New Orleans on his own to see if this would be a good place to come with his siblings to flee their father’s wrath.   It was then that Elijah fell in love with New Orleans.

He exited his room walking down path into the courtyard.  He didn’t find any of his siblings around on this particular bright sunny day.  Elijah didn’t need any of them following him out to the Bayou asking unnecessary questions.   He had kept this secret for four centuries and he wasn’t about to reveal any more of it now.


The autumn air was staved off by the suit jacket that the Original wore out into the Bayou.  He’d been out in the territory of the Crescents several times over recent years.  The wolves of the area knew full well who he was and considered him an ally of the pack.  It was his brother Klaus that was the bad seed in the family.  Elijah’s word was his bond and nearly every supernatural creature knew it.   Without hesitation, Elijah exited his vehicle and made his first tentative steps into the Bayou itself.   He was deep inside Crescent territory and he knew it.

The deeper Elijah walked into the Bayou, the more he was aware someone was watching him.   He was no fool.  He continued on his path deeper into the Bayou itself.  He had a distinct mission to accomplish this day and he wasn’t about to stop.   The sounds of arrows notched in a bow had not gone without notice from his keen hearing.  Two more steps forward and the arrow went flying aimed at his head.   Elijah’s hand immediately snatched the arrow in midair.   “Come on out.  I know you’re watching me.  Come out so we can talk.  I mean you no harm.”

Silence met the Original’s plea for revelation.   Elijah shrugged his shoulders and moved on forward in his path.  In between the shadows, a man with a flat top and a sleeved out left arm with tribal tattoos that all told a story.  He was watching each step that the Original took making sure that the ancient vampire was not here to cause any harm.  The wolf walked in silence minding his steps and notching another arrow.   The story of the Mikaelson family was legendary.   He was one to believe that no vampire should ever be trusted.   He went to aim the next arrow at the vampire again and found that he had disappeared from the path ahead of him.

Elijah had appeared in front of the wolf holding him by the neck.   “I told you that I wasn’t here to hurt anyone.  Why are you insisting on this game?”    The wolf looked to be in his late 40s at best while Elijah had centuries of expertise and the powers of an Original Vampire at his disposal.  He could not be beaten.  

The wolf’s eyes went golden.  Baring fangs he growled at Elijah.  “I know I can’t kill you, but I can make things uncomfortable for a while.”    He had faced death in the eyes back on the field of Iraq during the Gulf War in the 1990s.   He feared no man nor beast, let alone an Original Vampire.   

Elijah bared his own fangs in the middle of his blood mask.  Each man wasn’t backing down.  “I suggest you think again before you threaten me.”    He was angry and agitated.  His tone definitely showed it.   “Now, tell me who you are and what you’re trying to do.”

The wolf exhaled retracting his own fangs.  “Liam Kelly.  I am a Crescent Elder.  One of the few left.”  He breathed through flared nostrils hoping that when Elijah saw him standing down, so would he.

Elijah did indeed stand down.  He loosened his grip on the Wolf and retracted his own fangs and his eyes returning to normal.  “What do you know of the death of William Lebonair?”   He asked pointedly.   Elijah pulled out his handkerchief with a flourish and wiped his hands clean.

“I know the stories about how a vampire was his friend and couldn’t save him from being killed.”   Liam arched a brow at Elijah.  “That was you wasn’t it?”   He rested both his hands upon his bow that remained planted in the ground.  “You seem to have a fondness for the Crescents.”

Elijah knew to which Liam referred.  He had loved Hayley very deeply at one time.  That love passed ages prior.  Elijah preferred to be alone now.   He was only in Crescent territory because of a promise he’d made long ago, not to mention the fact his niece was a Crescent Wolf herself by birth.  “You could say that.”  He spoke nonchalantly.  “Where can I find the child of William Lebonair?  Do you know what happened to her?”

Liam shook his head.  “Pack histories on him are scant since William had gone off on his own.  There are a lot of wolves in the Bayou who still insist that Elijah Mikaelson is a friend to us all. Don’t make me regret choosing to trust you.”

Elijah was at the point where he never asked anymore how they knew who he was without him stating his name.  His history with Hayley, Jackson and all the rest when they’d first returned to New Orleans was indelibly marked on the remaining members of the pack.  He’d done his best to stop Kingmaker Land Development from wiping them out.  The fact he’d stood for the wolves was a matter of fact now.  Unfortunately the Bayou had so many layers, that Elijah was almost certain that new members of the Crescents came out of hiding.  Liam himself was a surprise to Elijah.  How many more would show themselves before long?

credit: james kriet

10/19/2019 04:18 PM 

Spooky Nights Intro

Attn: Kris Grey, Lucifer.
Spooky Nights
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178
The fall was his favorite time of year.   It wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold.  When one was an Original Vampire,  the seasons tended to all blend together after awhile.  One year after another, the cycles continued.  The only break in the cycles were the occasional days when Niklaus decided that one of the siblings had violated his trust in some way thus warranting a dagger to the chest and an extended stay in a coffin.   There was a hint of wistful regret in leaving Finn in a coffin for 900 years, but one could only tend to his incessant whining and judgmental attitudes but so much.  It was best to have him out of the way and out of their hair for all that time. 

The Original Family did spend several centuries together as a unit more often than not over the past millennia.  No matter how much time they spent apart, they did manage to wind up back together every last time.  They never were apart long.  Elijah Mikaelson was currently away from New Orleans for a bit of personal business.   Getting away from  New Orleans and Mystic Falls was a nice change of pace.  Despite the fact he did love his siblings deeply, even he had to spend time away from them on occasion.   He had his own life that they didn’t know about and he was sure they had their lives in which he had no details.   Elijah was sitting in a coffee shop sipping a straight up black coffee in a Styrofoam mug while reading a newspaper.

Over the centuries, Elijah had seen that the news of the day had been passed by word of mouth, town crier, moveable type and eventually the power of the web itself over the centuries.  He did prefer reading a newspaper most of all. It was a habit he’d picked up in the 1940s during World War II and hadn’t stopped.   He turned the page to read the financial section when his mobile device sounded.  The Eldest Original pulled the device out of his pocket.  Tapping the screen he began to read the text that had come from a number exchange ending in 666.   Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself was in the contacts list of Elijah Mikaelson.

There it was in vibrant colour.  It was a summons of sorts.   Some sort of party was happening and the action needed to be turned up a few notches.  Elijah’s eyes twinkled with mischievous glee.  It sounded like fun.  He couldn’t resist.  He messaged back to Lucifer that he would be attending.  He just had to find a way inside.  Elijah had to be invited inside a private residence.  Public places and historical sites didn’t involve any sort of invitation.   He had to have a human invite him inside.  Lucifer was not human unfortunately, but that wouldn’t let Elijah be stopped.  When the Devil called, one tended to listen.

Scrolling through his contacts, Elijah found one of his favorite humans on his list.  Dr. Kris Grey was a delightful woman that Elijah found very acceptable among most humans.   He tapped the screen causing the mini computer to dial a number.  “Kris!  Elijah Mikaelson.  Are you doing anything tonight?  I was in town and thought I’d invite you to a party.”   She knew who and what Elijah was.  He’d never harm Kris.  The world was a far too interesting place with her in it.  “Splendid!  I’ll text you the details.  It is a Halloween party and you’ll be expected to come in costume.  I’ll see you there.”

Elijah thought about it for a minute.  A wicked grin made him laugh even more.   He folded up his paper and stuck it under his arm.  Standing to his feet, he finished his coffee.  He took a moment to toss the Styrofoam into the nearest garbage can.   He had a party to attend and a human friend to greet.


The thing about a last minute invitation to a party, one didn’t have time to adequately prepare.   Elijah had to improvise.   Since his friend Kris was a doctor, he decided to do something that should make her laugh.   Casually strolling inside the nearest hospital, Elijah adjusted his cufflinks as he made his way toward a nurse standing off by herself.  “Yes?  Can I help you Sir?”  She asked curiously.

Elijah had one of those expressions on his face.  He was an arrogant bastard and he knew it.  That smug smirk that he had once flashed to Francesca Guerrera before he walked inside her house and slaughtered her family was on his face one more time.  His tone low and certain, he was using compulsion on a weaker mind.  “You will show me where the doctor’s keep their scrubs.”

The blonde had a blank expression while he spoke.  When he finished speaking, her face was warm and open.  “By all means!  Right this way.”   She turned on her heels and headed down the hallway.   Elijah was following behind quite proud of himself for this particular idea.


Adorned in doctor’s scrubs, Elijah was practically the Cheshire Cat.   He arrived at the location of the party in his own automobile.  He climbed out and walked toward the door.   He could not cross the threshold until he was invited inside by a human.   He would have to wait until Kris arrived to escort him inside.  He was always punctual when it came to meeting someone in a particular place.   If anything, he was always just a little early.   When he saw Kris arrive, he was still smiling.   Her expression said it all in this case.  “I take it you approve of the choice of costume?”   He actually laughed because of the look that was on her face.   She would undoubtedly let him know all about it later.  This promised to be an interesting night to say the least. 

credit: james kriet

10/15/2019 04:20 PM 

Lost Humanity

1x1 with Black Horizon
Lost Humanity
Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178

11th Century Mystic Falls

It all still seemed like a dream.  His life was now a horrible nightmare that engulfed his every waking thought.  The men and women of the village still thought of the family of Mikael as one of them.  Despite the screams that ripped through the village only weeks prior, no one dared raised their blade or their heads in the direction of Mikael.  They all feared him.   No one feared him more than his children.

Elijah stood back from the rest of the group as the village continued to dance and sing around the fire.  The gods still received their worship even though the children of Mikael were now something completely different and unknown to this world.   Long flowing mahogany tresses had a braid around the crown of his head.  Elijah, son of Mikael was a prize for any of the women of the village although he had eyes for only one.  The problem was, his brother Niklaus loved her too.

Even the truth of what Esther had done to her children remained untold, Elijah had a time with the terrible unending hunger that gnawed at him.  His emotions were magnified to levels that kept him in a constant struggle to maintain control.  As he watched with a longing gaze, he could actually hear the heartbeats of all those who danced around the fire.  He could hear the swishing sounds of the blood that coursed through their bodies.  The closer he stood to any of them, the more intense the sensations and emotions became.  He wanted to rip their throats out and bathe in their blood as if he was an animal.

He kept no account of where his other siblings were at the moment.  All he saw was that Niklaus was dancing around the fire and holding her in his arms.   Tatia was as beautiful as he’d imagined that the goddess Freya herself was.   He glanced down at his fingertips as he leaned against the willow oak near the fire.  Let his brother have happiness.   After all they’d been through growing up and how their father had treated his brother when they were children, Niklaus needed the chance to live and be happy.  He turned away from the dancing and began to walk back toward nothing in particular.   

Footsteps came from behind him.  The sweet voice of the one he considered a goddess called his name.  “Elijah?  Where are you going?”   The way she’d spoken his name was like a song.   Slowly he turned around.  He was not prepared for what he saw.   She was utter perfection.  Every man in the village wanted her, even though she had not committed to any of them.   Elijah was sure that Niklaus stood the best chance with her.  She was always near him and with him, so being the better man, he stepped back to allow his brother the woman they both loved.  “Don’t go Elijah.”

She reached for his cheek running her soft digits across the rough flesh. His eyelashes closed as he trembled from that touch he’d so longed to have near him.  “What are you doing Tatia?”  He asked with his voice cracking.   The sound of her heartbeat began to thunder more loudly in his ears.  The rushing of her blood in her body was now disrupting his thought patterns.  His breaths were increasing, growing deeper with each passing moment.   He remained still in place with her so close to him.

“I choose you Elijah.  Niklaus is a good man, but it is you I want.”   Her vibrant hues glistened with the lighting of the roaring fire nearby.   She leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to the lips of the young Viking Warrior that stood before her.  Little did she realise that he was actually a monster.


How had this happened?  His mind was a complete blank.   In his arms was the broken body of the woman that had professed her love to him only moments before… or was it hours?   Time seemed to stop.  The mind of the second son of Mikael was inflamed with the terror of what happened and how it had been Elijah himself that had caused it.   The coppery smell of the blood that saturated her royal blue dress lingered with an almost putrid affiliation to Elijah’s senses.   “MOTHER!”   He ran to the red door that led to the slaughterhouse.

Esther rushed from the slaughterhouse.  Her eyes were widened with concern for her son and the fact that he was in utter confusion right at this moment.  “Elijah!  What have you done?”   She looked down at the drained body of Tatia in his arms.  Esther reached for her taking the body out of Elijah’s hands.   Her perfect beautiful son was covered in blood over his body from his mouth down to his feet.   This darkness that her husband had forced her to impose upon her children had just taken sweet moral Elijah and turned him into a monster.

“I..don’t know.  Mother…I…can’t…”  He stood there in silence even though his hunger felt sated.   When  his mother took Tatia’s body out of his hands, he kept staring down at the blood all over him.  He started to rub his hands violently.  The blood just wouldn’t come off!   He kept trying and trying to no avail.

Esther leaned forward to speak firmly to her distraught son.  She was a mother who loved her children.  She was going to take care of this all herself.    “Listen to me Elijah.  Put it all behind this RED DOOR.  Once it goes behind this door, you will forget it.  Do you understand?  Now go down to the river and wash yourself clean.   It will all be better.  I will make everything right again.”

He stopped wiping off his hands.  The words of his mother washed over him like a warm oil.  Shoulders dropped as tension left his body.   He nodded simply at his mother and walked away.   Behind him Esther took the dead body of Tatia behind the door and closed it tight.


The river was clear and free.  Elijah submerged his hands below the water.   The rich vermillion faded away with the water as it rushed toward the sea.  Cupping the clear liquid in his hands, he brought it to his body to wash his chin.  The run off from what he splashed on his chin went to his clothes.  The process was slow at first, but the more his eyes were transfixed upon the cleansing of the water the faster he did it.  How much would it take to finally take away the horror of what he’d just done?   But what…had he done?   The memories were starting to fade into his mind clouded all behind the RED DOOR.

credit: james kriet


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